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XXXII, Issue 6 | Thursday, November 18, 2010

Provost Is The New Minnesota Host
for a whirlwind of meetings with uni-
By Colleen Harrington versity leaders, who termed his visit a
“final checkup” before formally an-
There will be an opening in the nouncing him as the next president.
Stony Brook Provost’s office come this On November 17, the university
July. held a public question-and-answer
Stony Brook Provost Eric Kaler has forum with Kaler, where a moderator
been selected as the 16th President of grilled him for over an hour with
the University of Minnesota. lengthy policy questions submitted by
“I’m ready,” said Kaler to the board community members. The session was
after being appointed, according to held before a large crowd of campus
media reports. community members, and was aired
The U of M is substantially larger live on local TV and webcast on the
than Stony Brook, serving more than university’s website.
67,000 students at five campuses spread Kaler appeared at ease during the
out over the state, making it the second session, confidently tackling tough
largest university system in the Mid- questions on budget cuts, tuition hikes
west. Founded in 1851, the university and employee unionization, and he fre-
employs more than 4,000 faculty mem- quently spoke as though he were al-
Carolina Hidalgo
bers. ready confirmed as president. He said Hope you like lakes, Provost Kaler
“It’s a big job, but I’ve been prepar- he hopes to be at Minnesota for the next
ing for a long time to take on such a ten years or more. seemingly taking issue with his re- There were also a couple softball
job,” Kaler said, citing a long career in Kaler, who sported a tie with the U search-based history in chemical engi- questions, like who is Kaler’s hero (his
higher education including his work as of M’s maroon and gold colors for the neering. But Kaler brushed off these father), and Mac or PC (Mac, because
a professor, chair, dean and provost. “I forum, acknowledged the importance questions, proclaiming he “remains “it’s a higher life form.”).
get it,” he said before a public interview of athletics at the school, right from his committed” to liberal arts because it The U of M has confirmed Kaler,
prior to being selected. very first statement. “Let me tell you plays a central role in our society. who was the sole finalist in the search
Kaler has been a top administrator what I am not,” he said. “I cannot coach The sole stumbling point for Kaler for its new president.
at the university since 2007, before football. I’m here for the other job.” seemed to be when he was asked to Sweetening the deal for Kaler: Min-
Stony Brook President Samuel Stanley On the flipside: “Athletics are very name a piece of art, music or dance that nesota’s current president ranks as one
was inaugurated. Stanley said in a state- important because they’re a window had moved him personally. Kaler of the highest paid public university
ment he had mixed emotions about los- through which a lot of people see the paused in thought for a moment and presidents in the country, reportedly
ing one of his top guys, but noted, “It university and a door through which a seemed to rack his brain for the name taking home a compensation package of
would be difficult for anyone of his cal- lot of people walk through,” he said, in a of any work of art before responding $650,000 per year.
iber to pass up such a remarkable op- nod to the football fans watching, as the that he found it hard not to be moved
portunity.” school is in the Big Ten Conference. when walking through any big mu-
Kaler visited the U of M’s flagship Several Minnesotans questioned seum. He eventually mentioned the
Twin Cities school November 18 and 19 Kaler’s commitment to liberal arts, Statue of David.

Cuckoo 4 Loko Puffs? The FDA Isn’t

Loko will still be available on shelves in she was. Given its high alcohol content, low
By Raina Bedford the future—just without the caffeine.
Four Loko has been targeted in re-
One 23.5 ounce can of Four Loko
has the alcohol content of drinking
price and wide availability, many states
have banned the drink including Michi-
cent weeks because the beverage has about 5 cans of beer, plus a strong caf- gan, Washington and Connecticut. Sev-
It’s official. The drink nicknamed been blamed for a number of blackouts, feine kick. The drink only costs $2.50 eral other states are considering similar
“blackout in a can” is now officially hospitalizations and even deaths. Some each, making it possibly the cheapest measures. In New York, Governor-Elect
banned in the United States. That’s right health experts contend that the mix of way to get intoxicated. The cans are col- Andrew Cuomo got Phusion Projects to
no more Four Loko.   caffeine and alcohol creates a state in orful and resemble alcohol-free energy stop shipping Four Loko to the state.
On Wednesday, the FDA mailed which the drinker is too hyper to realize drinks, a fact which has led many par- Colleges are banning Four Loko,
warning letters to the manufacturers of they are drunk. The result is that con- ents to believe it could end up in the too. New Jersey’s Ramapo College was
alcoholic energy drinks including the sumers drink toxic levels of alcohol and hands of minors accidentally. Four among the first to ban Four Loko. Peter
infamous Four Loko, which read that black out. Loko also contains the ingredients Mercer, President of Ramapo College,
the caffeine added to their beverages is At least one death has been linked guarana, taurine and caffeine, the same made the decision after 23 Ramapo stu-
an “unsafe food additive.”  Other popu- to the beverage. Courtney Spurry, 21 of ingredients found in Redbull, which dents required medical attention after
lar drinks such as Joose are also being Maryland, drank two cans of Four Loko some health experts believe to be dan- blacking out drinking Four Loko. One
targeted. before she crashed her vehicle in a sin- gerous.  Just one can of the drink can in- of those students reportedly had an al-
In response, Phusion Projects, the gle-car accident and died. Her parents toxicate the average consumer, and a cohol level of 0.4, which is five times the
parent company of Four Loko, said in a blamed her death on the beverage, say- popular myth among college students is legal limit in the state of New Jersey.
press release that they will be removing ing that the caffeine in the drink pre- that if you drink four cans of Four Loko, “Students who consume it become
the caffeine, taurine and guarana from vented her from realizing how impaired you die. very intoxicated very quickly,” Mercer
their beverages. It is expected that Four
The Stony Brook Press News 3

Going Forward With Controversy

focus groups are currently being organ- Commuter Student Association and the University of North Carolina that
By Nick Statt ized only for the second phase, called
Design, in which detailed solutions will
Residence Hall Association—were in-
vited to participate or delegate a repre-
also employed Bain & Company, stu-
dent participation was implemented
be developed to address the University’s sentative to participate in the focus through out all three phases, rather than
Now that Stony Brook is more than problem areas. For all other areas of the group,” she added. Student leaders from just the second as at Stony Brook.
50 years old, the University has begun project, including the other two com- a number of other academic programs As for academics, the use of Oper-
planning for the next 50 years ahead. To ponents and each of their underlying and organizations, like Americorp, Stu- ational Excellence to begin systematic
go forth with the plan, Stony Brook has phases, student representation appears dent Ambassadors and students in cost cutting of academic programs is
hired globally recognized management to be overwhelmingly absent. Health/Mental Heath and Peer Educa- absolutely off-limits, according to Uni-
consultant firm, Bain & Company, to When asked about the amount of tion, are also to be included in the focus versity Senate President Fred Walter,
assist with the University’s upcoming student representation throughout all groups. who is also a member of President Stan-
plan called Project 50 Forward. ley’s 17-person Steering Committee.
The first mission of Project 50 For- “My role as president is to raise a flag if
ward is called Operational Excellence, they move too far away from adminis-
with the first focus being placed on a di- tration and into academics,” said Wal-
agnosis of the University’s performance. ters. “This [Operational Excellence] is
The names themselves exude ambigu- not to address academic programs.
ity, but are in reality the cost-cutting pil- They’re looking at facilities, consolidat-
lars of Project 50 Forward. It is meant ing positions, making things more effi-
“to create a more effective and efficient cient.”
organization to better serve Stony Walters did express his opinion that
Brook University faculty and students” student representation is necessary, but
says the online mission statement. only to a certain degree. “There are no
The first three to four months, the students on the Steering Committee,
estimated length of the Diagnostic but I don’t think that’s appropriate,” he
phase, have been underway since the phases during a recent WUSB radio in- However, it’s still uncertain as to said. The Steering Committee, which
beginning of the fall semester. However, terview, Stony Brook President Samuel how many focus groups have been set has its own page on the Project 50 For-
the mission is estimated to take 18 Stanley insisted that students were up and how often they have met and if ward website, is staffed by Stony Brook
months in its entirety, with another being included or were in the process of the groups would just be geared on administrators and professors who
three to four months spent on the sec- being included in talks and meetings. areas like student life. hold, or have held, positions on the Uni-
ond phase and an undetermined “I think we’ve had students in Phase “There is also a component of talk- versity Senate.
amount of time to implement and de- I and we will continue [to have stu- ing to people who receive services and Operational Excellence is only the
liver the changes depending on their dents] and that’s through focus groups that’s where the student focus groups first of three missions involved with
complexity. essentially that we’ve set up for areas come in to understand what their needs Project 50 Forward. The other two mis-
It is both clear and understandable that have to do with student life,” said are,” said Stanley. “And that’s just not sions are named in a similarly grandiose
that the Administration and the 17-per- Stanley. “They [students] have been en- about the living [on campus] issue, but fashion—Academic Excellence and
son Steering Committee that it staffs are gaged and will be if they haven’t in those it’s about things like registrar, register- Building for the Future. As for the pos-
controlling the direction of the project. areas,” he said. ing for courses, all the kinds of things sible success of the program, President
However, the implementation of stu- “The objective in identifying repre- we provide as administrative support.” Stanley says that would be near impos-
dent focus groups and how they are sentatives was to have a good cross-sec- This feedback, however, would be sible without the feedback from those
chosen and used is a source of uncer- tion of the Undergraduate Student offered during the Design phase, the important on campus.
tainty if one tries to sift through the data Body,” said Lauren Sheprow, interim one area that has been publicly adver- “This is not going to be successful
available on the project’s website. Director of Campus Media Relations, in tised as to when students could provide if we don’t have involvement from
As of now, the Diagnostic phase of an email message. “Presidents of the feedback. everybody who is going to be con-
Operational Excellence has been devoid three major organizations—USG [Un- Comparing other campuses like the cerned by this and that’s students, staff
of student representation, while student dergraduate Student Government], University of Southern California and and faculty.”

