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Gifts for the Jewish digerati

Joel Magalnick Editor, JTNews
Also on several models There’s an app for this You can search by restaurant type, cost
Stick it in your pocket is its text-to-speech function For the person who has and neighborhood, with a mapping fea-
Just arriving on U.S. shores this month, that can actually read the book everything, chances are he or ture to find the restaurant. For several years,
the PocketBook e-reader hopes to be a to you. We weren’t able to get she hasn’t had dinner. Which Ashin has volunteered at the women’s shel-
low-cost, feature-packed addition to the our hands on a device before is why one-time JTNews writer ter housed at Temple De Hirsch Sinai, and as
electronic book reading market. press time, so we’re not sure Deborah Ashin, now the Seat- such, wanted to give back something to the
This reader is being introduced to the if the voice is more James Earl tle restaurant reviewer for the community that has allowed her to be able to
U.S. by a local Jewish man, Leon Sheiman, Jones or United Airlines cus- high-end online site gayot. do this work, but relate it to food as well.
an engineer and business- com, just released a new “I decided, I already eat so well because
man who landed in Belle- iPhone app, Seattle’s Best of Gayot, what am I going to do with my
vue from Russia by way of Dining. The app is a com- royalties?” she said.
Israel. So with several dif- pendium of long-form fine So Ashin is giving half of the pro-
ferent e-readers emerging dining reviews that covers ceeds of sales from the app to
on the market in the past more than 140 restaurants all FareStart, the restaurant and
two years, all with simi- over the Puget Sound. nonprofit organization that
lar e-ink capabilities and When traveling, “I’d try trains homeless and disad-
readability, where does to find an app that was vantaged people to work in
the PocketBook differ? specific to that city that was the restaurant business.
First is in its compat- written by someone who $1.99 at the iTunes store.
ibility: The operating system can natively tomer service, but you can head down to at least pretended to have
read a ton of different formats, including the kiosk at the Westfield South Center credentials as a restaurant And there’s an
.pdf, .epub and .doc, meaning files saved in Mall, by H&M, where its second U.S. loca- reviewer instead of Yelp or app for that
Microsoft Word are viewable on this. The tion opened this week. Urban Spoon,” two popular Tacoma native Alex Sein-
second is in its multi-language functional- Prices range from $139 to $279, user-reviewed sites, Ashin feld wanted to be able to
ity. The PocketBook has 20 languages built depending upon size and connection. says. “I’ve always been sort of carry his Jewish calendar with
in, including Hebrew, Russian, and most A full-color version is expected to be amused by the fact that people will read him. But he also didn’t want to give up
European languages. released by the end of the year. strangers’ reviews.” on those fact-a-day paper calendars that
“It’s a multi-format and multi-lin- The online bookstore, including a catalog Seeing an unfilled niche, Ashin part- have brought laughs, wisdom and trivia
gual device,” Sheiman says, and with of 30,000 free public domain e-books, can be nered with a Silicon Valley tech company to so many people for so many years. So
Google’s Android operating system built found at Find more to create an app with Ashin’s reviews for he did what any self-respecting Jewish boy
in, he adds, “It’s a very user-friendly information at a city that has come into its own, gastro-
interface.” nomically speaking. XXPage 22

I depend on your
food packages.
They are my lifeline
to Judaism and the
outside world.
Help sustain others like Sophie at
friday, november 19, 2010 . . JTNews inside

Looking for ways to give back on inside this issue

Thanksgiving Day? Welcome to our special Hanukkah books, music and gifts edition of JTNews. Find great ideas for gift giving
• Serve meals for the homeless and needy at Amoré restaurant’s third annual Thanksgiv- for family and friends throughout.
ing feast. Chef/owner Sean Langan prepares the food as he would for his customers. Vol-
unteers needed to serve the meals. Call 206-770-0606 or visit At Party music and tracks to groove to 5
2301 5th Ave., Seattle. Our resident music critic Lillian Cohen-Moore unwraps a few different Jewish CDs, including some rip-
• Serve a traditional Thanksgiving meal for Gethsemane Lutheran Church. Volunteers come roaring Klezmer and jazz from musician Matt Herskowitz.
around 7:30 a.m. to help set-up and prepare food. Serving starts at 11 a.m., and following
cleanup, will end by 3 p.m. Families are especially welcome (minimum age 8 years old). Visit Back to camp 6 to reserve a spot. At Denny Park Lutheran Church, 766 John St., Seattle. Nothing brightens up a kid’s spirit on a cold, wintry day like memories of summer camp. That’s what
• Atlantic Street Center needs help with a family-style Thanksgiving dinner for youth par- makes this new CD from the local creators of OyBaby so fun.
ticipants of this teen center and their families. Adult assistance needed to help with check-
ing people in, serving and cleanup. At 7050 32nd Ave. S, Seattle. Contact Teresa Everett at A little local music, with a taste of Cuba 7
206-329-2050, ext. 124. Eli Rosenblatt has been burning up the stages in Seattle with his Jewish-tinged Afro-Cuban music. Eric
For more Thanksgiving Day volunteer opportunities, visit the King County United Way Nusbaum just reviewed Eli’s new album, and he digs it.
Web site at
The donkey and the chimp 8
Ladino Lesson Yann Martel, best known for his novel Life of Pi, winner of the Man Booker Award, recently published
Beatrice and Virgil, an allegory for the Holocaust, but featuring animals. Writer Author Wolak caught up with
Martel during a recent visit to Vancouver.
By Isaac Azose
Winter books 11
La djoya es una koza, ke mizmo a la fea la aze ermoza. This winter we focus on books for kids, from cradle to college, including Hanukkah stories and a guide to
Jewelry is something which can make even an ugly one beautiful. Jewish living at dozens of universities across the country.
Books in brief 12

Remember when And for Thanksgiving this year… 18

Taking a break from the gifts to talk turkey, writer Linda Morel takes hearty Jewish fare and sets them a
Nov. 15, 1929, front page. place at the Thanksgiving table.
Jewish comedian Eddie Cantor stands
outside the New Amsterdam Theatre in Grover does Jerusalem 23
New York, signing a registration card for The popular “Shalom Sesame” series from Israel is back, with a new set of DVDs and all of your favorite
the National Zionist Roll Call. Muppets’ Jewish cousins.

A conversation with builder and author Mark Schuster 9
The Arts 16
M.O.T.: Special authors’ edition 17
The Shouk Classifieds 21
Community Calendar 22
the voice of j e w i s h washington
JTNews is the Voice of Jewish Washington. Our mission is to A note about writer Jacob Goren in his story about the the Alexander Muss High School in Israel program in
meet the interests of our Jewish community through fair and the J.Teen Magazine (“Twenty-four hours on the kibbutz,” Nov. 12) stated he had graduated from Interlake
accurate coverage of local, national and international news, High School. Jacob is actually a senior at the school.
opinion and information. We seek to expose our readers to In the story about eating disorders, (“Fighting eating disorders within the Jewish community,” Nov. 12), Harriet
diverse viewpoints and vibrant debate on many fronts, includ- Staff Brown’s daughter’s recover was not fleeting. She had successful treatment and relapsed several years later.
ing the news and events in Israel. We strive to contribute to Reach us directly at 206-441-4553 + ext. Also, the full title of Shani Raviv’s book is being Ana: a memoir of anorexia nervosa.
Publisher *Karen Chachkes 267
the continued growth of our local Jewish community as we JTNews regrets the errors.
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Art Director Susan Beardsley 239
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Dec. 10
Holiday Celebrations
published by j e w i s h transcript media
4 JTNews . . friday, november 19, 2010

CONNECTOR 2 0 3 1 T h i r d Av e n u e | S e a t t l e , WA | 9 8 1 2 1 - 2 4 1 2 | p : 2 0 6 4 4 3 - 5 4 0 0 | I n f o @ J ew i s h I n S e a t t l e . o r g | w w w. J ew i s h I n S e a t t l e . o r g

The Impact YOUR Dollars Make Teaching Our Teachers:

Our 2011 Jewish Community Campaign is underway, with a focus on impact – and enhancing the
impact of your donations on our extended Jewish family in Seattle and around the world.
Learning, Laughing & Discovery
Over 100 teachers from 15 schools in the Puget Sound region
came together for the first time in three years on Sunday,
This month the Jewish Federation held a local “Mini-Mission,” visiting several of our Partner Agencies October 24 at the Education Services Supplementary
to learn more about the work they do and how the Jewish Federation’s work assists them in achieving School Conference. These teachers touch the lives of more
their goals. than 1,500 Jewish students every week.

The tour began with a fantastic lecture at the Stroum Jewish Community Center with Akiva Tor, While attending the
the Consul General to Israel, followed by a meeting with David Brumer from Kline Galland and lunch conference, teachers
with the Jewish Day School student council. The day concluded with a tour of the food bank at Jewish had a unique chance
Family Service and a discussion on emergent service needs in Seattle. The day, highlighted some of to network with their
the important work of our partner agencies – and the impact made on our local community colleagues and learn
through the Jewish Federation’s Community Campaign. about brain science
and gender in the
Each visit demonstrated how important communal tzedakah is for a thriving community, but there was Jewish classroom. Teachers learned how to adapt lesson plans
one specific visit that exemplified how so many needs and challenges for our community lie below the to better meet the needs of both the boys and girls in
surface and out of the public eye. At the Kline Galland Home we learned about the efforts to open their classrooms. Boys and girls learn very differently and
the much needed Kline Galland Hospice program. This is a little-known need in our community, and teachers were given practical tips on how to teach every
was something of an uphill battle in the Legislature, but thanks to the Government Affairs activities of student effectively.
the Jewish Federation, a Jewish hospice is now available to the Seattle community. The end of life is a
sacred time most often filled with anxiety for the dying and the living around them, and this program Participants feedback about the conference:
is already making a crucial difference to many families in Seattle. “I learned great practical techniques
for working with the variety of needs in
Another example of the impact our Community Campaign has was demonstrated my classroom…”
by the recent Ethnic Flavors of Israel program. Several new “chefs” visited from “I gained a lot of new skills and insight…”
our partnership community of Kiryat Malachi in southern Israel. These women, To learn more about upcoming Education Services courses and
all from new immigrant families, often fled persecution in their home countries, programs, please visit
and we helped them resettle and build a life in Israel. Today, we are helping
them become self-sufficient and build catering businesses in their communities – exemplifying
the highest form of tzedakah, where we help people help themselves and others. We were fortunate
to hear their inspiring stories and sample some amazing Jewish cuisine from around the world.

There is still time to take advantage of a challenge grant generously offered by some supporters in Sunday,
our community. Every new or increased dollar you give right now, up to $10,000, will be doubled. December 5
Visit to make your contribution or call 206 443-5400 to 11am-2pm
pledge over the phone.
Bring your family and friends for a fun, interactive
Your support is greatly appreciated! Festival of Lights celebration and an entertaining
and heartwarming Hanukkah experience at the
Visit Stroum Jewish Community Center on Mercer Island.

