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Board of Appeals Julie Rosenberg Executive Director October 15, 2019 Six Dogs LLC, Determination Holder(s) clo Scott Emblidge, Attorney for Determination Holder(s) Moscone Emblidge & Otis LLP 220 Montgomery Street #2100 ‘San Francisco, CA 94104 Appeal No.: 19-118 Appeal Title: Buscovich vs. DBI Subject Property: 3426-3432 22nd Street Determination or Permit Type: Building Permit Determination or Permit Nos.: 2018/07/12/4400, 2018/07/23/5200, 2018/08/01/6151, 2018/11/21/6573, 2018/11/21/6577, 2018/11/21/6578, 2018/11/21/6579, 2018/11/21/6580, and 2018/12/24/9088 Dear Scott Emblidge: This is to notify you that an appeal has been filed with this office protesting the REVOCATION of the above referenced permits. Pursuant to Article |, §8 of the San Francisco Business & Tax Regulations Code, your permits will remain SUSPENDED until the Board of Appeals decides this matter and releases a notice of decision and order. We are enclosing a copy of the Prelit inary Statement of Appeal for your information. ‘The hearing regarding this matter has been scheduled for November 13, 2019, at 5:00 p.m., City Hall, Room 416, One Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place. If you have any further questions, you may call this office at (415) 575-6880. Sincerely, BOARD STAFF cc: Department of Building Inspection c/o Joseph Duffy Pat Buscovich, Appellant(s) 235 Montgomery Street #1140 San Francisco, CA, 94104 41650 Mission Street, Suite 304 » San Francisco, CA 94103 Phone: 415-575-6880 » Fax: 416-575-6886 - Emall: ‘wurw sfgov.orgfbo: BOARD OF APPEALS Date Filed: OCT 15 2019 CITY & COUNTY OF SAN FRANCISCO, ‘APPEAL «Mh BOARD OF APPEALS PRELIMINARY STATEMENT OF APPEAL |) We, Pat Buscovich, hereby appeal the following departmental action: REVOCATION of Building Permit Nos. 2018/07/12!4400, 2018/07/23/5200, 2018/08/01/6151, 2018/1 1/21/6573, 2018/11/21/6577, 2018/11/21/6578, 2018/11/21/6579, 2018/11/21/6580, 2018/12/24/9088 by the Department of Building Inspection which was issued or became effective on: September 30, 2019, to: Six Dogs LLC, for the property located at: 3426-3432 22nd Street BRIEFING SCHEDULE: ‘The Appeliant may, but is not required to, submit a one page (double-spaced) supplementary statement with this Preliminary Statement of Appeal. No exhibits or other submissions are allowed at this time. Appellant's Brief is due on or before: October 24, 2019, (no later than three Thursdays prior to the hearing date), up to 12 pages in length, double-spaced, with unlimited exhibits, with eleven (11) copies delivered to the Board office by 4:30 p.m., and with additional copies delivered to the other parties y same day. In addition, an electronic copy should be emailed to: boardofappeals@sfgov.ora if possible. Respondent's and Other Parties’ Briefs are due on or before: November 7, 2019, (no later than one Thursday prior to hearing date), up to 12 pages in length, doubled-spaced, with unlimited exhibits, with eleven (11) copies delivered to the Board office by 4:30 p.m., and with additional copies delivered to the other parties the same day. In addition, an electronic copy should be emailed to: if possible. Only photographs and drawings may be submitted by the parties at the hearing. Hearing Date: Wednesday, November 13, 2019, 5:00 p. Place. , City Hall, Room 416, One Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett All parties to this appeal must adhere to the briefing schedule above, however if the hearing date is changed, the briefing schedule MAY also be changed. Written notice will be provided of any change to the briefing schedule. In order to have their documents sent to the Board members prior to hearing, members of the public should submit eleven (11) copies of all documents of support/opposition no later than one Thursday prior to hearing date by 4:30 p.m. Please note that names and contact information included in submittals from members of the public will become part of the public record. Submittals from members of the public may be made anonymously. Please note that in addition to the parties’ briefs, any materials that the Board receives relevant to this appeal, including letters of supporYopposition from members of the public, are distributed to Board members prior to hearing, All such materials are available for inspection at the Board's office. You may also request a copy of the packet of materials that are provided to Board members at a cost of 10 cents per page, per S.F. Admin. Code Ch. 67.28 If you have any questions please call the Board of Appeals at 415-575-6880 The reasons for this appeal are as follows: Permits revoked in error City and County of San Francisco Department of Building Inspection London Breed, Mayor Tom C. Hui, S.£., C.B.0., Director September 30th, 2019 REVOCATION OF PERMIT Six Dogs LLC Property Address: 3426-3432 22” §.t 340 Lorton Ave STE 202 Burlingame CA Building Permit Application No 201807124400, 201807235200,201808016151,201811216573,201811216577,2018 11216578, 201811216579, 201811216580,201812249088 Block / Lot: 3618/015 To whom it may concern, Pursuant to Section 106A.4.5 of the San Francisco Building Code, the Director of Building Inspection may Suspend oF revoke a building permit whenever the permit has been issued in error on the bac of incorrect information supplied or in violation of any ordinance or regulation or ather provision of thee Building Code. Nine total permits were issued to remodel the four unit building, repair rear stairs, front facade and soft story Sccordinaly, Building Permit Application No's 20180712400, 201807236200,201808016151 201811216573 201811216873, 201811216577, 201811216578, 201811216579, 20181 12 \6s00e 201812249088 are here by Revoked Ga grou nave any further questions regarding this matter, contact Bulding inspector Mauricio Hernandez at (415) 575-6831 or at Mauricio. Very truly yours, Tom C. Hui S.E., C.B.0, Boy Director “ wo) OF APPEALS ae afrel| 9CT 18 2019 2 4 appea #_I4~{[9 iauricio Hemandez petal Chief Building Inspector ec: Tom C. Hui S.E., C.8.0., Director Edward Sweeney, Deputy Director Wiliam Walsh BID File Attachment A Revocation of Permitzor9 3426-3432 22% st Building Inspection Division 1660 Mission Street San Francisco CA 94103 Office (418) 558-6570 ~ FAX (415) 558-6261 - www City & County of San Francisco BOARD OF APPEALS CONTACT INFORMATION FOR PARTIES Appeal No(s): BOARD OF APPEALS APPELLANT(S) OCT TS TUT Name: Pat Buscovich porous LEU Phone Number: _‘//4 — i SB = AF Se Fax Number: buscouich cour Email Address: US, Mailing Address: Ads Monty Dia HAY Sb + (140, ed AL/O4 ‘Street J Cith Stat Zp Names of Other Appellants: Agent for Appellant Name: Phone Number: Fax Number: Email Address: Mailing Address: ‘Street city State Zip OTHER PARTY (PERMIT HOLDER, VARIANCE HOLDER, ETC.) Name: 1X DOAS Phone Number: og Fax Number: Email Address: Mailing Address: Street City State Zip ‘Names of Other Parties: Agent for Other Party Name: cott Embldae , Mascon &, Embli day + Os Phone Number:_LJ/S 207A — 2oq7 Fax Number: Email Address: WMblidae ® wros(aro.ldy) (000 Mating Adress: 2.26 “‘Mantienery Sf HRD SE CR AGT Zip 1650 Mission Street, Suite 304 + San Phone: 418-875-6880 « Fax: 415-575-6885 - Em: cisco, CA 94103 als@sfgov.or