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Disorderly Conduct PERSE 240 (20-7 Is Quy iy __|* 731325 Tati, “1300 frame diameter 1 1250 Latita,'Ra. D&C _Paperb 1a WAS THERE A WITNE3S TO THE CRIME? 50 Buea IW 80x <—— |, ~ DORESS CHEN FA TTT [ROR TAT ral Tracy Hagq |- |i 4 Paula Davis |- |} CAWA SUSPECT GE WANED? Teimcase at EEE poset ack’ J. ‘Lazeroft i = 7 CAN SUSPECT BE LOCATED? TEND PLACE AW XIN BOXC—> Te CA Se Ee 5'6" stocky build 1! _ balding. Norks for Ganpets aa ey OR he oe Oe ‘CT BE IDENTIFIED! TF NO PLACE AN EIN ROXE: > Teiqe APPROPT Ave Cope Te ROHS | = po. Five suspecr freoiven FT PET TTL fo-[eere [sta waa mvc, i Sees ee NA | N/a Nia wae RY. VER WEEE vestigation report crime. y TRE oF [BPE oF eTaIMENT warn FEO Pee cnone vw Hang ee ay 2 Sg PCH TERRI, aS Fe g ae ome ps een ne cn ERE Sean HEY VES OEECTEE AREAIVE— eno PERCE TTI [2-1 Mane sonmcaktfmvdeat EMooree HORT es Rane MMA SST Was EVIDENCE TECH WORK BEEN PERFORNEOTTS; 1) REQUESTED? TF NO PLACE aw X IN TECH WORK PERFORMED / REQUESTED. L_pHOTO LINNOERPRNT Liconnosire ClgtMem eT is THERE REASON TO BELIEVE TWAT THE PRELIWINARY INVESTIGATION ORMOT BE COMPLETED x1 Twi TMI TF NO PLACE SATIN BOT [afc enne He SOLVED Wied ar cupuaaLe AapUST OE AVES Pree TPO PLACE SR CR age WAS THERE AN OPPORTUNITY FOR SOMEONE CTHERTHAN SUSPECT TO COMMIT THE CAT NORACEAN RIN ok MS en fe cour” 388 tates Ra, Meets, Donut shop"Restaurane' ™ or n/a as, ARRATIVE GIMME BETAS OF cWME LUD PROGRESEON OF TENTS WARES OF OTHER OFTVERS Os TS TSUSTAL Fon ANY AGEITIGNAL INFORMATION WRICNV5/AN EATENSION Ch aNY OF Te APOE ELavas: ROCKS ROU MRaTATT SET pe[_.B whe is employed at the House of Donuts jocated at 1250 Latta Rd. srptee ist epsuect (boxtey comes into donut shop -almeat det ly With fe ue ae Te pawels JR states that when _he(suspect) comes inta shop. | peusvally buys ithe paperboy a donut and then stands next to hig @ile vor is sitting ona stoor_; suspects starts rubbing the inside thieen THIS ee ots fed. and 2 state that suspect has an errecti, white he isidoing this. RK also stated that she feels that the wietinp=™ Greece police department [ther ornce “Lue, nace Cres cone [REED workin ene out. ddendum report greece -police department PAVULINUU SP deoworvonorsicardae abewom | 31308 ST VIETINTS WANE TART FIRST WIOOUEL Oh EE ERT J Caenipow a WeTmENT TaUBE wo, STAEETWANET[EEE [OnE oF WETDEN| 1250 Latta Ra. 1| 06/24/87 Or LETTER GR HOGER I CEP ae ; looks extremely tncobfortabie at) the time, and deems that he doesn't \ t know how to stop suspects actions. R. & Wi stated that they don't shop with two other Youths, and basicly the samd thing is happening. Det. interviewed a age 14 regardind Lazerofi's actions. WENN is aiso a paperbay vho was seen with suspect. (QQMNMNMMMB stated that’ Lazeroff would place his hands all over him,but didn't touch him in his private areas. (7/2 cia i state that suspects actions did make him feel very uncomfortable. Neamt seed the ony otner person, who he has knowledge thar xade ‘ghepect 15a kia! bho Lives at MINIM socause suspect seopsed theye once enite He Yas witn hin and dropped off some tickets there | Det, stopped at TREE o.d spoke vith: mM ana her sqn GMM 29° 1) GMM cording activjes of suspect. Gq state SSS ST Peet tiptoe te hee 7 yas very concerned regarding this because her son was sexually abusdd 25 YSEy ree “Ee if L by, Bis, step-father, and she stated that he has been acting strange: jately, Suspect does work, for Gannett as District manager. : 07-92-87 Det. talked with Off. D. Farre11 who stated that he nad foun oye who the fixst boy vas» that it vas: Ao; [a who jsugpect vas brind™fnto the donut shop. Det, contacte: a and asked her if, she could bring her son into the youth division to talk with him regarding this, situation. (UMMM aia respond, ada a statement was taken \from her son regarding suspects actions vith Wir Also statement was taken from.a Ms. Tracy Haag employee of the Hous Qf Donuts, who witnessed suspects actions. Information was made for Disorderly Conduct 240.20-7 , and warrant requested. Hee TL. Martin/ Sgt. Farrell Pays Ques ( Oi sceo ire parcel or —) _ Cyettomar WHRRANT RECELV, VO oF RCOvERED Pron Lis) THE Ores x eae Gee Des s__ © Ovs 4 police department investigative action report Cis [seer Dre fe Jconnimuance or Crete reve DEVELOPED BY iwvEsTieaTion Desnesr (Do anes Dxo pnosecurion Dorrice Gorrice Deannanr soviseo Gonrouross Chavence orversion Dorestieaton Drourn orricen — Gere ine Ciseciar acener BMD ra Dacoe9 veo PFroucnue GTS wae CAST FIT. aD OF Fi HOHE BOSE 7. 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