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JOSEPHAT MUA 2332 LONDON BRIDGE DR, SILVER SPRINGS MD 20906 (B01) 312-1954 §5:304, NOTICE OF CLAIM, Friday, October 4, 2019 BY HAND DELIVERY AND BY OVERNIGHT CERTIFIED DELIVERY ‘The Prince George's County Attomey 1301 MeCormick Drive Suite 4000 Largo, MD 20774 And ‘The Prinve Gvorge’s County Attomey County Administration Building 14741 Govemor Oden Bowie Drive Upper Marlboro, Maryland 20772-3050 RE: (Josephat Mua) Submission of Notice Pursuant to Md. COURTS AND JUDICIAL PROCEEDINGS Code Ann. § 5-304 Dear County Atiomey: This letter serves asa notice that I intend to bring lawsuits against the Prince George's County because of several willful violations ofthe law ier alia by county personnel inchuding the Prince George's County Executive Ms. Angela Deneece Alsobrooks Esq, Former County Exocutive Mr. Rushern Baker, Prince George's County Couneil Member Calvin S. Hawkins, I ‘and Mr. Christian Rhodes, Former Educational policy advisor. This Letter of Intent shall serve ‘ss your formal notice of my intent o commence legal proceedings against Prince George's ‘County with respect tothe matter regarding Josephat Mua The acts or omissions of Prince ‘George’s County personnel in violation of Title VI ofthe Civil Rights Act of 1964, 42 US. ‘Code § 1983 inter alia are the basis ofthis leter. Jn the event you wish to resolve and settle this matter prior to legal proceeaings, being ‘commenced against the Prince George's County and associated individuals, please contact me at the above-noted address at your earliest, or in writing within twenty 20) business days. If you {ail to produce a written reply stating your intention regarding the resolution of this matter within the time frame indicated above or sooner, Josophat Mua will initiate any and al ations necessary n the commencement of legal proceedings inthe courts of applicable jurisdiction, including Federal Court, and will be seeking damages and costs against Prince George's County. ‘The following are issues to consider in determining whether Prince George’s County an its The Prince George's County Atorney — Notice Friday, October 4, 2019 Page 2 of page 28, personnel facilitated the issues at hand which have been ongoing fora while. Several incidents ‘concerning the violations are ongoing and occurred within the I year: Here are the reasons why Ibeliove it wil be in your best interest to consider my grievances ‘As you are aware, I brought active cases against the county school system and against a lawyer (Ms, Ardra M. O'Neal, Esq) who led an organized scheme to derail justice. These active cases are pending in the United States Supreme Court (hereinafter -U.S. Supreme Court state and Federal court intend to vigorously pursue these cases until they are resolved. Ihave plenty of evidence of comuption plaguing my cases, so am certain thatthe violations will be addressed and corrected by the U.S Federal Cours and the United States Supreme Court ‘As a point of reference, I state that, I believe I have strong evidence to show thatthe action to terminate me (Mr. Josephat Mua) and the previous adverse actions and harassment taken against me area result of 1) My discovery of legal and improper activites of several schoo! officials 2) Myiintent and actions to disclose these activities 3) Retaliation for my disclosure efforts 4) National origin diserimination 5) Retaliation for my claims regarding discrimination 6) Retaliation against me for my use of the Grievance system per the union contract, ‘Aticle VIL and 7) Myrefusl to acquiesce to the activities that I saw as flawed, unethical, illegal and possibly criminal ‘There was a concerted effet to force me to leave the Prince George's County Public Schools (PGCPS) systom when I disclosed what I believed to be more than questionable activites regarding county equipment and employees engaged in myriads of illegal activities. believe that Mr. Dickson used pretexts to support his recommendations of termination. Iam well prepared to show that every one of the allegations made by Mr. Dickson and covered up by County Executive Ms, Angela Denecce Alsobrooks Fsq are pre-textual and insubstantial {have already reopened the Prince