GOVERNMENT OF KARNATAKA Karnataka Government Secretariat, M.S.

Building, Bangalore,

Sl No 262 Circular Number RD 97 LGP 90 Date 05/31/90 Section Land Grants Subject Acceptance of Photostat copies of documents-Instructions-Reg. Body [97] RD 97 LGP 90 Dt. 31.5.90 (C) Sub: Acceptance of Photostat copies of documents-Instructions-Reg. It has come to the notice of Government, that the field level Officers coming under the control of Revenue Department, like Stamps and Registration Department, Survey Settlement and Land Records Department, Muzrai and wakf Department and other departments are accepting photostat copies of documents presented by the private parties and are taking important decisions, without verifying the originals to satisfy as to the authenticity of the document. Subsequent investigation has revealed that most of the documents were bogus and created by the parties. This practice is generally noticed in registering the Revenue Sites round about Bangalore City. This has to be stopped forthwith as otherwise parties would evade the legal provisions with impunity and also may result in heavy loss of the revenue to Government.

It is, therefore, instructed that the photostat copies of the document is not a legal evidence and should not be accepted in any proceedings unless parties produce simultaneously the original thereof. The Officer accepting these documents satisfy himself after verifying the original as to the authnenticity and put a certificate to that effect on the photostat copy of the document. This procedure should be followed scruplously. Any lapse in following this procedure will be viewed seriously and make officer responsible for the misdeed.

Above guidelines be kept in mind by all the concerned. This Circular is also available at the Revenue Department Internet site (RAJEEV CHAWLA) Additional Secretary to Government Revenue Department (Land Reforms) To, All Deputy Commissioners. Foot Notes For any suggestions / clarifications, please send mail to Mr. Rajeev Chawla (Additional Secretary)

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