FOUR LOKO continued from previous page

said in a statement. “We know it’s been sponsibly for years would face the same of binge drinking
banned at other colleges so we didn’t scrutiny that our products have recently and ways to deal
wait around for toxicology reports. We faced,” the company said in a press re- with alcohol poi-
just banned it right away.” lease. soning.”
In a similar incident at Central While Stony Brook President As late as No-
Washington University, nine students Samuel Stanley has yet to weigh in on vember 17, Four
were rushed to the hospital and more this issue, he said he is unsupportive of Loko cans were
than fifty suffered less-serious illness polices that would lower the drinking still spotted on
after one particular house party. age. shelves in Long Is-
Despite the reported hospitaliza- “I support the Red Watch initia- land, in spite of
tions and injuries, Phusion Projects tive,” he said, referring to an alcohol their voluntary
contends that Four Loko is not unsafe. awareness and emergency response ban in New York
Our favorite flavor is red, or at least was.
“If it were unsafe, popular drinks program taught at Stony Brook. “Our as of November
like rum and colas or Irish coffees that approach has been to educate students 15.  They are likely left over stock from New York.  Soon they will be extinct or
have been consumed safely and re- and of course peers about the dangers the very last shipments of Four Loko to at least not as caffeine packed.
4 Vol. XXXII, Issue 6 | Thursday, November 18, 2010

Editorial Board
Executive Editor
Najib Aminy
Managing Editor
Nick Statt
Good Luck With Your Layoffs, Alright?
Associate Editor
Evan Goldaper I Hope Your Firings Go Really Well
Business Manager
Kenny Mahoney The ideology behind
Production Manager Project 50 Forward is full of
Inquire Within good intentions—like put-
ting in the effort now to es-
News Editors
Matt Calamia tablish a foundation for the
Bobby Holt next 50 years. Stony Brook
Features Editor is swiftly climbing the lad-
Desirée Keegan
der in terms of academic
quality and prestige, all
Arts Editor while the State’s debt looms
Liz Kaempf
largely. However, Project 50
Sports Editor is using verbose terminol-
Matt Maran ogy, like “Operational Ex-
Photo Editor cellence” and “Academic
Carolina Hidalgo Greatness,” and hope-filled
Copy Editors mission statements to mask
Amanda Douville the fact that they are treat-
Zach Knowlton ing the progress of the Uni-
Alyssa Melillo
versity much like a
Webmaster corporation treats the ail-
Inquire Within ments of a sinking ship. The
Social Media Editor film Office Space was the
Kenny Mahoney epitome of the corporate
Ombudsman stereotype abusing its de-
Tia Mansouri pendent and vulnerable em-
ployees, and Stony Brook’s The student focus groups, which are know-how, experience or leverage to
Layout Design by Administration is utilizing Project 50 in composed of student organizations, from have any real say in the progression and
Jowy Romano USG to the Residence Hall Association, re-formation of the administrative
the same fashion.
With its minimal and expected se- will not provide the primary or genuine processes.
Staff lection of focus group participants, which input of the entire student body. The or- The irony of it all is that Bain &
Vincent Barone are are more mouthpieces of the Admin- ganizations are comprised of students Company, the internationally recognized
Raina Bedford
istration than legitimate representation, who obtain their positions either through management consulting firmed hired to
Michelle Bylicky
Lionel Chan Project 50 is a prime symbol for how the lack of competition or the vapid recom- assist with Operational Excellence, has
Mike Cusanelli mendation of a friend, and sought after been used in the past by other universi-
Eric DiGiovanni Administration wants to handle the Uni-
Brett Donnelly
versity’s progress. Currently, the student simply for personal interests like a line on ties with full student participation.
Lauren Dubinsky
Lauren Dubois
focus groups are in the process of being the resume. As President Stanley said himself,
Sarah Ebins
Andrew Fraley formed and planned for use only in Op- This University has a student body of “this is not going to be successful if we
David Ginn more than 20,000 students, including don’t have involvement from everybody
Mark Greek erational Excellence, which is one of
Colleen Harrington
three missions of Project 50’s entirety. To graduate students, and yet the majority of who is going to be concerned by this and
Samuel Katz
Desiree Keegan further minimize this representation, the that enormous figure will have absolutely that’s students, staff and faculty.”
Iris Lin no voice in the 50-year plan. Therefore, Judging the success of Project 50 on
Chris Mellides focus groups are only planned for use in
Erica Mengouchian
the second of the three phases of Opera- this project’s effectiveness and imple- President Stanley’s standards, the launch
Carol Moran
Frank Myles tional Excellence. mentation hinges on the idea that the av- has been a complete disaster.
Alex H. Nagler
Howie Newsberkman
erage Stony Brook student won’t have the
David Schneider
Emily Torkel
Matt Willemain

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Point: Hands Off Our Loko

The opposition to Four Loko is unfounded. There But wait, it contains caf-
are still many ways to consume alcohol and caffeine feine! Doesn’t that mean
at the same time. A very popular option is mixing that you are too hyper to re-
Redbull with vodka. In fact, the founder of Four Loko alize that you’re drunk? Ac-
said he got the idea for the drink when he saw how tually, not really. Before
popular Redbull and vodka was among college stu- Spurry entered her vehicle,
dents. Additionally, many Americans mix drinks like it was reported that her
Bailey’s Irish Cream with coffee every day. Made lib- friends said that she was
erally, these concoctions have a higher alcohol content slurring her words and mix-
than Four Loko, and yet there is no public outcry over ing up their names. Her
these other cocktails. friends said they tried to
The main argument against Four Loko is that it is take her keys away but were
simply not wise to mix an upper, caffeine, with a unsuccessful. She was in-
downer, alcohol. So if the FDA is going to ban drinks formed that she was very in-
like Four Loko and Joose they should also target other toxicated and still made the
companies and establishments who profit off of mix- decision to drive. It’s obvi-
ing caffeine with alcohol. If they do not, it will be an ous that people who drink
arbitrary enforcement of the law. Four Loko may become very
While it is true that a number of blackouts have impaired, but the majority
been attributed to the consumption of Four Loko, it is of responsible alcohol
also true that far more blackouts occur from consum- drinkers should not be pun-
ing alcoholic beverages that aren’t Four Loko. When ished for the foolish actions
21-year-old Courtney Spurry died after drinking two of a few.
cans of Four Loko and choosing to drive a car, no one Some parental groups have expressed concerns weed dealer and buy drugs because weed dealers don’t
mentioned the roughly 40,000 deaths that occur every that the colorful packaging of Four Loko makes it es- ask for your identification—they just deal.
year from drunk driving. Her parents blamed Four pecially appealing to younger children. To these par- Just like marijuana prohibition has failed to stop
Loko and not her poor decision to get behind the ents we say, if you are worried about your children Americans from smoking, the prohibition against
wheel of a car while she was impaired. Hers is a tragic getting their hands on Four Loko then you should beverages that contain alcohol and caffeine will fail
story, but the fact is that most drunk drivers were not probably watch them more. It is no more likely they from keeping Americans from consuming alcohol and
drinking Four Loko when they crashed their cars. could get their hands on Four Loko than beer because caffeine at the same time. Simply banning these types
Banning one single beverage isn’t going to solve the delis are supposed to I.D. everyone who purchases al- of drinks won’t stop people form drinking them, and
problem. cohol. It is probably easier for your children to find a may actually promote them by boosting their notori-

Counter Point: You Could Die!

