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1549 Tierra Verde PL SE Albuquerque New Mexico |505-908-8485|

 Currently enrolled at the University of New Mexico
o G.P.A of 3.36
o 87 credit hours earned
o Majoring in Radiological Science concertation in MRI
o Minoring in Psychology
 Central New Mexico
o G.P.A of 3.8
o 24 credit hours earned
o Associate degree in Radiology Technology

 Graduated from Rio Grande High School Class of 2016

o G.P.A 3.39

Skill’s Summary
 Computer Savvy
 Patient preparation
 Maintain Sanitary Environments
 QuickBooks
 Verisae
 Service Fusion
 Microsoft Office applications
 Strong customer service skills
 Strong Communication skills
 Works Well with Team and/or Solo
 Able to work in face paced environment
 Self-Managed
 Confident/Respectful
 Able to Make Decisions Under Duress
 Hardworking
 Problem Solving Skills
 Attention to Detail
 Dedicated to Resolving/Overcoming Issues to Complete All Tasks Assigned
 Personable/Friendly/Professional
 Able to Identify & Assess Time to Meet Needs, Goals, and Expectations
 Analytical Skills When Organizing Information


Clinical Prep April 12, 2016- Present

Student Rad. Intern
 X-Ray tech
 Patient preparation
 Assistant to radiologist
 Customer service
 Organize/Stock Material
 Maintain Sanitary Environments
 Patient Care
 CPR certified
 Provide Service in a Timely Manner and Under Pressure
 Ability to rap patients

Student Accountant April 12, 2016- Present

IT Finance
 Accountant
 Order preparation
 Door greater
 Customer service
 Organize inventory/Stake computers
 Maintain organized Environments
 Package/Distribute Orders
 Provide Service in a Timely Manner and Under Pressure
Dion’s April 12, 2016- Present
Food preparer
 Cook/Cashier
 Food preparation
 Host/Greeter
 Customer service
 Organize/Stock Material
 Maintain Sanitary Environments
 Package/Distribute Orders
 Provide Service in a Timely Manner and Under Pressure

Southwest Refrigeration and Mechanical, LLC January 2017-Present Office Staff

 Invoice Preparation
 Reconcile credit card statements
 Manage Employee On-Call Schedules
 Employee Dispatch
 Manage Files
 Job site parts delivery

Volunteer Work
Bio Park Nature Guide Volunteer Program: Summer of 2013
 Provided conservation information to visitors and children
 Studied and presented information about animals living in the zoo and wild
 Used biological artifacts to present and teach visitors/children in a hands-on learning environment

Conservation Camp Counselor: Summer of 2014

 Monitored groups of children ages 6-14 years old
 Helped present information about the environment
 Assisted lead teacher with class preparation and lesson plans
 Assisted the zookeepers with animal presentations
Awards and Acknowledgements

 Rio Grande High School Student Body Vice President

 Rio Grande High School National Honors Society member
 University of New Mexico Dean’s List
o Fall 2016
o Spring 2016
o Fall 2017
o Spring 2017

Kirsten Martinez: (505)277-0147, Fiscal Opns Director Division Manager, UNM IT Finance

Marty Hall: (505)263-7803, General Manager, Dion’s Store 14

Deborah Giron: (505)414-4224, Office Manager, Southwest Refrigeration and Mechanical, LLC

Alex Galindo: (505)259-6503, Manager, Dion’s Store 14

Tanya Garcia: (505)449-8747, General Manager, Dion’s Store 14

Vivian Chavez: (505) 220-7017, Rio Grande High School, Activities/Senate Teacher

Randy Wagner: (719) 650-1289, Grande Knight,

October 10, 2019
Carolyn Giron
1595 Tierra Verde PL SE
Albuquerque, NM 87105

To whom it may concern,

I am writing in response to the job posting for the Radiology Technologist Assistant. I currently work as an
intern student at Lovelace. As an student RAD intern, I set up patients and help position limbs, take vitals, take
down health history, as well as manage patents files. I have been working in the accounting department at
UNM for over a year and a half. I have been working in the accounting business at Southwest Refrigeration for
over four years. An I have learned to work in a fast-past environment and have developed useful customer
service and communication skills.

I am applying for this position to expand my experience in a hospital environment. I would like to increase and
improve my existing skills and I see this position as a great opportunity to do so. I am interested in the way
radiology technologist position supports patents and fellow radiology employees. As a Radiology student at
UNM/CNM I understand the importance of maintaining adequate and efficient health practices and I would
like to continue my support at the hospital.
I have great work ethics and have developed a positive reputation amongst my peers and past employers. I
have excelled in my previous positions and strive to make improvement towards continued success

Thank you for your consideration,

Carolyn Giron
Employer: Thank you for coming in to day, so to start this interview off why don’t you tell me a little bit about

Carolyn: I am a student and CNM and UNM, my major is radiological science with a concentration in MRI. I
love to help people and by becoming a radiology tech I believe I could help the patient feel more relaxed
under the circumstances. I also love to work in teams because your able to have friend who may no something
that you didn’t learn and you could teach each other.

Employer: Well thank you for telling me a little about yourself. Well shell we get started with some other
questions. How would you handle a situation with an upset patient?

Carolyn: I would first take the upset patient to a room where there is no other patients around. I would then
be calm and make myself smaller than them so they see I am not trying to be up in there face. I would also
stay calm and patient while listening to what is wrong and see if I can help fix the situation. If I can’t fix the
problem, then I will then get my supervise and see if they can help.

Employer: How much experience do you have with OR equipment?

Carolyn: I have done over 100 hours of clinical prep where they showed me how to use the equipment. I have
been able to work with the CT scanners as well as pet scans, MRI'S and plenty of X-Rays.

Employer: How many years’ experience?

Carolyn: I just graduated radiology school but I do have experience because of my clinical prep. I was in clinical
for over three years, they showed me how to transfer patients, take all different kinds of images and I was
able to shadow one of the top Radiologist in NM.
Employer: Could I use resources to gather information about positioning independently if needed?
Carolyn: Yes, I can look it up in one of my position books that I had from when I was in my x-ray imaging class.
I can also do some more research on the computer before i pick up the patient and take them to the x-ray

Employer: How would you respond if a patient refuses to get x-rays?

Carolyn: I would try to enplane why they need it and see what I can do to help feel me at ease. Also I would let
them know that theres nothing they need to worry about and that all these procedures are just going to help
you feel better. If that doesn't work then I will leave the room and give them air and let my supervisor and the
doctor know what is happening.

Employer: Well thank you for all your thoughtful answers. I will let you know in a few days what we decide.

Carolyn: Thank you for having me.

Both:(shake hands)

Carolyn: walks out of the office