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ESEA will notify CCSD that Local 14 will be assisting ESEA in the representation and
servicing of the Bargaining Unit, and the Parties will conduct a joint media event to
announce the intention of the Parties and publicize what they mutually determine to be an
appropriate level of detail regarding this Agreement.

3. Local 14 may enroll as members Bargaining Unit employees from Unit 2 and will inform
ESEA of what amount of Union dues must be collected from such employees. Upon
receipt of Union dues from Local 14 members who are employees in Unit 2, ESEA will
remit the dues collected from such members to Local 14. Local 14 will pay ESEA a
"One-Time Fee" of 1.00 per member to set up dues deduction. The Parties agree that in
collecting dues on behalf of Local 14 and transmitting those dues to Local 14, ESEA is
performing solely an administrative function on behalf of Local 14 for its convenience,
and ESEA is not a party to any agreement between Local 14 and its members. Therefore,
Local 14 agrees to hold ESEA harmless and to reimburse ESEA for any and all costs and
legal fees it may incur in connection with any action or proceeding arising or resulting
from its collection of dues on behalf of and its transmittal of dues to Local 14.

4. ESEA will appoint . 4.. employees of Unit 2 designated by Local 14 to the ESEA
bargaining tea m. Such designated employees must be a member of one of the Unions.
This provision of the Agreement will expire upon recognition of Local 14 as the
Bargaining Agent for Unit 2.

5. On or before the Effective Date, ESEA and Local 14 will enter into a confidentiality and
nondisclosure agreement regarding pending Unit 2 grievances that are being processed by
ESEA. After such agreement, ESEA will provide Local 14 with a list of its pending
grievances for Unit 2. Thereafter, the Parties will discuss for which pending Unit 2
grievances ESEA will retain responsibility and for which responsibility will be transferred
to Local 14. If the Parties do not mutually agree that responsibility for a pending Unit 2
grievance should be transferred to Local 14, ESEA will retain responsibility for such
pending Unit 2 grievance. The Parties will continue periodic discussion regarding
responsibility for pending Unit 2 grievances until six months after the Effective Date of
this Agreement.

6. Local 14 will provide sufficient personnel to provide coverage for investigatory

interviews, grievances and other representation functions for Bargaining Unit employees
of Unit 2. Unless otherwise agreed between the Parties on a temporary and/or case-by­
case basis, investigatory interviews, grievances and other representation functions for
Bargaining Unit employees of Unit 2 will be the sole responsibility of Local 14. What
personnel are sufficient for Local 14 to perform its representation functions will be the
sole determination of Local 14. Local 14 will defend and indemnify ESEA in the event a