The idea that the government can tell us what we Someone looking to reach the same level of ine-
can’t drink, or what mixtures we can’t make with legal briation could simply buy cheap liquor and drink an
ingredients, is indeed a manipulative gesture that equivalent amount of alcohol, but therein lies the idea
seems to overstep a boundary. But Four Loko is one behind Four Loko’s appeal. It’s a roughly $4 beverage
of the few exceptions where New York State inter- that can (or used to) be found at any gas station, and
vened on behalf of what it felt was the good of the peo- it let’s you bypass the strenuous process of drinking
ple when it “banned” the drink, to which an easy 50-plus ounces of beer or struggling through shot after
response is that they have no right to do so. But when shot of the equivalent of rubbing alcohol out of a plas-
you explore the true intention of Four Loko through tic bottle.
the act of pure observance, you could argue that the It is essentially a binge drinker’s dream concoc-
banning of the caffeinated and alcoholic beverage is tion, and no avid Four Loko fan would tell you other-
something good for the public, despite whether the wise. Everything is mixed all into one easy to drink
college kids or high school binge drinkers know it yet. mixture, and even if it does taste horrendous, it has
Four Loko has the same alcohol-per-ounce equiv- enough fruity flavor and the caffeine kick to keep you
alent of 4.7 12 oz. cans of beer, given that the cans of going. New York State may claim that the caffeine is
beer are five percent alcohol per volume. Combine misleading and urges youths, or those unaware of the
that with the oft-repeated speculation that one can effects, to keep drinking beyond their limit. But that’s
contains up to three cups of coffee and you have your- common sense and anyone stupid enough to not un-
self a dangerous 23.5 oz. drink. Are their more dan- derstand that does not deserve the right to responsibly
gerous mixtures out there? Of course. Are they drink. The real problem of Four Loko is the colorful-
available even to younger kids in high school? Yes. But ness of its can, the fruitiness of its taste and the gen-
none are so pervasively employed to make heavy erally accepted notion that for less than seven or eight
drinking so easy, accessible and accepted. It’s both the bucks, you can drink to the point of blacking out and
notion behind Four Loko and the blaring intention nobody will think twice. Because, well, that’s Four
you give off whenever you decide to drink one, which Loko, right?
makes it such an unwanted product.
6 Vol. XXXII, Issue 6 | Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bookstore to Bone Up on Books
said in an email. “The University Book- ices we offer to students to make their With one of its biggest competitors
By Alyssa Melillo store’s textbook pricing conforms to in-
dustry standards for college bookstores
college experience[s] as rich and re-
warding as [they] can be,” Teo said.
now out of the picture, business for the
bookstore will probably increase. Teo
nationwide.” Teo said that the best bet for stu- said that it has already been increasing
Buying cheap textbooks at Stony dents to save money on textbooks is for the past five years because the
Brook is something students can tell through the bookstore’s Guaranteed choices the bookstore offers students
their grandkids about, especially with Buyback Program. If a student pur- are unlike those of its contenders. “We
the recent close of Stony Books. chases a used book from the program will continue to provide customers with
With the close of that popular off- and sells it back to the store at the end of the best experience possible,” Teo said.
campus alternative for textbooks, stu- the semester, in the end he or she will Even though textbook prices at the
dents are left with few options. only end up spending about 25 percent University Bookstore do not look like
Although students may try to avoid the of the price of a new book. they will change, overall textbook prices
University Bookstore because of its rep- While prices like those at Stony have been increasing for several years.
utation for expensive book prices, the Books seem to be unlikely for the Uni- According to research done by the U.S.
store is making some changes for the fu- versity Bookstore any time soon, the Public Interest Research Group, stu-
ture—however, adjusting textbook ideas of a bigger textbook supply and dents spend an average of $900 per year
prices to meet those of Stony Books is This semester, the store expanded rearrangement of the store are more re- on textbooks, which equals out to about
not one of them. the types of textbooks it offers. Teo said alistic. 20 percent of an average university’s tu-
Boon Teo, the general manager of that in addition to new and used books, Teo said that one of the changes the ition, and about half of a community
the University Bookstore, said that the students can now opt for rentals, or they store is making is increasing the supply college’s. The same research found that
store has made an effort over the past can choose the digital versions of over of textbooks to ensure that none will be since 1994, textbook prices have in-
few years to increase the amount of 400 different titles. The store also offers sold out during back-to-school-rushes. creased at four times the rate of infla-
lower-priced books, as the costs of a “new and revolutionary” eReader, as To go along with that, Teo said more tion, and they continue to rise. With the
books are not determined by the store well as a study application called shelving in the textbook area is going to rate textbook prices are increasing at
itself. NOOKstudy. be added, and the store will be recon- now, who knows how much future
“Textbook pricing is contractually “We will continue to look for new figured to make room for pre-orders Stony Brook students will have to pay to
agreed upon with the university,” Teo ways to expand the products and serv- submitted online. get their homework done.

