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0 Introduction

Health is defined as fully functional physical, mental and social well-being at normal state
without disruption of any disease from time to time according to World Health Organization.
(World Health Organization 2019, What is WHO definition of health?) Thus, it covers the whole
aspect of living for every person in the world. Nowadays, people do almost everything to
improving their health. For example, certain people going to the gym with many reasons such
as maintaining their health, boosting mental health or decreasing the chances of getting any
other chronic diseases in future. The point is, even smoking habits had evolve lately replaced
with vaping. This vaping or e-cigarette phenomena had been spread quickly and widely
through all over the world, claiming that it is safer than smoking traditional cigarette.

A little information about e-cigarette or vaping, it is battery-operated devices that can look like
a real cigarette or pen. Some with refillable tanks look a bit different. There are hundreds of
brands and marketed as a way to get your nicotine fix without the danger of cigarettes. They
all work the same basic way such as the containers filled with liquid made of nicotine,
flavorings and other chemicals. Then heating devices turns the liquid into vapor that you inhale
when you take a drag. (The Vape Debate: What You Need to Know, Regina Boyle Wheeler)

The topic of e-cigarettes or vaping had been talking widely among cardiologist including Dr.
Beni Isman Bin Rusani, a cardiologist in Institut Jantung Negara and also a social media
influencer. He was discussing about the harmful of e-cigarette through his Twitter account and
even in televise news programmed by Astro Awani. Thus, this case should not be taken lightly.

2.0 Benefits

2.1 Creating an intellectual discussion in social media platform.

Dr. Beni Isman Bin Rusani or been known as Dr. Beni started the discussion about e-
cigarettes or vaping on his social media account, Twitter in 2016, showing the
screenshot of his conversation about the harmful of e-cigarette in general with Datuk Dr.
Noor Hisham Abdullah, the Director General of Health Malaysia. Dr. Beni tweet got two
thousand retweet impression from the public. Those retweets came along with
comments which was link towards research on e-cigarette by other countries as
supporting details to his tweet. This shows that public are concerned about e-cigarette.

2.2 Spreading the awareness towards wider audience on television.
The discussion about the negativity of e-cigarette by Dr. Beni does not end there. He
was discussing about the issue in Astro Awani, news channel stating that vaping was
not safely proven and mentioning a research about e-cigarette substances conducted
by University of Oregon, that the used of vaping in a long term leads to cancer as his
supporting details. Some of the vapers may not reachable on social media or may need
affirmation from the older family members to curb this unhealthy symptom.

3.0 Importance

3.1 Knowing the cause and effect

The importance of Dr. Beni discussion about the dangerous of e-cigarette as social
influencer was to create awareness to the public. By mean creating the awareness is
that people cannot just automatically change their behavior or habit that have been
around for years. The first step of changing is they needed to be aware of the issue. The
self-awareness will slowly change their bad habit towards better things and knowing the
effect to their bodies cause by vaping surely helps. He provides with lots of evidence on
the harmful of vape against different ages even illegal ages which was not allowed to
smoke for some cases.

3.2 The right sources of information

There is also some fake news or hoax, mostly by the e-cigarette provider or retailer
stating that e-cigarettes are safely to use for marketing. This leads to confusing fact
towards public and this is also what Dr. Beni was trying to fix by sharing most of the
scientific and clinical research to prove his point regarding the issues.

4.0 Conclusion
In conclusion, not all of the improvement in our daily life are safe to implement. We need to
be more careful when it is related with our health issues. Until it is clinically proven that it is
safe to use, we need to be aware. We live in a world where we can access the information
just at the end of our fingertips. So, we have to check every resource before believing in
something that we do not know to avoid misunderstanding or misinterpret the news. There is
a lot of fake news nowadays to attract public for self interest or gaining money from it.
Therefore, we need to be more cautious in the future.

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