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Client Relationship
Managers in:
■ Corporate Banking
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Client NEW
Management Skills
Designed exclusively for bankers & financiers to refresh and
upgrade their professional relationship management skills

Want more from your clients?

Then learn how to:

• Analyze and understand the current role of CRM
• Effectively employ various tools and measurement
techniques to optimize client acquisition
• Manage client relationships and maximize customer retention
• Develop a clear client strategy
• Get the most from client meetings
• Plan the negotiation
• Integrate expert systems with CRM
• Re-appraise your skills through a structured teaching
methodology and practical workshops

Teaching methods include interactive

role-plays and practical exercises

Course Director: Tom Lawton, International Trainer on

Banking, Management & Strategy

October 3-6, 2005 • New York City

INFORMATION HOTLINE: tel: (212) 361-3299 email:
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Client Relationship Management Skills
Traditionally, many aspects of banking / financial services PREPARATION
have been relationship driven. However, in recent years a This course is designed to be highly interactive and
three-fold change has occurred: participatory through the use of role-plays and case studies.
• Many previously relationship-driven transactions have Delegates are encouraged to use everyday examples from
become commoditized, requiring less or no personal input their experience and challenges in managing client
• Huge budgets have been invested in new distribution and relationships. Prior to the course, delegates will be
marketing channels such as the internet, often at the requested to complete a three page briefing, giving details of
expense of the development of sales / client relationship past, current or future clients, financial/product backgrounds
management expertise and challenges encountered. (Naturally where confidentiality
• The role, value and scope of traditional CRM has been must be maintained specific client/company names will not
reappraised and re-positioned be expected). Throughout the program role-plays and
scenarios will be based on delegates’ own product areas.
This course sets out to equip delegates with the skills to Feedback will be provided to delegates on a one-to-one
analyze and understand the current role of CRM – both for basis at each stage of the course.
the bank and for the client - as well as the tools and
techniques of on-going client acquisition, management and
Tom Lawton started his career with Barclays Bank where
Whether you are relatively new to CRM or have existing he worked for 12 years in corporate lending and marketing.
experience, the course will allow you not only to refine your His initial experience was in the personal and small business
skills of communication and rapport-building but also to sector, after which he spent 5 years in lending to medium
determine the context of and strategy for your future CRM and large corporates.
In 1986, he joined Standard Chartered in a credit control
Through the use of role-plays, the program adopts a function covering the Middle East, South Asia and Asia
coaching methodology which will allow you to (re)-appraise Pacific regions. Subsequently he moved into a training role
your skills. The focus is on fostering self-awareness and self- for the bank, designing and running lending programs on a
assessment both for use at the course and in actual global basis.
situations thereafter.
An Associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers and a
Visiting Fellow at Manchester Business School, he is now
WHO SHOULD ATTEND? involved in full-time training for financial institutions around
The course is aimed primarily at corporate or investment the world. He has recently undertaken programs on
banking executives who are or will be involved in CRM from corporate evaluation and bank strategic management for
the following departments: major banking/finance groups in the UK, Ireland, South
• Corporate Banking / Lending Africa, Turkey, Central Africa, Kenya and Sri Lanka. He has
• Credit worked as and with relationship managers all over the world,
• Trade Finance helping to enhance customer relationships. The practical
• Treasury / Treasury Sales nature and applicability of his courses have received much
• Institutional Sales appreciation from past clients.
• Project / Structured Finance
• Syndications
• Investment Banking / Corporate Finance
• Private Banking Euromoney Training is registered with the National Association of State Boards of

• Custody Accountancy (NASBA), as a sponsor of continuing professional education on the

National Registry of CPE Sponsors. State boards of accountancy have final authority
on the acceptance of individual courses for CPE credit. Complaints regarding

The course will also be applicable to those who handle registered sponsors may be addressed to the National Registry of CPE Sponsors,
150 Fourth Avenue North, Suite 700, Nashville, TN, 37219-2417.
‘internal client’ relationships. For instance, executives from Web site: This course has no pre- requisite reading.

areas such as: Can earn 31 credits on full completion of this course.