Treehuggers W00t, But Point Is Moot

noon of the event. The group marched posal to build the hotel.
By Desirée Keegan from the SAC to the front of the ad-
ministration building.
“It is not that we are op-
posing the building of a
The protest comes in light of a law- hotel, just not on that
Signs of green, yellow, brown, or- suit between the State University of piece of land.”
ange and red lay about the tables out- New York and the Stony Brook Envi- “There are endan-
side the SAC Plaza. Students rush over, ronmental Conservancy regarding the gered salamanders that
sign in, grab signs and speakerphones, location of a planned hotel on the cam- reside on that patch of
and man their positions. pus of SBU. Following the relocation of land,” said Nazma Niles,
The group of students lined up the suit from Manhattan to Suffolk a member of the Con-
across the front of the plaza collectively County, a temporary restraining order, servation Collective. Carolina Hidalgo
holding a large sign that together read which prohibits any construction or al- “Many students do stud- Read the sign, stupid!
“Save Our Trees.” Other students fol- tering of the site in question, was lifted, ies there, and without Samuel Stanley has indicated that while
lowed them over to the plaza with signs allowing the University to pursue con- that land, would not be able to do their both the University and the developers
that read: “Stop the Destruction Do Not struction. The change in venue was due tests. Besides, who wants to see an ugly are eager to get started, talks about con-
Start Construction,” “We Speak for the to an issue of jurisdiction filed in an ap- hotel sign at the main entrance of the struction during the suit have not taken
Trees,” “What About the Salamanders?” peal by SUNY. school?” place.
“We Love Our Trees.” and “Preserve State Supreme Court Judge Ralph With their signs held high, the stu- “We haven’t had a conversation
Our Trees.” Gazzillo turned down a restraining dents marched towards the fountain in with the developer about next steps on
The students are part of the Stony order request, made by the plaintiff ’s at- front of the administration building, that,” said Stanley during a WUSB radio
Brook Conservation Collective, a sub- torney, George Locker, due to insuffi- shouting chants like “We pay the fees— interview.
group of the Environmental Club. An- cient evidence as to why the order don’t cut our trees,” “Our trees are The protest lasted a little over two
drew Greco, head of the Conservation should be upheld. well—no hotel,” and their most famous hours, and members of the administra-
Collective, created this event and titled Plans for the construction of the and widely-heard, “Greed and privati- tion building came outside to watch the
it “Together for the Trees.” Their main hotel have it located across from the zation have no place in education. It’s protesters. Eventually, went back into
point of protest on Wednesday, Novem- Administration parking lot, where there bullshit, get off it, your hotel is for the building having shown no response.
ber 10, was against the cutting down of is currently a small forest of trees. profit.” “We will continue to create these
trees to build a hotel at the main en- “I was confused at first to hear the The University has yet to formally events to generate awareness,” Greco
trance of Stony Brook University. proposal,” said Jimmy Deats, President announce whether it will begin con- states. “Until either the trial decides the
“We are here to confront the ad- of the Environmental Club, in dis- struction on the site while the case is fate of the land, or the administration
ministration,” said Greco on the after- cussing his initial reaction to the pro- being heard. However, SBU President listens.”
The Stony Brook Press 7
The President’s Portrait Painter
abruptly enforced communist rule, Liu’s
By Najib Aminy family was one of the first targeted, and
so she left, forcibly, for the fields.
During those troubling times, what
Out of the hundreds of portraits took Liu away from the farm was her
Stony Brook alum Ying-He Liu has deep interest in art. “It was my refuge,”
painted, one holds a special signifi- she said. “Without art, I could not
cance. In May 2009, Liu was contracted think, I was lost. I couldn’t live through
by the Stony Brook Foundation to paint that extreme hopeless and helpless life.”
the portrait of then departing President Because Liu’s parents exposed her
Shirley Strum Kenny. On November 12, to different forms of fine art, from play-
the painting was unveiled before the ing piano to training with profiled
University community, marking the end artists, she was recruited to work off of
of just one of many projects for Liu. the farm and in a local theater. It was
“To paint the president of my alma- here that she taught herself English by
matter, it’s really the ultimate honor,” reading books during the free time she
said Liu. “It’s a great deal for me.” had. The theater was nowhere near as
But more than just the brushstrokes labor intensive as the farm, she
went into the 46’’ by 42’’ portrait of the said.            
Texas native that will soon be hoisted in Liu, along with her brother and sis-
the lobby of the Melville Library. It was ter wound up at Stony Brook with the
a life’s work and respect for art that got help of their uncle, a professor at Har-
Former SB President John Marburger, Shirley Strum Kenny and current SB Pres- Carolina Hidalgo
Liu to paint President Kenny’s portrait. vard. Her mother, who had found work ident Samuel Stanley gather for the unveiling of Dr. Kenny’s presidential portrait.
One of the most difficult times in as a biochemist at the University of
Liu’s life was living through the Chinese Massachusetts, could not afford to pay After graduating from SBU in 1983, which is why some of her projects take
Cultural Revolution. for all three of her children to go to a Liu spent a year taking classes in the her a few months to complete. “There is
Liu was 16 when she, along with private college. So Liu and her two sib- School of Visual Arts before taking the a lot of wait time when waiting for the
thousands of Chinese youth, were lings came to Stony Brook because of its next few years to compile a portfolio she paint to dry,” she said. “It’s why I work
forced out of their homes and relocated affordable price. planned to show to potential employers on so many at a time, it keeps me busy.”
to work in the fields of rural China as While her siblings pursued degrees and exhibit in art galleries in the city. When Liu went to photograph
part of Chairman Mao’s re-education in medicine and engineering, Liu She acknowledged that none of this Kenny for the portrait, the two were un-
program. She was subject to heavy wanted to become an artist. She was the would’ve happened if it were not the happy with a few minor details with the
labor, long hours and poor nutrition for only one out of her large family who did support of her husband, Dr. John Hui, a photo, specifically Kenny’s hairstyle. It
the two years she spent working on a not pursue the science route. former professor in the Department of was after the second shoot, which took
farm. “In China, the artists are actually Surgery who she met at Stony Brook. a little more than 45 minutes out of the
“That part of my life really left an among elite groups,” said Liu. “You Liu would get her big break in 1986, president’s schedule that they were
indelible memory,” said Liu, recalling enjoy tremendous prestige and special where she landed a job in a gallery in happy with the result. Liu had gone one
the extreme poverty she endured. “The treatment so you wanted to be an artist, New York; she had also become an last time to the President’s office to cap-
contrast in lifestyle couldn’t be greater; but here I understand it’s a different American citizen. ture the one feature that makes Kenny’s
it was like from the sky to the ground.” story.” Shortly after, Liu would devote her portrait different from most other tra-
Early on, Liu lived a privileged During the early ‘80s, Liu’s pre- time to doing what she truly enjoyed, ditional portrait paintings: the campus.
childhood. Her parents were well-ac- ferred genre, realism, was overshad- painting portraits. “Ever since I was a “She did so much for the university
complished scientists in China and pro- owed by the growing styles of young child, I was always interested in in transforming the overall look,” said
vided her a rich education in Shanghai. modernism and contemporary art. It drawing people and faces,” said the 58- Liu, who recalled the unaesthetic cam-
But when Mao came into power and was under the direction of former Stony year-old Liu, who paints the majority of pus she was used to when she was un-
Brook Fine Arts her portraits in the living room of her dergraduate. “The view from her office
Director and cur- East Setauket home. Her supplies and was great and we wanted to incorporate
rent Professor projects mostly take up the rest of the that,” she said.
Emeritus Mel house, her husband jokes. For Kenny, who spent 14 years as
Pekarsky that Liu Unfinished portraits of doctors, president of Stony Brook, seeing her
was able to refine professors and children line up along completed portrait was the punctuation
her craft before her living room hall. Depending on the to her career. “It’s very weird to have
graduating in size of the portrait, age of the subject your portrait done,” said Kenny. “I’ve
1981. But even and amount of supplies used, the gallery worked all my life and then suddenly
then, there was lit- published price of Liu’s portraits can I’m retired.”
tle refining to be range from $10,000 to as high as Listening to state legislators, former
done. $35,000. And despite the current eco- University presidents and community
“Even back nomic downturn, her living room and members honor Kenny, Liu sat in the
then, she was very studio on the second floor is evidence third row, as she put it, enjoying the mo-
talented,” said that her own personal business hasn’t ment. “Ninety-nine percent of my work
Pekarsky. “She had suffered. is tedious and unattractive,” she said.
a natural talent for For her portraits, Liu uses imported “This is the one percent that is glam-
Carolina Hidalgo art,” he said. Belgian linen canvases and oil paints, orous.”
Ying-He Liu displays her portrait before President Kenny
8 Vol. XXXII, Issue 6 | Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Stony Brook
By Amanda Douville

When October rolled around, the Long Island hamlet Roslyn Heights, Brook University was the best choice for the reality of being entirely alone for the
freshman Eric Engoron, like many NY, Engoron was never too far from the price. “We work with the student to first time in his life. Not having his fam-
other Stony Brook students, was eager home. “For the first 18 years of my life I find out what specific things the student ily or friends around would mean find-
to participate in the Humans versus used my walker,” said Engoron. Al- might need,” said Donna Molloy, the In- ing an entirely new set of people to help
Zombies game on campus. Engoron though the disease crippled his legs, En- terim Director of Disability Support him if ever needed.
was one of hundreds who attended the goron has not needed the help of a Services. It’s this office that aims to “My dad was incredibly worried
orientation, anxious to begin what wheelchair or scooter until now. make Stony Brook accessible and fur- about me,” Engoron said. However, re-
would be the largest HvZ game yet, on Engoron knew that being away ther the individual growth of every stu- gardless of the thoughts both family
campus. But things quickly took an un- from home at such a large university dent, something Engoron had been members and friends had about his
fortunate twist when Engoron was ap- would be impossible to manage with a looking for. idea, Engoron moved into his new
proached by an official who told him walker. “I needed a scooter,” Engoron The university supplied Engoron room in August.
that he would not be able to participate said. The motorized wheelchair would The only question that was left in
in the game. allow Engoron to move freely and ef- Engoron’s mind prior moving in was
Unlike the rest of the students at the
meeting, Engoron came equipped with
fortlessly without relying on the help of
others. Although the red scooter was
“I can tell you per- “will I be able to do everything on my
own?” DSS placed Engoron in a suite
a bright red motorized wheelchair, costly and not covered by insurance, sonally that I can do where he lives with four suitemates.
which an official deemed “illegal.” Crip- there was not a way of surviving alone “I wasn’t excited,” said Tom Corrao,
pled by the neurological disorder better without it. Hanging on the front of En- things that people a freshman. “I thought my college ex-
known as cerebral palsy, Engoron had
no other choice but to forfeit his oppor-
goron’s scooter is a basket where he is
able to place his books and other be-
could never dream I perience would be hindered.” Before
getting to know Engoron, his suitemates
tunity to play. longings when going to class. Engoron’s could do.” thought that they would need to help
Although the news brought En- decision to choose Stony Brook, unlike him from place to place as well as
goron much disappointment, it wasn’t for most students, wasn’t solely based within the suite. Quickly they found out
anything that he hadn’t heard before. “I on academics alone or his interest in that they were entirely incorrect.
have this false sense of reality that I can computer science. with everything that he needed in order “Eric is a great guy,” said Dominik
do anything,” Engoron said. But it is Towards the end of his senior year to manage a simple and independent Wegiel, a freshman as well. “He’s trying
setbacks like being denied game play of high school, Engoron decided that he life. His room is entirely handicapped to be as independent as he can.”
that drive Engoron towards his goal of wanted to attend college away from enabled with automatic doors on both “It’s more fun living with him,” Cor-
independence. home to challenge his independence. the building and his room, as well as an rao said. Without their help, Engoron
Engoron was born with cerebral The major factor for choosing a college accessible shower, toilet, sink and closet. brings himself to and from classes,
palsy. The neurological disorder has left was the extent of its disability support “There are more accessible dormitories meals, and anywhere else he needs to
him with impaired movement control services in comparison to the tuition. “I every time we build a new dorm,” Mol- go. “He’s doing a great job,” Wegiel said
primarily in his legs. Since his legs are called the disability support services of loy said. “A lot of attention is given to about Engoron’s independence. Even
not strong enough to support him, En- every school and asked them about having the dorm be physically accessi- after the discouraging setback of not
goron has depended on walkers and their services,” Engoron said. ble to students with disabilities.” being able to play HvZ, Engoron pushes
scooters for his entire life. After many phone calls and hours But apart from having adequate liv- on and does what no one thinks he
Growing up and going to school in of research, Engoron decided that Stony ing conditions, Engoron was faced with can—he rock climbs.
The Stony Brook Press Features 9
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“I can tell you personally that I can