This interactive afternoon will engage the young

and old family in a home-inspired community
celebration. There will be unique art activities for
kids, entertainment and food, fun and games, PJ
December 7: Hannukah concert featuring Israeli jazz flutist
utistt Mattan
M tan Klein Library Bedtime Stories for Children, Center Stage

7pm at Temple B’nai Torah Teen Theatre Company Performance, art activities,
February 26: Israel Philharmonic Orchestra performs
rmss at 8pm at Benaroya
roya Hall
H family mitzvah project, and a Community Candle
Lighting Ceremony.
March 2011: AJC Seattle Jewish Film Festival (tentative
ntative dates: March
ch 10-20)
Official website to launch February 2011 For more information, contact
May 22: Community-Wide Israel Celebration or or visit
Join us as we celebrate Israel in honor of Lag B’Omer and Yom Ha’atzmaut!
The Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle is proud to partner with the following organizations on this very special series: American Jewish Committee, Presented By: Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle,
Consulate General of Israel to the Pacific Northwest, Herzl-Ner Tamid, Hillel UW, Jconnect Seattle, Seattle AJC Jewish Film Festival, Stroum Jewish Stroum Jewish Community Center Lead Sponsors: The PJ Library®,
Community Center, Temple B’nai Torah and Temple Beth Am. This program has also been made possible by the support of private donors.
SJCC Center Stage, SAMIS Foundation, JTNews, J.Team

The Jewish Federation is now accepting grant proposals for the Long Term Community Impact Grants. The application deadline is
Monday, December 27 by 5pm. For application guidelines and more information, please visit www.JewishInSeattle/Grants.
friday, november 19, 2010 . . JTNews books, music & gifts 5

Music for the holidays:

Party music and some tracks to groove to

Lillian Cohen-Moore JTNews Intern

We’ve been getting some pretty good has always been family friendly, album the influences of the time —  in this case, ible technical proficiency.” Herskowitz’s
music in the mail these days, so we’ve given to album, and ’Til Chelm Freezes Over ska — to make for a unique, yet familiar album is an elegant, sharp collection of
a few a listen so you can post them on the is no exception. If your synagogue had sound. The album doesn’t have any tracks music that interrelates and connects to
tunes section of your Hanukkah list. a klezmer band, or your neighborhood that stand out, but this acts as a rare advan- the other pieces and their source materials
JCC was throwing a party, this is the affa- tage instead of a detriment. While each of inspiration. The title collection, “Jeru-
’Til Chelm Freezes Over ble, wholesome Klezmer music you might composition is unique, they flow seam- salem Trilogy,” was written for the Lyric
What The Chelm hear. Hear samples and purchase at www. lessly into each other, making for a modern Chamber Music Society of New York.
What The Chelm, Inc. Klezmer playlist that will neither bore nor “Andante Moderato” is a moving piece
What The Chelm, the nine-mem- distract. This is not an album for an his- in a rather classical style, and my favor-
ber klezmer band from the college Oy Yeah torical purist, but it’s a fantastic album for ite of the trilogy. Among the other tracks,
town of Belling- Klezwoods someone new to Klezmer and unafraid “Gottingen” comes across as an evoca-
ham, a couple Accurate Records of mixing genres. Available online at tive tango, but “Duologue” on Under Your
hours north of The Klezwoods’ album Oy Yeah is, www.allegro-music. White Starry Heaven may outshine it.
Seattle, has been Klezmer for people who want their music in com, and The WWII-era song “Unter Dayne Vayse
performing since fast, intense doses. Shtern” is where it takes its melody and
1993, making Due to the brief Jerusalem Trilogy mood, using the English translation of
it the Energizer lengths of songs, Matt Herskowitz the name in the title. The instrumenta-
Bunny of the local modern microb- 2010 Justin Time Records tion of the piece takes the familiar, emo-
Klezmer scene. The players have the musi- loggers might Matt Herskowitz’s Jerusalem Trilogy tional melody, and sets it apart from the
cal training, practice, and years as a band consider them to is not for the faint of heart. From riffs on rest of the versions I’ve heard as two string
to make their newest effort, ’Til Chelm be “Tweets” of pieces of classical music by Chopin and players hold a conversation through the
Freezes Over, a solid effort on their part. Klezmer music. Prokofiev, to the composition together, one version of the
“Sisu” in particular is a stand-out track The 11-piece Boston-based band’s album three-fisted grab melody speaking to the other, only joined
for the energy and passion put into it. serves as an example of one of my favorite of jazz, European briefly by other instruments at the end.
What The Chelm is a decidedly Ameri- genres, “bar band” music. At once homey and Middle East- The entire album from start to finish is
can Klezmer, evocative of East Coast Yid- and familiar, while avoiding the stodginess ern musical com- a brief but skillfully filled hour of music.
dish theater while still paying tribute to of some of the Klezmer genre, the album ponents, it’s an Available at
the European heritage that forms the straddles a comfortable divide where hon- album that goes
canonical sounds of the genre. The band esty to the genre allows for the openness to beyond “incred- XXPage 6

Celebrate Chanukah with Temple B’nai Torah!

Events happening from the 3rd night all the way through the last day!
Activities for all generations, please visit our website for more information and to
make your reservation today!

Temple B’nai Torah @ 15727 NE 4th Street @ Bellevue, WA 98008

For more information please visit:
6 books, music & gifts JTNews . . friday, november 19, 2010

The Jerusalem Post Crossword Puzzle Hey kids, wanna get rid of
By David Benkof those late-fall blues?
Go back to camp!
Joel Magalnick Editor, JTNews
November is a cruel month. The weather song one of my own camp music direc-
starts to turn from the charming autumn tors would bang out on his beat-up guitar.
to downright chilly. All those gorgeous red Younger kids (probably preteen) giving
and gold leaves on the trees have turned this album a listen will love it. Older teens
brown and become a nuisance to be raked might not find enough bubble gum, and
up. And like the second quarter of a mar- Dylan and Van Morrison fans might
athon, the school year is well under- cringe at the sanitized reinterpreta-
way, but the specter of summer tions of “Blowin’ in the Wind”
is still so far away. So what’s and “Into the Mystic,” but
a despondent kid to do? the kiddies are proba-
What gets you through bly too young to get
these early dark eve- the nuance at this
nings and dissipating point, anyway.
dreams of a report As the product of
card full of A’s? many years of Jewish
Why, memories summer camp, I have
of camp, of course! fond memories of
And what better way my bunkmates bang-
to do that than to get ing on the tables and
your camp friends together singing at the tops of our
for a sing-a-long? That’s the lungs after Shabbat dinner,
basis of the CD released this year or sitting on the grass and hang-
by the folks who brought your little brother ing out with the song leaders for music
Across Down or sister OyBaby, the Jewish music CD and time. To me, if there’s anything missing
1. Humorous 1. Org. for shuls with pools series from local couple Rob and Lisi Wolf. from this album (aside from today’s new
6. Talmudist Steinsaltz 2. ___ transmission of Jewish law “Songs like ‘Leaving on a Jet Plane’ to standards, i.e., anything by Adam San-
10. Kinsler and Ziering 3. Observed, as commandments this day conjure memories of my years as a dler), it’s the kids.
14. The “Ani Maamin” (I believe), e.g. 4. First family’s location camper, then counselor at Jewish summer Which is why I think that while We Sang
15. Just 5. Sephardi authority on Jewish law camp,” says Michelle Koplan, executive That At Camp is an album that can be lis-
16. Faux pas Ovadia
17. Clothes for Superman
director of B’nai B’rith Camp in Lincoln tened to alone upstairs in the bedroom, or
6. Enemy of the Jewish people
18. Soothing plant 7. Late
City, along the Oregon Coast. with Mom and Dad in the car, or on the
19. Helper 8. “___ Man” (Robert Downey, Jr., Based on songs that Lisi herself sung as iPod, for it to truly feel like camp — to
20. Theodor Herzl’s 1902 utopian novel film) a camper at B’nai B’rith Camp, We Sang get that awesome, soul-raising, eardrum-
22. Akko by another name 9. Required That At Camp is an album of songs, both in smashing, huge-smile-inducing experience
23. “Fiddler” actor Leonard (“Motel”) 10. Noted 16th century Kabbalist of English and Hebrew, sung by OyBaby vet- — you need to make some hot chocolate
24. Hosted Safed erans (and sisters) Kim Palumbis, Stepha- and popcorn, invite over your camp bud-
26. Bass ___ 11. Role for Linda Lavin nie Schneiderman and Lisa Schneiderman, dies, and sit in the family room and belt out
30. Nickname for Isaac 12. Kol ___ (literally, “all vows”) joined for the first time by Portland-based these songs at the top of your lungs. You’ll
31. Marina ___ Rey 13. Hurry musician Justin Jude. be smelling the cedars and feeling the grass
32. Leopold Bloom’s land 21. ___ P. Levy (first Jewish U.S. The musicians put together a strong under your bare feet in no time at all.
33. Major disease in Africa Navy Commodore)
35. Estimate
album of old camp standards with some Then again, when I put on my head-
25. Start of something big?
39. Problem in Canaan in Joseph’s day 26. Give up territory
of the daily prayers mixed in. The Schnei- phones and gave the album a listen earlier
41. He wouldn’t let the Jews go 27. Israel’s first currency dermans and Jude have a nice chemistry this month, the heavy winds outside died
43. Roy Lichtenstein’s tool 28. Term Freud used for the love that sounds good on a kids’ album. “Erev down and the sun came out. That has to
44. It’s used in a duel instinct Shel Shoshanim” in particular is haunt- say something.
46. Cyprus, e.g. 29. Actor Mark (“Royal Pains”) ingly beautiful. And “BaShanah Haba’ah” We Sang That At Camp is available at
47. Yiddish honorific meaning “mister” 34. Aaron and Tori feels like that classic style of Israeli folk
49. Add-on 36. Literal meaning of “Kedem”
50. Einstein studied it 37. Not part of a minyan
51. It split 38. Noah’s son WWmusic Page 5
54. Tzedakah 40. Lea Michele’s TV show you. Four of the nine
56. Much 42. Directs
57. Warsaw Ghetto uprising quality
Celebrations tracks are devoted
45. Small-scale agricultural worker
63. ___ Yerushalayim women’s college 48. “Yentl” director Streisand
Eugene Marlowe’s Heritage Ensemble to Hanukkah, and
64. Breakfast staple 51. Whooshed through interprets festive melodies from the Hebrew as sick as I am of
65. Run ___ of 52. She sits near Ruth and Stephen songbook uninspired takes on “I
66. ___ Akiva 53. Delaware capital MEII Enterprises/BMI Have a Little Dreidel,”
67. Wedding thing 55. “The Jewish ___” (Herzl 1896 Eugene Marlowe, East Coast-based jazz the rest of the music is
68. Some desserts work) composer and bandleader at private parties, just as uninspired. If “smooth jazz” makes
69. Material for some knit yarmulkes 58. Congressman Cantor (R-Va.) has mastered his genre. My first thought you want to run, not walk, from the vicin-
70. “All My Sons” has three 59. Off yonder upon putting this CD in was: If my parents ity of the CD player, then this is a CD you
71. Wipe out 60. Director Ephron (“Julie & Julia”) threw jazz–music-fueled Hanukkah parties, will happily miss out on. This album is
61. Butcher’s pride this CD would totally work. However, upon as uninspired as it is technically proficient,
62. “Or ___!”
painstaking perusal of the rest of the tracks, in addition to being utterly unremark-
I can say that if you are over the age of 40 able and lacking a single memorable out-
and prefer your “holiday” music as the staid track. This includes the ninth, a six-minute
Answers on page 22 and conservative backdrop for a party that history of the band. Available at www.
ends before 10 p.m., this is the album for
friday, november 19, 2010 . . JTNews books, music & gifts 7

