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Background of the Study

Society has come to a point where the idea of living without cell phones seems

ludicrous. Students desire cell phones in order to sustain contact with friends. The

parents of students want their children to have them for security purposes. Cell phones

carry multiple benefits, but with this technology lies a dualism that teeters precariously

between the benefits and negative effects of cell phone usage especially with students.

The fast growth of technology has developed electronic device such as smart

phone that the function do not limited only for messaging but this device allow long

distance communication. Smart phone can be called as minicomputer as the features

and functions provided are like computer in its mini form and its handy (Rambitan,


The mobile phone era began in 1993 with the introduction of Simon smart phone

from IBM (Sarwar, 2013). Mobile phone revolution era began with introduction of

blackberry smart phone in mass communication market equipped with many features

such as web browsing, camera, email and internet. Apple entered the market in 2007

and became a major breakthrough in the market as the company introduce its first

smart phone. By the end of 2007, android operating system by Google was revealed to

public in aim to approach smart phone consumer with advanced technology. There are

differences between the previous version and current version of smart phone as the

earlier version was more highly utilized as a tool in companies and was too expensive to
be introduced to public users. As the technology progress during that era was slow and

unaffordable by all, therefore the mobile phone users were limited. Essentially, mobile

phone was produced in afford to simplify adult’s job. However, as time passes, youth

became fascinated with this device. Smart phone offers many functions but youth are

more attracted in chatting and searching for new mates through the medium of social

media and even like to exchange pictures which seem to be unrelated to their learning.

Smart phone seems to be the first thing users look for in the morning and the last things

they look at before they sleep (Lee, 2014).

IOS phone is a mobile phone that has the ability of a computer. This device

provides user with advance communication and computing ability than the traditional

mobile phone which equipped with internet access, cameras with high quality, high

storage and management tools (Boulos, 2011).

Latest iOS mobile phones are viewed as hand held computers rather than a

normal phone because of its powerful computing ability and large memory. The

capability of running feature-rich application (apps) on iOS phones made iOS phone a

more powerful device replacing many devices such as alarms clocks, calculators,

laptops, GPS navigators and digital cameras (Miller, 2012).

Based on the survey from Malaysian Communications and Multimedia

Commission (MCMC), it shows that the most popular medium for users to access

internet is by smart phone (89.4%) and the country being a mobile-oriented society.

Based on 2017 report, there are 30.6 million mobile broadband subscriptions compare

to 2.5 million fixed broadband subscriptions. Moreover, survey by Malaysian

Communication and Multimedia Commission in 2014 showed that 44.8 percent of smart
phone users stated that smart phone is very essential in their daily life and 60.9 percent

of users’ age range between 20 and 39 are seen most obsessed with their smart

phones, while 63.3 percent of users’ accessed internet via their smart phones. Thus, it

shows that Malaysian society has considered smart phones as an important device to

be utilized in their daily life (Manvin, 2016).

IOS mobile phone turns out to be one of the technologies that spread the fastest

and been adopted widely by the world (Degusta,2012). The way a person access

information has changed with the introduction of mobile phone. Individuals that own a

iOS phone is utilizing it beyond the mere function of calling and texting; by utilizing it for

listening online music, online shopping and banking, watching movies and sending

pictures (Anderson, 2016).

In the Philippines almost all Filipino people using mobile phones for their

everyday life. Some of them forgot to bring other things but not their mobile phones.

Using mobile phones not only in the Philippines but all over the world is very important,

it gives communication to every person all around the world. In every corner and street

here in Metro Manila even the poorest person has a mobile phone. Mobile phones in

thismodern ages have become useful to everyone. Mobile phones here in the

Philippines gives better information and help you to access everything. It is one of the

most useful gadgets of modern technology that every person has and become a part of

the life of everyone. Even kids know how to operate and use this mobile phones

(Retrieved from Manila Times, 2018).

In the Philippines, you can see that almost Filipino have their own mobile phones

or cell phones. Even the children have its own gadgets and also you can see a street
person has a mobile phone on their own. Having a cell phone sometimes describe what

we are as a person. It is sometimes defended on what we have like if we have the latest

edition of a mobile phone you are rich because you can have that latest and updated

features of the cell phone, but if you have a very cheaper cell phone it means that you

are ordinary and your life is simple. Mobile is one of the important devices that all

Filipino use. It can use everywhere and anywhere and every time. This device can be

the life of all Filipino people in many ways. It is now the leading modern technology that

has a strong impact on the life of Filipino people (Retrieved from Manila Times, 2018).

