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i) | Sf fj A THE CAROLINA’S GUIDE ( TO GEECHEE LIVING KRIS KAYLIN THE WEEKEND DIVA THOMAS DIXON ‘TTS TIME FOR A CHANGE" S444 EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with OLLIE CROOMS oF THe CAROLINA FILM FESTIVAL a THE GLAMIES CORNER: STYLING WITH A BUDGE E11 EVEN CHIC SC TOP 100.5 mrad Mca ~ _ MUSIC REVIEWS Sais _MOVIEREVIEWS i ty TT Sa Ee in P, Bd sy) FA li aes aus a os eal Fue Cl a ‘ENNY@FAAZONCOM FAX # [-866-223-OI72 — FLYERS -- CD COVERS -- WEBSITES -- BUSINESS CARDS - VEHICLE WRAPS - FLYERS - AND MORE — ss ww The URBAN Guide to GeeChee Living GeeChee One Magazine 3 6€ IAI =I Top 30 WLSitis ALBUM/ MIXTAPES ’ 1. Soulful Artistic Musician - —_ 2. Tales of Love - Mone’ 3. #Hashtag Tha World - Hashtag Trell 4, A Buddy For Hire - Buddy Bambahda 5. SCOaP: Soul Chapters of Poetic - Barz * 6. Project Dreams - Da Only Plug 7. 8. . Involving - OliviaSade . Star Gazing - Star Gambino 9. G.O.A.LS. - Keis 10. Vicious - Zeussy 11. Real Life Experience, Vol. 4 -553319- 12. Trauma - Steph On The Track 13. RichTape - Tonyy Richh 14. Born Alone - Six9 15. Everything Gucci 3 - Crucial BGR 16. Up Now ~ KDike 17. Hustlerz Ambitions - Litboy Bino 18. Growth 2 - KDike 19. Little Boy, Big Dreams - Taymarion 20. Devil In Disguise - DC Pachino 21, Conspiracy - Carolinajae 22. Street Gospel - Maserati Moe 23. 2 Fingers - Countree & Autavia D. 24. Rocket Man - Louie Hendrixx 25. No Faking - $R$ 26. Vivid Memoir 2: Late Nights, Early Morning - Lady Slim 27. G.O.A.T.. Mode - Sandman Cakestas 28. Out The Blue - Lil Boss 29. 33 - Scottie Lee 30. Hate Me or Love Me - Bsmoove evar Volume 13 Issue 3 FALL 2019 The URBAN Guide to GeeChee Living eeChee One Magazine 4 D peu) TUS EORCAD DOW THE Diro2 Hello Geechee One Readers, Thank you for those that have contributed as well as those who are loyal consumers. Check out our indie films/ features on Amazon Prime. College students get a significant discount (free for first 6 months and then $4.99 thereafter). Check out the podeasts... “The Urban Breakdown” and “More Than Therapy” . Subscribe now! Available onall podeast apps and servic #GeecheeOneBaby Publisher\ Editor In Creative Director Contributors Chit : MIST3R BLU3 GlamorousEye Candy Felicia A. Rivers Chyna Krystelle China Or : ‘ Editors UK da Unknown Vice President Takara James Mare Raine Isaac Hilton 6 — The Glamies Corner 8 — Kris Kaylin 10 — E11 EVIN CHIC 12 — Ollie Croons 17 — Thomas Dixon Time for a Change 20 — Beauty of the Month Mahogany Darkberry 22 — Music Review/Movie Review 23 - Business Review To advertise in Geechee One Magazine please email us at geecheeonenews@g) om. Like us on Facebook Geechee One Magazine And follow us on twitter @geecheeone All Rights Reserved. Geechee One Magazine is a bi-monthly print publication based out of Charleston, S.C. For advertising or subscription information please write to: Geechee One Magazine, P.O. Box 41114, North Charleston, S.C. 29423. Volume 13 Issue 3 FALL 2019 GeeChee One Magazine The URBAN Guide to GeeChee Living WHY YOUGOT A JOB AT THE SAME HOSPITAL THAT PARKER WORKS AT. IKNOW YOU WAS ADRAMA STARTER, NOTASTUPIDDRAMA STARTER. GeeChes Ons Magazine ; > Ce mins Oy She & ilnmies Qwenvi. Siyling ona Bu Idgait Glamies we all know how it is to have an event coming up and you don’t know what to wear?! Or maybe you have multiple pieces but they don’t go together, and you refuse to buy anything else. If this is you Thave a solution, no worries Igot yous “The Clothing Trilogy” What's the clothing trilogy? Glad you asked, it’s the 3 basie pieces of clothing everybody should have in their closet to form any outfit. Let’s go step by step: 30 z =a & 2 g = g 3g 3 oC 8 9 zg 3 CG a < a =x 5) & Second: Statement Piec Hat, Jacket, belt or Scarf j Bonus: Accessories: Glasses/Shades, Purse, Necklace, Bracelets, Earrings Volume 13 Issue 3 FALL 2019 The URBAN Guide to GeeChee Living GeeChee One Magazine (a Basic Black Jumper we added Basic Black Jumper we added army green earrings and white blazer, white Louis Vuitton matching necklace with purse, black feather earrings metallic color shoes Black Basic Jumper we added a Polo straw hat, coach scarf, coach bag, Dolce and Gabbana belt with a silver So you see one basic jumper worn 3 different . All you need is the basic Clothing Trilogy! You have the secret handbook now, so go through your closet and start creating your outfits. Until Next Time, XOXO TJ Cheeks Follow me here and on Instagram @Glameyecandy1 Volume 13 Issue 3 GeeChee One Ma Volume 13 FALL 2019 The URBAN Guide to GeeChee Living GeeChee One Magazine KrisKaylin The Weekend Diva is just Kris. When people meet me in person. they always comment on my height. ’'m 5°1, maybe my personality and angles make me seem taller. Lol. But I, super down to earth, my friends tell my 'm funny, but I’m also very driven. If I set my mind to accomplish something. I'm going to do it. I love going to concerts, dance performances, binge watching shows on Netflix and being