Eli Rosenblatt
melds unlikely
traditions on
new album.
Eric Nusbaum Assistant Editor, JTNews
Enter the
Eli Rosenblatt is a unique musical fix-
ture in Seattle — a feat that’s a direct result

of the nature of Rosenblatt’s music, which
is poignantly and accurately described on
his MySpace page as “eclectic.” Indeed,
Rosenblatt’s new self-titled album kicks off
with consecutive songs in Hebrew, Eng-
lish, then Spanish. All, improbably, sung in
pitch perfect accents.
The fact that Rosenblatt can sing com-
fortably in all three languages — his is not
the parody Spanish of, say, Joe Strummer
on “Spanish Bombs” or “Should I Stay or
Should I Go” — and play comfortably in a
variety of styles, holds the album together.
It’s a credit to his vocals and his band that
should-be stark transitions like the one
between “Devil’s Back,” an Appalachian-
sounding horror tale and “La Sirena,” a
languid Spanish-language salsa number,
feel seamless.
“The Devil’s Back” is a representative
example of the way Rosenblatt treats Juda-
ism on the record — present, but in a mat-
ter-of-fact way. Rosenblatt’s Jewish images
feel like tropes, much the way Christian
images appear in blues songs, for instance. How should you decorate a Tiny Tzedakah Box?
“Stones and bones and alcohol/the higher Family pictures, markers, stickers, paint, glitter, beads,
you get, the further you fall/Moshiach will ribbon, collage, found objects … you name it.
TOP: coin slot

come and save us all,” Rosenblatt sings. Once you’ve decorated your Tiny Tzedakah Box, send in
a photo of yourself holding it, and at least one close-up Visit
One could substitute Moshiach for
picture of the Box. E-mail the pictures with your name, to
Jesus and it wouldn’t matter much.
age, and home town no later than December 1, 2010 to download a copy of the
It wouldn’t matter because Rosenblatt’s is 2010 Tzedakah Book,
not Jewish music — rather it is Jewish-influ-
filled with inspiring giving
enced music. In fact, it feels Afro-Cuban as
profiles that will help you
much as anything else. The Spanish tracks
and your family celebrate
would fit right in during a Buena Vista
the joy of tzedakah.
Social Club performance, for example. And
Print one out at home, or
the Hebrew songs, “Yisemechu” and “Biglal
call 206-441-4553 if you
Avot,” play more like Latin-fusion explora-
tions than liturgical statements. Here’s how would like us to send you
a printed copy.
The English-language tracks are clearly
influenced by the storytelling and musical Everyone can enter the
styles of Eastern European Jewry — one Tiny Tzedakah Box contest!
can tell that Rosenblatt has read his Bashe- Every entry will be featured
vis Singer, or something similar. “Shmuli’s online at, and
Dream” is a song as fantastical as its title — three winners will appear in
and “Outerspace” has a classically off-kil- the December 10 edition of
ter, klezmer-tinged melody. JTNews, the voice of Jewish
I have a very limited history of Jewish Washington.
music consumption — so limited, in fact, 1 Cut out the Tiny Tzedakah
that when I think Jewish music, it’s along Box template on this page.
the lines of Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, and Trace around it on card stock
the Beastie Boys. But I found Rosenblatt’s to make your own box form.
album extremely appealing. It had just the 2. Cut out the form.
right amount of Jew-ish sensibility, just the 3. Cut out the coin slot.
right amount of American rock and blues 4. Fold at all dashed lines.
structural familiarity, and wore the pleas- 5. Tape or glue tabs on the
ant melodic brightness of Rosenblatt’s inside of the box.
Afro-Cuban influences with aplomb. 6. Decorate!
Needless to say, if you’re going to buy one
Jewish-Seattleite, Afro-Cuban-influenced
record this year, make it Eli Rosenblatt’s.
8 books, music & gifts JTNews . . friday, november 19, 2010

Yann Martel’s Beatrice and Virgil an allegory

for the Holocaust
Arthur Wolak Special to JTNews
It took seven years for Yann Martel to testimony to relating the significant difference is Mar- to readers that the book was not a histori-
write his most recent book, Beatrice and horrors of the Holocaust. tel’s application of his met- cal analysis, but a fictional method of relat-
Virgil: A Novel (Spiegel & Grau, 2010). The Playing on positive aphors to the Holocaust, in ing the true horrors of the Holocaust.
story began as a two-act play that served as Jewish stereotypes, Martel this case, two stuffed animals “I’m not Jewish and I’m not Euro-
an allegory to the Holocaust, from which he explained that Henry rep- — Beatrice, a donkey, and pean,” Martel says, though he spent his
took fragments to use in his novel. It eventu- resents Jewish life in Ger- Virgil, a monkey. According formative years attending a British school
ally evolved from the interplay between the many. He plays the clarinet, to Martel, the main charac- in France. “My link to the Holocaust is as
two animals for which the book is named considered a “very Jewish ters are named in reference a complete outsider.”
into a story featuring a mysterious taxider- instrument” because of its to Dante’s Divine Comedy, A descendant of a Canadian family
mist — because taxidermists attempt to give use in Klezmer music. He an allegory on 14th-century rooted in Quebec, his parents briefly
the appearance of “life” to deceased animals also drew upon a 125-page Italy, in which Virgil and moved to Spain, where he was born.
— and a character named Henry. essay he wrote on represen- Beatrice served as guides to “I have no personal experience, no
On tour promoting his latest book, tations of the Holocaust that Arthur Wolak help Dante find his way back familial experience, no genetic experience
Martel, whose bestselling Life of Pi earned feature at the beginning of Author Yann Martel from moral confusion by at all with the great tragedy [of the Holo-
him the 2002 Man Booker Prize for Fic- the book. travelling through hell, pur- caust], the greatest tragedy of the 20th cen-
tion, shared Beatrice and Virgil at an inti- Beatrice and Virgil is a story about a gatory, and heaven. tury,” he says.
mate writer’s salon last month in support writer who meets a taxidermist and together, For Martel, animals operate outside Yet Martel says he has been profoundly
of the upcoming 26th Annual Cherie Smith in a sense, they meet the Holocaust. Martel of a moral framework, which inspires affected by the Holocaust and the suffering
Jewish Community Centre of Greater Van- deals with the Holocaust in a non-literal and sympathy. Since animals have the effect of the Jewish people.
couver Jewish Book Festival — taking place non-historical fashion, compared to other of drawing people in, he anthropomor- While a child studying history in
Nov. 20-25 — and The Vancouver Holo- books that express the tragedy, like Anne phized the animals in the play within school, he found the study of war to be
caust Education Center. Frank, among so many others. the novel, and signal Martel’s allegorical comprehensible, whereas to him the
Martel went into extensive detail about Just as in Life of Pi, Martel features ani- intentions. Holocaust was not. Though war is violent
his process of writing the book, defending mals as metaphors. In Beatrice and Virgil, Martel explained how he used the liter-
the use of fiction as a lasting and moving a story far darker in tone and storyline, the ary technique of animal allegory to signal XXPage 16

(Regular price $360)


Hadassah, The Women’s
Zionist Organization of Call the office at 425.467.9099 • Email
America, Inc. 515-116th Ave. NE, Suite 131, Bellevue, WA 98004
Buy now - effective January 1, 2011
friday, november 19, 2010 . . JTNews books, music & gifts 9

A story worth telling, one building at a time

Eric Nusbaum Assistant Editor, JTNews
Mark Richard Schuster did not set out the author was sitting across a table and the condo project that inspired it. But the Pursuits, Schuster outlines the influence
to become an author. But after the Seat- simply telling his story. His tone, perhaps, book is as much about family and commu- of his family on his approach to busi-
tle entrepreneur completed development is the result of Schuster’s method in com- nity as it is about business. ness. The building itself is named for his
on Mosler Lofts, the Belltown condo proj- posing the book. “I wanted to share that story [Mosler maternal grandfather, George Mosler,
ect that has become his signature achieve- “I spent a year writing down my thoughts Lofts] and in doing so, it gave me an who encouraged Schuster to pursue his
ment, he felt he had a story worth telling. on sticky notes, napkins at restaurants, opportunity to share my own personal dreams in business and reminded him of
Schuster’s book, Lofty Pursuits: Repair- pieces of paper, you name it,” Schuster said. story as a businessman and a member of the importance of an ethical approach.
ing the World One Building at a Time, was The book presents family, Judaism, phi-
published in September. lanthropy, community, and business as
“I’m a big reader but I didn’t really intertwined means to make the world a
have a goal to write a book,” Schuster told better place.
JTNews. “What happened was the story To communicate this message, Schus-
of this building. Mosler Lofts was the cat- ter turns to different anecdotes from
alyst.” his life. As the book follows the concep-
Mosler Lofts, finished in 2007, was tion and eventual construction of Mosler
the first high-rise condo in Seattle to be Lofts, it turns also to stories of failed busi-
certified LEED Silver. The Leadership in ness ventures, to a trip to Israel Schuster
Energy and Environmental Design green- took with the Anti-Defamation League,
building rating system sets benchmarks of which he is a big supporter, to recollec-
for environmentally friendly design and tions of Schuster’s days as a Boy Scout.
materials. Now, Schuster says, he hopes read-
“When Mosler Lofts was done, the ers will realize that the message applies
reason it became the catalyst was that it beyond real estate development.
became the most nationally acclaimed and “I think it’s bigger than one product
awarded project of its kind in the coun- type,” he said. “I think it’s a philosophy of
try in 2008,” Schuster said. “It became a doing business and leading your life. What
landmark expression of sustainability and I try to do is take tikkun olam outside of
design.” what I learned at home, outside of syna-
In Lofty Pursuits, Schuster uses the Mark Schuster at the Mosler Lofts construction site. gogue, outside of temple youth camp.”
story of Mosler Lofts as the centerpiece Lofty Pursuits is on sale at Elliott Bay
for a book about his personal history, his “I had a drawer in my office and I threw the community,” Schuster said. “As in, Book Co. and both Third Place Books
family, and his community. The book is all those ideas in that drawer. Eventually I how did I go from my first business at age locations, with availability soon at Barnes
also a plea for ethical business practices. started to consolidate them and organize 16 to developing this $80 million award- and Noble in downtown Seattle and Uni-
Schuster uses Mosler Lofts to demonstrate them into 875 pages of transcription.” winning project? And what happened in versity Village. Schuster hopes people read
how a business can balance profit seeking Finally, with an editor, Schuster between — not only in my business but it, but he isn’t too concerned about sales.
and principles. trimmed his thoughts down to a work- my personal life and involvement in com- “I didn’t write the book to become
Lofty Pursuits strikes an informal tone. able manuscript. In its published form, munity and philanthropy.” a New York Times bestseller,” he said.
Schuster’s prose is direct in a casual, face- Lofty Pursuits is a manageable 215 pages Tikkun olam, repair of the world, is “I wrote the book because I had a story I
to-face sort of way; the book reads as if — not quite as ambitious in scope, as say, Schuster’s guiding principle. In Lofty wanted to share.”

