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ne Su oF comacncut eae SUPERIOR COURT sweoutere econPote = Titi, Allogation and Counts fivsdpe ct Ge Roe Superer Court Tic mbience RACBCOLBNoneeD Disease nace Gourt Action mea | Pow aso apm - Five vcr [Ei aewmme Cremeans (rot it edt at ie wie. pose wig’ fase Mar swreorcowecncut ce Became N upchon covet Faron er ar = ‘Arrest Warrant Berry _| State of Connecticut ve kal twa. ‘By Authority of the Stato of Connecticut you are herby commanded te ares the body of he wlhienamed accused, (2° at tat apoin A Accused is ordered io be brought before a clerk or assistant ork of he Superior Court ) BAccused ent ents to bad. WA,® or bath re chackd above, yu shall without undue delay bring the reat person lore the clark or asistent cork ofthe Superior Court forthe geographical ares where he offenve I lege to have been ‘commited orf the clr’ office evo open to. community correctional conor within sald geographical ea, othe nearest community conectonal centr I ne such cane exis he geograpiesl 83 oF10 ‘the Correctional insttution 35 the caso maybe. 5 can sett WETA es 2. Nominanial condone a lease: tren con] ean feta On Squmes =o eon ee eee eee! —— ius] one a [ARREST WARRANT APPLICATION ‘STATE OF CONNECTICUT Fortune | pee Rt ‘SUPERIOR COURT negara prem te 3.902.289 radaetgo = 2 Fee area Parsons Jpgecimnte “ooo Ween Potce ‘oe a ra aan Saas ea rar or [Sapam TO Kara ares, M. [sine {GAc10 Rocete Sr ‘Application For Arrest Warrant ‘Tera Judge ofthe Superior Court ng duly sworn, deposes and sayst ‘#1 The undersigned, Police Officer Dean Vertefeule, being duly sworn, does depose and state that he is ‘8 member ofthe University of Connecticut Police Department and has bean since June 28, 2016. Atal times mentioned herein he was acting as @ member of sald department. The following facts and circumstances are stated from personal knowedge and observations 2s wel as information received from other Poles officers acting in ther offal capacity and from official police reports and statements made by prudent and credible witnesses, #2 That on 10/11/18, the UConn Police Department was made aware of an incident that had occurred in the early moming hours outside ofthe Charter Oak Aparimens. An unidentied student had posted to his ‘Twitter account a video of three people walking through the parking lot of Charter Oak Apartments. They ould faintly be heard repeatedly saying the word "nigger" on the video. In addon, the Hall Dector for the Charter Oak Apartments contacted the UConn Posie Department to report the incident at 1490 hours. ‘met vith the Hal Director who provided me with a copy ofthe video, the name ofthe student wh posted the video, 28 well as the name of a sacond student who heard the people inthe parking lot. The Charter ‘Oak Apartment complex is located on UConn Stor campus off of Discovery rive and fls within the Jurisdiction of the UConn Police Department. £3 That who posted tne vdeo, herein referred to as C1 (compleinant 1). was ideniied and ee iz lopufwn ~~ Ze. panna fry fe a= thaTana Sa ire an = ‘hs forgoing Applesonforan anos warrant ard fdas) tached t ald Appliation, having ean suit to and consideredby the undersigned, the udarsignd fds fom se ada) at ther Ie probable cause to batovethat, ‘offs has been commited and that the scoured commited it ad therefore, hat probable cause ene forthe temvance of warrant forthe aretf the above named accused. ARREST WARRANT APPLICATION pense put ‘STATE OF CONNECTICUT oc ‘SUPERIOR COURT GESs 1900086709 ae ‘UConn Pose ‘even Pr Fae ome [Saretenaee on [ora Kora dared, M Praivate [Gact9 Rockies 0 Afidavit- Continued provided a sworn writen statement regarding his observations. nis statement he said arnongst other ‘hing the folowing: "On Friday, 10/1/2018 around 12am, | had been playing video games on my xbox inside of my apartment ocsted (on te TID ofthe Charter Oak Apartment ‘Complex. While playing vdeo games, I ad lf the window to my room open and had heard a grouD of males walking down the roa. As thoy ware waking down the road I ould hear them screaming the word _enis while joking around as I they were playing some sort of game. then tock ou my esl phone ticking that | would get funny