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All parts of the construction shall be finished with the first class workman ship, to the fullest talent and meaning of the plans and these specifications and entire satisfaction of the Architect, Engineers and Owner.

The construction shall conform to the requirements of National Building Code of the Philippines as well as the local rules and regulation of the City of Tarlac, Philippines.


The building site shall be leveled according to the plans and clearing of rubbish, roots and other perishable and objectionable matters to a suitable sub grade.

All such unsuitable materials shall be removed from the building site and spread uniformly over the areas adjacent to the proposed building.


The building lines shall be staked out and lines and grades shown in the drawing established before any excavation. All excavation shall be made to grade indicated in the drawings. Where the building site is covered with any kind of fill, the excavation for footings should be made deeper until the safe bearing capacity of soil is reached. Whenever water is encountered in the excavation process, shall be removed by bailing or pumping.

PROPORTIONING OF CONCRETE All concrete works shall be done in accordance with the standard specifications for plans and reinforced concrete as adopted by the Government. Cement to be used shall be Approved brand by the Architect or Engineer with the consent of the owner.BACKFILLS Backfills from the excavation shall be moved or fill inside the building areas. Beams and Footing – Class A mix (1 : 2 : 4) CHB mortar fill – Class C mix (1 : 3 : 6) . After concrete foundation finished and hard enough backfills shall be used for backfill around them. acids. salts and other organic materials. Water to be used for mixing concrete shall be clean and free from injurious amount of oil. alkalis. CONCRETE WORKS All concrete shall mix thoroughly until there is a uniform distribution of the cement and aggregates. All concrete filling shall be completely filled and compress to all areas thoroughly and equally to avoid uncompressed concrete. The following proportions of concrete mixture shall be used for the various parts of the building: Column.

Forms shall be constructed sufficiently tight to prevent bulging and seepage of water. 16 galvanized iron wire. Side forms of beams shall be removed earlier than the bottom forms but additional post or shoring must be placed under the beams until they have attained their strength. The steel reinforcing bars for all concrete members shall be conform to the drawing or schedule of steel reinforcement. Forms shall not be removed until the concrete has attained sufficient strength to support its own weight and any loads that may be placed on it. any revision of bars schedules it shall be conformed to supervising architect or engineer. STEEL REINFORCING BARS All steel reinforcing bar to be used shall consist of round deformed bars with lugs or projections on their sides to provide a greater bond between the concrete and the steel. All steel reinforcing bars shall be accurately placed and secured against displacement of tying them together at each bar of intersection with no.Flooring Slab – Class B mix ( 1 : 2 ½) Septic vault Cover – Class A mix (1 : 2 : 4) FORM WORKS All form works for concrete shall be properly braced or connected together so as to maintain the correct position and shaped of the concrete member. .

All rivets shall place at the top of the corrugation of the roofing sheets to prevent water from standing around the rivets. hips rolls and valleys shall commercial fabricated compatible with the roofing style. All exposed surfaces of concrete hallow block wall shall be finished accordingly with specified material indicated on the drawings. After finishing all tile works cleaning shall be done accordingly.I sheet pre-painted. . All Gutters. thoroughly dry and free from loose or unsound knots. Only kitchen sink and toilet & bath shall be finished with 3 x 3 ceramic tiles. ROOFING Roofing shall be covered with corrugated G. TILE AND FLOOR FINISHES All floor surfaces shall be finished with cement floor finish. All sheets shall be laid out properly. LUMBER Lumber to be used in this project shall be well seasoned. All cement plastering shall be mixed with 1 : 2. as shown in the plans. shakes or other imperfections impairing their strength or appearances.CONCRETE HALLOW BLOCKS All concrete hallow blocks to be used for all walls shall be 100mm thick. ridge rolls.

5mm² THHN stranded in a 15mm ø conduit. All materials to be used shall be brand new and of the approved type for purposes and location. Provide suitable bracket or chairs at the floors which they start. PLUMBING WORKS All plumbing works shall be done in accordance with the national building code and national plumbing code. The electrical notes herein shall be done in accordance with the latest edition of the Philippine electrical code rules and regulations enforcing authority and the requirement of the local power corporation. and special outlets shall be rated 15a or 250 volts as required. rounded slots for 220 volts and parallel slots for 110 volts. Vertical pipes shall be secured strongly by hooks to building frames/framing. 300 watts and shall not carry a load greater than 50 amperes. 250 volts. Any discrepancy in location and rating of electrical equipment shall be verified with the owner and changes shall be done accordingly. Minimum slope for sewer line shall be two percent (2%) and drain line shall be one percent (1%). . The minimum size of wire to be use shall be 3. Duplex receptacle shall be rated 10a. The type of service shall be 220 volts 2 wire single phase 60 Hz. shall be of approved quality. Galvanized iron directly in contact with the soil shall be applied with two (2) coats of black coaltar or equivalent. Light control switches shall be rated 10a. Pipes shall be installed as located in the working drawings.ELECTRICAL WORKS All electric works shall be done accordance with the approved plans and under the direct supervision and control of licensed professional Electrical Engineer. Any relocation required for proper execution of other trades shall be upon the approval of sanitary engineer or master plumber. Electrical range outlet shall be properly grounded. All sewer line pipe shall be polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Methods of installation to be followed shall be standard and of general accepted practices.

PAINTING. . when the change of flow is from horizontal to vertical. All change in directions shall be made by the appropriate use of forty-five WYE. sixth. All plumbing works shall be done under the direct supervision of duly licensed sanitary engineer or master plumber. Upon the completion of all painting works. a single one-eight bend combination may be used on waste lines. sixteenth bends. all paint spots from all finished work shall be removed and furnished.All galvanized iron (GI) for water distribution lines shall be scheduled American standard weight. tees and crosses may be used on vent pipes. DOORS AND WINDOWS All painting works shall be done with the used of brand approved by the Owner and Architect. The painting works shall be performing accordance with the schedule of painting finishing work. eight. long sweep quarter bend.