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JOSEPHAT MU 2332 LONDON BRIDGE DR, SILVER SPRINGS MD 20906 (301) 312-1954 FOR Wednesday, September 4,2019 1Y ELECTRONIC TRANSMISSION, BY EMAIL (COUNTYEXECUTIVE@:CO.PG.MD.US BY HAND DELIVERY AND BY OVERNIGHT CERTIFIED DELIVERY Ms. Angela Deneece Alsobrooks sq, County Executive, Prince George’s County 1301 MeCormick Drive Suite 4000 Largo, MD 20774 And County Administration Building 14741 Governor Oden Bowie Drive Upper Marlboro, MD 20772 RE: Josephat Mua PGCPS and Prince George's Co of Contract Coneerning Appeal of Tert Employment and Action Notice Due to Widespread Collusion, Retalitions and Discrimination Dear Ms Alsobrooks: am wting to make you aware tht there is enough direct and circumstantial evidence thet your administration is involved in public comuption, "The problems appear to be escalating without proper cheeks and balances However, inthe interest of coming to an early resolution and preventing further litigation that ‘will save us both ime and money, Tam willing to execute a settlement release relieving you of any and all liability in the above case. Iwill accept a sum of $900,000 in atonement fr lost ‘wages and pain and suffering; an amount of $1,000,000 for violations; plus, an additional $$500,000 to build a center for Kenyans Americans in Kenye which will be used for American youth and American families wishing to vist their motherland on a rotational bass. Ths center ‘would not only fciltate American farming initiatives but would also advance American businesses as well as American youth educational experiences in water conservation and eross- cultural understanding across Africa, In adition tothe above settlement request, Lam also Ms, Angela Deneece Alsobrooks Esa. County Bxecutve, Prince George's County Wednesday, September 4, 2019 Page 2of page 2 ‘willing ~ despite all the wrongs you have caused me ~ to accept any postion within your {government in which I can contribute fully to the society asa law-abiding American citizen, “ore are the reasons why I believe it will be in your bor interest to eatle my grievane ‘As you are aware, Ihave active cases agains the county school system and against a lawyer who Jed an organized scheme to derail justice. These active eases are pending i the United States ‘Supreme Court (hereinafter U.S. Supreme Cour) state and Federal court | intend to vigorously pparsue these eases unl they are resolved. Ihave plenty of evidence of corruption plaguing my cases, 50 I am certain that the violations will be addressed and corrected by the U.S Federal Courts and the United States Supreme Court ‘Asa point of reference I sate tht, I believe Ihave strong evidence to show thatthe action to {terminate me (Mr. Josephat Mua) and the previous adverse actions and harassment taken against sme are a result of: 1) My discovery of illegal and improper activities of several schoo! officials 2) Myiintent end actions to disclose these activities 3) Retaliation for my disclosure efforts 4) National origin discrimination 5) Retaliation for my claims regarding discrimination 6) Retaliation against me for my use ofthe Grievance system per the union contract, Article VI and 7) My refusal to acquiesce to the activities that I saw as flawed, unethical, illegal snd possibly criminal. ‘There was a concerted effort to force me to leave the Prince George's County Publie Schools (PGCPS) system when I disclosed what I belioved to he mote than questionable activities regarding county equipment and employees engaged in myriads of illegal activities. I believe that Mr. Dickson used pretexts to support his recommendations of termination. [am well prepared to show that every one ofthe allegations made by Mr. Dickson are pre-textual and insubstantial ‘neve alteady reopened the Prince George's County Circuit Court case No, 36992 and others vill be pursved, in which many irregularities end illegalties have occurred, For example, the {intimidation of witnesses has been an on-going occurrence that has intensified with the curent administration, Attomeys have been compromised to dismiss cases or engage in misconduct to the detriment of the plaintiffs, Ths interference of lawyers, at the beckoning ofthe curent administration, is a major concern tothe public and is another example of imegularity, In addition, there have been isues of racial discrimination of which I mace you aware along time ‘ago. On March 26, 2011, I fist made you aware of these illegal activities when you acted as the State's Attorney for Prince George's County. On March 29, 2011, in response to my assertions, (Ms, Angela Deneece Alsobrooks Esq, County Executive, Prince George's County Wednesday, September 4, 2019 Page 3 of page 3. ‘your then Chief of Staff, Mr. Ramén V. Korionoff, followed up with me via email I responded ‘with details of misconduct involving the current Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) CEO, Dr. Moniea Goldson, who [said was guilty of the willful violations. Additional evidence was prescated later as promised doug cin sul pessenl delivery. Subsequealy, 1 hhave presented you with evidence that showed that PGCPS CEO Dr. Monica Goldson was not fit for office, There is clear evidence that she was atthe center ofthe numerous public corruption, scandals about which my colleagues and I complained about previously. De Goldson's tenure can ‘oly make things worse with private intrest groups and vendors interested in unmonitored system finances without an inspector general Dring your tenure asthe Prince George's County State's Attomey, we interacted alot as you ‘were a member of one ofthe Facebook groups which I managed. You once approached me in a ‘Subway shop in Upper Mariboro and stated thatthe issues which I presented