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February 21,2010

Richard W. Meehan, Mayor
Town of Ocean City
301 Baltimore Ave
Ocean City MD 21842

Re: Richard I. Rehmann

Date of Death: filO8DAA9
Location: 614 Bayshore Court, Unrt#t4, Ocean City, Maryland 21842

Dear Mayor Meehan:

Pursuant to the notice provisions of the Local Govemment Tort Claims Act,
codified in the Courts and Judicial Proceedings Article of the Annotated Code of
Maryland, be on notice that I, Jacqueline M. Rehmann, am asserting a tort claim against
The Town of Ocean City, Maryland for gross negligence resulting in the Death of my
husband, Richard I. Rehmann, at approximately 5:17 p.m. on October 3,2009 at614
Bayshore Court, Unit #14, Ocean City, Maryland2l842.

Mr. Rehmann suflered myocardial Infarction and died as a result of what I believe
to be gross negligence on the part of the Town of Ocean City, including any and all city
officials and/or its employees that were directly or indirectly involved in this specific
incident, including but not limited to the Town of Ocean City 9l I Dispatch, the Town of
Ocean City Fire and EMS and the paramedics that treated Mr. Rehmann at the above
referenced location. I am seeking the maximum amount of damages permiued under the
law from the local govemment.

Please contact me directly for further information or to respond to this letter. My

mailing address is 6544 Riefton Court, Alexandri4 Virginia 22310.

Thank you for yourtime and attention to this matter.

Very truly yours,

{acqueline M. Rehmann
4* Af.i..
.AYR.ES, SE1\rKrrrrs, GloRDlr & aT.tfiA.lrtr), F..a.
13 cuY*/vREstl
6200 cof,srAl Htct{ly/u SUITE
OcEAlr CrrY. MauurrNo 21842
& ocEAl.r PlNEsoFftcE
HAROLDE.GORDYJR 4ts723-tdoo PO.BOX1244
\?ILUAM E ESHA[,[ M 4l0€zlt-s033
BRUCE E BRICHT March 19,2010

Mrs. Jackie ftghmann

6544 Riefton Court
Alexandri4 VA223l0

RE: Investigation: Death ofRichard I. Rehmann

Dear Mrs. Rehmann:

Please allow me to extend my sincere condolences to you and yorr fanily on the death of
your husband-

It is my tmderstaoding that you have met with municipal officials, including the mayor, in
your effort to obtain aU information available concerning your late husband's demise. Recently, you
,'g provided 'T.[otice" to the Mayor and City Cormcil of Ocean City pursuant to the Maryland Tort
Claims Act.-As aresult ofthaq protocol relative to possible claims against Ocean City are referred
to either or both the town's Risk Manager and/or me, the City Solicitor. This is not to stonewall you
or otherwise deny you access to information you miglt request. I will be available, md, hopefully,
able to assist you in providing responses to your requests- I am aware that there are a couple requests
for information that have not been answered. I will inquire as to those matters, and I will respond
to you.

City Solicitor for Mayor and

CityCouncil of Ocean City

cc: MayorRichard W' Meehan

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To : abormds@aj;
i'3 Date: Mon, Aprii 26,2010 9:54:27 PM
Cc:; jmitecic@ococearlcom; lmartin@ococean.coq;
jshall@ococean com; j
Subjecfi October 3, 2009 incident Re: Richard Rehmann

Mr. Ayres,II[

I received yoru letter dated March 19, 2010. In it you refene, rce a couple requests for information that I
have requested but have not yet received answers. You strated that you would inquire as to those mattrers
and respond to me. It has been over five weeks and I have yet to receive anything from you or anyone

I also want to know what the Town of Ocean Crty

has done since October 3,2010 to make sure that
whathappenedto my husband neverhappens to myone else. And lastly, is Joanne Brubage still
employed by the Town of Ocean City 911 Dispatch Center?

As I told the Mayor dwing otrFebnrary 27 meeting,I will not rest, or go away, wd I receive the
dnswersl to these questions. If I can't get the affrwers on my orvn, I have no problem f4king my story to
the residents of Ocean City and anyone else willing to list€Nr. It will then be up to them to
decide whether or not the Toum of Ocean City 911 Disparch and Fire and EMS are being
managed proprly by the current Mayor and Town Council. If not, they will have the upcoming election
to make sure that their voices are heard-

I would appreciate a response to my questions no later than lvlay 14,2010. Thank you.

Jackie Rehmann

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