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Wnited States Senate ‘WASHINGTON, OC 20510 October 25, 2019 President Donald J. Trump 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW ‘Washington, DC 20500 Dear Mr, President: ‘We write in suppor ofthe new goverment of Sudan, Months of large-sale street protests in across Sudan, initially led by women, youth, and civil society activists evolved into a ‘movement with urban and rural Sudanese against its brutal government. On August 21,2019, Suan adopted a constitutional charter that established a transitional government and paves the ‘way toward civilian government and democratic elections. As democratic members ofthe subcommittee on Aftican Affairs of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, we believe that this new government requires the support of the United States and therefore, we urge you to nominate the first U.S Ambassador to Sudan since 1997, For nearly 30 years, former President Omar al Bashir led a corrupt regime that carted out human rights aocities against his own countrymen and women. Even after a military coup removed him from power protests continued, av the Sudanese people refused to accept the Transitions Military Council (TMC) which included many of the same officials ftom Bashir's regime. As activists continued to protest for democracy and ther freedom, over 100 civilians were killed by security forees, reportedly led by the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) on June 3. (On August 21, a constitution charter was signed, dissolving the TMC and creating a joint ‘milcary-civlian Sovereign Council. A new prime minister, Abdalla Hamdock has been changed ‘with leading the country Through a three-year transitional period. While these are encouraging signals, the toughest challenges lie ahead. Sudan faces crushing debt, sanctions, and a worsening economic environment. Meanwhile, hardliners within the security services, nd in particular the SF have deeply entrenched interests and could serve as spoilers for a transition wo civilian rule That is why this nascent transition requires U.S. support. While restrictions on some forms of U.S. assistance may require broad Congressional supporto lift, the nomination of the US, Ambassador io Sudan will send an important signal of our suppor for this new government and to the brave Sudanese that fought for ther rights, For this reason, we urge you to nominate an ambassador o Sudan as soon as possible. Sudan's transition remains fragile, but it can be bolstered with thoughtful U.S, support, boginning with a USS. ambassador in Sudan. We appreciate your attention to this mater, Sincerely, Cory A. Booker United Sjates Senator Christopher A. Cosas United States Senator Sincerely, 7 Je Timothy M. Kaine Gopher S. Murphy United States Senator