Or why not let us come to you? - opportunities for sponsored training.

• Internal audit
• IT / MIS/ Systems Security
• Operational Risk
• Operations Management
please email Kate Tedesco at or call (212) 843-5223.
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to unforeseen circumstances. ©2005 Euromoney Training.

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DAY ONE Exploring client needs
• Every client is unique
What is the role of the relationship • Exploring the three types of needs Managing challenging clients
manager? - Product • The ‘problem client’ – objection handling
How do you measure your success as - Service • Successfully overcoming client resistance
a relationship manager? - Personal • Gaining commitment from clients to the
The essential skills today for success next step
in relationship management. Understanding client strategy
• How and where to research your client Negotiation skills for the relationship
PRACTICAL WORKSHOP: • The annual report as a relationship manager
Skills Assessment guide • Negotiation versus selling
Delegates complete 2 behavioral • Understanding the value chain of your • The negotiation process – planning,
questionnaires to identify their own client’s business planning and planning!
behavioral strengths and weaknesses. • Identifying which clients are relationship
Trainer feedback on a one-to-one basis is Planning the negotiation
driven versus transaction driven
followed by a group exercise to • Information
• New client acquisition versus retention
determine how individuals’ skills sets • Style
of existing clients
impact their CRM activities. Delegates • Leverage
will be able to identify their own Selling the appointment • Ambitions
behavioral style and how clients/ • Setting the objectives of the call • Propositions
potential clients react to this. • Telephone techniques • Tactics
• Getting to the decision maker(s) • Concessions
Understanding your client • Information gathering
• Who is your client? The key to successful negotiations
• How to deal with objections
• Client selection – who needs you? • The importance of achieving a win-win
Who do you not want as a client? The meeting outcome
• Client diagnostics - interpreting the • Structure an effective sales meeting • The art of negotiation
behavior model and assessing • How should relationship managers
Self assessment
behavior styles describe products and services the
• Time management is key – delegate
• Diagnostics, segmentation and profiling bank has to offer?
and plan
• Setting strategic objectives for the • The do’s and don’ts of a sales meeting
• Creative thinking
relationship • How to present your products and
• Planning meetings
services – differentiating and
PRACTICAL EXERCISE: • Ten steps to a successful telephone
Product Understanding interview
• Linking ‘features’ to ‘benefits’
In pairs, delegates take turns to play both • Closing techniques ROLE-PLAY II:
client and relationship manager. The • Identifying potential cross-selling Structuring and negotiating
objective is to clearly identify and opportunities Using agreed client scenarios, delegates
communicate principal components of work in groups of 4, in turns simulating
the product/service offered, target ROLE-PLAY I:
and observing the meeting. This is a
market, likely objections and key points Presenting your service/matching
realistic client meeting where delegates
for later negotiation. needs - how to handle complexity
will be required to structure the
Working in pairs, delegates must
Questioning and Listening – discussion, elicit client needs, provide
succinctly explain their product. Each
Determining your clients’ needs solutions and negotiate a transaction.
delegate has the opportunity to play the
• How to listen effectively role of client and client relationship
• Utilizing non-verbal communication manager. This session will refine DAY FOUR
• Presentation skills delegates’ skills in presenting complex ROLE-PLAY II CONTINUED
products while maintaining clients’ Technology and Client Relationship
DAY TWO interest and continuing to match clients’
PRACTICAL WORKSHOP: • Exploring the use of technology and its
Active, tactical listening - the key to impact on CRM
understanding and empathy • Expert systems
In pairs, delegates assess their listening Where do we go from here? – Action
skills. Trainer feedback is followed by planning
intensive practice of listening and • Putting the course into practice
questioning techniques. Individual and • Individual account planning
common problems are addressed. The course ends at approximately 5:00pm

INFORMATION HOTLINE: tel: (212) 361-3299 email:

fax: (212) 361-3499 web:
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October 10-14, 2005
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