To Promote Music And Buy Beats Now Is The Best Time by Kyle Artzt

The music industry has been changing in some seriously huge ways these days. In the beginning you couldn't find beats for sale or get in touch with a producer who could hook you up with rap instrumentals. It was a lot harder to come by. Not only did you need to have all the skills necessary to make hot beats, you also needed to have the right hardware. You needed a studio full of expensive equipment before you could even test your skills as a music producer and so many artists felt held back by the fact that it was such a high cost industry.

With the introduction of production programs such as Pro Tools and Reason Record it's completely revolutionized the game forever. You can now make beats without the need to pull out your savings account because the prices for software are so low. You can purchase a great recording program for as low as a hundred or a couple hundred dollars. With that kind of pricing it's become easy for even the least experienced producers to get their feet wet. You can do the EQ and compression work right there on your computer without needing a bunch of fancy hardware. This simply wasn't possible back in the days of analog equipment.

This is by far the greatest time in history for an artist to try to get into the game. Sure you can purchase instrumentals for a lower price than ever before because of the rise of thousands upon thousands of production artists who are making beats using software, but many other opportunities have risen since the old days as well. One major piece to the puzzle for independent artists is the fact that now you can get global distribution at an extremely low rate. You used to have to be a major label or have some serious connections if you wanted to find your music in any stores, but nowadays that isn't the case. Using a company called Tunecore thousands of artists have been able to distribute their music on all the major mp3 retailers such as iTunes and Rhapsody without needing to spend a lot of dollars.

So production and distribution are cheaper and easier to get a hold of them any other point in time, but let's continue. Is that all the new digital industry has to offer? Not only have production costs hit the floor, so have recording costs. You no longer need to get in touch with a recording studio and pay big bucks for a sound engineer to mix/master your music. You can record right in the comfort of your own home using programs such as Pro Tools and you don't need much else! Mixing skills is really all you need to be able to make some seriously high quality music from your house.

It's possible for anybody to be a studio worker or a producer these days. As a rap artist, you do need to consider that making beats may not be one of your strengths. If your production isn't top quality, then it really doesn't matter how good your recordings are... The song is still going to receive less recognition because the beat isn't right. Industry standard is to have one person work on one thing... This means that one person writes the song and performs it, another person produces the beat and a third person mixes the song. A fresh ear is vital in the music industry if you want that top quality sound. Having said that, visit the links in the resource box/paragraph below to stop by Beats4Legend's website. You can buy beats from their website and instantly receive your license, right in your email. Check out this link to buy beats online:

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