How to Use PowerPoint Creatively – Various Uses of PowerPoint

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Top 10 Creative Uses of PowerPoint
by 24point0 on May 22, 2010 in PPT Product Reviews and Applications PowerPoint is an extremely useful and a handy tool for communication, expression, training and entertainment. It has been helping us with all our presentations for a couple of decades now. PowerPoint till recently has been commonly used for corporate sales, marketing, finance, training presentations, and creating e-greeting cards. However, there are many other innovative and creative uses of PowerPoint that are evolving each day. The fact that the software is easy-to-use, familiar since ages now, and can be converted into more web friendly and content safe formats, such as flash and PDF, makes it one of the most preferred tools globally. The ease with which one can create complex presentations using audio, video, animations and graphic makes it extremely user friendly. In today’s high speed living, information has to be available as and when required. It also needs to be customizable according to personal requirements. It needs to be light, engaging and easily comprehendible for better reach to the masses. At the same time information should be exhaustive as well. PowerPoint serves all these and more. Let us take a look at 10 such creatively evolved uses of PowerPoint in today’s context: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. E-Brochures Storyboard Tool E-direct Mailers for Product Promotions Corporate Policies on the Intranet E-recipes on Gourmet and Culinary portals 18/11/2010

How to Use PowerPoint Creatively – Various Uses of PowerPoint

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6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Orthopedic, Physiotherapy exercises and Yoga asana Customer Education Project Prototypes Personal Portfolio Online Photo Album

Each of the above mentioned areas are elaborated below with a sample URL and screen shots. 1. E-Brochures: Increasingly organizations are creating visual ppt based brochures online with complete product details, costing, availability etc.

2. Storyboard Tool: PowerPoint is an excellent tool for storyboarding, creating an outline for a detailed content heavy presentation. Later these outline slides can also serve as separators in the presentation linked to the detailed sections under each header through extensive navigation buttons.

3. E-direct Mailers for Product Promotions: EDMs, today, are most commonly used information providers in organizations for internal as well as customer usage. PowerPoint serves as a light and easy-to-use tool to create these mailers to be sent via e-mail. This could also include newsletters and e-magazines. Sample:,1, email Marketing, the marketing tool you can’t afford to ignore 18/11/2010

How to Use PowerPoint Creatively – Various Uses of PowerPoint

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4. Corporate Policies on the Intranet: Ppt based organizational policies on Quality, HR, Finance, Operations etc can be created and uploaded on the intranet. These can be converted to PDF or flash formats to prevent data tempering and misuse. Sample:

5. E-recipes on Gourmet and Culinary portals 20&%20SPICE%20POWER%20POINT.ppt#256,1,CURRY & SPICE The Soul Of Indian Cooking

6. Orthopedic, Physiotherapy exercises and Yoga asana: Downloadable ppts giving information about yogasanas, and physiotherapy exercises which can be followed by patients’ offline for health benefits. Sample: 18/11/2010

How to Use PowerPoint Creatively – Various Uses of PowerPoint

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7. Customer Education: To educate customers in do’s and don’ts of banking, insurance, health, traffic, travel, etc. 20instructor’s%20notes.pdf The sample shows clear instructor notes as well in case the presentation is downloaded and used offline. The ppt has been converted to PDF format to prevent tampering with data.

8. Project Prototypes: You can create prototypes for all web based projects, consulting, engineering, architectural and environmental projects using a lot of animation. Similarly, website prototypes can be easily built on ppt: Sample: 18/11/2010

How to Use PowerPoint Creatively – Various Uses of PowerPoint

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9. Personal Portfolio with extensive navigation buttons controlling multiple presentations from a single master presentation.

10. Online Photo Album: You can use photos on full slides with slide transitions and custom animation effects to get that ‘… going down the memory lane feel’. 18/11/2010

How to Use PowerPoint Creatively – Various Uses of PowerPoint

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