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Parenting Children in Middle Years (5-10) – PEP 106N

Instructor Information:
Instructor: Candyce Bollinger, PEP Instructor
Location: Building 20, Room 100
Office Hours: Tuesday & Thursday 12:00-1:00 pm
Phone Number: 596- 5434
Or the Education Program Office:
Phone #: (360) 596-5293 Email:

Course Information:
Parenting Children in Middle Years (5-10): PEP 106N – Fall 2010, 2 credits
Thursday, 6:30 – 8:20 pm, Room 100
Texts/Lab Materials/Library Sources: (if any):

Course Objectives:
Upon successful completion of this course the student will be able to:
A. Understand developmental stages for ages 5 years through 10 years
B. Interact with children to promote communication, cognitive, social and emotional
C. Intervene positively and effectively to change children’s behavior
D. Interact with other parents to increase knowledge of childcare skills and obtain support
E. Demonstrate child guidance skills appropriate to children ages 5 years through 10 years

Course Description:
This course consists of lectures, discussion, in class activities, and assignments on the
topics of:
A. Developmental overviews N. Body image
B. Discipline O. Problem solving
C. Social skills P. Sexuality
D. Emotional intelligences Q. Power/boundaries
E. Peer relations/school issues R. Gender, birth order
F. Sibling relations S. Overindulgence/entitlement
G. Self reliance T. Multiple intelligences
H. Communication U. Safety without fear
I. Cooperation V. Media impact
J. Family balance W. Learned optimism
K. Dealing with anger X. Resiliency
L. Motivation Y. Nutrition and health
M. Respect Z. Self reflection as a tool of parenting
Course Policies:
Grade is based on a point system: 50% - participation in classroom activities
50% - homework assignments

100 point maximum: 93-100 A 77-79 C+

92-90 A- 73-76 C
87-89 B+ 70-72 C-
83-86 B 66-69 D
80-82 B- 60-65 D-

Expectations of Students:
• Listen well and help each other problem-solve.
• Avoid judging or giving unsolicited advice.
• Be persistent in getting what you need from class.

Attendance Policy:
• Class starts at 6:30 p.m. and ends at 8:20 pm. There will be a 10 minutes break
from 7:30 - 7:40 p.m. Attendance is important. There will be information from
lectures and exercises which are not in the written materials.
• Students are responsible for finding out about missed sessions from another student
or from the instructor at a time which does not disrupt class.
• Students who fail to attend the first class session and do not contact the instructor in
advance will be withdrawn from the class.

Students receiving financial aid should ALWAYS check with financial aid prior to withdrawing,
signing an incomplete contract, changing to an audit, or receiving an F or V grade in a class.