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©THE GarsiTy October 14, 2019 Extra Extra Read All About It! Vol. LXV No. 3 uc Politics Arts & Culture | Opinions Avant Garg We love samosas | You better vote, Skating, Feist and | Give us you frickin _|Notes app poetry & almost as much as | bitch part 2 ya games: OH __| money (if you opted | Bedtime stories com 3/4)" 7\" 1 14 volume sixty-five, issue 2 october 14, 2019 managing editor-in-chief an itsang . Editor's Address ‘content editorin-chief sofa champion Students, production manager Wehope this editor's address finds yon well. it didnt find a you well, then that's kind of your problem. But ifit makes a Aliference, you ea enclose a goose feather plucked from one of treasurer ‘of the angry campus nesters asa token of your complaint and erin holiday ‘Sendit tous. To what address? That's tou, it wil id its ‘way tour desks somehow. carts & euleure ‘maya morgan & emma kelly ‘What wore realy here for today is STUDENT JOURNALISM. . Alleaptals, all he time. I's very important work. This issue opinions contains a selection of illustrious articles by our esteemed Iwas tsa merkar ‘taf, ineuding updates on stdent governance, & hard Took at the consequences of jaywalking, drawings of sexy robots and of avant-garg ‘course, teative writing about UFOS what else? Isobel eareate& iam p. bryant We would also like to highlight the article tat was sated to polities ruin inthe las issue pertaining to the CSSU and its previo sofa champion responses to crises of mental heath on campus. We still believe ints importance and particular response to a ‘organizations that claim to represent student interests Westrve tobe your leading source of trusted, greasy copy-editor journalism and to work forthe development of eur college ‘able maser ‘community distributors Bazinga! frida cera & jacqueline wong, Sofia M. Champion & An Li Tsang stall padraic eatin ‘subi jha Kitkeaton Aanicla mahmoudt ‘maya morriswala savneet sata They stark iv stockwood charlie wagner-chalazon ale ya front cover grace Kovacs back cover anna saver contributors ‘ania Joshua bienstock maxwell nelson morgan bro Ting alisha ham anit Kal ayer ‘wl ices ‘The Gargoyle is University College's greases student newspaper and publishes every two weeks. Weare a paper that believes that sometimes you should be angry, and tha sometimes you should be loud, and if you have not hada voice before, you deserve a voice. We do not give print space to bigots and we do not feign neutealityon sues of social justice. AL this mament evrything in ou ‘office isa ver ficient tool of student journalism, About us Production bi-weekly in the UC Junioe Common Root. ‘ the Importance “Ootsoo ah- gim” Come for the samosas, stay for the spicy discourse tyler riches Varsity ssue doesnt have an op-ed fom some random student politean, i it really a Vary issue? Fortis ste ofthe ars Iwillbe filing that roe, and telling you all about the UTSU's 2019 annual general meting very year, this meeting is where we ty (Gometimes in vain) to getenough people in the room fo fie pls hows. Students listen tothe TSU president ge 4 speech, ask questions to fexceutves, and debate motions and resolutions. ‘And Took, i's not everyone's cup often, Bat its a rural part of Keeping student democracy alive and is arguably more important this year than ver before ‘With the student choice initiative being unveiled by the Ontario government earlier this sear, stadents now have the choice to opt ot oferta fees deemed “non-essenti” but these fees are anything bt “non-essential they fund Gana ai, fun events, hundreds of clas, soa student foveraments, fre food around eamjus, and even the paper youlte reading ght now. These fees ae the backbone of student life on_our campus Thats why iss important that we as student sta opted i. PARE ae ‘Student unions are a cri part of that t's important that we can work to make sure we see ‘ourselves. and our values reflected in. the Srganizations intended to represent us. Now more than ever, stdents ned to advocate fo themselves tothe university administration and the government, and student unions are one ‘central vessel for that advocacy. We need to make ‘Sure that we're partiipating in them, and that ‘wer holding them accountable, and that we're Shllengng their decisions. “The UTSU AGM fs taking place on Wednesday October goth at 6:00pm, at Innis town al There wil be lively debates, bit there wil also be hundreds of samosas, a varsity AGM bingo game, and pethaps even a guest appearance from the infamous engineering musical sensation, the {lady Godiva