a self proclaimed. seafood connoisseur. When I'm not hosting or on air I enjoy quite time. The older I get, the more I realize how important quite time and relaxing is. I love it, it’s an amazing platform. Everyday I get to do something that I truly love. I've been able to expand my platform and live out my dream. I'm excited to see where this will take me. Treceived my degree in broadeast communications from South Carolina State University. I went as business marketing major, failed accounting and switched my major to Broadcast Communications. Literally the best decision that I could make. I started with my own web series bulldog bite and then my college radio show, “The Basement” I was the entertainment reporter. But I made it a point to be well versed in all aspects. From editing, to producing my own series. #NextUpCharleston focuses on local artist in the city. I had a platform from my web series bulldog bite. After I graduated I knew I couldn't keep doing bulldog bite. After binge watching noisey documentaries in college I knew I wanted to do artist interviews. I wanted to focus or artist that weren't getting a lot of exposure but they had great music. | felt like Charleston only Volume 13 Issue 3 9 focused on certain people. So I wanted to give the voiceless a voice. Yasssss, every Friday you can catch me at 20 grand. I’m bringing the party to your radio just making a fun environment in the club. Every Friday I'm learning something new, it’s forces me to be quick on my feet. But I’ve been able to make some awesome relationships and meet my social media family that supports me sooo much! Having the opportunity to host the Megan Thee Stallion concert was an amazing experience. Megan is a sweetheart, I loved interviewing her. She has great energy. Granted, I wish security was better so everyone could've gotten the full experience. Overall it great and I was able to ask her about money bag yo hours after he said they were dating. This face will be on TV! I will be reporting local entertainment news, a millennial minute. Huge thank you to Telia Rivers and Randolph Miller for the opportunity. Tso excited to start this journey. 0. Have your music available on all platforms especially on Apple Music, visuals, merch, make sure your social media handles matches your stage name. Release on a constant basis to create a fan base. Lastly, worry more about getting streams from playlist instead of the radio. welcometocharlestonplaylist@ SEND YOUR MUSIC! Instagram: @kriskaylin Twitter: @kriskaylin Facebook: KrisKaylinTheWeekendDiva YouTube: Kris Kaylin Productions Apple Music: Kris Kaylin FALL 2019 GeeChee One Magazine aie! The URBAN Guide to GeeChee Living How did you come up with the sourcing the hottest pieces on the shelf , name of your company ? that may be overlooked simply because someone can’t find the right items to Twas trying to think of the something — P*"" ae that would be catchy like Forever 21, I played with a bunch of names until I narrowed it down to Chic.... then 11 came to mind... I wanted something catchy that could be written in a cool way , which birthed E1.EVEN CHIC How long have you loved fashion? Forever, I think the first time I realized I was into fashion was watching the Spice Girls movie. From that point on , I knew I wanted to be Dressed in glamorous Do you consider yourself more of | "4s- list or a designer? a What would you call your personal 2 Stylist, most of the items that are style? stocked come from serval vendors. I even store shop, at various locations , Ce eee, Sete eee. urban and upscale. All in one. Volume 13 Issue 3 FALL 2019 The URBAN Guide to GeeChee Living GeeChee One Magazine Are you open to styling all genders? Definitely , we currently have 2 male models on our roster. We are both. styled in women’s and men’s clothing. Have you worked with any artist on their looks? Bianca Bonnie from Love and Hip Hop has slayed several of our bikinis from our Swimsuit line, we have worked with Up and Coming artists such as Sukihana from Atlanta and Rocky Badd, from Detroit. And a few more notable names have rocked our brand for various events and Photoshoots. What's your favorite thing to do within your company? Style a client outside of their normal comfort zone What is this years goal for you and your company? To close the year out 100% profitable , to have a full line of brand ambassadors, introduce more plus size designs and continue to be an innovate brand. What's one of the hardest trials you have faced in the fashion industry? Having people take my brand serious, it’s hard to compete with major brands sometimes when you are constantly seeing gossip blogs and advertising for other companies. What are some of your favorite looks? Volume 13 Issue 3 1 One of my favorite looks would have to be the Pastel and Snake Skin printed designs. What's your favorite season to style for? Definitely the winter, there are so many options to layer your clothing and add essentials to make the entire look pop , chic