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Acupuncture at Project Walk What is Unique About the What Other Conditions Can

Neuro Acupuncture Approach? Neuro Acupuncture Help?

Acupuncture awakens the nervous system,
stimulating impulses along both sensory Only Neuro Acupuncture combines a • Migraine • Addiction
and motor pathways and helps to enhance variety of acupuncture techniques which • Allergies • PMS, Cramping
the beneficial effects of the Project Walk are specifically designed to help patients • Sinusitis • Fibroids
exercise program. with neurological disease or injury. • Addiction • Menopause
85-90% of patients treated with • Anxiety • Morning Sickness
Principle Techniques used include:
acupuncture at Project Walk show an • Insomnia • Irregular Menses
accelerated rate of progress in recovering • Zhu’s and Yamamoto’s of scalp • Gastric Reflux • Joint Pains
sensory and motor functions. acupuncture • Irritable Bowel • Arthritis
• Needle cauterization • Constipation • Fibromyalgia
Areas stimulated with scalp acupuncture • Wrist-ankle acupuncture • Neuropathy1 • Carpal Tunnel
directly correspond to areas of injury and • Dao Yin • Back Pain • Tennis Elbow
disability. Precise points are chosen to • Qi gong • Neck Pain • TMJ
specifically treat each patient’s condition,
and treatment protocols are designed to
coordinate with each individual patient’s What Neurological Conditions can How Does Acupuncture Work?
level of function.
Neuro Acupuncture Benefit?
Though it seems mysterious, acupuncture
Conditions following spinal cord injury has a scientific explanation, and does not
require a patient’s belief in order to work.
• Bowel and bladder incontinence
• Sexual dysfunction Recent scientific studies have shown that
• Sensory loss the brain is signaled when one receives
• Motor dysfunction acupuncture (using functional MRI). The
• Muscle weakness brain responds by increasing immune
• Heart rate, temperature and system elements and activating
blood pressure regulation neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters (or
messenger molecules) are responsible for
In addition to helping patients recover sending information throughout your body
Other Neurological Conditions
motor function, muscle strength, and to maintain normal function.
sensation in the torso and extremities,
• Cerebral Vascular Accident (Stroke)
acupuncture helps patients recover bowel Acupuncture uses Qi, (pronounced “chee”)
• Multiple Sclerosis
and bladder function, and regulation of to restore the natural balance of energy
• Guillain- Barre Syndrome
blood pressure and temperature. throughout the body without the use of
• Cerebral Palsy
• Parkinson’s Disease drugs, by activating these natural
Acupuncture also treats many painful biochemicals to speed healing. The
• Bells Palsy
conditions resulting from musculoskeletal restoration of normal bodily functions is
• Sciatica
and neurological disorders. promoted by each acupuncture treatment.
• Trigeminal Neuralgia
What about herbal medicine? Neuro Acupuncture Associates Neuro Acupuncture Associates
Herbal treatments act similarly to Michael Akong, MPH, MSTOM, LAc
acupuncture, by using the inherent Ann Michelle Casco, MSTOM, LAc
energetic properties of herbs to create keep Jenna Depino MSTOM, LAc
the body’s organ systems balanced. A
typical formula may contain 4-12 Your licensed acupuncturists have been
individual herbs to harmonize and enhance involved in scientific, clinical and medical
the body’s energetic state. Each dose of research for over 20 years. Graduates from
herbs further activates the body’s innate Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, they have
healing capacity to restore health. clinical experience in combining specialized
techniques for neurological disorders, internal
Is Acupuncture Painful? medicine with an emphasis on paralysis,
including spinal cord injury and stroke.
Unlike hypodermic needles, acupuncture
needles are very, very thin, about the width They have had additional training in China and
of a single hair. They are designed to easily the U.S., under professor Ming Qing Zhu and
penetrate the skin, to reduce the possibility with Dr. Toshikatsu Yamamoto M.D. ,PhD. ,
of discomfort. Usually the patient feels a both innovators of unique forms of scalp
very slight pricking sensation or nothing at acupuncture that are powerful and effective.
all. Special points on the head,
We have several convenient locations in San neck and back allow access
For your safety, only pre-sterilized, Diego and North County to the central and peripheral
disposable needles are used. (, see website for nervous systems. These
map). specialized neuro-
How Quickly Will I Respond? acupuncture points provide
16885 West Bernardo Drive, #380
unique functions to connect
Rancho Bernardo, CA 92127
Everyone is different. Some acute problems Phone: 858-837-2830
the brain and body together
may be resolved in a single session. With and restore normal function.
chronic problems, significant results are 2738 Loker Avenue (Inside Project Walk)
typically seen within 3-10 treatments. The Carlsbad, CA 92010
total number of treatments depends upon: Phone: 858-837-2830 Neuro Acupuncture Associates
provide a unique approach to
• The severity of the condition or illness Paradise Valley Hospital (South Bay Rehab Center) neurological disorders, including
National City, CA 91950
• The duration of the condition or illness Spinal Cord Injury
Phone: 858-837-2830
• The patient’s overall state of health,
energy and motivation for lifestyle 3670 Clairemont Drive, Suite 11
changes. San Diego, CA 92117 On the Web at:
Phone: 619-206-9679