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What I've learned today:

Keap (formerly Infusionsoft) is a private company that offers an e-mail marketing and sales
platform for small businesses, including products to manage and optimize the customer
lifecycle, customer relationship management, marketing automation, lead capture, and e-
commerce. It is based in Chandler, Arizona.

Video Library (Overview) link:

1. Lifecycle Marketing (5:59mins) - I've learn on this video on how to facilitate leads on how to
attract, capture leads, long-term nurturing campaign.

2. Navigation (2:30mins) - It is a brief overview of the main navigations in Infusions application.

3. Dashboard (1min) - In this page you can see all the list of activities or key indicators of the
business process.

4. Add Users (2:29mins) - In this video, I've learned how to make a user who will have access to
your Infusionsoft account.

5. Permissions (2:19mins) - It is for the users to have access only to the specific task and not for
the full access of the application.

6. Upload Logo (1:54mins) - In this tutorial, I've learned how to change company logo and
where will it be seen.

7. Email address block (1:24mins) - In this video, you can put your physical address on each mail
you will be sending.

Video Library (My Day) link:

My Day, Calendar, Task (5:49mins) - In this section, you can keep track of your task,
appointments and next actions to keep the business organized, your follow-up on schedule and
the deals on track.

Video Library (CRM) link:

1. Add a contact (2.31mins) - There are two ways to add a contact, first is to search
it by contact number through the quick search in the navigation bar, it could be an email
or the name or the client in the search section. The second one is to click the plus button
in the quick search navigation and manually add the contact and provide the

2. Contact Quick View (2:31mins) – In this section, you can see a quick view of the
contact. And it is customized. It has “Actions” a drop-down menu and “Edit fields”
button. And there are also different icons below along the quick view buttons that
provides access to the different sections of the contact record.

3. Contact Full View (2:45mins) – You can see the organized view of information of
the contact. It consists of multiple tabs.