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10 books, music & gifts JTNews . . friday, november 19, 2010

Good for a Yiddish groaner or a quick giggle

Rabbi Rachel Esserman The Reporter (Vestal, NY)
Jewish humor, particularly Yiddish Part one of The Frumkiss Family Busi- not to mourn the writer, but for “proof that
humor, has its own sense of rhythm. It’s ness opens with Faktor’s death at age 103, Faktor was dead... [since] Faktor was like a
not just the language used, although that and then continues with in-depth looks at tree standing by the water or 10 last pounds
plays a large part, but the inflection and the remaining members of his extended of a diet-proof fat on the cusp of a swimsuit
timing that helps create a unique sense family: His second wife, Chana Manisch- season: they really believed he’d always be
of comedy. Two recent novels — The ewitz, who made a living selling fine china here. All they could do now was complain
Frumkiss Family Business by Michael by pretending to be British; his son-in-law, that there was no one left for them to hate.”
Wex (Alfred A. Knopf Canada) and The Earl Frumkiss, whose advertising theme For Wex, nothing is sacred; even the love of
Book of Murray: The Life, Teachings, and song for his chain of podiatrist offices Yiddish culture is open to ridicule.
Kvetching of the Lost Prophet edited with caused great embarrassment to his chil- While The Frumkiss Family Business is
an introduction by David M. Bader (Har- dren; his grandson Randall, who works as a fully realized novel with a convoluted,
mony Books) — take advantage of this a comic host at stag parties in Jewish nurs- but exciting, plot, The Book of Murray is
Yiddish slant on life and wit. ing homes; and his granddaughters, Van- more of a one-note joke. Fortunately for
Wex, best known for his nonfiction essa, a heartless beauty who has become Bader, best-known for his Haikus for Jews,
Born to Kvetch about Yiddish language ultra-Orthodox, and Rachel, an eccen- it’s a very funny one. The scroll of Murray, forcing him to
and culture, looks at three generations of a tric scientist who gave up her career for a which was found on the 14th hole of a golf invent prophecies, statutes and judg-
Jewish Canadian family. The most interest- hockey-obsessed husband she now hates. course in Boca Raton, is filled with one-lin- ments, including “Thou shalt not put any-
ing character, and the one who sets the plot The first section is really an extended setup ers, puns and sly asides. In his introduction, thing in writing,” “Thou shalt get everything
in motion, is Elyokim Faktor, who “grew for part two, when a revelation about Fak- Bader notes this 3,000-year-old look at the in writing” and “Of the sandwiches, ye may
up in the very bosom of early-20th century tor’s early European years turns the novel promised land “offers a unique perspective eat of the cold cuts on rye with mustard or
Polish-Jewish luxury, all velvets and tutors, from a rollicking comedy to a profane, but on the past that explains much about the Russian dressing. But of the Potato-Chips-
music lessons and Hebrew grammar.” very funny, farce about identity and per- present,” which is certainly true, but not in With-Miracle-Whip-on-Wonderbread
Although his Orthodox father wants sonal fulfillment. the way traditionalists would expect. sandwich, ye shall not eat. For it is an abom-
him to join the family business, in addi- In addition to satirizing the lives of the Murray is called to the service of the ination. And ye shall not eat it.”
tion to becoming a rabbi, Faktor prefers extended Faktor and Frumkiss families, Lord when he sees a sheep on fire, yet Although the humor in this short (166
writing, particularly Yiddish poetry and Wex also sets his gaze on the members of “though it burned brightly, the sheep was pages) work is predictable and filled with
plays, to dealing with more serious aspects the North American Yiddish literati, who not consumed nor was there even the groan-inducing wordplay and anachro-
of life. He has similar feelings about busi- hated Faktor for his successful Canadian slightest aroma of lamb kebabs.” nisms, at times I found myself laughing
ness and religion: “[Faktor] was as ambiv- career, much as they hated I. B. Singer: Unfortunately, after the Lord speaks to so hard I had to stop reading to regain my
alent about God as he was about work: he “He had got too much attention, too.” him through the “flame-resistant sheep,” composure. Even when thinking, “This
knew they existed, but could see no reason The delegation from the Yiddish literary telling him to be a messenger to the Israel- really isn’t that funny,” the book made me
to bother with either.” world that attends Faktor’s funeral does so ites, Murray receives no further revelation, laugh so hard my eyes teared.

Camp Solomon Schechter

JoIn uS
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friday, november 19, 2010 . . JTNews books, music & gifts 11

New Jewish books for and

about children —
and into their emerging adulthood
Diana Brement JTNews Columnist
I was delighted to receive a review copy old man bests them with his simple wisdom
of Scott Simon’s Baby, We Were Meant in this story of what it really means to be a
for Each Other: In Praise of Adoption human being, or, if you will, a mensch. The
(Random House, cloth, $22), since I have author learned this story from her grand- do something a little different, but ends up (shame) if your brilliant Jewish daughter
already been intrigued by his radio essays mother, who came “from an impoverished involved with a witch and a talking pig. or son attends a college that is not one of
on the subject. Simon is the host of NPR’s village in eastern Europe.” The author cleverly incorporates expla- the country’s top-ranked.
“Weekend Edition Saturday,” and he and In Nathan’s Hanukkah Bargain by nations of cultural and religious values, Providing an historical overview of
his wife adopted two girls from China. Jacqueline Dembar Greene (Pelican, along with a little Yiddish, in this clever American Jews and higher education,
Now he can expand on his personal expe- cloth, $15.95), a boy who badly wants his blend of fantasy and reality. he profiles the attitudes of today’s aver-
riences and reflect on adoption in general, own menorah and doesn’t have enough Now parents, take note: in a mere blink age Jewish parent. Ostrov then summa-
Chinese adoption in particular, and the money, is subtly helped by an understand- of an eye, the adorable preschooler you are rizes 100 colleges of interest from a Jewish
negative impact of that country’s one-child ing grandfather to find a real treasure. The reading these books to will transform into perspective ranging from best-known to
policy on the human rights of women. illustrations are by Judith Hierstein. a much larger child who will need to be almost unknown (Richard Stockton Col-
Simon masterfully captures the poig- For older readers (9 and up) comes sent off to college. lege of New Jersey, anyone?). He con-
nant process of “falling in love” with his the engaging and exciting graphic novel To the myriad of college guides already cludes with chapters on getting in, paying
daughters and also shares the stories of Hereville: How Mirka Got Her Sword available, you might add Oy Vey, It’s Time for it, and coping with college life.
other adoptive families. Most have happy by Portland graphic artist Barry Deutsch to Apply: A Cultural Guide to Colleges Oy Vey reads well, but suffers from a lack
endings, including some reunions with (Abrams, cloth, $15.95). While it fea- for Jewish Parents by Jerome Ostrov (self- of proofreading common in self-publishing.
birth parents, but he doesn’t shy away from tures Orthodox characters in an Orthodox published, paper, $17.95 For your son or daughter already in
a few bad endings. Raising an adopted Jewish town, this book does not belong The author is not a college advisor, but an college, the little College Knowledge for
child, we see, is just as satisfying and to the sub-genre of books aimed at only attorney with a passion for colleges who the Jewish Student: 101 Tips by David
fraught with peril as raising a birth child. Orthodox readers. Featuring “yet another wants to share information he’s gathered Schoem (U. of Michigan, paper, $20.95)
The book moves along at a good clip troll-fighting 11-year-old Orthodox Jewish over many years. He admits his subjec- is a handy four-year survival guide full
and Simon gets us laughing and crying as girl,” Deutsch appeals to almost any reader tivity, “both unscientific and time hon- of encouragement and wisdom for the
he explains how families really are made. with his heroine Mirka. She just wants to ored,” and stresses that it’s no “shanda” student in your life.
No matter how your family was made,
here are a number of books for the chil-
dren in your life.

Give the Gift of Music

A clever book, and a clear tribute to Dr.

wi a Seattle Symphony Gift Certificate

Seuss, The Kvetch Who Stole Hanukkah
(Pelican, cloth, $16.99), by Bill Berlin and
Susan Isakoff Berlin, with illustrations by
Peter Welling, sends us on a rhyming romp
through the town of Oyville. There, a kvetch
has decided to turn Hanukkah upside down,
disappointing the local children. (“‘Hanuk-
kah, shmanukkah—it’s all about gifts,’/
Shouted the kvetch, and he sounded quite
miffed.”) It is the children’s efforts, though, THE PERFECT
that create a true Hanukkah miracle. HOLIDAY SEA
Ann Redisch Stampler re-tells a Chas-
sidic tale in The Rooster Prince of Breslov
(Clarion, cloth, $16.99) with illustrations
by Eugene Yelchin. An overindulged young
prince, fed up with his life of leisure, acts out
by pretending to be a rooster. Doctors and
magicians fail to cure him, but an ordinary
206.215.4747 |
12 books, music & gifts JTNews . . friday, november 19, 2010

What is Seattle
Books in brief:
Books for gift giving and more
Limited Tickets Really Missing?
Available; Diana Brement JTNews Columnist
Another big book jammed with interesting
Buy Yours Food Jewish items, but this time they are stun-
Online Today! Simply Southern With a Dash of ning ritual objects selected by a curator
Kosher Soul, from the Margolin Hebrew from The Jewish Museum. The creativity
Academy/Feinstone Yeshiva of the South and variety that these artists and artisans
(cloth, $34.99 plus shipping). The Jewish have brought to ritual objects is wonderful
community of Memphis gained to see. Works include
some notoriety with the pub- the usual hanukkiot
lication of Tova Mirvis’ novel (menorahs) and mez-
The Ladies Auxiliary, but they zuzot along with hand-
make up for it with this big book washing vessels, Torah
of scrumptious recipes rang- embellishments and a
striking variety of spice
and tzedakah boxes. A
few featured artisans
with local connections
are Seth Rolland,
Gabriel Bass and Nancy Meagan Corwin.

The Golden Age of Jewish Achievement,
by Steven L. Pease (Deucalion, paper,
$19.95). This comprehensive examination
(topping more than 600 pages) of Jewish
One throw-down, blow out accomplishment focuses on the period

from Enlightenment on. Remarkably, the
ing from down-home “Dixie Caviar” author is not Jewish. But he admits to a
(black bean salad) to gourmet “Rasp- life-long fascination with Jewish success in
berry–Pecan-Crusted Lamb Chops.” Fea- a variety of fields from academia to enter-
benefiting uncompensated care at turing color photos and readable recipes, tainment, where Jews are represented dis-
Join us
this large-format book is a fundraiser for proportionately to their numbers in the
the school. This reviewer took the liberty general population. This essential refer-
of making “real” southern fried chicken ence for any Jewish library includes his-
School! from the book — yum! Order it at www. tory, profiles, factual tables and thorough, or call the footnotes. Is the author (a Spokane native)
school at 866-715-7667. displaying some bias by selecting Noam

Sunday, December 12th Encyclopedia of Jewish Food by Gil

Marks, (Wiley, cloth, $40). These 656 amaz-
Chomsky as his representative social activ-
ist? On the whole, though, the book is bal-
ing pages will steal the breath of every seri- anced and extremely informative.

2pm - 5pm at MOHAI ous foodie on your list with a jam-packed

compendium of Jewish food history, trivia
Back to the Beginning, by Mark Hoenig
(Xlibris, paper, $19.99). The author, an
and recipes. The author, a founding editor attorney by training, joined with his sib-
Museum of History and Industry in the of Kosher Gourmet magazine, author of five lings in paying tribute to their late father
Montlake neighborhood cookbooks and James Beard winner, is also by studying every Torah portion for a year.
a rabbi. Marks covers food from Adafina Hoenig wrote responses to each one and
(Sephardic Shabbat stew) to Zwetschgen- on conclusion realized he had a book. This
kuchen (plum cake)with Kubaneh (Yemeni personable approach by a Modern Ortho-
Incredible Kindie Music Concert bread) in the middle and includes a time- dox lay scholar allows readers to feel as if
line of Jewish history. (Author’s note: I’ve they’ve joined him in weekly study.
with Caspar Babypants, been trying for years to work “zwetschgen- This is an example of a well-done self-
Recess Monkey, and The Not-Its! kuchen” into this column.) published book. It is well written and,
more importantly, well edited, and even
and more... Art
500 Judaica: Innovative Contempo-
footnoted. If Hoenig produces another
edition, I would only recommend he add
• Amazing Snack Packs • Face Painting rary Ritual Art, by Ray Hemachandra and a glossary for Hebrew terms that may be

• Booths of Fun • Arts & Crafts

Daniel Belasco (Lark Crafts, paper, $24.95). unfamiliar to some readers.

