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Commander John J. Shea FA Assembly #729 St.

Sylvester Council #6844 9/25/2019

Faithful Navigator S/K Thomas Fawcett opened the meeting at 8:00 Pm
Absent Honor Guard and Posting of the US Flag
Faithful Pilot S/K Peter Bizzoso informs the Faithful navigator, all present have proper
membership Id’s( 33 S/K here)
Roll call of Officers by S/K Faithful Scribe Odel Panton
Faithful Pilot What is the Principle of the 4th Degree ( patriotism)
Faithful Captain What is our duty to our country (to respect and obey all lawful authority to
uphold and maintain those whose duties it is
To administer the law to defend and preserve unspotted and unstained the flag of our country
and the principles for which it stands)
Faithful Admiral What are the duties have we as faithful Knights of our honored order ( To
maintain unity, to practice the virtues of charity
And brotherly love, to exemplify in all of our relation with our fellow man the sublime teachings
of holy mother church)
Faithful Navigator And so it is S/K totality through Christ begets royalty to our country and faithful
practice of our holy religion begets the
Good citizen and the patriots.
All rise F/N Now we recite the Pledge of legions Pledge Recited. FN We will now sing the opening
ode America the Beautiful- Song
FN S/K before I begin our deliberation let us acknowledge our dependence on Almighty God and
call upon our Faithful Friar to invoke
His blessing by repeating aloud the Lord Prayer – Fr. Rudy in the name of the Fr and the son and
of the Holy Spirit (Amen) Our Fr..
FN S/K T Fawcett I now declare this Assembly regularly open for the transaction of business (1
Rap) all seated
FN reading of the minutes of previous meeting FC S/K Bob Elliott make motion to accept the
minutes as printed -passed
Reading of bills and communications F Scribe (none)
Report of FC S/K Vincent Rutherford ..Curtis will give the Purser’s report Any one wanting to
become we have 6 read and accepted
and there will be 6 more for tonight The September log will have the location of the 4th degree
Exemplification for this year
Again at Ocean Side cost for all Applicants is $75.00 And all guest’s $55.00 The FN has received
message from the Master indicating
These forms can be submitted even on the last day October 13,2019 Any Council Having guest
attending please call and give me a
Head count so I can inform the Master., So tables and food can be prepared. FA move to accept
the Comptroller’s Report 2n and passed
Report of the FP S/K Curtis Bonavoglia. .Worthy N, Worthy Friar, my brother S/K For the Month
of August opening balance 7008.13
Deposits of 580.00 Checks written for 708.45 closing Balance 6879.68. For the Honor Guard
Opening Balance 4394.05 Deposits of
70.00 closing balance of 4464.05. Savings Accts 7654.70 w/0.21 cents Int comes to 7654.91
respectfully submitted. FN Thank you.
I’d like a motion to accept the purser’s report FA I make a motion to accept the purser report 2 nd
by F O/S Bob Bienemann FN all in
Favor yea against (silent) so be it.
Report of the faithful Navigator S/K Thomas Fawcett ..I need help from all of you go back to your
council ask for brothers to join the 4th
Degree no one have to buy a tuxedo a dark or grey suite will do, the Honor Guard is not a must
you can join it at a later date. We need help
For our night at the races you will be informed later for the date time and venue. Host GK Rich is
having a night at the races explain Rich
Our night of the races is October 19,2019 right here it’s 10.00 Per Person with beer, wine, soda,
hotdog, beans ice cream cake and a
Halloween theme so if you want to come dressed we will be giving prizes to the best male and
female costume. Door open at 7:00 Pm
Post time is 8:00 Pm. For info call me at 631-220-5302, Thank you
FN How about Father, Also on October 19,2019 our new pastor Fr. Suglia Who is a Knight,
request that we be there with the Honor Guard
and any K of C State Officer’s for his Installation by Bishop John Barres 0f the Diocese of
Rockville Center. Saturday October 19 at the
5:00 Pm mass at St. Sylvester Church 68 Ohio Ave Medford ny 11763. FN Thank you Rich. FN I
have another Priest I want to tell you about
Fr. Dahm he was our F Friar now he is in a nursing home can we have a motion to gift him Under
New Business Worthy. We will have a
Election for the vacant trustee position. FN The next Meeting will be at Kavanaugh and the
meeting after that will be at Holy Mother Mary
We will publish it in the next journal ok moving on.