to you were being handled by then County Executive, Me. Rusher Baker Il. However, nothing came out of the deliberations. Keep in mind that the Baker administration assured me that I would be reinstated to my position as & Help Desk Technician I. Mr, Christian Rhodes who was the then Prince George’s County Education Poliey Advisor, was required to facilitate ths reinstatement, on his part, only fo back off maliciously afer I won my administrative appeal. Mr. Christian Rhodes is facilitating public corruption within the Prince George's County schools via various Union representatives. Some ofthese individuals were his colleagues at his former ‘employer the Maryland State Education Association (MSEA) and are well connected. In ACE= AFSCME Local 2250, corruption is failiteted and covered up by James E, Speats J. who is Field Services Director and a former colleague of Mr. Rhodes, Mr. Daniel Besseck at MSEA and Mrs. Theresa Mitchell Dudley. They coordinate wilful violation of the law with Mr. Damon, Felton, the attorney for MSBA, in order to blackmail union members and PGCPS staff. The ‘illfal violations of civil rights and cover ups by these individuals ineluding your office is an ‘ongoing concem and others ted to them. Under your leadership along with Dr. Segun Eubanks, Dr. Monica Goldson, Dr. Kevin Maxwell {and Christian Rhodes has been apart of ital the while "coming up"), bullying, harassment, ‘etallation and negligence by he Scho! Board has not only continued but goten worse. Hundreds of grievances have allegedly been ignored, Over the years, [followed proper protocol when complaining: 1) Attempted mediation 2) Complained to proper supervisors 3) Requested assistance from our support and teacher's unions led by problem presidents, Kenneth Haines end Mrs, Theresa Mitchell Dudley, who allegedly colluded with PGCPS. leadership, ‘Ms, Angela Deneece Alsobroaks Es, County Bxecutive, Prince George's County Wednesday, September 4, 2019 Page 4 of page # 4) Filed many grievances tothe Superintendent and Board, 5) Filed complaint with State Labor Relations Board 6) Filed Complaint with FEOC which was kicked back to Prince George's County Civil [Righta/Human Relations Commission 7) Filed complaint with your office as Prince George's States Attorney. '8) Filed complaint with the FBI Notice the FBI told me to tel the school system to give ime back my job on September 21%, 2018, Since March 26, 2011, retaliations and widespread collusion have only intensified through a ‘variety of methods including the use of institutions in Washington, DC, such asthe Catholic University of America (Washington, DC) through an employee tied to Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS), AFSCME Intemational and others. This acti in violation of District of Columbia Human Rights Act of 1977, D.C. Code § 2-1401.01 et seq, the Bias-Related Crime ‘Act of 1989, D.C. Code § 22-3701 et seq, and District of Columbia tort law. Other violations, ‘hich are ongoing, involve the use ofthe Tegal system to harass me using organizations such as the ASASP Union controlled by your close fiend, Mrs. Doris Reed, whose union filed a ‘malicious lawsuit atthe beckoning of Dr. Monica Goldson last year in order to harass me. Union comuption brought to your close atention, instead of being prosecuted, was covered up in a bizarre pattern Employees with strong tes to the Unions and sororities/fratemities have been promoted to facilitate what appears to be ongoing illegel activities. There have been major cover- ‘ups involving close friends of Doris Reed, Dr. Charlene Dukes, Dr. Monica Goldson, Mr. ‘Christian Rhodes and others engaged in retaliation against me for exposing their criminal violations. Some county school system personnel ~ including Laurel High School Principal Mr. Dwayne Jones and Mr. James Smallwood ~- engaged in major misconduct as Union Executives under Doris Reed, Unfortunately, Mr. Jones and Mr, Smallwood have been allowed to retire with benefits instead of being invest gated or fied for wilful violations ofthe law. Many of these allegations ar in violation of Maryland law as well as District of Columbia's Bias-Related (Crime Act of 1989 and the Districts eriminal lav. have evidence of supervisors like those mentioned above and others especially Traketa Wray and Roslyn Haykins under the comupt, bullying tutelage of a former Labor Relations (LR) Director, plotting with others to get me fied though I had a satisfactory to exemplary teaching career for IU yeas. 1 have seen the emails behind closed doors tha they tied to extract trom ‘my Labor Relations file (known as my "black file") where they collected paperwork _nbeknownst o me created by coworkers and supervisors in order to plan my career destruction, simply beeause I spoke up for mine and others workplace rights In addition, keep in mind that some ofthe violations were committed recently in District of | Columbia, please be advised that Maryland and the District of Columbia tort law recognizes the tort of intentions! infliction of emotional distress for intentional, extreme, and outrageous acts that Iead to severe emotional suffering. Due to your intentional violations inter alia, you have Ms. Angela Deneece Alsobrooks Esq, County Executive, Prince George's County Wednesday, September 4, 2019 Page Sof page 5 ‘caused me harm by your filure notte prosecute the people who are violating the laws in Prince George's County and extending the related violations in District of Columbia, When the State attomey fails in her duty to seek justice, coruption increases ~which usually happens when thece i 0 justice Defendants ed by former PGCPS Chief legal counsel Me. Roger Thomas engaged in intentional

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