• A chance to spin the Giant Dreidel for prizes!

Join us to be automatically entered
Log on to in our drawing to win a gorgeous
and enter your e-mail address in the “join
mezuzah created by Seattle artist Al
Fueling local Jewish families with our mailing list” box. Benoliel. Plus, joining means you’ll

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and Simple as that.
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Deadline to enter December 3, 2010.
friday, november 19, 2010 . . JTNews books, music & gifts 13

ten by someone who has lived a better part her sardonic eye to the life of a child in
of it. The author, a leading Israeli military Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No
historian and theorist, has been on the fac- Good, Very Bad Day. Now that she is about
ulty of Hebrew University since 1971. He to turn 80, the author turns the same eye to
falls on the conservative side of the fence — the vagaries of aging in this highly enter-
or the wall, actually — but offers a good taining and funny little book of verse. “My
summation of Israel since its founding, scalp is now showing./My moles keep on
including some current analysis of the growing./My waistline and breasts have
country’s economy. converged./My teeth resist brightening./
I’m in decline./It’s positively frightening.”
Saul Bellow: Fiction
Letters, edited by The Stormchasers, by Jenna Blum
Exodus and Emancipation: Biblical and nent Jewish scholars. We know so Benjamin Taylor (Dutton, cloth, $25.95). In the bestselling
African-American Slavery, by Kenneth little about Hillel outside of limited (Viking, cloth, $35). Those Who Save Us, the author paid fictional
Chelst (Urim, cloth, $34.95). An interesting Talmudic commentaries, yet the Another big book tribute to her Jewish
and unusual take on a familiar idea from an author cleverly brings those resources (558 pages), this one ancestors. In her new
equally interesting author — a professor of forward into the 21st is stuffed with the page-turning novel of
industrial and manufacturing engineering century, presenting celebrated 20th-cen- twins separated and
at Wayne State University and an ordained 2,000-year-old teachings tury novelist’s missives to a wide united, Blum turns
rabbi. Chelst delves into the story of Bibli- in a positive, current, and variety of recipients. These never- to her non-Jewish
cal slavery — using a variety of sources and perhaps even radical way. before-seen letters add a personal Midwestern roots,
commentary — and compares and contrasts Telushkin wastes no time dimension to other biographical set in the drama of
it with the historically documented experi- in letting us know that information available, and since Tornado Alley. Kar-
ences of African-American slaves in a way he thinks we should Bellow corresponded with many enna George des-
that enriches the reader’s understanding of take the most famous other significant literary fig- perately misses her
both. He explores social, psychological, reli- Hillel story — “what ures of the time, also serves as a twin brother, whose erratic behavior tore
gious and philosophical dimensions in a is hateful to you do not do “who’s who” of American letters, as their family apart. He has disappeared into
dense, but readable tome, and his passion to your fellow…the rest is well as providing glimpses into the author’s the strange subculture of storm chasers, but
shines through. With illustrations, footnotes commentary” — as instruction to be more personal life and dry wit. when she learns he’s nearby she tries to find
and glossary. welcoming to potential converts, but there’s him again. Joining a storm-chasing tour
Hillel: If Not Now, When? by more here than that. Humor/Poetry as a journalist, she begins her complicated
Joseph Telushkin (Schocken, cloth, Land of Blood and Honey, by Martin Unexpectedly Eighty and Other Adap- adventure of reunion. Blum has a gift for
$24). Hillel is the latest addition to Van Creveld (St. Martins, cloth, $26.99). tations, by Judith Viorst (Free Press, cloth, rendering contemporary dialog into read-
Nextbook’s “Jewish Encounters” This unfortunately titled book is actually a $17). When she was dealing with the vaga- able form. Learn more about the author and
series byFRAN12184_Jewish-transcript_ad.pdf
one of America’s preemi- 1 11/5/10
concise and1:23 PM
readable history of Israel writ- ries of child rearing, Judith Viorst turned her Jewish roots at

Celebrate Chanukah with

a dinner & party to benefit

The Classic Favorite

Creating award-winning artisan confections
a Jewish Response to Hunger

in the Northwest for over 28 years. Sunday, dECEmbEr 5

5:30 – 8:30 p.m.
at Temple De Hirsch Sinai
1520 E Union St. in Seattle

by ata,
e d h fritt
i d c
prov in a
, sp
f e ast ateringblintz loaf essert! by
a n u kah mma C almon, ts for d r o v i ded
Ch oh mo baked s doughnu nt p
mat to latkes , and jelly
r t a inme mble
Pota r salad Ente m Ense
a e s a

bring your appetites, your checkbook, your friends and family

You will be helping to feed the hungry all over the world and in our own community too.

1325 1st Avenue, Seattle, 206.682.0168

Co-sponsored by
2626 NE University Village Street, Seattle, 206.528.9969
10036 Main Street, Bellevue, 425.453.1698 For further information, please contact Matzoh Momma Catering at 206-324-6262
14 books, music & gifts JTNews . . friday, november 19, 2010

By the books:
Blue trikes, pickle-eating pigs on the Hanukkah reading menu
Penny Schwartz JTA World News Service
BOSTON (JTA) — Rhyming verse, The Hanukkah Trike
lively family scenes, a cute pig who eats Michelle Edwards, illustrated by
kosher pickles — and yes, menorahs, Kathryn Mitter
latkes and the Maccabees — are fea- Albert Whitman, $15.99; ages 4-8
tured in a new crop of Hanukkah books In this simple, heartfelt story that
for children written by some of the offers a good introduction to the holi-
country’s most popular award-winning day, Gabi lights the menorah, eats latkes,
writers. helps her father retell the victorious story
of the Maccabees, and is surprised with
Eight Winter Nights the gift of a shiny new blue tricycle she
Laura Krauss Melmed, illustrated by names Hanukkah. When she has a hard
Elisabeth Schlossberg time learning to push the pedals and
Chronicle Books, $16.99; ages 3-8 falls off, the trike gets dirty and Gabi gets
Laura Krauss Melmed, the award-win- bruised.
ning author of an earlier Hanukkah book, With encouragement from her mother,
Moishe’s Miracle, shines with her lifelong and remembering the determination and
love of rhyme in this delightful family courage of the Maccabees, they clean the
story set in verse. Krauss Melmed captures trike, and Gabi gets back on and learns to
the warmth of the holiday with a poetic ride.
celebration that evokes ritual as well as Edwards captures the small details
whimsy. that resonate with young kids, such as
With each night and new candle, giving the trike a name and placing her
there’s something new to celebrate. On the An ode to applesauce that accompanies blankie in the trike basket. A winner of
fifth night, the doorbell rings and in rush the latkes has a contagious beat that will the National Jewish Book Award for her
the cousins. entertain and engage young kids. Krauss Melmed, a former teacher who first picture book, Chicken Man, Edwards
“Wild ones, noisy ones/There must be Schlossberg’s gloriously colored illus- holds a master’s degree in early childhood was inspired to create the spunky Gabi
dozens!/ trations bring life to the lively verse. Her education, said she wanted to write a book Greenberg from years of reading with
What a commotion, what a delight/ depiction of a simple arc-shaped meno- for younger kids that captures the feeling her own daughters such children’s clas-
when cousins come calling this/ rah with a rainbow of glowing candles are of a family celebrating Hanukkah, a home- sics as Madeline, Babar and even Harry
Hanukkah night!” almost luminous on the page. based holiday. Potter, who all celebrated Christmas.

because giving
feels good
Share the joy of tzedakah
Find inspiration to give inside the pages of The Tzedakah
Book, filled with meaningful profiles about improving the
lives of those in need, both near and far from home.

Start a Hanukkah tradition

Devote one night of Hanukkah to a celebration of
Tzedakah. It’s a breeze! Wrap a copy of
The Tzedakah Book for each child individually,
along with envelopes and gelt for them to give in
any amount that suits your family’s budget.

Get it online Download as many

copies of The Tzedakah Book as you like. t h e tz e d a k a h book
els good
because givindglet fe
Visit and click on The
Tzedakah Book image. And spread the it shine!
ht an
mitzvah by telling everyone you know InsIde: Choose your nig
together one nigh
t of Hanukkah to
Bring the whole fam step-by-step guid
tzedakah, using this
about it. explore the joy of
friday, november 19, 2010 . . JTNews books, music & gifts 15

“Being Jewish, we didn’t,” she told me via I believe women take on the role of nurturer
first and foremost. So who is taking care of them?
e-mail. “Our years of reading together made
me want a spirited character like them.” Karen Calara MSPT, CSCS
Women come to me to find
Kathryn Mitter’s illustrations are play- support, get better, and Home Care ServiCeS
ful and appealing for young kids, who will go on to live vivacious lives.
enjoy Gabi’s friendly puppy appearing in Live In and Hourly Care • 206-851-5277
almost every scene.
Providing adults with personal care, medication reminders,
meal preparation, errands, household chores, pet care and companionship.
Baxter, the Pig Who Wanted to
Be Kosher WA State Licensed Home Care Agency • References Available
Physical Therapy for Women
Laurel Snyder, illustrations by 1836 Westlake Ave N, Suite 202 • Seattle
David Goldin 206.283.1030 •

Tricycle Press, $15.99; ages 4-10

Here’s a fun-filled escapade that will
delight readers of all ages with a lovable
piglet who’d be welcome in any family. get ready
On a Friday afternoon before sunset, a
friendly Jewish man waiting at the bus stop
for the
describes to Baxter the wonders and magic holidays!
of Shabbat, a day of rest with gleaming can-
dles that “glow and dance while our sweet- 15% Off
est voices lift in song!” All In-Home Services
Poor Baxter: All week he yearns to be (Offer good through January 15, 2011)
invited for a Shabbat dinner.
“You’re not kosher,” a man laughs. Gift certificates available
In his quest to become kosher, the Over 103 years — 1907 to 2010
curious little pig consumes jars of kosher
pickles, loaves of challah and even tries
to imitate a cow — a kosher animal, he’s
told. At last, Baxter meets a female rabbi
who clears up the misunderstanding while
assuring Baxter that it is a mitzvah to invite
strangers to share a meal. Fine Rug & Upholstery Specialists Since 1907
As the rabbi’s Shabbat guest, Baxter 1105 Rainier Avenue S., Seattle, WA 98144
watches as she lights the candles before he Phone: 206-322-2200
finally raises his sweet voice in song. The Fax: 206-325-3841
appealing story may hold special appeal to
interfaith families, or anyone who has ever
felt left out.
The illustrations are an entertaining and
engaging combination of cartoon-like char-
acters and collage. Jars of Bubba’s Kosher
Pickles fill the store aisles, along with other
traditional Jewish and Israeli foods.
An author’s note describes the custom
of inviting guests for Shabbat dinner. A
glossary includes helpful, somewhat off-
beat, lighthearted descriptions of the book’s
Jewish words and expressions.
XXPage 22

Who is this man?


