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1 of 2 ee Seed “" . GLOBAL HEALTH sunded by Dr. Vanessa Kerry, is the onl to address the dire shortage of nurses and Seed Global He P ace Ci Please join us for a cocktail party hosted by Devon and Dr. Krista Archer Larry and Lucy Guffey To benefit Seed Global Health With Dr. Vanessa Kerry Sunday, August 16 )pm- 7:30pm The Quogue Club at Hallock House 47 Quogue Street Quogue, NY Suggested Contribution: Chair- $10,000 Host-$5,000, Guest- $1,000 Seed Global Health & “Of 1 were to go to Africa solely as « medical provider there is wo dowbt 1 wondd save liver, However, fl teacher, ary ofect will be murbiplied, The students | teach will go an to sare many amare Lives than I ever could alone and, perbaps, even beaotee teachers themselves,” 2013 Global Health Service Partnership Volienteer, Tanzania The World Health Onganization estimates that in 83 countries around the world, there is a critical shortage of 7.2 millior doctors, nurses, and midwives. In Tanzania, for example, there are only 24 nurses and one doctor for every 100,000 people ‘We urgently need to address this critical shortage through training and professional development. Seed Global Health hi ure that financial debt suck ‘Yes, I would like to attend and have enclosed a contribution of $. 1am unable to attend but have enclosed a contribution of $. e checks payable to: d Global Health PO Box 8726