Report of Committees S/K FC Bob Elliott. .As you’ve heard we have several events coming up and
the next is the Night at the races
FP S/K Peter Bizzoso you want speak on that. Ok Knight at the races October 26, 2019 at Our
Lady of Mount Carmel Church
Which is on North Ocean Ave, North of Sunrise Highway on the East Side. Doors open at 6:30
Pm first race at 7:30 Pm cost
Is $10.00 and $15.00 at the door, we recommend you pay prior to coming so we can have a head
count to prepare food and drinks.
Halloween theme share the wealth prizes for the best costume, and more. Contact Vinny
Lettieri or Tom Fawcett $10.00 in advance
Tuesday December 17,2019 4th Degree is having our Christmas Party $25.00 per person full dinner
and music I think beer, wine and
Soda at Patchogue Council #725 FN explain we couldn’t get Wednesday so we took Tuesday , FP
Peter that is my report.
Stony Brook Vets Home John Leonardo is not here S/K Anthony Martelli the next meeting is
Saturday October 5th we need help with the
Residence, get their early I’ll buy you breakfast and that’s my report.
Northport Vet Home Tom Fawcett we go the first Saturday of the month which will be October
5th if you need a ride call me we leave
from St. Regis Council Parking lot We get there at 1:30 pm play 2 games of bingo starting at
2:00 Pm We will be out by 3:15 Pm,
please we need help, Pilot S/K Peter ask of the FN if he received a letter from the VA about
bringing food to the facility, we don’t
bring food and that was stopped a few years back. FN of Fatima Assemble Murray I have some
bad new Worthy they are having
a problem with their water, just to let you know FN Tom reply they were in the news legionnaires
disease found down there
I go there as a patience thank God I’m ok.
The Commanders Log S/K Christopher Beattie progress and if you have anything you need to
advertise or distribute to the rest
Of our assembly please send it to me via email, my email address is on the first page of the log
try sending at the beginning of
The month so I can include it in the log. Thank you
Respect Life S/K Pete Bertran (excused) Worthy Captain S/K Bob Elliott explain there is
information In the log for stand-up for
Life on October 6,2019 at 2 locations Rt 110 in Huntington and at 495 LIE east exit 70, Rt111. 2:00
Pm -3:00 Pm.
S/K Commander Vinny Rutherford Honor Guard We have a request I’ll have Joe put the call out
for OCT 26 at St Joseph Church in
Kings Park it for The Ladies Auxiliary Catholic Daughters Memorial Service for all the members of
Rockville Centre Mass will be at
11:30 am, that’s the latest we have so far we have 3 members we need more (noting you didn’t
mention the request of #6844 for
October 19,2019 at The 5:00 Pm Mass from Worthy S/K Rich Neubauer for his pastor’s
S/K and PFN Bob Murray from Our Lady of Fatima Assembly If there is anything that the Honor
Guard from Our Lady Of Fatima
Can do to help you let us know I bring Greeting from our FN. Thank you
Our Rep to Fatima Assembly S/K Bob Bienemann Last meeting was their Installation of officers
I was happy to attend the food
Was excellent and I’m looking forwards to their next meeting. Thank you
S/K FC Bob Elliott That conclude my report to committee’s Thank you.
Report of Applications S/K Faithful Admiral Mike Tully Worthy FN Rev Father Worthy S? Knights
I have 6 Applications in hand
I read them and then we will vote 1.Martin Mascola Miller Pl. St Jude Council #5814 St Louis De
Montfort is the church
2. Jerad Dorelli Shirley Shrine of St Jude Council #15446 Mastic Beach 3. Douglas Fay Mastic
Queen of all Hearts Council #4126
St Johns the Evangelist Parish. 4. Thomas Taylor Queen of all Hearts Council #4126 5. Brian
Barnett Council #4126 missing his 1st
Degree Date 6. Ramon Gallo East Yaphank Queen of All Hearts Council #4126 St John Evangelist
Parish I need his 1st Degree date
Otherwise all is in order ( a member said he had their 1st Degree Dates) S/K and F O/S Bob
Bienemann make a motion to accept the
Applicants motion 2nd Motion passed.
S/K FN Tom Fawcett Unfinish Business none
Report of the Trustee’s by S/K Bob Wissert Worthy FN Worthy FF My Brother all books have all
been examined and our Purser and
Comptroller have nothing but qualified accounting records to keep their books and records.
Thank you Worthy
FN S/K Tom Fawcett New Business S/K Robert Wissert Make motion that our December Meeting
we need to have an approval of
The Assembly body because we are moving our regular schedule meeting from Wednesday to
Tuesday and our By-laws indicate
That we usually have our meetings on the 4th Wednesday Night of the Month. Motion 2nd by
S/K FA Mike Tully, for the purpose
Is that we cannot get the room for our Christmas Party on the Wednesday on our regular date.
Any Discussion FN all in favor
YE against (silent) So be it. Passed.
S/K FC Bob Elliott do we have an election Tonight, FN we have an open position. S/K Bob Wissert
Worthy FN I will Put the name of
Vincent Lettieri on the floor for our 3 year trustee due to the resignation at a prior meeting, FN is
their any other 2nd by S/K FC
Bob Elliott FN any other nominations 3 times Since there is none, S/K Bob Wissert Worthy FN I
make a Motion that nominations
Be closed and the recorder S/K Odel Panton cast 1 constitutional ballot in the name of Vincent
Lettieri for our 3 year trustee
S/K Christopher Beattie 2nd , FN all in favor YE Against (silent) so be it congratulations (applause)
Vincent thank you for electing
Me. FN now we will have to install you S/K PFN Bob Wissert Will do The Installation Faithful
trustee Vincent Lettieri S/K of your
Assembly have elected you to be the FT you very name imply to trust and confidence placed in
you by your assembly to faithfully
Watch and guard both the finance and membership, you are to order the reports of the financial
officer and periodically report to the
Members of the Master of Your District it is your duty to keep your assembly in sound and healthy
financial condition. You worthy S/K
Are to be congratulated and I trust that you will faithfully perform all of the offices in your duties,
but before you are installed
It is now my duty to extract of you for a promise which given in good faith in the presence of
your brother S/K will be binding as
Long as you remaining in the office of which you have been elected, Raise your Right hand and
respond to the questions so that all
May hear Do you worthy Sir promise to support and obey the constitution and the laws of our
order and insure in-so-far as you
Are able the members of your Assembly will do also S/K Vincent reply (I do) do you promise to
devote the necessary time to
The discharge of your responsibilities as designated by the laws of our Order (I Do) do you
promise to keep the welfare of your
Assembly your Council any order up at-most in mine and promote it to the best of your ability (I
do) Accepting your promise I
As giving in good faith I declare that you are truly Qualified and Installed in your office and
authorized to conduct the business
Of your Assembly and our Order until such time as you have been legally succeeded at the end of
your term. Lower Your Hand
Worthy FN Adorns the Jewel of the Office (applause) S/K Vincent Thank all.
FN S/K T. Fawcett now we will have the Dark Horse 2 winners of 29.00 last 3 numbers #276 29.00,
FT 3yr remind FN he had asked
For a donation for FR. Paul Dahm last 3 numbers #298 29.00 (applause)
FN needs a motion for donation for Fr. Dahm S/K Vincent Rutherford motion to make a donation
to the (inaudible) where Fr.
Dahm is also he would continue with giving a donation to Fr. Dahm for the length of time he
spent as our FF since I been here
The Christmas Donation is a 150.00 and for the motion 200.00 2nd and discussion 3yr trustee
Vincent why are we giving money to
The place and not to FR. Dahm himself? Vinny Rutherford because we will do that with the
150.00 at Christmas time, he has turn it
Down twice from us by returning the check, when he was with us, the home is looking for help.