do things that people could never
dream I could do,” Engoron said. By
solely using the upper body strength he
has developed over time through utiliz-
ing his walker, Engoron is able to climb
by using just his arms. “That’s why I
hate when people tell me I can’t do
things, because I’ll find a way to do
them,” said Engoron.

“That’s why I hate

when people tell me
I can’t do things, be-
cause I’ll find a way
to do them.”

Although Engoron has no control Amanda Douville

Stony Brook freshman Eric Engoron enters his room.
over how people react to his disability,
he is still able to control his own future
at Stony Brook. As a computer science pendence for Engoron, who said that Engoron talked about how people walking towards him when not even
major, Engoron hopes to one-day de- even being as independent as possible it ask him if he needs help when he is sim- necessary. “I just want to be as normal
sign machines to help the disabled. It’s is hard when people constantly go out ply trying to get by and how many as possible,” Engoron said. “But people
an issue that’s more than just inde- of their way to help him. move out of his way when they are don’t let me.”
10 Features Vol. XXXII, Issue 6 | Thursday, November 18, 2010

Stirring the Waters

of the Too-Still Brook
Radical Student Union member Zandy Homer at a protest
against the planned location for the SBU campus hotel.
By Siobhan Cassidy
Photo by Carolina Hidalgo

“We pay tuition. Pick another loca- power to have each other’s back,” said it was an unspeakable tragedy. A States- the students, then they will know they
tion,” chanted rally participants of the Jessica Rybak, RSU member. At their man editorial said the University was to do have a place to do so,” said RSU
“Together for the Trees Rally.” Radical most recent meeting, members said blame for the death of Raftenberg. member Mike Carley. During the “To-
Student Union (RSU), a new student or- they hoped to burst the apathy bubble “There is no way in which the Admin- gether for the Trees Rally,” random stu-
ganization that hopes to re-energize the that surrounds the student body. But istration’s responsibility for this tragedy dents did just that; they saw a protest
campus with student activism, joined new members questioned if this was can be denied,” the editorial said. and joined.
forces with the Environmental Club and possible. Students were frustrated and advo- Goals of RSU are discussed during
Community Service Club to protest the In the past, apathy was not among cated against the construction, living their weekly meetings in the Physics
location of a new hotel on November the majority of students at SBU. During conditions and privacy rights—and building basement. Members discussed
10. the 1960s and ‘70s, students had fre- they saw results. Camarda said the stu- issues related to SBU, what they are ad-
RSU said they are the students on quent protests against the administra- dents created “Polity Hotline,” a 24- vocating against and how they will go
campus who speak for those who com- tion. Alumni and faculty have hour phone service for students to send about it. RSU is against any programs
plain. They resist the corporate, political considered the University a radical their complaints to, such as having no being cut by the administration. They
and institutional violation of student place, and even had a slogan: “Let each heat in their dorm. Students were paid a believe the program departments, such
rights, and seek to create a means of stu- become all he is capable of being.” The dollar an hour to answer calls in the as Korean Studies, should be involved
dent power through direct action, ac- progressive groups fought for students’ hotline office. Camarda called it an “es- in the decision. “Anytime they slice TAP
cording to their “Points of Unity” rights and saw changes occur. “[The ad- calation process.” A complaint would be or eliminate education, we will fight it,”
mission statement. RSU members ministration] was much more con- received and the students would work said Carley, a graduate student who be-
clearly state what they want, and they cerned with getting the buildings up their way up the authority ladder until lieves public education should be free.
know how to get it – or at least bring at- and hiring faculty instead of giving stu- they saw an improvement, “even if they “Education is a right and when tuition is
tention to it. RSU displayed this at the dents what they needed,” said Norman had to call the president at three in the raised, there are less Blacks and Latinos
hotel rally by asking the administration Goodman, a sociology professor, who morning.” on campus. Is it related? I think it is.”
to relocate the hotel and have the Uni- began working on campus in 1964. “RSU definitely did come out of a RSU challenges the Administration
versity own it. RSU is working to get Bill Camarda, alumnus of 1977, necessity. It’s nice to remind people that to stop making decisions on behalf of
those complaining students on board. agreed. “SBU moved to Stony Brook in students on this campus did do stuff like the student body, without their consent.
They said it is their goal to build a coali- ‘62 and grew at a fast pace,” said Ca- that at one time,” said Rybak, an English “When [they] make decisions, can they
tion of progressive groups to help with marda, who was the historian for the and Art major. Members of RSU said really be making decisions for us? I
their mission statement. former student government, Polity. “It they wanted to give apathetic students don’t think they can. Which is why we
“[At the rally] there was a bunch of was chaotic because of the conditions. an avenue to get involved and fight for need to oversee the public institutions,”
other organized groups, and it’s the be- No heat, mud everywhere. And in ‘73 a students’ rights. Many students want to said Carley.
ginning of organized groups coming to- freshmen fell into a steam pipe and was get involved but feel powerless or do not Homer said the group chooses not
gether,” said Zandy Homer, RSU scalded to death.” That freshman was know how to voice their opinion. “If to be recognized by the Undergraduate
member. “We have to build up student Sherman Raftenberg, and Camarda said they see a group advocating for them, Student Government (USG). This al-
The Stony Brook Press Features 11
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lows the group to do more of what they

want, and be free of the “leash the ad-
ministration has on USG.” They have
not applied for funding from USG, and
work solely on donations and profits
from RSU T-shirts.
“I think it’s good to have a strong
group activism. It’s healthy,” said Matt
Graham, president of USG. “It’s good
to have debate with different ideas. To
have different energized students on
campus advocating for students’
“[Student Government members]
weren’t activists, but the major activists
groups came outside [the student gov-
ernment]. The main energy came from
these groups,” said Goodman, in refer-
ence to SBU during the 1970s. Red Bal-
loon Collective (RBC), a progressive
group created in 1969, is an activist
group that stands out in his memory. Carolina Hidalgo
“We are only a handful of people, RSU member Jessica Rybak at the same protest
but we have influenced the minds and
actions of tens of thousands,” said an But Stony Brook student govern- icalism on campus was scarce. “Then, said.
article written by RBC member Mitchel ment has had its fair share of fighting as now, a lot of students were [acade- Although apathy always threatens,
Cohen in the Statesman. “Also present for students’ rights in the past. Alum- mic] strivers who wanted to do well,” there are opportunities for those stu-
is the ritualized boredom, the sense of nus of 1979, Joel Peskoff, said the for- said the former Polity treasurer. “Some dents who wish to stand up and voice
helplessness, the frustration. The enor- mer student government took over the people were afraid of getting something objections against the administration.
mity of that we seek to change.” RBC Faculty Student Association. “[The stu- on their record or would rather do RSU believes the student body is more
published their own radical student dent government] was responsible for something else. I don’t think the stu- powerful than some may think. The
newspaper, “Red Balloon,” and spon- getting rid of the mandatory meal plan dents cared as much.” Edwards said Administration has the right to say yes
sored music and community service for freshmen,” he said. This meant it in many of the African-American students and no to decisions within the Univer-
events. They also sponsored rallies, was in charge of the food service, book- did fight for more representation on sity, as do students. After all, students
speeches and conferences to “buildup” store and washing machines. “This is campus. They fought for funding of are the ones paying the administrators’
and “mobilize support” for issues the pretty unheard of,” said Camarda. African-American clubs, fraternities salaries, members said.
group advocated, according to the Tracy Edwards, alumnus of 1981, and concerts. But during the time she
Statesman. said by the time she graduated the rad- was at SBU, they were unsuccessful, she
12 Vol. XXXII, Issue 6 | Thursday, November 18, 2010


Black Ops Ain’t No Flop

By Bobby Holt

Flak Jacket: Extra explosives resistance.

Call of Duty: Black Ops is the seventh Call of Duty game and the second game de-
veloped by Treyarch in the last three years. Needless to say, there are a lot of COD Red perk tier:
games. After Infinity Ward, the maker of the Modern Warfare series, was dis- Hardened: Extra bullet penetration.
solved due to leadership issues, Treyarch, the makers of COD3 and COD: World Scout: Hold breath longer.
at War, took over the series. There are still a lot of similarities between Black Ops Steady Aim: Extra accuracy when shooting from the hip.
and Modern Warfare 2, but it is still pretty clear that this is not an IW made game. Sleight of Hand: Faster reload.
Warlord: Two attachments on a primary weapon.
Unlike, IW, Treyarch did a good job of listening to the community to see what they
wanted in the game and to their credit, most of it is actually there. For those who Green perk tier:
played MW2, you would know that One Man Army, Danger Close and Noobtubes Marathon: Longer sprint.
(Grenade Launchers) were a huge problem. And lucky for you, they’re no longer Ninja: Move silently.
in the game. To join the unpleasant perks that got canned was Commando. The Second Chance: Pull out a pistol before dying.
ability to seemingly lunge olympic sized distances and stab a person, all while being Hacker: Detect enemy equipment and explosives.
able to withstand any fall damage, no matter the height of the ledge is finally gone, Tactical Mask: Reduce the effect of Flash and Concussion Grenades.
and good riddance.
As you can see, there are a lot of perks to choose from and finding your favorite
Also gone from MW2 is that killstreaks no longer count towards other killstreaks. class setup requires some tinkering with the perks.
For example, you can no longer get a predator missile (5 kills), then get two more
kills with it and get a harrier (7 kills). Also gone is the nuke (25 kills). Once again, killstreaks are back and with the change of killstreaks no longer adding
towards others, it requires more skill to unlock the Chopper Gunner or Attack
Finally, the most interesting perk left out of the game was Stopping Power. This Dogs this time. Below is a list of killstreaks.
perk has been the staple of every Call of Duty game since COD4. Since it’s no
longer in the game, damage is solely based on the gun’s power. This requires the Spy Plane: 3 kills
player to think more about recoil, clip size and fire rate. As of now, it seems to be RC-XD: 3 kills
a plus. Counter Spy Plane: 4 kills
SAM Turret: 4 kills
The perk system is back and the player still gets to choose three from each tier. Care Package: 5 kills
Below are each perk and what they do. Napalm Strike: 5 kills
Mortar Team: 6 kills
Blue perk tier: Sentry Gun: 6 kills
Ghost: Undetectable by enemy radar. Attack Helicopter: 7 kills
Scavenger: Replenish ammo from dead bodies, but does not resupply equipment Valkyrie Rockets: 7 kills
or launchers. Blackbird: 8 kills
Lightweight: Move faster. Rolling Thunder: 8 kills
Hardline: Get a killstreak one kill earlier. Chopper Gunner: 9 kills
The Stony Brook Press Arts & Entertainment 13

Attack Dogs: 11 kills purchase the gun with COD points that are earned based on how well the player
Gunship: 11 kills does in a game, how many contracts they complete and how they do in wager
matches. This works well with each gun attachment. A player does not have to
There are well over 50 guns, all of which offer something different. New to the wait to get 75 kills with a weapon to unlock a silencer. Once a weapon is unlocked
game is a crossbow with exploding bolts, a ballistic knife and much more. Each and purchased, they can choose their own attachments immediately, assuming
gun allows the user to customize to their hearts desire. Each gun has several at- they have the funds to purchase them.
tachments that allows the user to change the color of the sight, the sight shape as
well as the reticle color of the sight. Gun camouflage is back, but something new Now the talk about guns, perks and killstreaks is all fine and dandy, but the burn-
to Black Ops is the ability to place your emblem or clan tag onto the weapon. This ing question on everyone’s minds is, “How does it play?”
offers a level of customization never before seen in the COD franchise.
The answer – it’s fun, really fun. Since the killstreaks have been toned down, it’s
Finally, the last thing changed, non-gameplay wise, is the unlock system. No longer no longer an explosive fest of shit blowing up everywhere. Noobtubes no longer
are players awarded weapons based solely on their rank, but now are required to reign supreme and skill is now highly emphasized. The game modes are all the
same as before - Team Deathmatch, Domination and Capture the Flag are just a
few. I’d recommend the game based on multiplayer alone, but before you think the
game is perfect, it’s not.

Lag and a broken matchmaking system is still a huge factor in Black Ops, but with
any high profile game launch, it could just be the overloaded servers. I’ll give Tre-
yarch the benefit of the doubt on that one. The knifing lunge is still way too far,
which results in a lot of frustrating deaths from people panic knifing. As does the
people running around with knifing Marathon/Lightweight perks equipped. Some
guns are far too inconsistent, which relates back to the latency. Sniping has been
nerfed and is to the point where it is not worth it since any gun can pick you off in
three bullets. The spawn system is seriously flawed, to the point where on one of
the larger maps each team was spawning only mere feet from each other, resulting
in a clusterfuck of bullets and death. Finally, half the people on your team will be
terrible and make the most annoying sounds possible, especially when they’re
yelling racial epitaphs at the top of their lungs. But then again, that happens on
most games.

Now, this may sound like a long list of complaints, but it’s really not, especially
with Treyarch vowing to patch everything relatively soon. Still, the game is a must
buy if you like the Call of Duty series or are just a fan of shooting and blowing shit

Black Ops multiplayer gets a 9/10 as of now, but if they fix the problems it would
get a 10/10.
14 Arts & Entertainment Vol. XXXII, Issue 6 | Thursday, November 18, 2010