Where do you see the company in 5 years?? I see E11EVEN CHIC as one of the biggest small brands to emerge from South Carolina. We will have successfully introduced a men’s line by then and hopefully a sister company will grow for children’s fashion. We will definitely have more than 1 location and I definitely know we'll be a household name. Where can your fans follow you on social media to both support and purchase items ? You can follow E11EVEN CHIC on all social media platforms. Twitter at E11 EVEN CHIC, instagram is E11EVEN CHIC LLC, our Facebook page E11EVEN CHIC and Of course to purchase FALL 2019 The URBAN Guide to GeeChee Living GeeChee One Magazine 12 Carelina Film Festival Thad the honor of sitting down to chat with Ollie Crooms, who is a music producer, philanthropist, and also the owner and founder of the Carolina Film Festival. We were able to chop it up about his passion for film, the current workings of the Film Festival, as well as the future that it holds. DOE: Thank you so much for taking the time to sit down with GEECHIE ONE MAGAZINE! OC: My pleasure D: Can you give us some insight about the Carolina Film Festival? O: Well, first of all, I love Film, and I've always wanted to leave a lasting impression in the Carolinas. This is where I grew up and came of age and got my home start. It’s my goal to do Volume 13 Issue 3 something positive for the people and leave a lasting legacy here. D: How long has the Festival been thrown? O: We are in our second year. The first year, which was last year was held in Charlotte, NC at Johnson-Wales University, and now our second year will be hosted by Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC. I plan to do a different location for every different year. The goal is to go to where the people are. There are people who might not have the opportunity to go to Charlotte, or Raleigh, ete. every year that the event is thrown, so why not bring the film to the people. It is the Carolina Film Festival after all! But we are not just limiting films specifically to directors/ filmmakers of the Carolinas. We are broadcasting films from all over the FALL 2019 The URBAN Guide to GeeChee Living GeeChee One Magazine world. The idea is to really shed a light on the cultures of the Carolinas. We want to represent the Piedmont, the Blue Ridge Mountains, the beautiful beaches, and every where in between that is North And South Carolina. DOE: That is wonderful OC: My vision is to keep a professional viewing for each city in the Carolinas. I want to make it a big deal for all cities. Eventually, I would like to have directors like Ava Duvernay and Ryan. Coogler come as special featured guests to the Film Festival and get a true taste of the Carolinas. DOE: and you're not just into film and meeting with big time directors, you also meet with senators? OC: yes, like I stated before, I strongly believe in leaving your mark, and building a lasting legacy. Carolina Film Festival was able to meet with Senator Paul Lowe, Jr. for Forsyth County to put into place the NC Senate Bill 57. The bill will bring tax credit back to the Film community and further shed the spotlight on Carolina Filmmakers. DOE: Wow, you are very serious about our filmmakers getting the credit they deserve!!! When is the next date for your film festival? OC: This year the festival will be held on October 19, and end on the 2oth. The first year, it only spanned one day Year, it will occur for two days. ‘Volume’ issue 13 So the first day will be the actual festival showcasing the films, and the second day will be about student appreciation. And student appreciation consists of having a student film. competition, and viewings of student made films. Eventually, I would like to throw a week-long Festival, God willing! DOE: that’s a great idea. Getting the students involved, shining a light on their work, as well as having a competition for them will keep their fire burning and inspire them to keep working on their craft and make their work feel appreciated. OC: I couldn’t have said it any better, those are my thoughts exactly. We want to inspire this generation of directors and all others to come with this festival. DOE: do you have any advice for the for the filmmakers of tomorrow trying to break out into the film industry? OC: well, my advice isn’t just for the filmmakers, this is for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you want to own a pizza parlor, if you're a recording artist, a painter, no matter the field. Everything comes from God. Write down your inspiration and work on it. No matter what, keep going. Write the vision and keep pressing forward. DOE: that was very great advice, Mr Crooms, thank you so much for magazine!! GeeChee One Magazine | ey rn) Time for a Change_ Volume 13 Issue 3 FALL 2019 The URBAN Guide to GeeChee Living GeeChee One Magazine How long have you been playing to run for the Mayor of North Charleston? | announced in August of 2017, although | had made up my mind earlier that year. What