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Bel TJ. hnesndel._| -* sics 2I0A | Froblem S21 i 521 A magnetostatic feld is due eatirely to a localized disibution UF permancat mpetain (2) Show that fee provided the atgral is taken over all pace. (©) From the potential energy (572) of dipole in an external fel, show that for 2 continuous distribution of permanent magnetization the magnetoratic x. cry canbe writen ee w-[n-ner-—”[ mone apart from an additive constant, which is independent of the orientation or position of the various constituent magnetized bodies. fata) JO so +eke Hf = -W7 By - . a fens = f VE, = [*G6) “JEL® = PE, wa a bog ctincanpnee thon. ae Lut saa & seeo ot dnfrnrlg becatoe the tepire keced bord the fretely ge rae fot freorr the (eet ® = -F 1B (5.72) | Pn singe Appelt 10 external fe kl 1B | Pre @ chatibabin of ipats, the. field ta dan to Ve Aipele themselves = pe. Bx po (i +) i w--tf mee dx bg aretggy uf (590) Gus Whee wee Mnelwdd a factr $ ty feke ints | Becount clouble counting ( 64 the enuyy agen | te boing hiple 7 te posihiom arlehve to Apel ¢ | Aa Phe Sseame for FHA Swggpsd Are! bork oppesn La SMB So phat We need to dhivice by 2) i . >We bf MB deaf Mle mt ye mad = W = Ze SMM Be ~ Ae fide afin. clepend on oniantahion QED | reef J. \ncandele| PAysres 2104 | Fiok lem Fi2e 526 A two vitewanomison ine consists opi of scapes ple! vresor i ‘aii ¢ and b separated by a distance d > e+ b. A cameat hows are ott se | Saba the other. Is uniformly distributed over the cross section ofeach wire. 1 Show that the self-inductance per unit length is tflteou(s)] TAs baste method Ei use, Affe ea lato protlems with Several otters that Z tried) /3 as Pollous: | 1 Dine B fr e2ck wire and from this Li exforack | tha yectee poo tertrote 2 Jar owr case, since Ad bineatly nelehed vo FT W-4STAZ: (3. 5.149) em Dhich we extract Lowa &. ISR. ve. eee | ee | > = SF Bt | Kecod, the fel from @ tani wire, radios R Le, tare Anpeds law cortege! Faremat ZF _ = ) et @B a= z/, _ 72z (mAa- zt) So we Con wb “EGY Fae Ls Lee ep aoe Ont Stuchion is daprcted hater! Prof T-|ncondela | Prysees 210A | Problem 6.26 7 el wee Fa conduct a Wat (ulZ)ti) ar Wyre esa Tat Fan Conducker b, if fast « tittle trickier tpeZ fa'\* fan a ate [4 GF * a2. (te (Bb) woe ger ee THe erey pe cmt length J Hees Franctomracer La | Bo E/T AD odode : | LL TMK) wemay! Conarclr tke foot rhepel ones Conductr at | 1B] = [B- 48] = (cosy -o)* + wremip A a (S. Efe (or B (“4 (2) “+ fat fon (ccna wteeh The foots masa. Css be carsfut | | | of T |ncendele Physics 2104 | Problem 3-26 6 | Tae 1% tote ~aee The bast formin + Pol” or | “(ay = het yp pot” bp fede Le 2 5d * 2tercoe ‘) | & Tem , Yo fe 5 WwW | \Geh= e(1-7%8) |G Now far the 2°4 derm aa ‘ (82), = Flip’ [ote Za AE) | Pool S. lncondelel PAyses 210A | Problem &.26 (Gey = 1 Lire (Bete + aE (zy) Fiem the clawing we note Bz B+ ak > oo = ((c'corg'sd + (2’sing’)*)* , 2 vy fe =O a’ * a") zdw'cosp) Bey ~-Z28 ilom («fgrrtarreras) 1) again fom egy. 2.152 A Bog EAE errr ard agyour, the ink eel ore! cence la ott the sum | So we here | ae . oe Aw) . 