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The abovementioned articles talk about the use of cloud seeding in the country. Read each
of the given articles and note the key points in each of the articles. After having sufficiently
read and adequately understood the contents of the articles, please do the following:

1. Make a comprehensive analysis of the successes and failures of cloud seeding in the
country by identifying the problems encountered and the probable causes for these
2. Recommend actions and measures which can be done to address the identified
problems. Tabulate your answers by using the given format.

Problem Causes Recommendations

3. As a concluding part of your paper, answer the given questions below.

Is cloud seeding really necessary in the country? Why do you say so?
Is it justified for our country to spend money on this? Why?
If cloud seeding is necessary, is it a priority for the country to undertake? Why?



Make a title page for the requirement with the title CLOUD SEEDING IN THE PHILIPPINES.
Use the same format as that of the first requirement.