made you decide to run? | have been working in the North Charleston community, the Lowcountry and around the state and beyond for years, standing up for people’s rights, trying to end gun violence, reduce recidivism, get people paid and respected on their jobs, and our children educated in their neighborhood schools. In 2015, when John Singletary showed up ‘out of nowhere running for mayor and asking about support, | had to ask him who he was because | had never seen him working in the community. But, because | was ready to support anybody against Mayor Summey, when John emerged as the leader among the three candidates who stepped forward, | supported him. When he lost in 2015, figuring he was going to try again, | encouraged him to join me in the community and let the people see him fighting for them as a servant leader, not just a politician who showed up at election time. Well, for the next 2 years he did nothing. Not once did he show up in the community to show he cared. No gun violence rallies; no school board meetings; no fight for wages or unions; no homeless outreach; least not until after | announced | was running in August of 2017...which | told him | was going to do in a one-on-one conversation prior to my announcement. After my announcement, that’s when | started seeing a little Volume 13 Issue 3 15 movement. But, for 2 years after the 2015 election, before | announced that | was running for the office...crickets. 2) Are you a democratic or Republican? Although the office of Mayor of North Charleston is a nonpartisan seat (not decided according to Party affiliation), | officially carry the banner of Democrat. But my platform and what | stand for is so relevant that, in 2016 when I ran for U.S. Senate against Tim Scott, | not only ran as the candidate for the S.C. Democratic Party, but | was also the candidate for the S.C. Working Families Party and the S.C. Green Party. NOTE: One's core beliefs carry a strong influence in how we treat people. My core belief is not attached to a political party. | believe that we must treat others in the same way we want to be treated...even those who mistreat us. So, am | a Democrat or a Republican? The best answer for me is: Although I carry the banner of a Democrat, | am a human being first...a public servant whose record proves is “of the people, by the people and for the people.” Can you explain for those who don't understand the views? The differences between those who follow the Democratic ideology and those who support the Republican ideology are vast. And NOTE: not all Republicans think completely alike just as all Democrats do not think completely alike. The following are a few generalizations about the two parties: FALL 2019 GeeChee One Magazine * Republicans legislators do not believe expanding background checks will help save lives. Democrats do. * Republicans don’t believe in healthcare for all. Democrats do. * Republicans don’t believe in living wages or unions. Democrats do. The URBAN Guide to GeeChee Living * Republicans don’t support a woman's right to choose what they do with their own body. Democrats do. * Republicans don’t believe in climate change. Democrats do. + Republicans support the National Rifle Association, Big Pharma, and “for profit” prisons and schools. Democrats don’t. Again, these are just a few generalizations, and not all Republicans believe in or support all of these just like all Democrats do not think the same way either. 3) We have had several black men that ran Volume 13 Issue 3 in the past what makes you different? lam the only Black candidate that has ever run for this office with a well-documented record of service to our community... someone who the people know who has consistently been there for them whenever there was a need. This community has seen me stand with them when their loved ones were murdered, in the school board fighting to make sure our children are educated, on strike lines with the Fight For 15 fighting for better wages and respect on the job, helping the homeless, and addressing issues the community has had with the North Charleston police department among other things. And those who don’t know me, know that red scarf that says: ENOUGH! | think that because I'm widely known and recognized as someone who has not been afraid to stand up on behalf of the community, North Charleston voters (young and old, Black, White and Latino, poor and well-to-do) will FALL 2019 realize that they finally have someone to vote, someone who they can trust to work on their behalf with a proven record of. service, something that no other Black candidate has been able to offer in the past. 5) What are your plans to bring more equality in our police force? believe that the North Charleston police force and other city services must reflect the demographic make-up of the city. Since North Charleston is 47% African American, our police department should also be 47% African American. Likewise, since the city is approx. 