A study was conducted by students of University of Southeastern Philippines

along with their books and school supplies, most high school and college students and

many younger students make their daily trip to school with their trusty mobile phone.

Mobile phones connect students to one another, to educational resources, and to a

potential host of distractions. The presence of cell phones presents both opportunities

and challenges for today's students. Mobile phones can be a helpful academic tool, or a

hurtful academic disruption depending upon the attitude and use pattern of the students

and the policies of the schools they attend.

Statement of the Problem

This studylooks to address the level of perception of Senior High School Students on

the effects of using iOS mobile phones to their academic performance in STI College


Specially, this study seeks an answer to the following question.

1. What is the extent of using iOS mobile phone to the academic performance of

senior high school students in terms of:

1.1 Security

1.2 Storage

1.3 High Quality Camera

2. What is the level of significance of iOS mobile phone affecting their academic

performance in terms of:

2.1 Grades

3. Is there any significant relationship between the impact of iOS mobile phone and

the student’s academic performance in terms of:

3.1 Age

3.2 Gender

Theoretical Lens

A theory is a set of interrelated concepts, definitions, and propositions that

explains or predicts events or situations by specifying relations among variables. Theory

is heuristic for it stimulates and guides further development for knowledge.

Escape Theory (Faber R. J., O’Guinn T. C) has been used to explain the effects

of mobile phone usage. Mobile phones help the affected individual escape negative

events or feelings. Mobile phones may be used to avoid larger, more pressing

problems. A constant focus on the “here and now” helps the cell-phone user avoid

reflecting on issues that are disconcerting. The Theory of mobile learning (Sharples,

Taylor, &Vavoula, 2005) is essential when thinking of the role of mobility and

communication in learning environments.

This theory states the possible advantage and disadvantage of using mobile

phones. Constructivist theories propose that “knowledge is being actively constructed

by the individual and knowing is an adaptive process, which organizes

the individual’s experiential world”.

Students bring their own schema (past experiences) into their academics and

use it to enhance their learning by gaining more knowledge and build upon their old.

Constructivist learning theory enables the mobile technology to focus on the student’s

ability to be self -directed and draw conclusions (Karagiorgi&Symeou 2005). The

students need to have the opportunity to experiment and utilize previous experiences to

build new understandings of the educational material.

Objective of the Study

Our research paper object on how to identify the good and bad effects of mobile

phones to the students, and how will we be able to use properly and to know the

responsibilities on using it.

1. To establish the bad effects of mobile phones to the students of STI College


2. To determine the particular reason and responsibilities of students on using

mobile phones.

3. To identify the good effect of mobile phones to the students of STI College


Significance of the Study

This research is focused on the Impact of Mobile Phones to the Academic

Performance of the Senior High School Students as the findings will redound to the
benefit of the students as it will enhance their discipline and knowledge into using

Mobile Phones moderately and correctly.

Students.The students are the most benefited to this study as they will gain a

proper knowledge on the effects of the mobile phones in their academic performance.

As they will be enlightened to know the truth.

Parents. The parents are the guardians of our life. They will be able to know and

learn the effects of mobile phones in their students to their academic performance. As

they will be guided by the research on how to guide their children in right way.

Teachers.The teachers are called as our second parents. They will be able to

learn the effects of mobile phones in the academic performance of the students. By this

they will be enlightened on how to control, discipline and teach the students.

School Administration. The school administration will learn and will use their

learning to be able to create a rule in school to help students use mobile phones as an

instrument in their study.

Null Hypothesis

1.There is no significant difference in the number of Senior High School

Students using mobile phones and those who do not.

2.There is no significant relationship in the extent to which the use of mobile

phone affects student academic performance.

Definition of Terms

This study aims to know not only the importance, purpose and responsibility of

every Senior High School Students of STI College Tagum on how to use Mobile

Phones, but also to understand every important meaning of definition of terms we


Mobile Phones.A mobile phone is a wireless handheld device that allows users

to make and receive calls and to send text messages, among other features. In this

study it is defined as an electronic device used by Senior High School Students of STI

College Tagum mainly communication and any academic and non-academic purpose.

Multi-tasking.Multitasking refers to the simultaneously performance of multiple

tasks and processes by hardware, software or any computing appliance. In this study it

is an act of Senior High School Students in doing different tasks at the same time.