George's County Cirewit Cort ease an arbors will he pursued, in which many irregularities and legalities have occurred. For example, the intimidation of witnesses has been an on-going occurrence that has intensified with the current ‘administration of Ms, Angela Deneece Alsobrooks Fsq. Attomeys have been compromised 10 dismiss cases or engage in misconduct to the detriment of the plaintiffs. This interference of lawyers atthe beckoning ofthe current administration, is a major concem tothe public and is another example of iregularty, Furthermore, official documents were deliberately misplaced or lost by Maryland State officials led by Maryland Attorney General in Prince George's County. n The Prince George's County Adomney— Notice Friday, October 4, 2019 Page 3 ofpage 28. addition, there have been issues of racial disrimination of which Imade Ms. Angela Deneece “Alsobrooks Esq aware a longtime ago, On March 26, 2011, [fist made Ms. Angela Deneece “Alsobrooks Esq aware of thete illegal activities when she acted asthe State's Attorney for Prince ‘George's County. On March 29, 2011, i response to my assertions, her then Chief of Staff, Mr, Ramin V. Kerionoff, followed up with me via email T responded with details of misconduct involving the eurent Prince George's County Public Schools (PGCPS) CEO, Dr. Monica Goldson, who I said was guilty ofthe wilful violations. Additonal evidence was presented later ‘98 promised through email and personal delivery. Subsequently, Ihave presented Ms. Angela Denoece Alsobrooks Esq with evidence that showed that PGCPS CEO De. Monica Goldson was ‘io fit for office. There is clear evidence that she was atthe center of the numerous public corruption scandals about which my colleagues and I complained about previously. Dr Goldson's tenure can only make things worse with private interest groups and vendors interested jn unmonitored system finances without an inspector general During County Executive Ms, Angela Deneece Alsobrooks Faq tenure asthe Prince George”s County State's Attorney, we interacted alot as she were a member of one of the Facebook groups which I managed. Ms. Alsobrooks once approached me in a Subway shop in Upper “Marlboro and stated thatthe issues which I presente to her were being handled by then County Executive, Mr. Rushern Baker Il. However, nothing came out of the deliberations. Keep in mind that the Baker administration assured me that I would be reinstated to my postion as a Help Desk Technician Il, Mr. Christan Rhodes who was the then Prince George’s County Education Policy Advisor, was required to facilitate this reinstatement, on his part, only to back off maliciously after | won my administrative appeal Mr. Christian Rhodes is facilitating public cosruption within the Prince George's County schools via various Union representatives. Some of these individuals were his colleagues at his former ‘employers the Maryland State Education Association (MSEA) and Prince George's County Education Association (PGCEA) who are well connected, In ACE-AFSCME Local 2250, corruption is facilitated and covered up by James E. Spears, Je, who isa Field Services Director and a former colleague of Mr. Rhodes, Mr. Daniel Besseck at MSRA and Mrs. Theresa Mitchell Dudley. They coordinate willful violation ofthe law with Mr. Damon Felton, the atlorney for (SEA and PGCPS Human resources personnel tied to them, inorder to blackmail union ‘members and PGCPS staf. The willful violations of civil rights and cover ups by these individuals, including County Executive Alsobrooks office, isan ongoing concern and others ticd to PGCPS CEO Dr. Goldson. In the past the PGCPS working in conspiracy with MSEA and PGCEA used services of former MSEA attorney Me. James Whattam. Whattam was promoted in ‘an organized scheme to become PGCPS labor relations director. An investigaion about Mr, James Whattam and Mr. Rhodes who have extensive tiesto AFSCME Local 2250, PGCEA, MSEA andl others need to be investigated and exposed. The Prince George's County Attorney ~ Notice Friday, October 4, 2019 Page 4 of page 28 Under County Executive Alsobrooks leadership along with Dr. Segun Eubanks, Dr; Monica Goldson, Dr. Kevin Maxwell (and Christian Rhodes has been a