28] on (tend) — 2 * nay 224 are ( es 2 4 / tl CES, * ges! tole) +2) >| aw = 423 4k (aut +14 ie eae # (8) and defining Las the indvetonce per unit length we furs At “(4 (tot sm8)+2)= 28 (end +1) >lLe= 22 (1422) Shis was @ lot more werk then LT expected. |PLSlnandele | Pree 204 | Preven ssa | 0 5:4 Two identical circular loops of radius @ are intially cated a distance R apart on a common axis perpendicilar to their planes. (@) From the expression Win = f dr J+ As and the result for Ay from Problem 5106, sbow that the mutual inductance of the loops is Mx = now [- dk e**7%(k0) (@) Show that for R > 2a, Miz has the expansion, . wot l() 9 (©) Use the techniques of Section 33 for solutions of the Laplace equation to show that the mutual inductance for two coplanar identical circular loops of radius a whose centers are separated by a distance R > 2a is wo [(@) 3G) RG) +] (@) Calculate the forees between the loops in the common axis and coplanar con- ‘figurations. Relate the answers to those of Problem 5.18. ext ile) Feem Side) Apla,2= 22E2 (Gx cose) I, lem) K, (ems) oF yeerre lente ; Cae, Agia a)= 222 fy FF 7 fae) Tlea) pais ad hd Dees es SI Son “A Too = EF S We = fete fo op [a FR 'T (x) Fea) x a ae —<——sS > Wat peratz® [Gee she) From (5.152) Wy = MT Qed | t rel Je Ineondela | Puyarcs aoa | Foot me ci we a ve Jeo! 5 er sherk Tw)i= (4 EU yi [Vol = 20" 2° 2 Timeten! & aS py? 0 ~ OO 3-4 Ee 20 Phyg = Pom a* i eel @-(Dse | whew x=ka i rn swe f lal 2 24 (2) )t+ 30 ay are | Tes cam be usaiterr =porat ie 24! Clee ye ght gaa 2! (3) 4(2) Ano! 2 tz) *- g — 2 ray? it +O a = (A+29 Gy + e) +28 Gy Accatl Lorre = nl Lets mole aoe of thes Hangs variables. lef é€=ke > wn des tH VG)" +8 (2) -al38)" af (gh J | Mn = *oz# | (2-3 (8)*s 28 (2) 35(8)"p~] QED CG | Bof Lrosndele | Physus zion | Problem 6,34 ea) > There ae a couple a, Aashed +o te Feat) We want to cobeulet. phiz fx the cust whee Vhe 2™ ‘elentical loops 22 wh the xy plane 2 clerkasnee Q from (0,0 3 fe Wew whet wene we could vote hat Hho logp at tke ceygtin haa o2rmeathef Spoiling g Ap sab Hies Thy =O owe fron the boop. Cb fo ptpom 2 once: | a Ap = = Se 2 Coa and fl emir oy phe | Age & B, 2" Force Dey r On we could mole that Whe and hence ty ay, o tek 22 a feenchen BF Seles feo Ye =o Conarcler tha Soletron os Pant Ch) Me = cage [ (E)*- 52 I Jras(2)7+..7 Yo we teat his as a Setubernts WBx0 Lp an sbservation Riv am the a axis than if fs a SOW erepewhoce Y We burke Brae = 23° | (z) loose) -. fe Mansiiee the methods d fF 38. Thus for an observation pl" af the xy plane ase Recast « g Belo) = (1) (Ce foe! ¢ > gee = A [OP ASE)- Ble AFG HD + BE) * BE] So rth th, =1DBl2-E)] ye hove the deetned rosaté —e Proty amegirg # pemer fal faa. FnsfSdneardele | ysvs 212A | Praesens SESS fi pat (PD We Gon calculate the fare as Fr Thue fir [ops TA ®AKS Separates beg R722 rt a\t > Ate [ee Brd Ly Cages on the “g plane scporake ey Rr2a a= rezk | a(g (a) Bg af use 2S] To lowest orcler phase Mt = Ee reer e. 2 af Rot pl [a] These ore iclendical to the results #n pact SABS) Howe seh X= -D and R=2d where 46 2 -15(2) + 225 (2) - 315 (2) >

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