Internet Surfing.Internetsurfing means to move from one Web page to another,

usually in an undirected manner.In this study it is an act of finding information of getting

information on the internet.

Mobile youth culture.The concept of mobile youth culture is frequently used in

the field of adolescent mobile phone research to refer to the distinctive ways.In this

study it is an era which students embed or embrace the mobile phone in their


Review Related Literature

Mobile phones enable students to access a variety of electronic media at almost

anytime and place. Popular activities such as playing games, surfing the internet,

texting and monitoring their own social media sites as it is linked to what is the outcome

of their academic performance being a student in our present generation students are

obsessed using gadgets. They usually want to buy the latest release of these gadgets

especially mobile phones to satisfy their desires in terms of entertainment and getting

the newest of the new as result students tend to use up more time using mobile phones

than on studying that’s why it affects the students study habits and academic


Mobile Phone



High Quality Camera

Academic Performance

Chapter 3

Research Methodology

This chapter shows the research design, research subject, research instrument,

procedures and statistical tools that will be used in the conduct of the study.

Research Design

This is basically a type of phenomenological research. As stated by Sage (2007),

conducting quantitative research study is to determine the relationship between one

thing and another within a population. Researchers generally use quantitative research

when they want get objective, conclusive answers.

This study employed the descriptive type of research. This is a type of research

when gathers data through questionnaires which solicits responses of the respondents

in their perception on the impact of using iOS mobile phone in their academic

performance among the Senior High School students in STI Tagum. The response was

tabulated, analyzed and interpreted through statistical method, which provided the

findings of the study.

Research Subject

The respondents in this study are the Senior High School students of STI

Tagumwith the method of random sampling. The respondent’s sex was also considered

in the analysis of data. This study used the random sampling for the twenty (20)

identified respondents.
Table 1 shows the distribution of respondents from twenty identified respondents

from grade 11 and 12, with a total of 20 respondents of which 6 are males and 14 are


Locale of the Study

This study was conducted at STI College Tagum at Apokon Road, Tagum City.

Table 1

Distribution of Respondents


Students M F TOTAL Percentage

Grade 11 2 9 11 N/A

Grade 12 4 5 9 N/A

TOTAL 6 14 20 N/A
Research Instrument

This study utilized researcher-made questionnaire in order to measure the impact

of using iOS mobile phone on the academic performance of the senior high school

students of STI Tagum.

The questionnaires were presented to the adviser and were validated by the

panel of experts. After which, the researchers distributed personally and retrieved the

questionnaires. The questionnaire for the independent variable consists of three

indicators with five (5) statements each. The Likert Scale will be used for rating the

responses wherein 5 is the highest with the descriptive equivalent of Strongly Agree and

1 is the lowest with the descriptive equivalent of Strongly Disagree.

The parameters will be used.

Range of Means Level Meaning

4.50 – 5.00 Strongly Agree It means that the

respondents strongly agree
on the given statement.
3.50 – 4.49 Agree It means that the
respondents agree on the
given statement.

2.50 – 3.49 Neutral It means that the

respondents are neutral on
the given statement.
1.50 – 2.49 Disagree It means that the
respondents disagree on
the given statement.
0.00 – 1.49 Strongly Disagree It means that the
respondents strongly
disagree on the given
Data Gathering Procedure

The data will be gathered through the following procedure:

1.Permission to Conduct the Study. A letter of coordination request will be

prepared and sent to the proper authorities. The letter will be addressed to the adviser

and noted before the approval of the research adviser of the study.

2.Administration and Retrieval of Questionnaire. The researcher will have

administered the questionnaire to the respondents of the study. The research will have

requested the respondents to answer the questions honestly in order that the accurate

and reliable data and information will be gathered.

3. Collation and Tabulation of Data. The results will be collected and tabulated

and it will be subjected to appropriate statistical treatment.

Conceptual Framework

Impact of Using iOS Phones Academic Performance

 Security
 Storage
 High Quality  Grades

 Age
 Gender

Figure 1.Conceptual Framework of the Study

Theoretical Framework

(Sharples, Taylor, &
Advantage and
of using mobile
phone as a learning
Escape Theory (Karagiorgi&
(Faber R.J.O’Guinn Symeou,2005) –
T. C) – explain the Studentsadaptivenes
escapism of students. s onutilizing
gaining knowledge.

Impact of Mobile
Phone to the
Performance of the

Figure 2.Theoretical Framework of the Study