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aroya Hall on either December 29, 30, or January
to Tel Aviv fuel surcharge.
2. The world premiere on this concert is part of Travel before March 31, 2011.
the Gund/Simonyi Farewell Commissions, 18 new
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16 the arts JTNews . . friday, november 19, 2010

Nov 19 – January 16 November 20-25
Harry Shearer: The Silent Echo Chamber Vancouver Jewish Book Festival
Video Art Exhibition The Jewish Community Center of
The former “Saturday Night Live” cast mem- Greater Vancouver brings 40 writers
ber, Spinal Tap bassist, Simpsons voiceover and hosts from Canada, the United
star, and son of Jewish immigrants curated States, the United Kingdom, and Israel
this silent video collection that reveals the to share their work over a full week of
humanity of politicians and newscasters in programming. Readers include Yann
the moments before they appear on camera. Martel, Gary Shteyngart, Myla Gold-
These awkward moments lead to consid- berg and more. Purchase tickets at
eration of authenticity, of power, and the At the JCC
nature of media. At the Henry Art Gallery of Greater Vancouver, 950 West 41st Myla Goldberg
lobby, 15th Ave. NE and NE 41st St., Seattle. Ave., Vancouver, B.C.

WWmartel Page 8 compared to the dynamics of war, which Martel admits that Holocaust survivors Like Orwell’s Animal Farm being an
he feels is much more easily understood will likely hate his use of metaphor and allegory of Stalin’s Russia, Martel uses
and tragic, “the idea of having an enemy by children. allegory, but he maintains the technique animals to describe Hitler’s horrors per-
whom you must fight makes sense,” sug- The Holocaust, relates Martel, “stayed is needed by those who did not experience petrated against the Jews. But in a book
gests Martel. However, the dynamics of in my memory as a historical oddity.” the Holocaust themselves. on the Holocaust, the reader essentially
the Holocaust — equally as violent as war Later, Martel studied the Holocaust in In writing his work of fiction, Martel knows the tragic conclusion. Art is an
— did not make sense to him. greater depth, first reading historical insists the Holocaust needs to be seen interpretation, but one must first know
“In war you have an enemy and you go works and then literature, watched Hol- through art as well as history because, in the history.
to war against your enemy,” Martel says. lywood films and European documenta- his view, works of art last longer than works If one wants to know about Russian
“The Holocaust seemed to be, you take ries, and, as an adult, visited Auschwitz of history, and there is a timelessness to art history, suggests Martel, one should not
your friend and you shoot him.” and Yad Vashem. He did all of this and fiction absent in non-fiction. start by reading Orwell’s Animal Farm.
The Jews of Europe were fully inte- because, he says, the Holocaust “always When challenged about the relevance Teach history, then literature.
grated in society, contributing greatly startled me and horrified me.” Eventu- of fiction if readers lack understanding of
to each society in which they lived. So ally, after the success of The Life of Pi, the actual events, Martel conceded that Arthur Wolak is a freelance writer in
why were Jews suddenly targeted by he decided he wanted to write about the knowledge of history is a prerequisite to Vancouver. A version of this article first
the Nazis for murder? Martel could not Holocaust, but in his own way – through reading such fictional works as Beatrice appeared in the Jerusalem Post.
come to terms with this historical fact the lens of fiction. and Virgil.

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M.O.T.’s special all-books edition

Diana Brement JTNews Columnist

There’s little that’s more of-towners can’t do,” he says. as boxing organizers and fight-fixers. For
entertaining than talk- Volunteer ushering, for others there are lots of stories of hobnob-
ing to David Volk, example, which may allow bing with and working for Hollywood’s
unless it’s reading some- you to see plays or SIFF films elite, illustrating how a “kid from Seattle”
thing he’s written. Now David for little or nothing. “There’s can make it with no contacts.
brings his brand of humor to no adventure” in buying tick- He reminisced fondly about shopping
his new book, The Cheap Bas- ets at the box office. for Sunday brunch with his dad at the
tard’s Guide to Seattle, part But meeting a celebrity Jewish delis on Cherry Street.
of a travel series from Globe while ushering at the Para- “Some of them were in garages!”
Pequot Press. mount? Courtesy Michael Druxman Michael recalls. “We’d get kippered
David hopes readers won’t “You can dine out on that A ’70s-era Michael Druxman with Fish, otherwise salmon and chopped liver…great memo-
take offense. tribe for days,” he quips. known as actor Abe Vigoda. ries of that.”
“It can be a good thing to be a cheap bas- David continues freelanc- I learned from Michael about our
tard,” he says, especially in this economy. ing “as fatherhood allows,” playwright, director and author has now state’s “Palm Springs” at Soap Lake in
After getting the assignment for the and hopes to publish a humor collection turned his pen to memoir in My Forty- Eastern Washington, where his family,
book about a year ago, David ham- tentatively titled, “As I Die Laughing… Five Years in Hollywood…and How I and many other Jewish families, had
mered out 60,000 words between January about funerals, death rites and rituals gone Escaped Alive from Bear Manor Media. summer homes.
and March, bal- horribly wrong.” Enthusiasts of local history will enjoy Michael and his wife escaped Holly-
ancing writing Cheap Bastard will be released Dec. 7, Michael’s stories of growing up in Seat- wood for Austin a few years ago, where
with his other job but locally it’s already available at Island tle, including stories of his father and
as professional Books on Mercer Island. David will read at uncle’s (Harry and Nate Druxman) work XXPage 19
dad to two pre- Seattle’s University Bookstore on Dec. 6.
school-age kids. Become a fan of the cheap bastard on
This required a Facebook and get more cheap ideas, and
lot of getting up read more of David at
at 4 a.m., writing

during nap time The prolific Michael Druxman,
and again in eve- Author David Volk who was raised in Seattle and stud-
nings, when Mom ied drama at the University of
took over, until midnight or one o’clock. Washington, but fled for Hollywood at the
Designed for visitors and residents tender age of 20, is also fun to talk to.
4740 California Ave SW
alike, the book features “a lot of stuff out- The veteran publicist, screenwriter, West Seattle
206 937-8788
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18 thanksgiving JTNews . . friday, november 19, 2010

At Thanksgiving, a cornucopia of Jewish sides

Linda Morel JTA World News Service
NEW YORK (JTA) — The best thing The first that came to mind was a basic The holiday’s name encourages us to be Juice of 1 lemon
about Thanksgiving is that it invites Amer- sweet potato tzimmes, a wildly popu- thankful for the food on our table and for Zest of 1 orange, plus the juice
icans of all religions and ethnic back- lar dish throughout the Ashkenazi world. living in a land of plenty. I find it poignant 1/2 cup water
grounds. On the same autumn Thursday, Loaded with carrots and dried fruit sur- that the concept of plenty has diminished 1/2 cup white wine
most American families eat turkey and a rounded by a sweetened sauce, tzimmes during our current economic downturn. Scrape the peel from the ginger. Dice ginger and
cornucopia of side dishes. would be perfect to serve with turkey. I add The fourth Thursday in November is then chop it fine. Peel the sweet potatoes and
No country has been more welcoming a generous amount of ginger to my recipe, all about celebrating the end of the grow- carrots. Cut them into 1-inch chunks. Place all
to the Jews than the United States. Thanks- giving this traditional dish a sassy air. ing season and getting together with family ingredients in a large pot. Cover and simmer on a
giving is a metaphor for the opportunities Many recipes from Sephardic countries and friends to share warm feelings and a medium-low flame for 45 minutes, or until pota-
this country offers Jewish people. start with instructions to sauté onions in nice meal. toes and carrots soften. Serve immediately or cool
While turkey is the centerpiece of the olive oil. Add a vegetable, such as green If the November issues of food maga- to room temperature and refrigerate in a covered
harvest table, I’ve seen people of vari- beans or Brussels sprouts, before simmer- zines prove anything, it’s that people are container. Recipe can be made up to 3 days in
ous ethnic groups put their own spin on ing in tomato sauce for an easy dish that’s always searching for exotic side dishes to advance. Reheat on a low flame before serving.
the side dishes they serve. I grew up with always delicious. adorn the Thanksgiving turkey. Why not Yield: 8-10 servings.
an Italian friend whose mother always Perusing Jewish cookbooks, I found dip into the archives of Jewish cuisine to
made two lasagnas — for either side of a medley of recipes, including cranberry dazzle your guests with foods that our Sephardic String Beans in Tomato Sauce
the turkey. An Indian woman who used rice from Iran, a luscious Moroccan cous- people have been savoring for centuries? (Parve)
to babysit for my daughter prepared veg- cous stuffing, Indian curries, and stuffed
etable curry every year. The family of pumpkin dishes from Bukhara to Iraq. Tangy Tzimmes 2 Tbs. olive oil
a Cuban friend offered up black beans If your family adores a particular Jewish (Parve) 1 medium-sized onion, diced
and rice. delicacy from its country of origin, serve 2 garlic cloves, minced
Recently I started thinking, why can’t it this Thanksgiving. There’s no reason 1 4” finger-shaped piece of ginger root 1 pound string beans, rinsed in cold water, tips
foods from the canon of Jewish cuisine why you can’t celebrate being Jewish and 4 medium-sized sweet potatoes and ends snipped
accompany the Thanksgiving turkey? American at the same time. 6 medium-sized carrots Kosher salt to taste
After all, most traditional Thanksgiving I’m always a bit dashed when I hear 1 9-oz. can, about 1 cup, pitted prunes 1 8-oz. can tomato sauce
foods, such as sweet potatoes, string beans people say they take a pass on Thanksgiv- 2/3 cup dried apricots In a large pot, heat olive oil on a medium flame.
and dried fruit, are parve and were readily ing because it’s not a Jewish holiday. With 1/4 cup apricot jam Sauté onion and garlic in olive oil until softened
available in many of the countries where its inclusiveness, Thanksgiving not only 1/4 cup brown sugar but not burned, about 2 minutes. Add the string
Jews have lived. Surely there must be many reflects the principles for which this coun- 1/2 tsp. ground cinnamon beans to the pot. Sprinkle with salt and stir.
recipes to tap. try stands, but also Jewish values. 1/8 tsp. allspice Sauté for 2 minutes, stirring. Pour the tomato

Hanukkah happy *
* I *
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All Prices Good With Advantage Card, November 26, 2010 - December 9, 2010
friday, november 19, 2010 . . JTNews thanksgiving 19

sauce into the pot and stir to coat string beans 1/8 tsp. ground turmeric serve immediately, or cover and refrigerate for golden brown. This can be done in a toaster
evenly. Cover pot and simmer on a medium low 1/2 tsp. ground ginger 24 hours before reheating on a low flame. While oven. Watch almonds carefully, as they burn
flame, until string beans are softened but not 1-1/2 tsp. ground curry piping hot, sprinkle cilantro on top. easily. Remove from oven and reserve.
wilted, about 3-5 minutes. Serve immediately. 1-1/2 tsp. ground cumin Yield: Serves 6. Peel ginger. Dice, then chop it fine. In a medium-
Yield: 6 servings. Dash of cayenne pepper, or more if you like hot food sized saucepan, melt 1-1/2 teaspoons marga-
1-1/2 cups frozen peas, defrosted Moroccan-Style Couscous (Parve) rine or butter on a medium flame. Add ginger
Indian Curried Cauliflower, 3 Tbs. fresh cilantro leaves, chopped and sauté until tender, about 1 minute. Add tur-
Potatoes and Peas Heat oil in a large pot on a medium flame. Sauté 1/2 cup slivered almonds meric, white pepper and salt. Quickly stir, then
(Parve) onions and garlic until transparent, about 2 1 2” finger-shaped piece of ginger root pour in 2 cups of water. Cover saucepan and
minutes. Add the chopped tomatoes and sim- 1-1/2 tsp. margarine (preferably non-hydrogenated) bring this mixture to a boil.
2 Tbs. vegetable oil mer until they soften and give off a little sauce. or butter to sauté, plus 1 Tbs. cut into quarters Pour couscous into boiling water and quickly stir to
2 medium-sized onions, diced Add the cauliflower and potatoes, stirring. 1/8 tsp. turmeric combine. Cover the pot and remove it from the
6 garlic cloves, minced Place the tomato paste, kosher salt and spices into Dash of white pepper flame. Let stand 5 minutes. Fluff couscous with
3 tomatoes, chopped 1 cup of water. Stir to blend. Pour this mixture Kosher salt to taste a fork. Add the remaining tablespoon of marga-
1 cauliflower, broken into florets into the pot and stir. Cover the pot and simmer, 1 cup uncooked plain couscous rine or butter and dried cranberries. Stir to com-
1-1/2 pounds baby white potatoes, cut in half or stirring occasionally, for 45 minutes, or until the 1/2 cup dried cranberries bine. Cover the pot for 1 minute. Place couscous
thirds, depending on size cauliflower and potatoes soften. Remove from 1 Tbs. chopped cilantro, optional garnish in a serving bowl. Sprinkle almonds on top, and
2 Tbs. tomato paste heat and cool to warm before adding the peas. Spread almonds on a baking sheet and roast in a cilantro, if using. Serve immediately.
Kosher salt to taste Gently stir to blend. Heat on a low flame and 350º oven for 2 minutes, or until almonds turn Yield: Serves 6.

