Earl Long was 30 years my senior. He had no children.

It is only natural that he didn’t quite understand younger people. However, I was raised in the country and taught to be respectful and obedient to older people. He never asked my advice on weighty matters, nor did I ever offer it. The first gubernatorial election in which I was eligible to vote was 1948. I voted by absentee ballot in Avoyelles Parish. This was before voting machines so we used a paper ballot. I voted for Earl Long which I am sure was verified by the clerk of court when he steamed the envelope open. My next encounter with Earl Long was in 1954 when he was running for Governor and I was running for Attorney General on the Grevemberg ticket. I spoke with him briefly when our speaking tours were scheduled for the same town. On each occasion he sent for me. He was elected and I wasn’t, however he called me shortly after his election and offered me a part time job in his office which I have since found out through the courtesy of Jesse Bankston’s book was “legislative assistant”. I saw him daily during the sessions of the legislature, and frequently thereafter. I attended functions at the mansion. My wife and I and son Billy has squirrel and grits with him in the kitchen at the mansion. I have been with him at his camp outside of Winnfield. I also served in his administration as attorney for the Commissioner of Financial Institutions, then State Bank and Securities commission. I had a seat behind him during his final session of the legislature. I was neither edified nor amused during his unfortunate speeches to the last legislature, and as any real friend would, I felt sympathy and pity for him. I have my opinion of what caused his indiscretion. It was not insanity but I don’t blame his family and close friend from believing it so. He could not succeed himself so he ran for Lieutenant Governor on the Jimmie Noe Ticket. He announced my candidacy that year before talking to me about it. We both lost that time. It has been suggested that I write a book about my experiences with Earl Long. I have concluded that no one would be interested in it because a good part of the book would reflect his knowledge of State Government and his sincere and efficient approach to running the government. I find that the books by Jessie Bankston and Dupre Litton, if carefully read, would give you more insight into his ability and devotion that I could. I do have a repertoire of some of his humor but have not found a way to convey it without doing injustice to the many good things he accomplished. Finally, I thank you for giving me this opportunity to remember Earl Long.

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