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Lesson Planning

Waynesburg University

Writing the lesson plan:

Translating thoughts into a plan of action
Pennsylvania Academic Standard(s) addressed during this lesson:
(Provide Standard number and statement)

3.3.4.B1. Identify planets in our solar system and their basic characteristics. Describe the earth’s place
in the solar system that includes the sun (a star), planets, and many moons.

3.4.4.A1. Understand that tools, materials, and skills are used to make things and carry out tasks.

3.4.4.A3. Describe how various relationships exist between technology and other fields.
Lesson Objective(s)
(Stated in observable and measurable terms)

Given a technology program (Glogster) and a short video about the solar system, the students will
create a visual poster representing information acquired while watching the video in 4 out of 5 rubric
criteria points.

Assessment Plan
(What will be done to determine if lesson objectives have been met?)

The students will receive a copy of the rubric prior to the start of the assignment. The rubric will be
reviewed and used for grading purposes. The teacher will use the rubric to grade the students’
abilities to use Glogster and their representation of the solar system.


- Tutorial for how to use Glogster and its components

- Computers with internet access for each student
- A projector screen for showing the short video (with accessible audio system) and instructions
for teaching students each component of Glogster
- Teacher made rubric for grading criteria
- Scratch paper and pencils for students to take notes

Inclusion Techniques for Students with Special Needs:

For students with special needs, the tutorial will be in a larger font with specific directions
highlighted. They will also have access to the “captivates” for Glogster. These students will also have
access to the teacher for support during the project.

Enrichment Techniques:
For students who are above average, they will be responsible for monitoring the other students
upon completion of their assignment. They will also have to include information on their Glogster
poster about the information they acquire from the video where as the other students can create a
visual representation.

Lesson Differentiation (What modifications/accommodations will be made to ensure that ALL students have access to and are able
to participate in the lesson):

The students will have access to their rubrics for reference and access to a tutorial print out for
their reference. The teacher will be monitoring during the designing process of the Glogster poster.
The teacher will also be providing a step-by-step guide for each component of the Glogster program.
The teacher will already have Glogster accounts set up for each student and their user information will
be on an index card with instructions for logging onto the program.

Lesson Presentation
Introduction/Motivational Activities/Anticipatory Set:

The introduction to this lesson would be the short video about the solar system. The students
would be told to watch this video and take some notes about what they see, hear, and think while
watching. They would also be advised to listen closely to the names of the nine planets. The students
would also be told they would see the video 2 times so that they can capture all of the information
necessary to make a poster about the solar system.

Detailed Teaching Sequence:

(Provide sufficient detail that would enable a substitute to effectively present this lesson. Bulleted statements are preferred)

• On the first day of the lesson and after watching the video, I would explain that the students will
be making a poster about the solar system, but not with paper and art materials. Today they
would be using the computer program, Glogster, to make their poster. I would hand out the
tutorials to the students to make notes and follow along. The teacher would show the students
on the teacher computer with projection screen how to get into the Glogster website
( (1-5 minutes).
• After I would log in, I would show the students, step by step, the different features that Glogster
has. This step would take the longest because I would need to walk each feature and
demonstrate examples of the different pictures/effects/backgrounds, etc you can do on
Glogster. (20-25 minutes)

Guided Practice/Independent Practice/Assessment Activities

• After demonstrating and walking the students through each step of Glogster, I would hand out
their index card with instructions on how to log on to their own Glogster account. We would
walk through how to get to the place on the website where they need to be. This would be the
guided practice. (5-10 minutes)
• The independent practice will occur after the guided practice when I would then give the
student the written assignment to create a Glogster Poster that represents what they learned
about the solar system from the YouTube video. I would share an example with them. I would
talk to them about the rubric and my expectations for the assignment (see attached rubric).
After we would review and make sure everyone understands the assignment, I will allow the
students to begin their own posters (40-50 minutes).
• Assessment would be completed after the students were finished creating their Glogster
Poster. The teacher would be able to log in to each account and use the rubric to grade the
poster. I would print a photo of the poster to attach to the graded rubric with feedback to the
students. The goal is to be able to use the information so I would allow students to go back
and make changes to resubmit to me.


After the evaluation process is over, the students will complete an exit ticket (made by
teacher) on what they learned and how they felt about the project with a possible discussion
about the project at the beginning of the next class. Some questions that might be on the exit
slip include:
• "What was your favorite part of this activity?"
• "What was your least favorite part of this activity? How could we make it better for the next time?"
• "Which part of Glogster features did you find difficult to use?"

• "Which part of Glogster features was easy to use?"

• “Which planet did you enjoy learning about?”



Multimedia Project : Creating a Glogster Poster

Teacher Name: Mrs. Justice

Student Name: ________________________________________

CATEGORY 4 3 2 1 Score
Appearance and Makes excellent Makes good use of Makes some use of Makes little use of
Presentation use tools such as tools such as font, font, color, graphics, font, color,
font, color, color, graphics, effects, etc. but graphics, effects
graphics, effects, effects, etc. to occasionally these etc.
etc. to enhance the enhance the appear to cluttered.
poster. poster.

Representation The student's The student's The student's The student's

of Solar System Glogster poster is Glogster Poster is Glogster poster is Glogster poster is
clear and easily clear but difficult to neat but not show not clear and is
understood by an understand. clear information not easy to
audience. learned. understand.

Creativeness Product shows a Product shows Poster shows some Poster does not
large amount of some original creativity and use of show learned
original thought. thought. Work learned knowledge. information or is
Ideas are creative shows learned not creative.
and inventive. knowledge clearly.

Planets All planets are Most (7-8) planets Some (5-6) planets A few (1-4)
labeled correctly. are labeled are labeled correctly. planets are named
correctly. correctly.

Organization All parts of the Most of the poster Some of the poster is The poster is not
poster are is organized with organized but easy to follow. It is
organized clearly minimal distracting pictures/text/videos very hard to view
and are not parts. are distracting to a by a viewer.
distracting to the viewer.