PFN Fatima Assembly T Murray I
Would say that more than money we have done a lot of driving for priest’s and if we could get
some of you guys over to help it
Would be more helpful than giving money, We drive to the doctor appointments. S/K PFN Bob
Wissert Worthy FN being no more
Discussion of the motion I move to close and go to vote S/K FC 2 nd all in favor(yea) Against (nay
1) passed
S/K V Rutherford Worthy I was informed by S/K Joe Daley That Deacon Monty’s Wife she is at
home and they are waiting for a
Hospice FN O she is that bad and S/K Peter Menga who is in my council he has a niece going
through the same thing and she is in a
Hospice so we will add those to. FN what do you suggest flowers or Vincent I’m not suggesting
any of these things, Prayers right now
When something happens we will do it when I get the call.
Report of our Faithful Friar S/K Fr. Rudy Please be seated Worthy FN MY Brothers all Fr. speak
about the Knights of Columbus
Unity, Charity, Patriotism. And the state of our churches, religion and patriotism of our order, in
defense of our faith. (Applause)
S/K FN Tom Fawcett Good of the Order S/K Chris Beattie Fr Crowley Council had there Installation
of officer’s last Sunday and one
Of our members came and brought Fr Dahm to our Installation because he was our pastor at an
earlier time, he is in good spirits
He uses a cane but he is very mobile. He looks good just want to let you know. Brian McGuire
Former GK of Holy Mother Mary his
Daughter is in bad shape she had back surgery, cancer in her spine and she may not be able to
walk again. Deacon Peter from the
Vets home he had knee Surgery. PGK Manny Alarcon’s daughter Marie Alarcon will be having a
serious medical surgery and she
Needs prayers Our F/S S/K Henry Smith his sister is going for heart surgery and she is having a
real difficult time. Keep her in our
Prayers,, unfortunately the valve they put in broke. Deacon Marr recovering from a stroke,
keep him in your prayers 4th degree
Member Steve (inaudible) wife is going through chemo therapy and also Deacon Tom Gilliam’s
wife Kathy Gilliam .
We just had a wake recently Fred McGuinness wife past and Fred is very Fragile right now. His
daughter is asking for prayers for Fred
He was one of our Honor Guard for a number of years keep him in our prayers.
FN S/K Tom Fawcett Request the attention of the GK S/K Rich Neubauer to come forward FN
thank him Rich said having you is an
Honor for our council and moving forward if we can help you in the future you are always
welcome. Thank you. (Applause)
FN S/K T. Fawcett ask for roll call of council By F/S S/K O.Panton….no show council’s #584, #928,
#1967, #2458, #3852, #4402
#6062, #7023, #7262, #7423, #7635, #11416, #11871, #11950, #12006, #12993, #13558, #15518,
#17159. (total 19 no show).
Faithfully Submitted Worthy.
S/K FN T. Fawcett S/K’s if there is any further business to come before the assembly if their be
none we shall proceed to close the meeting
3 Raps Chair Officers only FP What are the emblems of the degree the flag the sword and the
cross. FN yea S/K’s these gorgeous symbols
Typify patriotism Liberty and Faith The heaven sent of the truths of our Christian Citizenship. FP
What you say for the Flag, the flag of country
We love it and we shall ever defend it. FA What you say for the sword let keep it bright for liberty
sake FC What do you say for the cross
This is the Cross of Christ the exponent of Christian Ideals the conquere of death the giver of life,
Supreme reverence to the sacred symbol
Will crown our country Queen in the Sisterhood of nations it is the bull work of national order
the inspiration of patriotism the guardians
Of personal worth for it was crimson that the blood of self sacrifice. FN S/K’s we now rely on our
legion to the Cross of Christ.
All rise Faithful Friar will you lead us in the Our Farther, Hail Mary and The Glory Be Faithful Friar
S/K Fr. Rudy leads us al
In The Name Of the Father and of the Son and The Holy Ghost…The Lord Prayer……Hail
Mary…..Glory Be….Amen..good servant of Fr
Michael J. McGivney…. Pray for us… In the name of the Fr. And the Son of our Lord Jesus Christ.
FN S/K’s let sing the closing Ode The National Anthem Hand Salute O Say Can you See…………..
FN S/K T. Fawcett Declare this Assembly Meeting Closed until our next Appointed meeting on at
Kavanaugh #5293 10/23/2019
Meeting closed at 9:02 Pm.