part of it all the while “coming vp"), bullying, harassment, retaliation and negligence by the School Board has not only continued but gotten worse, Hundreds of grievances have been ignored, The following are issues to consider in determining whether Prince George's County and its personnel facilitated the issues at hand which are ongoing as highlighted below: 1 ‘Qn Novernber 26,2012, the office of Administrative hearings (OAH) at Hunt Valley ‘ound the local Board (Prince George's County public schools) to have violated Petitioner Mr. Miu’s rights and ised a favorable opinion. The opinion reversed the ‘wrongful termination of Mr. Mua. (See Exhibit 1) ‘Shortly thereafter, Mr. Mua shared the opinion and the order ofthe court with Mr Christian Rhodes Education Policy Advisor. On December 10,2012 Mr. Rhodes ofthe Office ofthe County Executive advised Mr. Mua that he will review the order attached herein as Exhibit 1 and wil bein contact soon, ‘Mr, Rhodes promised Mr. Mua that he will be reinstated and that he is going to fa the transition once the new CEO is in place. ‘On March 24, 2013 Mr. Allen Tangi an assistant to Mr. Christian Rhodes -Fdueation Policy Advisor for the Office of the County Executive Mr. Rushem Baker requested Mr. Mua on behalf ofthe county Executive to assist Mr. Baker in the takeover of the school system and to participate in their conference at their request Mr. Mua assisted the County Executive an testified in Maryland Senate in support of Me. Baker. Unknown to Mr. Mua this was not a genuine change of leadership but an intentional and dishonest set up. (On June 1, 2013, County Executive Me. Rusher Baker appointed Dr. Segun Fubanks {his brother-in-law) to become the next Board of Education chairperson in Prince George's County. Since that time, he has influenced the appointment of close friends to ‘ep management jobs within the school system without proper oversight. Among those areas of concer has been the legal department in which Mr. Mua complained about before the current fiasco involving Thatcher Law firm. Over $20 million dollars of reserve funds has been used to pay these close friends who are politically connected to ‘hem, On June, 262012, Dr, Charlone Dukes a ole friend of County Excoutive Mr. Ruchern Baker who served as his Education liaison and transition of the county atthe beckoning. ‘of Mr. Baker conspired to reverse the decision ofthe Administrative Law Judge Brian Zlotnick and issued a diverse opinion in retaliation after Mr. Mua disclosed conflicts involving ber. ‘On June, 27" 2013, Mr. Christian Rhodes -Education Policy Advisor forthe Office of ‘the County Executive invited Mr. Mua to meet with the new CEO. Mr. Mua met with the ‘new CEO on thrve different occasions and was promised reinstatement. Mr. Mua also ‘met with Mr. Baker on three occasions and took pictures with him. He was promised that tate ‘The Prince George's County Attorney ~ Notice Friday, October 4, 2019 Page 5 of page 28 ‘everything would be sorted out and that he would be re reinstated. However, these promises did not occu, 9, Mr. Mua also shared his complaint in Federal and Prince George’s County Circuit court with the county Executive on various dates including July 2013 and mentioned conflicts ‘created specifically by Thatcher Law firm within the schools. Mr. Mua had hoped problems within the county schools were going to be fed. Shortly thereafter, his ‘complaint in Prince George's Circuit Court was dismissed ina capricious manner, 10. On January, 10, 2014, Me. Mua wrote a letter to the County superintendent CEO Dr. Kevin Maxvell and ce'd the county Executive Mr. Rushern Baker and County Atiomey ‘Me. Green requesting help with a copy of fll transcripts to assist with the eiruit court appeal. The omission ofthe transcript was a violation of Mr. Mus's due process rights under Federal statute 42 U.SC. § 1983 and was done in retaliation ater Mr. Mua filed a EEOC charge of discrimination and testified inthe Maryland General Assembly, ‘concerning corruption currently in progress in Prince George's County. Shortly after the January 10*, 2014 email and letter, Citeuit Court Judge issued a diverse order in which he denied all Mr. Mua's motions. Thre is a