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Cult of the Broken Bone

“He is the Ivory Chain! He is the Grinning Master! He is the

Deathless Destruction! And we shall make him great again.”
—Lysba Valkin, cleric of Ecrassus

Dominance, of not only a body but of a spirit. Control of not

only a life but of the death that comes after. That is what
Ecrassus requires from his followers. That is what drives the
cult of the Broken Bone.
Break the Bones
Members of the Broken Bone live their lives in service of
Ecrassus, God of the Skeletal Throng. Before his fall from
power, Ecrassus ruled over a vast roaming army of skeletal
undead that endlessly traversed the Necrotic Plane. A brutal
and merciless god-king, Ecrassus commanded his followers
to kill, conquer, and subjugate in the worst ways possible, and
the worshippers of this Vestige work to continue his legacy of
violence and tyranny from their scattered factions around the
The Boken Bone exists in small, generally uncoordinated
pockets on the fringes of society, among evil tribes of
barbarians, or in countries where the opportunity to practice
necromancy or slavery without repercussion is available.
Although anyone may be mad enough to be taken in by this
abysmal sect, the most common followers are those who Despite their lack of formal organization, no matter where
enjoy the power and dominance championed by this cult, or this cult begins to grow or who is leading them, their
those who have been victims of the same for long enough to methods are fairly predictable, falling in line with the tenets
become broken and evil themselves. The most common of their malevolent god. And Ecrassus’s demands are as
leaders of these cells are clerics, inspired by the nearly simple as they are immutable; to break the weak and claim
forgotten doctrine of Ecrassus and gifted visions from beyond all that they have to offer. Or, as his followers often chant,
the veil, or necromancers who see themselves in command of “break the bones, reap the marrow”.
their own ivory horde one day.
Reap the Marrow
Once they have their foothold in an area, the cult will begin
scouting out areas to raid. Small villages and farms are
particularly vulnerable at this stage, as they typically have the
smallest means of resistance and offer the quickest way for
the Broken Bone to swell their ranks. After successfully
overtaking a village, they will enslave any survivors and begin
their darkest works.
The cult of the Broken Bone believes that in order to create
a true skeletal throng, one that will one day return their
master to his former glory, they cannot simply kill and then
Credits raise the remains of their victims. Instead, they combine their
Written By ~ Jess Pendley necromantic rites with forced labor, ritualistically working
Designed By ~ Jess Pendley & Keith Pendley their new slaves to death, breaking both their bodies and
Art By ~ Victor Benitez Morales spirits before adding their skeletons to their burgeoning army.
Editing By ~ Jess Pendley The cult will repeat this grisly cycle for as long as they can,
attacking larger and larger settlements and growing their
Published by Underground Oracle Publishing under the numbers until they draw the ire of a contingent strong
Open Game License version 1.0a. Copyright 2019 Under- enough to put an end to their reign of terror, or until Ecrassus
ground Oracle Publishing. All Rights Reserved.
provides their leader with some new malignant directive.

The Underground Oracle | Cults

The eldest daughter of Malcus Valkin has been missing
for three months. His search parties have all come up
empty-handed and with rumors of raiders growing in the
area and his desperation peaking, the wealthy merchant is
willing to offer a fortune to any brave souls that can find
News has come that Delk’s Peak has been completely
overrun by savage barbarians. The few survivors that have
managed to escape are telling tales of people being led
away in chains and skeletal warriors running rampant.
The people at the tavern are all abuzz about the madman
that wandered into town overnight. He’s currently sitting
in the local jail, ranting about the coming of “the ivory
chain” and drawing incoherent scribbles in the dirt.
A young acolyte of a local church has been having visions
Crown of Bone of an approaching skeletal army. No one has given their
Wondrous item, artifact (requires attunement by a creature of dreams much thought, but now that rumors of undead
evil alignment) lurking in nearby ruins have reached the ears of the
Bishop, she’s looking for a group to investigate.
The Crown of Bone is the only known holy relic of Ecrassus. After a successful skirmish with a group of orcs, searching
An elaborate headdress made of melded bones, this grim their bodies reveal a strange symbol made of human bone
artifact is coveted by his followers and provides them with all and a crudely drawn map to an apparent gathering place.
of the necrotic abilities that they need to spread his sinister
Random Properties. The Crown of Bone has the
following random properties:
2 major beneficial properties
1 major detrimental property
Master of Skeletons. While you are attuned to The Crown
of Bone, you can use an action to attempt to dominate any
skeletal creatures that are not currently under your control.
Select a number of skeletal undead equal to your Wisdom
modifier (minimum one) that you can see within 60 feet. The
targeted undead must make a Wisdom saving throw against
your spell save DC. On a failed save, the creatures must obey
your commands for the next 24 hours.
Mighty Throng. While you are attuned to The Crown of
Bone, when you cast the animate dead spell, you may choose
bones from any Small, Medium, or Large creature as the
target of your spell. Additionally, when you cast animate dead,
you may create twice as many skeletons as you normally
could with that spell slot.
Persistent Subjugation. When you gain control of a
skeletal undead through any means, you may double the
duration of your control.
Destroying the Crown. If the creature attuned to the
Crown of Bone has their hit points reduced to zero by radiant
damage from a creature with good in its alignment, the
Crown of Bone is sent back to the Necrotic Plane and all
undead under their control are immediately destroyed. The
Crown of Bone can only be truly destroyed by the willing
sacrifice of a Celestial or through divine intervention.
Plot Hooks
The following are plot hooks that you can use to introduce
your players to the cult of the Broken Bone.

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