video ofthe group of males as they walked past my agariment bung AS took _my call phone cut, the group of males had ot been saying anything as | had started fimin after thoy had ‘stopped seying penis. | had began fiming hoping to get the group of males saying or doing something funny, however, as they continued walking down the road past my apartment bung they began to say the word nigger. As the group transitoned to saying nigger they began fo speak n a much scfier tone and were not sereaming neatly a& loud a they had bean previously, As | had been recording on my cal phone | was unable to hear what the group males had been saying; however, when | re-waiched te video on my col phone and tues up the vlume Iwas abl to her whal he group had said much clearer. AS had been ming the vdeo, also was unable to determine the group of males ha looked rectly up towards me as they walked by: however, watching the vidoo | caw tat the group of malos may have looked up towards my window and am unsure ifthe group had been spectcaly clectg the rac sir towards me. ‘While ming in my room | didnot have he overhead bright ghtng on but had on several LED ‘ul-caored stp ighting on that weuld alow somenne to sea me in my room” Ct aso stated that he would tke fo See criminal acon taken, #4 That C1 provided a copy ofthe video he took on 10/11/19 at 0028 hours. The video was of three ‘eople walking east through the parking le of Charter Oak Apartment. One individual can be seen ‘walking behind the other two wearing a dark hooded sweatshin and dark pants, the other two individuals appear fo be wearing Khak! pants with colored shits. In the vide they could fen be heard repestedly saying the word "igger” 45 That on 10/1/19, whe speaking wih he Hall Decor, licentiies another winess to this incsont, haela referred to as C2, who sated that she had alo hears the people nthe vdeo from her roem on the SR 22102 cho noard nem saying the word “pois” repeatedy and oud. hen heard her s8y"Lals do the N word game” nd she shut her window, C2 slated they wee playing @ game (0 see who would say certain inappropriate words the loudest {thatepor 2c a8 oe Ao aa PE Seas z 4 te ran at mg mere as me oT og oman ono ii a RT PY ‘ z Sie a A Mn a — [ARREST WARRANT APPLICATION oentts Bee 31 [STATE OF CONNECTICUT Been gs ‘SUPERIOR COURT Fs #_ 1000066760 sorejutcoor Lucenn Potce Tae oe [aaa ome [Sarma ime SOS eval Jarred, M. Prive [GA16 Reckwte Su 18 Affidavit - Continued ##6 That the University of Connectcu's video camera system was reviewed forthe me leading up to the ‘evant on 10/11/19 at 0026 hours to attempt fo dently possible suspects. | located a group of three people that appeared tobe siniar to the people seen in the video recorded by C1 atthe intersection of North Englevile Ro. and Discovery Dx. at 0011 hours on the cameral olowed camera footage ofthese indviduals backwards and saw them exting Sot. Pepperoni at 0009 hours on the -»rror cc | ocr {o follow them on the camera footage from vnen they Bf Sgt. Pepperoni east on North Eagleville Ro then sw Gem turn north on Discovery Dr. | saw them again on Discovery Dr. across from cameral RB: 0017 hours waking north GEES rors reviewing this video sequence, a beter description ofthe three people's cothing was ‘obtained. One indvdal was wearing dark colored parts and a black hooded sweaishir, another ‘appeared to be wearing khaki pants and s purple longsleeve shit, and the thd appeared fo be weoring kaki pants and a red long sleeve shir. 147 That Officer Nesci went to Sat. Pepperoni and reviewed securty camera footage inside the pizzeria, ‘Oftoer Nesc saw the fst ofthe three people enter the pizzeria on 10/11/19 at 0002 hours and then the other two individuals enter at 0004 hours. From this video footage we were abe fo get clear photos ofthe three male individvals, who appeared to be the same three individuals observed on video waking in the direction of Cherter Oak Apartments. 