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When is the subconscious mind most active?

The subconscious mind is always active, 24 by 7

There are 5 stages of brain frequencies

When we experience deep global thinking, intuition we connect to the theta state or
alpha state, it is more of a 40/60

But wait how is it related to activity?

Let me elaborate firstly the stages

The alpha state is characterized by a brain wave frequency of 8 to 13cps. You naturally
go into the alpha state many times each day, but usually only fleetingly. Occasionally you
may hover in this state. You would recognize it as daydreaming. Perhaps at one time
or another you became bored, for example, standing in a slow line. You stared but your
concentration was not on the thing you were staring at. Your mind was someplace else.
You were in alpha. The alpha state is referred to as the “meditative” state—a state of
relaxed, focused concentration. When you are in this state, you lose track of time. You
may have stared at the wall for five minutes, but you think, incorrectly, you were staring
at the wall for only a few seconds.

The theta state (4 to 7 cps) is similar to the alpha state but deeper and characterized by
sudden intuitive insights. These insights are global. A classic example of global insight is
comparing the way Beethoven and Mozart composed music. Beethoven composed
linearly, measure by measure, often going back and forth changing notes. Mozart said
that a composition would come to him all at once and in entirety. All he had to do was
to write it down on paper. That is the epitome of global thinking

When we gain insight during a peaceful activity we go into phases of relaxation. Both of
the phases is where we connect to the subconscious mind.

Most of the decisions you make are already made in the subconscious, before you made
it consciously! That’s why you have the urge or the “gut feeling” to take that choice in
the first place!

The subconscious mind is alert at all times, but it is dormant. It is active when you are
asleep. That’s when you get dreams and that’s the language of the subconscious.

The subconscious mind is active when you are conscious is not fully conscious!

To put it simply, the subconscious mind is active when you are not on alert mode. These
times, are ideally, when you wake up from sleep, you are doing something creative,
relaxing, not particularly doing some work which demands your concentration.
When you are at Beta state, you are fully alert and doing things which require your
concentration. This is where your conscious is active very much.

The Alpha state of mind is ideally the state when your subconscious is highly active.
The brain goes into this state when you are relaxed and ideally sleeping That’s when
your dreams occur too. In this state, the brain waves are slower and you are relaxed,
like for instance if you’re driving a car back home, you don’t need to consciously be
at it. It’s as though you’re on autopilot. To enter into this state you can practice
alpha meditation. This is the state when the subconscious is highly receptive to your
affirmations and this is also the reason why people tend to visualize their goals
during meditation.

The alpha meditation is a artificial method of inducing your mind to go into the alpha
state where your powers of the subconscious are simply magical.

But at normal times, doing creative things like writing poetry, drawing, just relaxing by
not thinking about anything (it’s really difficult) , the few minutes after you wake up are
times your subconscious peeps out.

But it is really the subconscious mind that gives you the answers. If you doubt this ability
, there’s something easy you can try to test it out: When you are about to sleep in the
night , request the subconscious an answer to a question you absolutely want to know
and don’t be surprised, when the answer comes to you magically through some way!
And the last thing you want to do is expect for it to arrive. Leave it as soon you’ve placed
a request and see the magic unfold.

P.S : All of our problems have solutions and the best part is it’s right inside us! Many of
us are still unaware of the inherent potential inside us. When you discover the powers
within you , you will realize that your dream life isn’t very far!