12% Latino, our police department should also be 12% Latino. The problem is we have not been able to recruit our Black and Latino residents to apply for the force. And | believe we can change that by changing the opinion the community has about the North Charleston police. Right now, even with Chief Burgess in place and some new community policing initiatives being put into practice to better community relations, the community is still struggling to get beyond the years of over- aggressive policing and racial profiling that NCPD is famous for. | believe that once we get the African American and Latino communities to trust and believe in law enforcement, something that has not happened in a very long time, we will begin to see a rise in candidates of color applying for the force, people who might be better equipped to understand the communities where they will be assigned to work. And | believe that the optics and outcomes of an African American Mayor who understands Volume 13 Lssue SEALE DOTI the dynamics of the urban community working side-by-side with an African American Chief of Police who understands the dynamics of the urban community that he was born and raised in will empower the people get involved in law enforcement, to get more involved in their communities, and even motivate them to begin to reject criminal behavior instead of turning their heads and opting not to get involved. 6) What are your plans to help small businesses? It’s ironic that the city does not have a department that will help small businesses get off the ground or a place where entrepreneurs can go to have their questions answered. | intend to establish that office...a place where those who want to start a business can receive information about what it will take to get started from real people who will walk them through the ins and outs of the process. Also, | intend to strongly encourage the reinstallation of trades back into the educational system beginning in middle school, and the expansion of the instruction to include I.T. and the other technical training to equip our younger generation from middle school on with the skills needed to fill the high tech, high paying jobs that are already located in North Charleston and those that will surely continue to relocate here. When it comes to city contracts, just like with the police force, minority business contracts must reflect the demographic make-up of the city, 47% allotted to African American businesses and 12% to Latino companies, not according to a system that favors one company over another, one family over another or one friend over another. But, of course, quality of workmanship, reliability and professionalism will also be taken into account when contracts are being assigned. We will only work with and support a first- class pool of professional craftsmen, and second-rate, poor quality work and unprofessional behavior will not be tolerated. Everyone who expects to benefit from this program will be required to meet a standard of professional quality. We are kings and queens, and our work should reflect as much. 7) Violence is becoming the #1 killer of black men in North Charleston. If elected what are your plans to help with this issue? Murders and shootings in urban communities across America are primarily being committed by illegal weapons, guns in the hands of people who should not have them...and it’s not primarily “kids” with guns like we are prone to say. | always say that if you take the gun out of the “gun violence,” all that’s left is violence. | have a plan that will aggressively address getting illegal guns off of the streets. This will lead directly to a decrease in gun violence. My plan include advocating for stronger legislation on gun sales and advocating for stiffer penalties for illegal possession while still protecting the Constitution rights of law -abiding citizens to bear arms, investing in digital tracking in certain communities until control can be established, aggressively educating the public on responsible gun ‘ownership, and making the community aware of its obligation to protect its community by not protecting killers and Volume 13 Issue 3 potential killers. Also, we will work to change the economic staple (drugs) that is fueling much of the gun violence to focusing on training and jobs that pay wages that line up with the cost of living today, thereby giving those who would possibly get swept up in illegal enterprises, gun violence and the prison system a clear path to success...for all who want to take advantage of it. These are only a few steps in a comprehensive plan that | have to cut gun violence in half during my first 2 years as the next mayor of North Charleston and to neutralize it by 2024. 