WWm.o.t. Page 17 generation of the demand item, but Carole rejected the idea. teach privately in Seattle. She has a short
deaf and CODA Reconsidering later, she contacted the story coming out in the journal Common
Michael continues to write, to consult on community with publisher to find that they had changed Knowledge next spring, designed to com-
film scripts and mentor young writers. its stories of their mind and were reissuing the book. plement essays on finance by Margaret
(His advice: “Don’t write for nothing.”) Ruthie, a hearing Only out for about a month, Carole has Atwood in the same issue. When she’s
His new book of short stories, Dracula child growing up already seen renewed attention. not writing, Carole enjoys ballet classes
Meets Jack the Ripper and Other Revisionist with deaf-mute “When the book [first] came out, the and travel.
History, is currently seeking a publisher. parents in upper deaf community wasn’t as organized,” “I love travel,” she says. “Every time I
Manhattan in the she says. get some money together, I travel.”

Carole Glickfeld is enjoying the 1940s. Now there are many online groups, In the spring she’ll accompany some
re-release of her 1989 collection of The book’s re- Carole Glickfeld and groups of CODAs, too, who will be deaf friends on a cruise from Shanghai to
connected short stories, Useful Gifts, release evolved interested in these stories, which are “not Beijing.
from the University of Georgia Press. over a couple of years, says Carole. The autobiographical, but the neighborhood is You can find Carole at a book party at
Carole, who is a CODA (child of deaf University of Georgia first approached true and my parents were deaf.” 5:30 p.m. on Dec. 7 at Arundel Books, First
adults), hopes the book will interest a new her about making the book a print-on- Carole continues to write and to and Madison in downtown Seattle.

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Please enclose your check for the full amount,
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quarter page Card #
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in print
✉☎ Jewish Family Service ☎☎ Seattle: 206-623-4031
Full Service • Glatt Kosher Individual, couple, child and family therapy Photographer Specializing in People.
Delivery or Pickup • All your catering ☎☎ 206-861-3195 Specializing in Periodontics. Bar/Bat mitzvahs, parties, promotions &
needs. • Va’ad supervised. Dental Implants • Cosmetic Gum Surgery Funeral/Burial services weddings. Reasonable rates
Expertise with life transitions, relationships Oral Conscious Sedation Digital or film
Madison Park Cafe and personal challenges. Jewish knowledge Congregation Beth Shalom Cemetery
Simmering in Seattle for over 30 years and sensitivity. Offices in Seattle and Michael Spektor, D.D.S. ☎☎ 206-524-0075 physician
☎☎ 206-324-2626 Bellevue. Day and evening hours. ☎☎ 425-643-3746 ✉☎
Full service catering for all your Jewish Subsidized fee scale available. ✉☎ This beautiful new cemetery is available Vision Improvement Center of Seattle, PS
life passages: Bar/Bat Mitzvahs • Weddings to the Jewish community and is located Joseph N. Trachtman, O.D., Ph.D.
• Brit Milah • Special Occasions. Frances M. Pomerantz, MS Specializing in periodontics, dental just north of Seattle. ☎☎ 206-412-5985
Karen Binder Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist implants, and cosmetic gum therapy. ✉☎
☎☎ 425-451-1655 Bellevue Hills of Eternity Cemetery 108 5th Avevue S, Suite C-1
Matzoh Momma Catering ✉☎ Owned and operated by Temple De Hirsch Sinai Seattle, WA 98104
Catering with a personal touch Specializing in couples and individuals. Wendy Shultz Spektor, D.D.S. ☎☎ 206-323-8486 Serving the Central District.
☎☎ 206-324-mAmA Facilitating better communication, more ☎☎ 425-454-1322 Serving the greater Seattle Jewish com- Vision improvement and rehabilitation.
Serving the community for over 25 years. satisfying relationships, increased self- ✉☎ munity. Jewish cemetery open to all pre-
Full service catering and event planning awareness and personal growth. Day & need and at-need services. Affordable senior services
for all your Life Cycle events. early eve hours available. Emphasis: Cosmetic and Preventive rates • Planning assistance.
miriam and Pip meyerson 1621 114th Ave. SE, #224, Bellevue 98004 Dentistry • Convenient location in Bellevue Queen Anne, Seattle Jewish Family Service
☎☎ 206-461-3240
Graphic Design
Dr. Mindy Blaski MD retirement announcement Comprehensive geriatric care manage-
Spear Studios, Graphic Design ment and support services for seniors
Following 30 years of practicing family medicine in the greater Seattle area, Mindy Blaski MD, Sandra Spear and their families. Expertise with in-home
announces her retirement at the end of November from Lakeview Family Medicine. ☎☎ 206-898-4685 assessments, residential placement, fam-
The Polyclinic, with offices in the same building as Lakeview Family Medicine, will be acquiring ✉☎ ily dynamics and on-going case manage-
patient records. They can be reached at 206-525-4000. • Newsletters • Brochures • Logos ment. Jewish knowledge and sensitivity.
Mindy L. Blaski MD • Letterheads • Custom invitations
• Photo Editing for Genealogy Projects The Summit at First Hill
Lakeview Family Medicine
3216 NE 45th Pl, Ste 106, Seattle, WA 98105
☎☎ 206-652-4444
Tel: 206-526-0210 The only Jewish retirement community in
Abolofia Insurance Agency the state of Washington offers transition

(tweet) JEW-ISH.COM
Bob Abolofia, Agent assessment and planning for individuals
☎☎ 425-641-7682 looking to downsize or be part of an active

Seriously. Follow along: @jewishdotcom.

jt Filler 34.7 x 1” F 425-988-0280 community of peers. multi-disciplinary

✉☎ professionals with depth of experience
Independent agent representing available for consultation.
Pemco since 1979
november 19, 2010
shouk @jtnews
help wanted help wanted home services training & instruction

temple b’nai torah early Childhood Center Coordinator get ready for the
temple b’nai torah seeks a dynamic candidate to develop overall program content, implement and
evaluate existing and prospective programs. Activities, programs and events will assist the overall mission holidayS!
of Temple B’nai Torah and the future of the SECC program, including perpetuating and strengthening Jewish handyman & home maintenance
identity, values, and family life. repair Services
Qualifications: Reliable, affordable,
• Understanding of child development, cognitive, social and emotional needs of children and their families.
• Ability to take initiative in developing programs related to the interests and needs of members and while maintaining with over 30 years in business
the overall mission of the program.
• Demonstrated knowledge and interest of Jewish life and learning.
Small jobs welcome as well as remodels, Horseback riding
• Proven experience with budgeting, purchasing, record-keeping and marketing. additions, handicap accessibility and Classical Training
• Proficient with MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) seismic retrofits Rider, Horse & Pony
• Ability to set limits, creativity, flexibility, ability to handle complaints and emergencies.
Licensed • Bonded • Insured Ages 8 to 80 • Beginners welcome
The position is one of program management and planning including coordination of services and community needs as- Experienced trainer • Gift certificates available
sessment. Candidate will have a strong academic/vocational background in educational work with children and families, lba haugen homeS, inC. Colony Park Stables, Bothell, WA
successful track record of program management, awareness of current trends in the field, experience in fundraising and LBAHAH1945pw
grant reporting, strong interpersonal and community organizational skills. Rita Kapetansky • 425-232-7565
the Coordinator of early Childhood Center would be part of the Temple B’nai Torah professional team, expected 425-603-1492
to attend staff meetings and events and, like all members of staff, be available to represent TBT at community events.
duration: Part-time - Exempt • Salary range: Based on Experience
preferred experience: 3–5 Years Experience tutoring
preferred degree: Masters Degree in Early Childhood, Masters Degree in Jewish Education or
equivalent experience required
Hebrew instruction
please send resume to Beginners to advanced
Commercial & Residential Bar/B’nai Mitzvahs
college placement toRChdown/shingle speCialties Children & adults welcome
direCtor of development new • re-roofs Israeli instructor fluent in Hebrew
leaks • repairs 24 hours
temple beth am seeks FT Director of a college eDUcatIon lic. #roofM**961pD 206-232-2193 or
Development to create and implement a Is a maJor 206-510-0490
comprehensive multi-year fundraising InVestment www.roofMex.coM
strategy. Previous non-profit develop- Sensitive professional senior services
ment experience and extensive knowl- assistance to ensure announcements
a succesful match
edge of Jewish traditions, history and between student AFH Options
observance required. and school Seeking writerS provides FREE Placement Assistance in
poems (3 max) and/or essays and adult family homes when the current residence
Salary DOE. Generous medical benefits linda Jacobs & associates of a loved one is no longer the safest option.
and flexible hours. Application deadline college Placement services fiction (under 5,000 words) on • Complimentary nursing assessments
December 17. Northwest and Jewish themes from
206/323-8902 established and emerging writers for
• Placements based on care needs, location & cost
• Comprehensive screening of care facilities
Résumé and cover letter to Spring 2011 issue of Drash. Include • Personalized tours available 7 days a week separate page with contact info and • Follow up calls and visits
funeral/burial services short bio. Serving families of King and Snohomish counties
Call us: 206-786-9124
entertainment deadline: december 15, 2010 Or visit us at:
complete funeral/burial services
Submit by snailmail only to:
Serving the needs of the greater Seattle community
Wendy Marcus, Music Director
Planning assistance • Affordable $2295.00 cleaning services
Temple Beth Am
miChael Howden-Kennedy funeral Home
2632 NE 80th St., Seattle 98115
bilavSky Dennis 206-799-3334 • Jack Barokas 206-725-0364
206-525-0915 Gift
musician & Singer Certificate
One man band cemetery gan shalom Available!
Keyboard piano A Jewish cemetery that meets the needs of
the greater Seattle Jewish community.
Zero interest payments available.
plays & sings all types of music WE NEED CARS!
for any simcha For information, call temple Beth am at
206-525-0915. • Free Pick-up • No DOL filing a housecleaning service
Bar/Bat Mitzvahs • All your special events
• No smog certif. • Running or not Seattle Eastside
I do it all! From klezmer, Hassidic, Israeli to TeMple BeTH or CeMeTery 206/325-8902 425/454-1512
swing & rock & roll. Donate your used car to Chabad &
Beautiful location near Snohomish.
Customize the music to your taste. receive a tremendous tax write-off. • Licensed • Bonded • insured
Serving the burial needs of Reform Jews and
for more info, call their families. For information, please call • Any vehicle okay
206-528-4722 (425) 259-7125. • Plus RVs, boats, real estate, lots, etc. domestic angels
or Clean your house and office
Traditional Jewish funeral services provided by the 206-527-1411

Reasonable rates • Licensed/Bonded
Seattle Jewish Chapel. For further information, please
call 206-725-3067. Responsible • References • Free estimate
next issue: november 12 Seattle/Eastside
ad deadline: november 3 Burial plots are available for purchase at Bikur Cholim Call Yolimar Perez or Maria Absalon
and Machzikay Hadath cemeteries. For further 206-356-2245 or 206-391-9792
call becky: 206-774-2238 information, please call 206-721-0970.
22 community calendar JTNews . . friday, november 19, 2010

6:30–8:30 p.m. – Pajama Havdallah Under band! $20/family or $7/person. At Northwest Yeshiva 11 a.m.-1 p.m. – The Challenges of Certifying
Candle Lighting Times the Sea High School. 5017 90th Ave. SE, Mercer Island. Kosher Restaurants in Seattle
11/19/10............................4:11 p.m.