148 That from my experience, | know that Huskies Tavern i located in the seme building as Sgt Pepperoni, Reviewing video footage of Huskies Tavern door and ID scanner footage, I ound what appears tobe the same three males entering the bar on 10/10/18 at 2104 hours. Iwas able o identify the twee males from ther driver icense's that they used to enter the bar. identified the male nthe khaki pants and red shir as Ryan Mucaj, the mala in he Khaki pants and purple shir as Jared Karal, and the ‘male in the biack hooded swaatshirt and dark pants as W1 (witness 1). Using the name and date of bith on thelr driver cense's | was able to use UCor’s Peoplesoft system to determine where all three reste, uutich isin Thompson Hall n the Charter Oak Apartment complex. Thompson Hall is two buldings past WEI etre vigil video was taken by C1 a 0028 hour. ##9 That Officer Nesc reviewed card swipe data for door access to Thompson Halland was able to etermine that Jared Kara had swiped into the building on 10/11/19 at 0028 hours. Officer Nesci also ste prge seta s pope sta) = ae sma ae emer Cap a PY ini Tans ARREST WARRANT APPLICATION peas ‘STATE OF CONNECTICUT cae ae aes SUPERIOR COURT Gr: 1o0c0s7e9 eet gow conn Police Fessler [Seto me is erred, Pla |Ga9 RoskuileSu 0 Affidavit - Continued reiewed UConn's wi network logs for Thompson Halland determined that Ryan Mucaj connected to the UConn Secure network using a wi router in Thompson Hall on 10/11/49 at 0029 hours. Jarred Karal connected to the UConn Secure network using awit router in Thompson Hall on 10/11/19 at 0036 hours. Wt connected tothe UConn Secure network using @ wifi router in Thompson Hall on 10/11/19 at 0032 hours. 1410 That on 10/18/19, | requested Mucaj come tothe UConn Police Department to speak. He was later dented ty his CT drver’ license. Mucal veluntarly cam o the Police Department and prior to beginning the interview | advised him that he was free fo laave at anytime, which he understoed. | spoke vit Ryan Mucal and when ! asked Mua) why he thought | had asked him to speak with me, he stated that he didn't know. When | asked ifhe knew anything about the video that was posted he stated that he had s00n the video but that he dnt know anything about it. When asked ifhe was inthe video he stalod “thats rot me, I don think so | asked Muca what he did on Thursday night 10/10/19 into Feday 10/11/19 He stated he went to Huskies at around 9:00-8:30PM and stayed to about midnight then went to Sql Peaperoni for pizza, but lft before ordering because it was to busy. Mucaj stated that he had about seven rinks at tho bar He stated that aftor leaving Sgt. Popperoni he walked back to his apartment around 12:18-12:30 AM wth WI and Jarred Kara. Muca dent see any ather groups of people walking inthe Charter Oak parking lot, Muca stated that from watching the video posted by C1 he thought "the thing ‘msiches up but that's about rght7" When | asked ihe was tolling me that wasrit him in the video Mica) stated "can't say or certain” “because theres no identtiers besides lke a shir." Muce| also slated thet he dint remember what he was saying when he was walking through the parking lt because he was drunk When | asked Mucal fhe was playing @ game whore they wore saying “benis" he stated, “I dont know, Ido {dumb shit ol the time” and that he would rathor say penis than the N-word. Mucaj lated that he has played the penis game before, but doesn't know if they were playing it that night. He stated, “I could have played the penis game, that sounds ike something 'd do” Mucaj stated that he doesrit remember saying the ‘Neword at all even as a game, but targeting someone by saying that word would be the fast thing they ‘would do. At this pointin the interview, Mucaj stated that he had sald enough and was done taking and ‘hat he wanted fo leave. | Waleed Mucaj out of he Police Department ‘#11 That on 10/18/19, Offloor Nest! requested Jarred Karal come tothe UConn Police Department to provide a statement, Prior to begioning the interview Kara was advised that he was free to leave at anytime. Karal was later iderified by his CT driver icense. Karal provided a voluntary sworn writlan statement where he said amongst other things the folowing. “On the right of Thursday (10/10/2018) ra noartatat neti ie WYfooh ee" 2K in Py fn a FAT eh aieeapTasgy Pa ARREST WARRANT APPLICATION pean test ‘STATE OF CONNECTICUT eae ‘SUPERIOR COURT Gr 1e000087e= oebdtese UConn Poe Kora Jared, Piseaile [Gaci9 Roskwte Su 10 Affidavit - Continued ‘around 