Memorial Band. alle information cam be found at utsuca/agm, including how to proxy your ote toa friend if you eant come! And FF voute free that day from 9:00am-12:000m- myself andthe other two university college ate hosting pancake breakfast in the UC commuter student Girector Lina. and. Basmah, enter! Come on out! a e Doug Font has labeled student unions as “ery Manist nonsense” and then undereut student Gemocracy. To. keep our student union and ‘eampus life Kicking, let's show up, wth samosas inhand, and participate rye Rites isa snd yar Urban Stes Teochtpolicat scene and Women ee essen at Cte Cae fils ECaector atthe Unierst of Het Sees ion ncn ou cou te saatteeaaoeate swe xt ‘mount encloses = Gargovle VERY RESPECTABLE CENTRIST POLITICS SECTIO! The Shortcomings of Our Union The CSU’ failure to be a constituent of its community nike kl, Author's note: This arte was writen in August and meant to be published inthe previous fue The Gangoie fot has change sinc then Another student is dead by sue: Publication was Pesiponed with agreement from myself andthe fits to respect the community's space fo For the sae of not ularly squezing in ‘updates to this arte, havent opened ip foredking since its writing Nonetheless, the fssusitsusses necessitates pubication for ‘Tre ever hoe or our university to become lace where our groupe and unions do te ‘wos eter student es, oe mast fst understand why they dono, Dear reader: know that you are loved. If not by Someone you kno, thn y somieone you wl. Come, stop by, hav achat with is et bur home inthe Junior Common Room UCR) we'd ove to be you frien, ‘ul disclosure: Iwas one ofthe primary longanizers with the UP CS Community group o ‘Ten minutes past midnight on March 28th, 2019, the Computer Science Stents Union (CSSU) shared an event ted Alternate Paths POSt: Speaker Series hosted bythe UofT CS Community group, “Ten minutes past midnight onthe day ofan vent isa peta time fo advertise. Its ‘specials odd wit the meteoric ise of ou ‘entrance ctf into the mi os Two days fore the event a woman who joined us quite late on sae that he wn would verte She confontd the Vie President and Present ofthe union, The former venta let in fusttation, and theater fone ony after quite same tine. Shey Aidt advertise til the day of the event See th union had pata blanket ban on working tithe Ijart wouldnt dototielpout, Never Thin the POSt rss, or bleak sense of ‘community the sides: never mind the union raver hosting ay such event. as lection ‘Season, and we'd smite the cain si endorsinga candidate not ofthe unions ‘choosing ‘Ten minutes afer midnight wasten mints sfterthe election ended. en minutes ater Imidight wat more than dey of advertising st to pettiness. Who pris this staff? Hose inthe world can ‘uranion at ike this? We ned ake step ‘bck Mans, many steps back tothe summer of 2018, tounderstand what the anion did ies, some definitions forth osaders poring ina usin tae e Shien for Computer Senet team SSoaatet who wt POstcllqay res tothe CompaterSdene pron. theci-a theanerage tpt ino POS an heart ‘non rus omen Slant in September fr ent Last summer ha the highest et-off yet 3 percent for instream, 86 percent for ou-oF ‘team, Alnvat half al aplcants were rejected, baring hose who dda other folks ‘sthoat superbly high verges ho ke they Thad no sot OF them we haemo stats the rein deliberately forgten, “etwas doh Tecate sty erent or allransin Sunes as perk Cea tea aa cleo ‘The dll manta sepa and ell there {mon smyth pean sited Reto dpe sige Guinan nace d en tr teas were sn Nah SOS {renter oe ame cette mnt ‘Keeps the problems, and more important, = ‘non ma dey The rcs of may ssn ins whee competition aearedcatthroat nas ome Office hours often had more students tha seats adit asa piven that ding better than fervor de was more important ha fst Ahoing wel Left unchecked that tite becomes soir, ‘The union has yet to tak a public stance on POSt Ithas eto clay public whether, having cut-off, for thee years nove over the tniversity sown standardof excellence, Problem Whether letting competition fun wid Fut daces n cmnty building Whether singe minded focuson Schoo, whether allrnighter for Assignments whether constant tess and ear from unfair uncertainty, uel. And ave al else, wheter allthis i envugh for public elt ation, “There's much it ould be fighting for despite the ‘mantra of neta: 1 could it or tne funding Oro comprehension admision (os the department now intends odo). Or for alkermative programs tke stare engineering Or forthe unerst to admit es fom igh school Or, simpy or new admited stents tobe told