8) Who are you voting for in the next presidential campaign and why? So, the best answer to that question: “Who are you voting for in the next presidential campaign and why?” for me is simple. My vote for president will be cast for whoever wins the Democratic primary next year. And, | will vote for him/her because I’ve done my research and feel the one who | will vote for will best serve my needs and the needs of my community. @ Contact info: Mailing address: Dixon For Mayor PO Box 63142 North Charleston, SC 29419 Email: Website: www. Donations: or dixonformayor2019 Facebook: Twitter: @Dixon4Mayor2019 Instagram: Dixon4Mayor2019 FALL 2019 The URBAN Guide to GeeChee Living GeeChee One Magazine, 19 Zippora Latten Owner Contact us! \ 912-657-7133 (3 (@ @thegoddezzexperience @thegoddezzexperience Applying makeup takes patience and a certain level of artistry. That's exactly what Zippora Latten, owner of The Goddezz Experience, possess. Whether it is a soft or dramatic beat that you seek, Zippora can do it all! Did we mention that she travels too? Zippora also host classes to teach women. how to apply their makeup with her Makeup & Mimosas 101 class. The Goddezz Experience is located in Charleston, SC . If you have an upcoming event, birthday, photoshoot, date night, TV show debut, YouTube recording or you just simply want to be cute...go sit with Zip! Services * 1-on-1 makeup sessions * Makeup & Mimosa class * Mobile goddezz experience PRs elect ee eee LN Asi} ‘Volur The URBAN Guide to GeeChee Living Charleston, S.C 35 virgo baby!!! Co-owner of a company called Mahogany Home Services Accomplishments: After coming to Charleston from Boston. with nothing but my clothes and a plan, | didn't think that after a year and a half | would be in the position I'm in now. I've networked with so many amazing people that my life has shifted from just being just a model and a poet, to landing a spot on Those to Watch Radio, hosting events, doing music videos, modeling, and having my own show “Feel Out Charleston", on Nobody Grinds Network. | am a seductive dance instructor, and now a actress. | feel so blessed for every opportunity that comes my way. Goals: To be successful in every endeavor!!! To remain humble and loyal to the people that continued to rock with me until the Volume 13 Issue 3 20 wheels fall off. | wouldn't be where I'm at if | didn't have people believing in me and giving me a chance to show them what I'm made of, Favorite food: Pig feet, Crabs. Collard greens, And turkey wings... love to cook. Dislikes: | can't stand a close minded person. Like be free and | hate onions. | don't like the school systems here and how there isn't enough emergency help and aid to those that really need it. Favorite saying: What up boo? Something weird about myself: My laugh is ugly and my pinky toe is crooked (lol) from all this damn dancing. FB: Mahogany Darkberry IG: Mahogany_darkberry Contact number: 774-386-9436 Email: FALL 2019 22 Olivia Sade’s album INVOLVING, Fresh and hot off the press Olivia Sade brings anew feel with motivated lyrics and hot tracks. The title, Manifesting, gave a feel of empowerment of where you came from and what you are developing into now. HYL featuring another hot Carolina emcee Kdike is also uplifting and worth the listen. Glad to see new lyrical females come together and make a positive hit. Had to throw in 9th Either song, including video is dope. Popping Up 2019 Geechee One Comedy The URBAN Guide to 4 stars Very short but it does have it comedy and dramatic moments. Robert had no idea what he signed up for when invited over to Tailia house. From the praying mother, to the crazy neighbor, and even the babysitter popping up a normal dude would have just ran. Good acting and the visual is on point. Just wished it was longer. Volume 13 Issue 3 FALL 2019 The URBAN Guide to GeeChee Living How did the company come about? The company is part of the non-profit Ede Mwen Health Services and we saw a great need in the community for adequate mental health services, but not necessarily therapy or psychiatry, but support for those that serve the population impacted by mental health and addiction issues, the therapists, the clinicians; the social workers, the peer supports, psychiatrists and more. We do this via mentor programs, peer support, trainings, curriculum development, workshops, and business development for those looking to Volume 13 Issue 3 Lh ‘Whether you need therapy, a life coach, a motivational lift, clinical supervision, peer to peer support, trainings for CEUs, occupational development, business plan implementation, a speaker for a conference, or something to educate and empower you, you've come to the right place. 984-888-8807 start their own agency or private practice or offer support for those who have already established themselves in that way. Where do such services take place? We are homebased in North Carolina. Our agency address is 201 W Main Street Suite 217 Durham, NC 27701 and the business number is 984-888-8807. We provide services all throughout NC and offer limited support to SC, GA, and VA. We plan on expanding services throughout the southeast. For some services we do internationally via a secured online format. FALL 2019 Daf JOIN GEECHEE ONE FILMS FAN CLUB NEN EC a Ect Chae CLM Uo UC