causal connection between the protected activity and the adverse action in which Mfr. Mua experienced. - On January 25, 2014, Mr. Mua met with the county executive Mr. Rushern Baker atthe House of Delegates in Annapolis Maryland and he promised Mr. Mua help the following ‘week. He summoned Mr. Calvin Havikins who is now a council man to assist him. However, Mr, Hawkins told Mr. Mua that in order to get any assistance, he needed t join the Nation of Islam with Lois Farrakhan. Mr. Mua refused and stated that he was a Christian, 12. Mr. Hawkins then wrote down his information and told Mr. Mua that he would call him by Tuesday January 28,2014. Mr. Hawkins never called Mr. Mua, 13, Around March 2014, Mr. Mua went to pick up documents in the county council in connection with Ms. Robin Bames- Shell elevation as the Executive Director ofthe Office of Ethies and Accountability for Prince George's County. Mr. Hawkins found him waiting at offices ofthe Clerk ofthe Council. Mr. Hawkins then told Mr. Mua, “Are you trying to keep everybody on their tes?” 14, Mr. Hawking had a lengthy meeting with the two ladies who had been helping Mr. Mua (One secretary came out and asked for Mr. Mua’s name while conversing with Mr Hawkins. Shorlly after that, Mr. Hawkins walked past Mr. Mua and sad “Are you ready to tak now?" and then added, “I don’t have the time: 1 On April 7, 2014, The Circuit Cour affirmed the decision ofthe lower court without the due process of the law and in retaliation. A process which was repeated recently on or July 2019. ‘Throughout this litigation, Mr. Mua has witnessed things which are out ofthe orderly within the ‘county. At this point, Mr. Mua is asking the council to request the county Executives to keep their influence out of the judicial system and legislature, and respect separation of powers. Prince George's County is going through a willful, premeditated, deliberate and shameless ‘corruption ofthe system of justice, wth the highest ranks ofthe County government being ‘The Prince George's County Attorney ~ Notice Friday, October 4, 2019 Page 6 of page 28 ‘implicated on an assault on law and order, Mr. Mus has witnessed unilateral and illegal decisions and statements that show disregard forthe separation of powers and a taste forthe old way’ in which the Judiciary was an extension ofthe County Executive and a tool ofthe ruling political elite including the legislature, Ina democratic system, Legislature makes the law, the Juditary mtespres it and the Ixecutive “duty is to execute. “Onee legislature makes a law, the only option for etizens unhappy with iis to go to court. Once the court interpre the law, i is final. Mr, Mua is appealing tothe council to prevail upon the County Executive and other arms of government to end unprecedented misuse ‘of the judicial system, especially the Circuit Court of Prince George’s County in Upper ‘Marlboro, The council should decide whether we are going to be governed by the Rule of Law or the law of oligerchical rue. Leaders must keep their hands off the courts to ensure judicial dependence and the principle of Separation of Powers is upheld. This, will allow the desired independence ofthe Judiciary in this county ‘Throughout his fist and second term, County Executive Mr. Rushem Baker hes worked closely With the retired and eurrent judges in the Prince George's County cireuit court. One of which was the late Honorable Judge William D. Missouri of whom Mr, Mus spoke with conceming the problems within the county schools. This arrangement together with others creates a conflict of interest in the county und must be stopped pronto, Over the year, | followed proper protocol when complaining: ) Attempted mediation 'b) Complained to proper supervisors ©) Requested assistance from our support and teacher's unions led by a problem presidents, Kenneth Haines and Mrs. Theresa Mitchell Dudley, who allegedly colluded with PGCPS. leadership. 4) Filed many grievances to the Superintendent and Boar. ©) Filed complaint with State Labor Relations Board 4) Filed Complaint with EEOC and with the Prince George's County Civil Rights/Human Relations Commission and the case has been stayed in Federal Court £8) Filed complaint with County Executive Alsobrooks office as Prince George’s Sates Aittorey. 