8-8:30m, (W1) and | went out with our friend Ryan Mucal to Tavern where we went to get a pitcher fof beer: We went fo Tavern italy 90 that we could get a skip the lne pass fr nickle right boing held at Huskies. By going to Tavern and spending @ minimum of $10 dollars you get skip he ne pass. At this Doin, we went to Huskies for nickle night around 10pm where we remained unil 12am. While at Huskies, wo had met up with up witha few fiends of ours from campus and had been érnking mixed liquor drinks ‘twoughout the night. Al rickle night you can get 4ckinks for the cost of 1 dollar. Scon after 12am, (1), Ryan, and left Huskies and stopped at Sergeant Pepperon’s fora pizza, We hai stayed at Sergeant Pepperonifor about §-10 minutes as we walled in ine to order pizza. While wating, a fight broke out between a customer and one of the Sergeant Pepperoni salf members and we docided to leave. We then began to walk back to Thompson Hall going up Nerth Eaglevile Road and turing onto Discovery Drive, 'As we made our wak back to Thompson Hall, we began taking about the night and making diferent [otes. Soon after, we turned off of Discovery Drive and began waking up the hil into the Charter Oak [Apartment Complex. As we made our waik up the hil, Ryan and | thought It would be funny to play the penis game. The penis game is a game where a group of people wil begin fo shout the word penis os loud as you can, The frst person who doesnt want to shout penis or begins to say penis soft is chicken ‘and loss0s the game. As we made our way past the bus slop into the entrance of Charter Oak Apartments we switched from playing the penis game fo then shouting the N-vord instead of pens, We played tis ‘game for about two minutes as we continued our walk back to Thompson Hall. On aur walk back as we had been playing the penis Game saying the Nword, we didnot see aryone around or see anyone looking at us from the apartment buildings. Thinking back to that night, | dor't bolove that we had been shouting loud enaugh for other people to hear us. | eel that we had been speaking ina tone that was sightly louder than that ofa conversation level iter we stopped playing the penis game using he N-Word we had continued fo talk about the night and make Jokes. Atthis me, we arived back al Thompson Hallwhere we ‘all hung out inside my room. We then ordered pizza for delivery fom Sergeant Pepperoni ang had played video games for while before Ryan let and we all went to bed.” Kara also stated, I sincerely apologize i we had offended anyone. This was not our Intentions at al, We were acting dumb, dio, and chilsh, We ‘should have never used that type of language at all. twas not our intent to broadcast what wes ead to any ‘one person, we were ust being immature. | sincerely apologize again for our actions” #12 That on 10780, spoke wih Wt onthe phone, W state EE Tbnabie to speak in person. W1 stated on 10/11/19 he was walking back to Charter Oak Apartments om the bar with Ryan Mio| end dated Kaa a abou right. Wi stad that Mic end Kae decided ‘olay he pens game a he enrance to Charter Oak Apartments bu that he did rattake part hard (isc pape Soft nage Aloe) Dave Wufwon [soar oT Lb n apd me are odo) am rag Sg foe ear a PT = [ge m= ARREST WARRANT APPLICATION penta, Rest STATE OF CONNECTICUT Cae i ana ‘SUPERIOR COURT GrS# 1900060700 faenes LUconn Potce Nee can Fra neat ae [Seto mcs: poy [oowamice Kora. Jarre M Private \GA19Rockile Su 19 Affidavit - Continued was waking slighty behind the others. W1 stated that Muca] and Keral then decided to se the N-word to play the game in place of penis. Wt stted that he told ther to atop multiple times on more then one ‘occasion while they were playing the game with each word and tot them they were being ios. W' sated thal they had all been drinking that night. W1 slated that they di not see anyone oulside o in any of ‘he windows and that “I was not erected at anybody it was just them being extremely stupid and disrespectul” 1#13 That based upon the facs and circumstances this afflant requests a warrant be issued for Jarred eral (DOB 07/19/1998) of 6 Riveredgs Cour, Painill, CT 06062. (isis puge 6 of a8 page ate) = OPufolt celaliad Yj = Sa reap a A ay RS zp ia” a Fe-o1g