far more exp tht they arena Computer Sine Moch tr th union woul aif that it “Tans to be the middlemen between the CS ‘ommanity ad the CS Department Tats shame, By posing as middlemen it conveniaty abicates itself af the responsiblity ost firm sisstodent advocate ean sinply shot recesiy community organising agaist oF public dagreement with Ue deparmen, faculty, or univers as enbecoming of smidlemen. ‘That same September peopl complins! othe departmental faut. Some had cn told the ‘ute woulda go up. The department nd faculty que conceded soon ate, and the cut off was Brought back din Imagine what could be done ou union sod tal In October however, the union did rate thing and dipped os ft political waters held ‘Sirey fr opinions on POS. This was ners progressive i forced into existence receipts of the ery el fasteaton and anger of students ‘Was aio incredibly sues, wth two Funded sity takers Neatly two thids weren't awareof POS fore applying the university, mostly everyone ‘wad the eta plished before applying {like UTM and USC), anda stim majority ‘expected the Septem ut off ot fo change [Nonetheless ols weren't happy with how POSt worked in genera Statistics area thin sc of thought, bower, About one hundred takers wrote responses to ompensateTnthem we find seriously writen ‘pinins, stories and anesots research historic, and simpy, people's elings Many wrote more than a hundred words, One wrote ‘more than thousand. ‘The suey worked as an ote to frustration, but could only do so beste the union wae meticulous in sharing the survey oer Red in ‘heads alread talking shou POSt, besides imtiple Paebook poss ls state eas simple fd eect: go where people ws interested. Inver aed. ‘The union never rdeased a report about the Suet I didnt even offically relate the ‘esl. onl ever pt outa ingle public Statement, four months ate. ia genera ‘merabers meeting o Valentines Day ress In sown meeting the dy afer, iad it “(wanted publish everything, bat hesitate saw flaws nis questions waned somthing more cohesie, and wanted to tay middlemen Test tupeet anyone by poling consid upset, ‘sete on not seting by shelving Further ation offta new Slick channel: No meting ots thereafter have any follow up. month ‘a hal ltr, in Tote March, then General Counc Member Ben Past confirmed they ‘would havea report ot inafew days. Ther’ ‘een nothing fsa. steve that he survey had flaws. Rs gestions wee imperfect is sampling methodolog was onexistent twas stl the ist eal reson of Student opinion on POS, which alone warranted its publication More precise survey an always Ie done but choosing to wold meant chosing agai to sty get and ot fight for Deter stent ie only the anon was wing oh oul and publi forts conaitveney Won was se Progressive as this singe move indicative of deeper rt The sletve futeage the obsession with andwaing. The fiery pasion of matters thin he union Ight to whispers when comes to adhoc 1m November there wa an letra scandal. Or rather, lector niference Nocera fot Director of External Aas at March, and no ‘one ain the November by-lection. The oly Domination was sbi ate acpi by Isak the rejected on eoretin” Ane by ‘ection was confined liter by piste Teas quite asizple mater, and hardy & shoes sandal. ‘The odes went of ke an explosion nthe union. Slack channels were made peisete Planed, and statements prepared. The Distr Df Social Events, lass Paneto Arms, Fesigned (for several easns, personal and ‘there and ted taste bigest poem the cSSU face ‘side the union, nobody cared Ie didn matter whether or not there was Director of External fas to fist yar ‘wore whether a perfet GPA would sie, ‘or upper years who had long moved on to beter things. The plebsite had sou thece dozen voter. and the following by-election even lesa with no one suing for Director of External Asi, at's do some math, About five hundred sfdents make POSt each year. Tes tree ‘es that makes fo fiten hundred. Some biten hundred more were enrolled in CSCi04, {SCio8, and CSC in Nowernber ist yeat Srey ter Teun eines membership as "an undergaate ‘Stent thats eared ina Computer Science Program of Study, orn CSC labeled courses {c's we overshot: no everyone wh makes Pst stays and others take these courses lective: To besa let's dpa quater of POSt ‘amisions al of CSCiog, ad halo CSCI08 ‘That eaves us wih boat wo thousand eros ‘ion members “wo than eos an sth vent atl ote How a this ot anal? Fest portation th anemiesoul have ‘Seine arm india Shetpeng The nbonoust have sera {lady sont pop cares abot eas no sich ection, no ch ‘zation toast worth any new Slack amalssatement plebsctes nor