1 Filed complaint with the FBI—Notice the FBI told me to tell the school system to give _me back my job on September 2", 2018, 4) Filed complain with office ofthe county executive on several occasions. ji) Filed complaint with the Goveror of Maryland, Widespread collusion and use of Official Positions for personal benefit ‘Several reports indicate that many cleted officals including County Executive Angela Alsobrooks, Maryland House Economic Matters Committee Caiman Delegate Dereck E. Davis The Prince George's County Attorney ~ Notice Priday, October 4, 2019 Page 7 of page 28 and others tied to them i benefit personally. Iuding O’Neal firm are using or have used their official position to ‘As. result, Since March 26, 2011, retaliations and widespread collusion have only intensified ‘through a variety of methods including the use of institutions in Washington, DC, such as the Catholic Univery of Ameria (Washungton, DU) through an employee ted to Prnce George's County Public Schools (PGCPS), AFSCME International, The National Education Association (NEA) and others, Tis acts in violation of District of Columbia Human Rights Act of 1977, D.C. Code § 2-1401.01 et seq, the Bias Related Crime Act of 1989, D.C. Code § 22-3701 et seq., and District of Columbia tort law. Other violations, which are ongoing, involve the use of the legal system to harass me using organizations such asthe ASASP Union controlled by close friend of County Executive Alsobrooks, (Mrs. Doris Reed), whose union filed a malicious lawsuit atthe beckoning of Dr. Moniea Goldson last year in order to harass me and the case was Aismissed in December 2018 and again on February 2019. (See, e.g, ASASP filed a malicious lawsuit in Montgomery county creuit court ease No. 453711V and harassed my wife) Union corruption brought to County Executive Alsobrooks close attention, instead of being prosecuted, was covered up in a bizarre pattem. Employees with strong tis to the Unions and sororites/ratermities have been promoted 10 Facilitate what appears tobe ongoing illegal activities. There have been major cover-ups involving close ftiends of Doris Reed, Dr. Charlene Dukes, Dr. Monica Goldson, Mr. Christian Rhodes and others engaged in retaliation against me {or exposing their criminal violations. Some county school system personnel ~ including Laurel High School Principal Mr. Dwayne Jones and former Principal of Forestville Military academy Mr. James Smallwood ~- engaged in major misconduct as Union Executives under Doris Reed. Uniortunately, Mr. Jones and Mr. Smallwood have been allowed to retire with Benefits instead of | ‘being investigated or fied for willl violations of the law. On or before his retirement, Mr. Dwayne Jones arranged for his “mistress,” Captain Deborah Toppins, to be promoted asa Field (Operations Supervisor inthe PGCPS Department of Security Services so she could become the eyes and ears of the corrupt cartel within the Prince George's county sehool system. The ilicit ffi, involving Dwayne Jones and Deborah Toppins, was highlighted during the administrative sppeal. The county system, as part of anilegal scheme, chose to cover it by bribing the lawyers and transriber involved in the administrative appeal hearings. Many of thee allegations are in violation of Maryland law as well as District of Columbia's Bias-Related Crime Act of 1989 and. ‘the District's eriminal law in whieh some honorable judges appear to have been compromised sand lawyers have evidence of supervisors like those mentioned above and others especially Traketa Wray, Roslyn Hawkins and Shanita Anderson under the corrupt, bullying tutelage of a former Labor Relations (LR) Director, plotting with others to get me fred though I had a satisfictory to exemplary teaching career for 10+ years. Ihave seen the emails behind closed doors that they ‘tied o extract from my Labor Relations file (known as my "back file") where they collected ‘paperwork unbeknownst to me created by coworkers and supervisors in order to plan my career The Prince George's County Attorney ~ Notice Friday, October 4, 2019 Page 8 of page 28

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