Volume 9

Issue 3 Alpha Rho State November The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International


President Barbara’sMessage… ……
Haven’t the leaves been wonderfully gorgeous this year? It seems I appreciate their beauty more each time I see the brilliant reds, yellows, oranges and purples that are visible now. Did you know that those colors are always there? We only see them when the green chlorophyll drops out and leaves behind the rest of the colors. Oh, the places I can go with that analogy. Well, since it’s time for Thanksgiving, let’s go with losing negative thoughts and seeing gratitude. There are so many reasons to be grateful. I know we all have our own lists of things, both large and small, and I think it’s good to actually write them down, if only for yourself. And when you breathe in gratitude, beautiful colors remain. We will have the pleasure of listening to a speaker from the Education Department of SOU on November 20th. Our meeting will be from 10-12 AM at the Uniserv Office. If you have finished reading Three Cups of Tea, and are willing to share the book with others, please bring it to the meeting and we can have a swap time. We will begin discussing the book sometime in the spring.

Traditionally, the State Convention has been the first weekend in May. When the Executive Board planned the April meeting, we thought it would be fun to go on the downtown Medford Artwalk on April 15th. You guessed it, turns out that is the weekend of the convention. So, let’s make our April meeting BE the convention! We will organize car pools and motel rooms as we approach April. We would like Epsilon to make a Huge showing at the State Convention, so let’s start thinking about it soon. Also, we are hoping one of you is willing to offer the use of your home to host our December meeting. It will be on the afternoon of Sunday, December 19th, from 2-5. As I look at the glowing leaves I am also grateful that they save their inner beauty all the way to the end. I will be grateful to see you on November 20th. Barbara Meredith

October 16, 2010 Minutes Epsilon Chapter Delta Kappa Gamma
The meeting of the Epsilon Chapter was called to order by President Barbara Meredith at 10 a.m. at the Uniserv office. All were welcomed. Barbara led us in the Pledge to the Flag. Corresponding Secretary, Mary Hill, read a note of thanks from Grant-inAid recipient, Mandy Engler. The Initiation Ceremony for new member, Dolores Scheelen, was conducted. The Yearbook was passed among us for updating in preparation for publishing the new one. Young Artists of the Rogue Valley was reported on by Jane Dow. Bobbie Middaugh gave us a report on the proposed New Chapter Rules. Members will shortly receive a copy. We will vote on the proposal at the next business meeting. Tirzah Barlow presented the Treasurer’s report. The Checking Account balance is $3259.74. The Grant-in-Aid balance is $1231.49.

The Saving Account balance is $26.00.. Jan Robertson reported a correction to the September minutes. Delete “ our scholarship” and insert “this” in the paragraph pertaining to the Grant-in-Aid. President Barbara moved that the corrected minutes be approved. MSP. The next Lunch Bunch will be on Tuesday, October 19, at 11:30 at The Loft in Ashland. Judy Bamforth is the hostess. She circulated a sign up sheet. On November 11, Stacey Jones, will hostess the Lunch Bunch. Tentative plans are for the luncheon to be held at the new German restaurant in Jacksonville. We will receive notice of the confirmation. Jane Dow reminded us to bring children’s books for the Ashland Food Bank. The program was presented by Dolores Scheelen. She spoke to us about her experiences working with staff and teachers at the Ummeed Center in India. The Center works with students who are autistic. Refreshments were provided by Diane Cowan, Rosie Ruiz, Cindy Fuglsby, and Carol Cox. Coffee was served by Susan Nelson. Raffle prizes were won by Carol Moody, Dolores Cadwallader, and Rosie Ruiz Submitted by, Jan Robertson Recording Secretary

A Special Thanks…………….
Epsilon thanks our newest member, Dolores Scheelen, for a fascinating look into the colorful culture of India through her endeavors teaching teachers how to work with autistic children at the Ummeed Center. We will be seeing more of this well-spoken educator as she settles into her role as a proud new Delta Kappa Gamma member.

Calling Committee Query…….
Those of you who have served on the Calling Committee, please be thinking about choosing to stay on or to move on. Diane Cowan needs to keep this important committee functioning with an adequate number of callers. The monthly calls help inform our members of the upcoming meeting details, plus the calls keep those members unable to attend regularly “in the loop.” Very important.

Lunch Bunch…………….
Let’s try a new venue this month. The restaurant is Frau Kemmling, the School Haus Brew Haus, a German restaurant in Jacksonville. The address is 525 East E Street-formerly, the old Jacksonville Elementary. The date is Tuesday, November 23 at 11:30 am. Call host Jan Robertson with your reservation. 482-4638.

New Yearbooks……………….
Pick up your brand new 2010-2011 yearbook at our Nov. 20 meeting. Yeehaw…life is good!

November 20 Meeting…………
The MAT program at Southern Oregon University is one we can be proud of. Our Grant-in-Aid, Mandy Engler, is proof of that. Learn more about this successful program through the presentation of Amy Belcastro, PhD and Associate Professor in the Department of Education at SOU. We are fortunate to have this exemplary teacher training program literally in our “backyard.”

Book Club…………………..
The group has chosen a non-fiction selection this month--The Nine: Inside the Secret World of the Supreme Court by Jeffrey Toobin. Based on exclusive interviews with the justices themselves, The Nine tells the story of the Court through personalities. Behindthe-scenes disclosures. We will be discussing the book after the Nov. 20 meeting. You are welcome even if you haven’t read it!

MISSION: Delta Kappa Gamma promotes professional and personal growth of

women educators and excellence in education.
Executive Board
President 1st Vice Pres. Barbara Meredith Stacey Jones

2nd Vice Pres.

Janet Hegna-Davis Renee Gardener Record. Secret. Jan Robertson Carol Moody Corresp. Secret. Mary Hill Treasurer Tirzah Barlow Parliamentarian Dr. Bobbie Middaugh Immed. Past Pres. Louise Holmes Epsilon Update Editor: Jane Dow

Important Dates
November 20 December 19 February 12 March 17 10:00 am 2--4 pm 10:00 am 4:30-6:30 pm Uniserv Member’s Home Grants Pass Omega Janet HegnaDavis’ Classroom SOU MAT Program Communications & Publicity Prog. Educational Excellence Prog. Inside a REAL Classroom

April 14-16 Alpha Rho State Convention Astoria (In lieu of our monthly meeting. Let’s have a great Epsilon turnout!) May 21 10:00 am Uniserv Scholarship&World Fellowship Prog. Founders’ Day