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Mission and Vision
American Majority is a non-profit, non-partisan political training organization whose mission is to train a new generation of leadership committed to individual freedom through limited government and the free market system. We believe that change begins not in Washington, but in our state and local communities, where the majority of government spending occurs. Between 1997 and 2006, 55% of government spending took place at the state and local levels combined. Political careers often begin at the local and state level: roughly 70% of the current U.S. Congress began their careers in state or local positions. If we desire the next generation of national political leadership to be liberty-minded, then we must build a farm team of quality candidates at the lower levels who will run, and activists who will support them. Company Overview American Majority has offices in Arkansas, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, and Virginia. The company headquarters is in Purcellville, Virginia, which is about 50 miles west of Washington D.C. We also have the American Majority Mechanics Program, which consists of a group of certified trainers across the country who train citizens in their communities on behalf of American Majority. The Mechanics are trained by American Majority staff and use our resources, training materials and presentations. Since its founding in 2008, American Majority has already conducted trainings in 42 states, trained nearly 500 candidates for public office and over 5,000 activists. In 2010, American Majority will train nearly 8,000 activists and 600 candidates.

Whether individuals are considering running for elected office, college students wanting to make a meaningful contribution, community leaders desiring to become connected with like-minded professionals, or citizens interested in affecting change in your state or local community, American Majority Training Programs have something for everyone. Candidate Training Program America needs more liberty-minded public officials in all levels of government, but specifically state and local government. In the Candidate track, American Majority equips candidates with the tools necessary to run for office and the knowledge and resources to guide effective decisions once in office. During the day-long seminar, candidates receive training on several critical campaign subjects including building a campaign organization, fundraising, grassroots mobilization, get-out-the-vote, utilizing new and traditional media, as well as individualized communications training and current issue analysis for the their state or local community.

Activist Training Program Grassroots activism is one of the most effective ways to affect change in America. In the Activist Training Program, American Majority educates citizens on the principles of liberty and provides training in ways citizens can be involved in their communities. We train citizens to understand the impact on American prosperity of our core conservative beliefs and how those principles apply to key current issues. American Majority teaches these activists how to effectively engage in the political arena by utilizing the most modern methods in coalition building, advocacy and campaigning. Patriot 2.0/New Media Trainings American Majority is teaching activists and candidates to be active in the digital world. The training covers topics such as Facebook, Twitter, Wikis, blogs, YouTube and building your online image. The goal of this training is to create a solid network of activists online who are utilizing the digital tools to advance the conservative movement. Campus Majority (College Training Program) College students are often the most overlooked group of activists. They are passionate about what they believe and will do whatever it takes to achieve their goals. Campus Majority provides one-day intensive seminars on the principles of liberty and gives practical opportunities for students to become involved in defending freedom both on and off campus.

Change Begins at Home
Our nation needs local and state officials who believe in limited government and fiscal restraint and are accountable to the people.  Moreover, sound policies on the state and local level will result in influencing the kind of policies adopted in Washington.  Local officials are the farm team from which the conservative movement finds its leaders for higher office. By identifying and training liberty-minded candidates, American Majority is beginning to fill our nation’s leadership void at the state and local level.  We are facilitating change community by community and state by state.

For more information on American Majority and our work, visit us online: www.americanmajority.org Find American Majority on: Facebook: www.facebook.com/AmericanMajority Twitter: @AmericaMajority

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