Course Outline I. The Age of Rebirth: Introduction to the Renaissance Period A. Characteristics of the Renaissance 1. Rediscovery of Classical Literature and Art 2. Curiosity and Objectivity 3. Individualism II. Renaissance Philosophy: The Transition from Medieval to Modern Philosophy A. Humanism 1. Francesco Petrarca (Petrarch) [b.1304-d.1374] 2. Marsilio Ficino [b.1433-d.1499] 3. Giovanni Pico della Mirandola [b.1463-d.1494] 4. Desiderius Erasmus [b.1466-d.1536] 5. Giordano Bruno [b.1548-d.1600] 6. Sir Francis Bacon [b.1561-d.1626] B. Natural Science 1. Nicolaus Copernicus [b.1473-d.1543] 2. Galileo Galilei [b.1564-d. 1642] 3. Johannes Kepler [b.1571-d.1630] 4. Sir Isaac Newton [b.1642-d.1727] C. Political and Social Theory 1. Niccolò Machiavelli [b.1469-d.1527] 2. Sir Thomas More [b.1478-d.1535] 3. Giovanni Domenico Campanella (Tommaso Campanella) [b.1568-d.1639] 4. Thomas Hobbes [b.1588-d.1679] D. Skepticism 1. Gianfrancesco Pico della Mirandola [b.1469-d.1533] 2. Michel Eyquem de Montaigne [b.1533-d.1592] 3. Pierre Charron [b.1541-d.1603] 4. Francisco Sanches [b.1550-d.1623] III. Early Modern Philosophy I: Rationalism, Cartesianism, and Empiricism A. Rationalism 1. René Descartes [b.1596-d.1650] 2. Benedict de Spinoza [b.1632-d.1677] 3. Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz [b.1646-d.1716]

1814] 2. Moses Mendelssohn [b.B. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe [b.1632-d.1710-d. Romanticism 1.1860] .1694-d. German Idealism 1.1754] 3.1729-d. George Berkeley [b.1778] 3.1762-d.1724-d. Blaise Pascal [b.1759-d.1728] 2.1778] 2. Nicolas Malebranche [b. Early Modern Philosophy II: Enlightenment Philosophy A. Adam Smith [b. Arnold Geulincx [b. Christian von Wolff [b.1804] B. Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller [b.1831] 3.1753] 3.1713-d. Christian Thomasius [b.1746] 2. Thomas Reid [b.1685-d.1704] 2. The Scottish Enlightenment 1. The French Enlightenment 1. Denis Diderot [b.1662] 2.1776] IV.1694-d.1784] B.1711-d.1723-d. and German Idealism A.1679-d.1655-d.1770-d. Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel [b. Jean Jacques Rousseau [b. The German Enlightenment 1. 1775-d.1788-d.1832] 2. Late Modern Philosophy I: Critical Philosophy. Romanticism.1854] 4.1712-d. Arthur Schopenhauer [b.1790] C.1715] C. François Marie Arouet (Voltaire) [b. Critical Philosophy 1.1805] C. Immanuel Kant [b.1638-d. Cartesianism 1.1796] 3. David Hume [b.1749-d.1623-d. John Locke [b.1625-d. Francis Hutcheson [b.1669] 3.1786] V. Empiricism 1. Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph von Schelling [b. Johann Gottlieb Fichte [b.

5. 1960. Vol. Vol. 1966.VI. A History of Philosophy. Vol. Modern Philosophy: Part II. Kant. Vol. Vol. 1959. New York: Image Books. New York: Image Books. ed. A History of Philosophy. 1996. Late Modern Philosophy II: Nineteenth-Century Philosophies A. Utilitarianism 1. S.1900] SELECTED BIBLIOGRAPHY Brown. and Pragmatism in Britain and America. New York: Image Books. 4. 1960.1844-d.1855] 2. New York: Image Books. Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche [b. Dialectical Materialism 1. Vol. Copleston. Late Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy. 6. ________. ________. Modern Philosophy: From the Post-Kantian Idealists to Marx. Routledge History of Philosophy. 8. . 3. 5. A History of Philosophy. Modern Philosophy: From Descartes to Leibniz.J. ________. New York: Image Books. ________. A History of Philosophy. Kierkegaard. Auguste Comte [b. John Stuart Mill [b. and Nietzsche. Stuart.1832] 2. ________. Modern Philosophy: Empiricism. 6. Vol. New York: Image Books. Philosophies of Existence 1.1806-d.1798-d. ________. Vol. A History of Philosophy. 1953. Idealism. Karl Heinrich Marx [b. 1963.1813-d. Classical Positivism 1. Frederick. London: Routledge.1857] B. Modern Philosophy: From the French Enlightenment to Kant. Jeremy Bentham [b. New York: Image Books.1883] C. Søren Aabye Kierkegaard [b. 1960. 7.1748-d. Modern Philosophy: The British Philosophers from Hobbes to Hume. A History of Philosophy.1818-d. British Philosophy and the Age of Enlightenment. A History of Philosophy.1873] D.

ed. 4. Stumpf.R. A History of Philosophy. AY 2010-2011 Rogationist Seminary College-Cebu Punta Princesa. Prepared by: ALEXIS DEODATO S. Higgins. Ten. London: Routledge. Vol. New York: The Macmillan Company. New York: Oxford University Press. Routledge History of Philosophy. Norman. Russell. Windelband. 1993. The Nineteenth Century. 1901. 2008.. Cebu City 6000 . Vol. Routledge History of Philosophy. 1974. 3. G.________. 1945. Bertrand. A History of Philosophy. 2007. London: Routledge. ________. History of Philosophy. Wilhelm. New York: Oxford University Press. New York: Simon and Schuster. Anthony. and Levi-Strauss. Vol. A New History of Western Philosophy. Mountainview. 2nd Semester. Robert C. 1993. Boston: McGraw-Hill. New York: Image Books. 2002. London: Routledge. Vol. Routledge History of Philosophy.. The Rise of Modern Philosophy. Modern Philosophy: From the French Revolution to Sartre. eds. Samuel Enoch and James Fieser. 8th ed. Sahakian. New York: Barnes and Noble. M. 4. 9. 1968.L. A New History of Western Philosophy. Philosophy in the Modern World. 7. Parkinson. Socrates to Sartre and Beyond: A History of Philosophy. William S. C. Melchert. The Renaissance and Seventeenth-century Rationalism. ed.H. 2006.A. 6. Vol. The Age of German Idealism. Camus. The Great Conversation: A Historical Introduction to Philosophy. Vol. The History of Western Philosophy. and Kathleen M. ITAO. 1994. Kenny. Solomon. CA: Mayfield Publishing.

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