Goldeneye Is Back!
ishing experience when you actually down to do some menial task like climb sions and the bank vault of cheats that
By Nick Statt immerse yourself in the game. Yes, all
the levels are redesigned and yes, the
a ladder or turn a valve. Every Wii mo-
tion action has a necessary and well-
are all still fully intact. In fact, it’s more
of an exhilarating experience for that
basic gameplay mechanics are almost all placed function, from the thrust of your group of players, considering this re-
Every video game player has grap- drastically changed (especially with the left hand to initiate a melee punch to the make is a chance to see one of their fa-
pled with the bittersweet embrace of use of the Wii controller). But developer tilting of your hands that allow Bond to vorite games in an entirely new light.
nostalgia in one form or another. It Eurocom, under powerhouse publisher peak out from behind pillars. This dy- The online play is, hands down, the
doesn’t matter how old you are, or how Activision, managed to execute those namic allows the gameplay to make a bread and butter of this remake. Ever
well versed in the medium you may be, changes within a very well thought out quick leap from jarring and frustrating since the original GoldenEye revolu-
because everyone has that one game framework that holds the classic and the to seamless and wildly entertaining tionized split-screen multiplayer, fans
that they like to return to. It’s what new in perfect harmony. once you get the hang of the control have always wished they could some-
makes us the true videogame genera- The Wii controller is an obvious scheme, which is also obsessively cus- how have a chance to perform on the
tion. change, (that can be completely ignored tomizable. world platform, the one now dominated
But now that we ‘90s kids seen our by just plugging in a classic controller) The wholly redesigned single player by the Halo and Call of Duty jugger-
favorite titles rise and fall, we have to nauts. So instead of trying to match the
face the facts—our nostalgia is not just modern online-shooter, Eurocom kept
real, but marketable as well. Everyone the stripped-down and nostalgia-heavy
remembers GoldenEye 007 for the Nin- feel of the single-player for the online
tendo 64, and everyone loves it. So its campaign, making it the perfect throw-
Nintendo Wii re-release, a formulaic, back. With the exception of a few mod-
stripped-down shooter with mediocre ern necessities, like customizable
graphics, rides a nostalgia wave the likes weapon sets and an experience-based
of which you’ve never seen before. But it leveling system, the online play feels like
does it in the freshest way possible, with old-school Counter Strike. Everything is
no sacrifices and no reservations. Cou- fast-paced, everyone is trigger-happy
pling two major advances, the motion and every match is a wild toss-up. The
sensor control scheme and remarkably mediocre graphics only add to the en-
solid online play—something die-hard joyable feel; who really cares how much
GoldenEye fans have been dreaming it looks like Black Ops or Halo Reach
about for years—this Wii remake is as when it’s a N64 re-make? People have
successful as it can be. online GoldenEye, and it’s that sole fact
The most important thing to un- that makes it worthwhile.
derstand about GoldenEye 007 for the If you happen to own a Wii, buy
Wii is that it’s not simply the N64 clas- this game. Even if you your only expe-
sic pulled from the graveyard of time rience with the original was getting per-
and thrown on your modern TV set. It’s petually killed by cheaply placed
an absolute overhaul, from weapon proximity mines or constantly losing to
Odd Job was and still is the cheapest player to choose. Jaws is the character of true champions!
choices and basic gameplay elements to that one friend who always chose Odd-
storyline twists and even the epony- job, it’s a great throwback title with a lot
mous protagonist’s voice and appear- but the motion sensitivity is the only campaign of GoldenEye does in fact do to offer. And if you fork up an extra 20
ance. Daniel Craig is now the true way to experience the re-vamped the opposite of what many feared; it bucks (bringing the price tag to $69.99),
GoldenEye Bond taking place for the GoldenEye. Critics are hailing this re- breathes fresh life into the classic 29 you can ditch the Wii remote for online
1990s Pierce Brosnan version of James lease as the best shooter to have hit the missions of the N64 version while keep- play and get your hands on a classic
Bond, and the story is altered in distinct Wii, and they’re right. ing many of the critical storyline-ori- controller that makes it far easier. Gold-
ways to do justice to Craig’s rendition of Because the entire game hinges on ented aspects alive. Players will never be enEye is so different from our modern
Bond. The shifts are ornamental, but the mechanics of the motion-controlled completely unfamiliar with the levels online shooters, in that it’s not about
they’re enough to alter the way you per- first-person-shooter, Eurocom saw no despite their modern look and feel; the competition or getting your rank up. It’s
ceive the classically convoluted plotline. need to throw in those over-used and die-hard N64 players of old will have just fun.
To a true N64 traditionalist, this tacky motion actions, like moving your absolutely no problem recognizing the
sounds like heresy, but it’s a truly aston- controller back and forth or up and pivotal storyline moments, classic mis-
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Coco’s New Show a Go, So Watch It Bro!

Jay Leno. The ratings did not hold as cently-engaged, and soon to be cine- terms for penis for cable TV. were
By Liz Kaempf high for the rest of the week, but that’s
all right because Conan knows that he
matic superhero, Seth Rogan, recounted
the story of proposing to his girlfriend
“super-soaker” and “manaconda,” for
breasts “bazongas,” and sexual positions
is “number one in TBS’ key demo- while she was topless in the closet. “taking grandma to Applebee’s” and the
Have you ever wondered what your graphic: people who can’t afford HBO.” There were also a couple of chicks that “old Tokyo sand-blaster.” He also found
kids will be learning when they go to As his hair reached new heights on came on the show, but no one really that a classic pair of ass-less chaps with
school? Well, mark the calendar and a new network, Conan made sure not to knew who they were. (Um, what is Glee four seconds of “butt time” is acceptable
make sure you teach them about No- forget about the people that made him and why do I care?) for the standards of TBS.
vember 8, 2010 before they get there. the man he is today. So of course, no Oh, and in case you missed it, make TBS’ founder, the incomparable
The day will go down in the history night would have been complete with- sure you hit up YouTube to see the jam Ted Turner, came to visit Conan’s show
books as the triumphant return of our out a couple of witty jabs and patroniz- session and guitar solos Coco and on Wednesday night, riding in on his
fearless, red-headed, late-night comedic ing digs at NBC, Conan’s former Jimmy Vivino had with second first- stuffed buffalo, Teddy Jr. Mr. Turner,
leader, Conan O’Brien. network and employer. However, it ever musical guest, Jack White. Which who was horrified and played by Satur-
After months of stowing yourself seems that NBC has struck again by band out of the 60 that White is lead in day Night Live’s Will Forte, berated the
away in a dark corner crying into a car- stealing one of the red-head’s most valu- does he play with, you ask? None of host with mocking new nicknames like,
ton of Rocky Road, you can finally open “rooster on stilts,” “man-lady,” and “wig
the curtains and let the light in because stand” before riding back off into the
Conan O’Brien has come back, gracing proverbial sunset to rename Canada
cable television with his presence on the “Turner-anada.”
TBS network, where he will once again Conan also brought a few fresh new
have a week-nightly show. The jilted co- faces to the show. His first guest was ac-
median entitled the show Conan so he’d tually rigged Twitter Guest Poll winner,
be “harder to replace,” he said in his Arlene Wagner, curator of the Leaven-
opening monologue Monday night. worth Nutcracker Museum, and on
Of course, Coco’s “second annual Thursday night some of basic cable tele-
first show” brought back to his sup- vision’s greatest stars, like the Alaskan
portive audience all the wonderful King Crabs from Deadliest Catch and a
things expected of the Conan O’Brien hoarder, from A&E’s Hoarders, came to
experience, including loveable co-host, welcome Conan to the new team. What
Andy Richter, who jokingly mistook the a happy family!
host for Kanye West. Clearly an easy Now, if you’re worried that you
mistake to make. might have to sacrifice one-goofy-but
On TBS Conan also has some new endearing host for one of the others
back-up in the form of the lively Jimmy able characters from Late Night. Conan’s them! (Stewart’s The Daily Show and Colbert’s
Vivino and the Basic Cable Band. Along beloved masturbating bear found a new An inexplicable blues/country/rock The Colbert Report air at the same time
with that comes a costly backdrop the gig helping the network draw the Mega sound came out on Monday night, and as Conan), do not fret. Conan repeats at
length of the set, with a mobile full Millions lottery numbers, pulling the Conan sang too! Was this the best night 1 a.m. after The George Lopez Show, and
moon that glides over a deep blue sea balls out of, where else, his ball sack. ever or what?! The Daily Show and The Colbert Report
complete with a family of humpback The premiere week of the new late On Tuesday night, Conan met with play at least three times in one day.
whales, giving the entire show a hum- night show brought in a number of A- his censor, Jim Spann, the Manager of Someone also invented these crazy
ble feeling that does not, in any way, list celebrities, such as Tom Hanks, who Original Productions for Standards and new things called “computers” a couple
show off the amount of money TBS has showed us his awe-inspiring power, not Practices for TBS. He soon realized he of years ago. I’m not sure how they
put into Coco’s new show. The network only as Woody from Toy Story and a made a mistake by “taking a huge pay work, but I am almost positive you can
allowed hours of inescapable promos to whale expert, but also as the man re- cut to come to cable with the under- watch full episodes of any of these
prove that. sponsible for the popularity of Conan’s standing that [he] could pretty much do shows on something called the “world
But it must have worked, because in nickname (sometimes even his own whatever [he] wanted.” After being told wide web.” Computers! They’re like the
a hugely successful first night back, children call him ‘Coco’) the equally by Spann that he had a book of restric- new radio!
Conan reeled in roughly 4.2 million loveable rising star, curly-haired nice tions, well, a two-inch binder, he went But seriously people, get out from
viewers, beating out other late-night guy, Michael Cera, told the audience on to find out what exactly he could and underneath your rock and join Team
hosts, David Letterman, Jon Stewart, what it feels like to be mistaken for Jesse could not do. Coco! You’ll be glad you did!
Stephen Colbert, and his arch-nemesis, Eisenberg on a daily basis, while re- He found that some acceptable
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Oh, the Fragile Passion: Sufjan Sings On