Irit Eliav at 5–9 p.m. – Dinner Honoring Hazzan Rabbi

Avital at
11/26/10........................... 4:05 p.m. or 206-524-0075 or Frank Varon or 206-760-0805 or
12/3/10............................ 4:01 p.m. Come in pajamas for a special Havdallah service,

Diana Black at or Rabbi Jenkins, kashrut consultant to the Va’ad

12/10/10.................................4 p.m. followed by a dive into the world of marine life. 206-723-3028 HaRabanim of Greater Seattle, will teach a class
Arts and crafts, story time, snacks, and more. Sephardic Bikur Holim hosts this testimonial dinner on the challenges of certifying a kosher vegetarian
Please RSVP. Free. At Congregation Beth Shalom, honoring Hazzan Rabbi Frank Varon. At Seattle restaurant, then keeping it certified. At the Seattle
6800 35th Ave. NE, Seattle. Sheraton Hotel, 1400 6th Ave., Seattle. Kollel, 5305 52nd Ave. S, Seattle.
Saturday 20 November 10 a.m.–3 p.m. – North End Blood Drive 2–3:30 p.m. – Seattle Jewish Community
12 p.m. – Tots Thanksgiving Story Time Sunday 21 November

Carol Benedick at School Open House

Rabbi Yohanna Kinberg at 9 a.m.–12 p.m. – Hanukkah Kids’ Carnival or

Gabrielle Azose at and Family Breakfast 206-524-0075 or or 206-522-5212, ext. 202 or
Get ready for Thanksgiving the Jewish way. Learn

Jack DeLeon at The Puget Sound Blood Center will park their Blood Meet SJCS faculty and learn about their
about Hoda’ah, gratitude while enjoying stories, or 206-251-0210 Mobile across from Beth Shalom. To make an K-5 program of general and Judaic studies,
songs and snacks. The afternoon will end with a Scrumptious breakfast featuring bumuelos, face appointment, e-mail admission, and tuition assistance. Free childcare
Havdallah service. Free. At Temple B’nai Torah, painting, juggling, cookie decorating, bouncy house Volunteers needed. At Congregation Beth Shalom, available, but RSVP required. At SJCS, 12351 8th
15727 NE 4th Ave., Bellevue. and more. Featuring Michael Bilavsky, the one-man 6800 35th Ave. NE, Seattle. Ave. NE, Seattle.

WWelectronic gifts Page 2 WWhanukkah books Page 15

with a thirst for Jewish factoids that tran- Maccabee! The Story of Hanukkah Hanukkah Puzzles
scend denomination, level of observance Tilda Balsley; illustrated by David Based on the book “Hanukkah Haiku”
or political leaning would do: He created Harrington by Karla Gudeon
an app. The Amazing Jewish Fact-a-Day Kar Ben, $17.95 hardcover, $7.95 paper- Blue Apple Books, $15.99; ages 4-8
Calendar teaches you stuff that you should back; ages 4-8 A two-sided, 36-piece puzzle featur-
have learned in Hebrew school but weren’t Here is an animated rhyming version ing two of the colorful, festive illustrations
paying attention, has quotes from historical of the Hanukkah story of King Antiochus, by Karla Gudeon from her book Hanuk-
notables, and even keeps Shabbat. the Maccabees and religious freedom. kah Haiku, a National Jewish Book Award
Seinfeld says he wanted this to be accessible Young kids will enjoy the repeated refrain, finalist. A menorah is featured on one side,
for anyone with the desire to learn something “Sometimes it only takes a few,/ Who and the other is a family celebration of
new and Jewish. So each day up pops a factoid, know what’s right, and do it, too.”  Kar- dancing around the menorah. The puzzle
a nugget of wisdom, a lesson in spirituality, Ben continues its devotion to producing comes in its own carrying case box shaped
and plenty more. Not bad for only a buck! original, creative Jewish children’s books like the star of David and can be paired
99¢ at the iTunes store. with a wide appeal. with the book.
friday, november 19, 2010 . . JTNews books, music & gifts 23

Three thumbs up: Grover does Jerusalem

E. Kinney Zalesne Washington Jewish Week
A few years ago, my family stum- cultural change that has taken place in Our 5-year-old said,
bled onto the 1990 six-volume DVD-set Israel and North America. “It’s a nice way to meet
“Shalom Sesame,” a kitschy but completely This time, the Israeli actors include a new country.” Our
adorable romp through Israeli and Jewish Russian and African immigrants; the pup- 3-year-old declared,
culture led by Oscar the Grouch’s Israeli pets include an Arab-Israeli character after back-to-back
cousin, Moishe Ufnick; Kippi ben Kippod, named Mahboub; the American celeb- viewings of the first
a large pink hedgehog, the Israeli counter- rities are a little less Borscht Belt and a two 22-minute DVDs,
part to Big Bird; young Israeli actors; and little more Christina Applegate and Jake “This was kinda long.”
a host of American Jewish celebrities that Gyllenhaal, both of whom have a Jewish But all three have
included Mandy Patinkin, David Brenner parent and loosely affiliate with the Jewish returned to the videos
and a very young Sarah Jessica Parker. community, but hardly have the defining again and again, and
On “Rehov Sumsum,” just as on the ethnic identity of a Patinkin or a Brenner. while they watch, there
original “Sesame Street,” people and pup- And, of course, in the 2010 version, the is very little blinking
pets convened in the neighborhood square, pop culture references are updated: In going on.
celebrated letters and numbers, and the Hanukkah episode, we get “Extreme My own favorite
embraced the universal mitzvah of respect- Makeover–The Temple Version.” moment in “Shalom Sesame 2010” comes
ing our fellow beings — no matter whether Overall, “Shalom Sesame 2010” embod- in Volume 2, “Hanukkah: The Missing
they had splotchy skin, fuzzy fingers, purple ies the Jewish adaptation narrative — Menorah,” when Baby Bear, the furry little whatever land — exactly as I was mesmer-
noses, or a crazy love of cookies. infusing the richness of our old traditions Sesame Street character whose speech ized by it some 40 years ago.
Now, timed for Hanukkah 2010, (the Hanukkah story, Ernie and Bert) with impediment makes him pronounce Rs L’dor v’dor, generation to generation,
Sesame Workshop is releasing a new the dynamism and variety of modern life. like Ws, is teaching his buddy Telly Mon- and across the world — Jim Henson was
12-volume “Shalom Sesame” — still My kids, ages 8, 5 and 3, gave the new ster about Hanukkah. It’s “Hanukkah,” he onto something really good.
teaching the holidays, still making them “Shalom Sesame” three thumbs up. Our insists, demanding that his friend perfect
“brought to you by” the letter chet and the 8-year-old said of Volume 1 (called “Wel- the guttural chet. “Now let’s play dweidel!” E. Kinney Zalesne is a consultant, an author, a
number shmoneh — but this time updated come to Israel”), “This was a good intro- It is quite amazing to watch my kids Washington, D.C. mom and a lifelong fan of
to reflect the 20 years of demographic and duction to Israel.” so mesmerized by “Sesame Street” — in “Sesame Street.”

The per ift! 2-for-1
ah g
Hanukk “ Happy Chanukah”
Al Benoliel When you let JFS “Tribute Cards”

Artist do the talking, you send your best

wishes and say you care about
funding vital JFS programs here at
home. Call Irene at (206) 861-3150
or, on the web, click on “Donations”
at Use Visa or
MasterCard. It’s the most gratifying
2-for-1 in town.

Think for a moment of some of the food items you and your family
can’t do without around the holidays. Now consider how you can
brighten someone else’s holiday by simply donating to Food Lifeline
to help provide some of these items for families in need.

Use our Virtual Food Drive online or bring food to our warehouse DISCOVER
Donate online or mail-in your contribution c/o JTNews.

We can accommodate groups of up to 50 people
A yearsmiddle
owerful of vigorous education
sschool experience
the worldahead forchild.
life. to your

206-545-6600 • Culture of collaboration & respect

1702 NE 150th Street., Shoreline, WA 98155 • Average class size of 15 students
• Located at Green Lake in Seattle

Be our facebook
Visit us at an Open House, 7 p.m., Nov. 9 or Dec. 8.
friend @ /jtnews follow us • (206) 547-4614
& jew-ish @jew_ish for jtnews &
jewishdotcom for Billings admits students of any race, color, religion, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin.
24 JTNews . . friday, november 19, 2010

Our Family Matters,

Now More Than Ever.
While families count their blessings GivE HuNGEr
as we light candles for eight nights A HOlidAy
during Chanukah, Jewish Family 47% of JFS Polack Food
Service is counting more and more Bank clients must choose
community members who are in dire between paying for food and
need of immediate help. paying for utilities — the “Heat
or Eat” dilemma. Your Give
Hunger A Holiday donations,
now through December 31st, will
purchase grocery store gift cards
to ease the burden on clients facing
the cold winter months ahead.

lOvEd ONEs
Send a JFS Tribute or two this
Chanukah that supports JFS
Emergency Services. (Over 400
people locally achieved housing
stability or avoided eviction last year
with financial assistance from JFS.)
Honor your children, grandchildren,
Family matters Campaign
parents, anyone you care about.
We have designated december as Your contribution helps transform the
JFs Mitzvah Month. We urge you lives of those challenged by poverty,
to fulfill the mitzvah of tzedakah by disability, aging, domestic violence,
making a genuine difference in the addiction & recovery, failing health,
lives of community members who are resettlement and so much more. If you
turning to us as never before. These haven’t already made your annual gift
are people we all know: family, friends to JFS, please do so today. Contribu-
and neighbors here at home. tions are tax-deductible.

Please consider one or all of the

To make your JFs Mitzvah
following during JFS Mitzvah Month.
Month donations, please call
After all, at a time like this, Family
irene at (206) 861-3150 or go to
matters…always has, always will.
www and click
spONsOr THE JFs on “donations.”
Food Bank FOr A dAy
Your donation of $1,250 underwrites We know you are making choices,
the cost of operations and food, and we thank you for choosing JFs.
allowing us to more fully serve the
over 1,500 clients who shop the JFS
Polack Food Bank each month. Both
you and your loved ones receive
special recognition. It’s the perfect gift
for your special someone who has
almost everything.

(206) 461-3240 •

A commitment to community since 1892.