Why don·t I get my daily bread?

And why can·t I get you to help me?

Its simple«

Both of us are citizens of this country but neither of us is empowered«

I·m not empowered to feed myself


You are not empowered«

«to help me..!

In India, 230 million people are undernourished ³ the highest for any country in the world

Malnutrition accounts for 50% of child deaths in India

Every third adult is reported to be malnourished

But strangely« Food inflation in our country is 20% - the highest among developing countries A farmer in Nasik, 180 kilometers from Mumbai, gets 3 rupees for a kilogram of onions But strangely« The same onion sells at a retail price of 25 to 30 rupees in Mumbai

Foodgrain harvest during 2008-09 was a record 233 million tonnes While the demand was only 219.01 million tonnes The food output has grown annually by 1.98 per cent between 2004-05 and 2008-09, which is higher than the estimated population growth of 1.5 per cent during this period


In 2009-10, the Government of India spent Rs 32,000 crores on food subsidy to 7 crore BPL families This means that Rs 4,500 was spent to feed my family of four « for one year« or Rs 375 per month« (on paper of-course) On an average 75% of the food subsidy funds are stolen«which means that my family received food worth only Rs 94 for an entire month«

For record, while you struggled to save your job last year, working a third more than regular and being paid a third less than what you usually do, While a fifth of you actually lost your job although you worked as hard as others«.

«some Indians really made it big.. The list of India·s richest 100 people included 52 billionaires (nearly doubled from 27 a year ago) The collective wealth of these 100 is nearly Rs. 13 lakh crores (which is almost one fourth of the country·s GDP) The top 10 richest Indians have a fortune of $155 billion (almost four times that of China·s top 10)

In addition India·s corrupt politicians, bureaucrats and fund agents earned Rs. 17 lakh crores (almost 15 times more than the total income tax paid by all Indians anually)

Merely 10,000 disgusting corrupt individuals earn more than 120 crore Indians« «combined together

Both of us are citizens of this country but neither of us is empowered«

I want you to rise.. I want you to fight« For me

And For your own self«

By eliminating those who kill us everyday on our own land« Who steal from us what has been ours for generations«

..Eliminating them Completely !!!


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