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VersaFlow Vortex Meter

Application Analysis Form

Please complete this form as much as possible. Fax or e-mail it to Honeywell or our local representative in your area. We will be happy to offer the
instrument that is best suited for your application. Move to the next field using the mouse. Some of the fields have a drop down menu to select
from, other fields require that you type in the information. When done, save the document under a new file name using “Save as” under File menu

Company Does Fluid Contain Solids? Y N

Address Does Fluid Contain Gas or Entrained Air? Y N
City State Zip If Yes: % Solids or Air: (approx.)
Contact Name
Title 2. Equipment Preference
Tel. No. for Technical Questions Desired Scale for 4-20mA Output:
Signature Date
Connections: Flanged or Wafer
Line Size: Pipe SCH
Reviewed by / /
Approved by / / Rating:

Is pipe reducing/expanding allowed? (for optimum meter sizing)

Y or N
1. Fluid Data:
How much straight piping is available upstream and downstream of
Name: Description:
the meter:
Type (If Applicable): Volumetric or Mass Flow
Upstream: 10D with flow straightener only! 20D
Viscosity: Min. Max. Units: Downstream: 5D ≥10D
Operating Density: Units
Or Spec. Gravity Materials of Wetted Parts acceptable to process:
316SS Hastelloy C Other:
Flow Rate Units*
(Min.) Hazardous Area (FM): Y or N
(Max.) ATEX EEx d ia (ia) IIC T6

* Lbs/hr, lbs/min, kg/hr, kg/min, GPM, GPH, LPH, etc FM Class I Div I
* * SCFM, SCFH, ACFM, ACFH for gases
Local Indication? Y or N.
Important :
For gases : Please clearly specify flow rate and density is Converter/Style: Integral or Remote
actual operating OR at standard conditions @68F Cable length feet

For Steam : Saturated or Superheated HART option: Y or N

Pulse output: Y or N
Software version: Pulse Scale: (i.e. 1 Gallon per pulse, max. 0.5 Hz)

Basic Version: Liquids, Gases, Special Requirements:

uncompensated + Temperature i.e. max. allowed pressure drop:
Compensation for
Saturated steam
4. Temperature / Pressure: (**must for steam/gas)
Operating fluid temperature:
Gas Version: Gases, Wet Gases, Gas Mixtures
min: norm: max: units:
With Pressure & Temperature Compensation
Operating Pressure:**
min: norm: max: units:
Steam Version: Superheated steam with
Ambient Temperature:
Pressure & Temperature Compensation
min: norm: max: units:
5. Describe your flow application briefly and what it is you wish to
For Gas and Steam Versions please specify the max. design accomplish: (if required add sketch)
Pressure for the pressure probe:

For gas mixtures please specify the gas components in %

Please fax or email to: Honeywell, Inc. 512 Virginia Drive – Fort Washington, PA. 19034 Page 1 of 1
Tel: 800-423-9883 Fax: 215-641-3400 Email: