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17th Nov 2010
John Denton
Managing Editor, TV Platforms BBC Future Media and Technology

Future Media & Technology


• BBC’s Digital Services • Changing media landscape • The TV experience • 1,2,3... Multiscreen engagement

Future Media & Technology

Create the world’s best Digital Services

27.8m Adults/ UK per week

12.1m Adults/ UK per week

2.7m Adults/ UK per week

Future Media & Technology

Source : BBC Data, August 2010

BBC iPlayer – Catch-up TV

Future Media & Technology

Multi-Platform experience – The World Cup

Web - A new record was set in June with 9.2m weekly UK users driven by the World Cup and Wimbledon Mobile - when England were in the World Cup, the site saw an average of 335,000 UK users per day Red Button - BBC World Cup coverage reached 8.88m unique viewers over the course of the tournament

Future Media & Technology

Growth in IP enabled devices set to accelerate
0.8m 0.7m 0.6m 0.5m 0.4m 0.3m 0.2m 0.1m 0.0m Set top box TV
May-08 Nov-08 May-09 May-10 Nov-09

DVD/ Bluray
Data: GFK - Aug 2010

Future Media & Technology

Huge growth in Mobile usage
• 18.5m UK adults browsing the internet on their mobile phones • 16.0m UK adults using applications (excluding native games) • These figures have grown considerably year-on-year: +45% for browsing and +53% for Apps
Claimed Usage of Mobile Apps and Browser Sites (Monthly)
Used A pps o r Bro wser Used B ro wser


Used A pps

21.2m 18.5m 16.0m

1 6

1 2




Future Media & Technology

Data: M:Metrics July 2010

Home screens

• The ubiquity and pervasiveness of screens in the home • Some concern about the level of screen usage
Future Media & Technology
BBC R&D Maxine Glancey

10 years of Interactive TV


Future Media & Technology

viewers weekly


Future Media & Technology

red button users weekly


Future Media & Technology



Future Media & Technology



Future Media & Technology

New Worlds


Future Media & Technology

What are the immediate benefits of IP on TV?

On Demand Personalised Localised Searchable/easier to find Richer UI


Future Media & Technology

IPTV product development

Available on Freesat

Hybrid offering Samsung TV and Blu-ray

Future Media & Technology

Multi-stacking/ Multitasking
Lean to Lean back Communicate

“Fifty-nine percent of people are multitasking when watching TV — that’s something we’ve always known. This is the next evolution.” Source: Kristin Frank, General Manager, MTV Networks

Future Media & Technology

Multi-screen interplay
Lean back TV

Lean to PC/ Mobile

Communicate PC/Mobile

Power of the schedule should drive what’s on all devices

Future Media & Technology

comcast-demos-an-ipad-app-for-remote-control http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLz72XErN8U&feature=player_embedded

http://www.appmarket.tv/news/160-breaking-news /516-ericsson-study-shows-on-demand-as-next-tv-service-and-tablets-as-remote.html


Future Media & Technology

Miso makes TV fun and more social!

Twemote is for TV Lovers and Twitter Addicts


Future Media & Technology

Broadcaster examples – ‘Orchestrated media’
Interactive TV application - “The Apprentice” - Supplementing program experience - Multiple users input choices - Remote user input displayed - Personal against national results shown - Wider social network engaged with the TV experience

Future Media & Technology

In Summary

• Connected home becoming a reality • Jury’s out whether everything via TV best approach • Interplay of screens going to be most exciting • Content owners well placed to drive innovation • Build powerful relationship with your audiences

Future Media & Technology

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Future Media & Technology

Future Media – role of Product Manager in Agile software development
Andrew Bowden
Product Manager, TV iPlayer Andrew.Bowden@bbc.co.uk

Future Media & Technology

3. Strategy for 09/10
What is a Product Manager?

“The person who decides what a product does, and what it will do” BBC FM&T has many products
Consumer products like BBC iPlayer, Weather, CBeebies… Backend products which power other products

Product managers aims to make best product, and defines how to get there.

Future Media & Technology

3. Strategy for 09/10
Selling the Product

“Selling the product”
Internal selling

Audience research User testing Product roadmap and strategy

Future Media & Technology

3. Strategy for 09/10

Agile is a way of working that allows us to react easier Product manager gathers requirements and maintains a prioritised list of work Sets acceptance criteria for each bit of work

Future Media & Technology

3. Strategy for 09/10

Team works in sprints Each sprint, team takes a chunk of work from the top of list When done, demo the completed work Then start the next sprint… And the next… and the next… …until it’s done!

Future Media & Technology

3. Strategy for 09/10
Lots more stuff to do! Including…

“Selling the product” externally
Marketing and communication materials Blog posts, demos, information for call centres

User feedback Product roadmap (life-cycle)
Refine product

Future Media & Technology

3. Strategy for 09/10
BBC NORTH - Opportunities

www.bbc.co.uk/jobs/north We’re offering fantastic technical, creative and delivery roles MediaCity Salford

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