painting pictures of his visions, which all 25 minutes of “Impossible Soul,” the
By Joseph Wofford often included scenes of the apocalypse
and spaceships. Stevens was inspired by
closing song for Age of Adz. The song
has many different stages and even an
this view on life and wanted to create an auto-tune portion. At first, played with
At the beautiful Beacon Theatre in album that explored everything from energy and emotion; the song eventu-
New York City Sufjan Stevens’ most re- the simple truths of life, to the end of ally wound down to its soft and reflec-
cent tour came to a close. It had been the world. tive ending. It begins with “Boy, we can
five years since Sufjan had released a Stevens uses a wide variety of in- do so much together,” words of hope
new album, but his LP The Age of Adz struments and sounds to create his and inspiration, and ends with “boy we
garnered praise from many critics, in- music. He plays with a large band that made such a mess together”. It was a
cluding myself. consisted of a piano, flute, trombones, great moment, and at the end of the
The album draws influence from two drum-sets, guitars, bass, back- song it felt as if everyone in the audience
the work of a schizophrenic artist ground singers and dancers. Even with had completed a strange journey
named Prophet Royal Robertson. Be- such a large group, Stevens still has the through Stevens’ soul, dreams and his
tween songs in the live performance precision needed to create all the intri- fears. After a couple minutes of ap-
Stevens, in his deadpan voice, told the cacies of the music. He stood in the plause he returned to play his hit
story of a young black artist living in the middle of the stage with his banjo, gui- “Chicago” for the now standing crowd.
South who made his living painting would pulse as the background images
tar and soundboard, where he person- The most amazing thing about this
signs and created all kinds of art in his flashed and Stevens lapsed into his jerky
ally created many of the effects featured show was the way that it didn’t lack any
free time. The “prophet” in Robertson’s dance moves. He didn’t move gracefully
in the songs. At times he would come to of the impact that the studio incarna-
title isn’t just for show. He claims to have on stage: in fact it’s quite the contrary.
the front of the stage with his acoustic tions of the songs delivered. Each song
had visions where he talked to God and His performance was that of a band-
guitar and play a folk song, but most of is intricately crafted with many minor
angels, and saw the future. These pre- leader instead of a indie cult favorite. He
the show focused on the booming elec- details, but the live performance wasn’t
monitions lead Robertson to believe drew attention because of his spot in the
tronic songs that are the meat of Age of missing anything. It taps into the same
that the end of the world was coming. middle of the stage, but you can feel the
Adz. raw emotion that Stevens brings to all
This was the inspiration for much connection he had with the other mu-
In his visual aids, Stevens featured his music. His voice is truly amazing.
of Robertson’s work, and it drove him sicians he played with.
the same trippy vibe that the album cre- He changes key with ease and he sounds
insane. He kicked his wife and children After playing most of the new
ates so well. A large screen at the back exactly the same in person as he does on
out of his house and lived the remain- album and some older songs, the show
of the stage featured quickly changing his albums: beautiful and delicate, but
der of his life alone. He never stopped moved into its climax. The band played
pictures of dancers. The lights on stage passionate and soulful.

This Ain’t No Peace Train. It’s Unstoppable!

friction between to head for the school kids the entire
By Lauren DuBois Frank and Will, and
alludes to their
time, and that the ultimate goal was to
stop it before it collided with them.
problematic per- While that might have gotten a bit stale
It’s almost enough to make you sonal lives. Granted, by the end, it would have also upped the
never want to board a train again. the runaway train drama a little bit more, because the he-
In the newest Tony Scott action begins its lonesome roes wouldn’t be the only ones whose
thriller, Unstoppable, the audience is journey roughly lives were on the line.
saved from restlessness at just the right within 20 minutes, The acting is mostly decent. Denzel
moment, which manages to save a but there isn’t too Washington doesn’t deviate from many
movie that originally takes a little while much excitement at of the characters he’s played in the past,
to get going to its main part, but once it the outset. but that formula seems to work for him,
gets there, manages to live up to its At the point as he certainly knows how to play it
name. where Frank and well. Chris Pine plays a pretty fair quiet
The movie, which was apparently Will decide to stop guy who seems to carry the weight of
inspired by true events, takes us to the “missile the size the world on his shoulders. Rosario
Pennsylvania, where one otherwise or- track in the town of Stanton. of the Chrysler building,” the movie be- Dawson isn’t overly convincing as Con-
dinary day at an ordinary rail yard, one Enter veteran engineer Frank gins to get much more exciting and nie, the manager at the rail yard either
idiotic engineer assigned to move a Barnes (Denzel Washington) and new- thrilling. The action doesn’t completely as she relies mostly on pulling at her
half-mile long cargo train pulling haz- bie conductor Will Colson (Chris Pine), make the audience sit at the edges of hair and frowning to convey her emo-
ardous materials, steps out of the cab who are also headed towards the on- their seats in anticipation, but it doesn’t tions.
with the engine on full power and the coming train. After they get word of disappoint either, as it manages to keep Overall, Unstoppable is worth see-
brakes off. Before anyone realizes what’s several failed attempts to stop it, the two them guessing about whether or not the ing. It’s slow to start, but once it arrives
going on, the train is rolling away and take matters into their own hands. two will succeed, or die trying. at its destination, it firmly manages to
picking up speed as it goes, heading to- The movie takes its time to get to The only plot element that disap- grab attention and hold it until the very
wards one oncoming train of 150 school the part where the audience sees Frank points concerns the train full of school end. And at the end of the day, that’s ex-
kids on a field trip to learn about rail and Will try to become heroes. A rather kids. In the previews, the movie seemed actly what an action thriller is supposed
safety, and one deadly curve of elevated large part of it deals mostly with the to make it seem like the train was going to do.
The Stony Brook Press Hey! We Have a Sports Section Again! 19
Wolfie On Ice Would Be Twice As Nice
will have a top team,” said Garofalo to come a NCAA Division I sports team, policy called the Title XI requirement.
By David Schneider Fiore, as Garofalo recalled. He has yet
to receive any help from Fiore or his de-
an ice rink would have to be built on
campus. A sufficient ice rink would cost
Which states that there must be an
equal opportunity among the sexes at
partment. about $10 million, estimates Garofalo. the college level. This includes coaches,
The Stony Brook Hockey team has Garofalo says there are two major “The funding is just not in the budget; equipment, practice times and the vari-
made Nationals for 11 years, the factors that are preventing his successful the only way this would happen is if ety of sports. Title XI requires that
amount of time it has existed. In that Stony Brook is 50 percent male and 50
span, the team has accumulated a percent female; there must be an equal
record of 285 wins, 84 losses and 10 ties. number of male and female athletes.
But the accomplishments are all the Having such a massive football team
more meaningful in light of what the makes it hard to create new sports to
team lacks: recognition and funding counter the addition of the mens’
from the Stony Brook Athletics depart- hockey team.
ment. Since Stony Brook University is a
The team is predominantly funded Division I school, the hockey team
through the Undergraduate Student would automatically need to be a Divi-
Government student activity fee with a sion I team, which means that they
budget of $86,750, with some additional would require a bigger roster, making it
private donations here and there. And harder to fulfill the Title XI require-
given the team’s consistent success and ment.
its ability to draw in both crowds and Not giving up their goal to reach
recruitment, one would think the Ath- Division I, the team has since created a
letics department would salivate to- petition, available online, where sup-
wards this new market. porters can sign a pledge supporting the
“I know hockey and I know the construction of a hockey arena and the
east; you can separate yourself by mak- club from becoming a National Colle- someone would donate the money,” said inclusion of the Hockey Team under the
ing Long Island’s first Division I hockey giate Athletic Association division Garofalo, who has been head of the Athletics department umbrella.
team right here at Stony Brook,” Head team: money and the Title XI require- team since his graduation from Stony When asked to comment about the
Coach and General Manager Chris ment. Brook in 1992. “There are many other Hockey Team and its efforts for inclu-
Garofalo recalled as telling Athletics Di- If the Athletics Departments de- things they [Stony Brook University] sion, the Athletics department declined
rector Jim Fiore about funding the cides to fund the Stony Brook Hockey would rather spend the $10 million on.” to comment, saying they had no interest
team. “If you give me three years, you team, which requires the team to be- The other factor is the NCAA has a in talking about a non-varsity sport.