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Beliefs about Asteroids in the Philippines

1. Asteroids are messengers of God that can be seen in night sky.

2. Curse

3. Usog or balis is a topic in psycho-medicine in Filipino Psychology (but considered just as

a Filipino superstition in Western Psychology) where an affliction or psychological disorder is attributed
to a greeting by a stranger, or an evil eye hex. It usually affects an unsuspecting child, usually an infant
or toddler, who has been greeted by a visitor or a stranger.

4. Pasma. ... Pasma (from Spanish espasmo) refers to a "folk illness" unique to the Filipino culture that is
said to be most commonly brought about by exposure of "cold" and water in many forms: water is
believed to facilitate the unhealthy coldness that enters the body in the Filipino culture.

5. Pagtatawas is a divination ritual in pseudomedicine in Filipino Psychology (but considered

superstition in Western psychology). It attempts to diagnose an affliction or psychological disorder by
interpreting shapes produced in water by heated alum or molten wax droppings from a burning

Beliefs in other Countries

1. If you wish on a asteroid it will come true.

2. Bad luck

Submitted by:Avelino Aezron M. Alboc

Submitted to:Sir Russel Flitz Wadasenp

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