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96.1 64 EXERCISES Look at the pictures and write the comparative (alder / more interesting etc) ‘expensive... Write the comparative 1 old older. = 2 strong enue. sn 7 large ee 3 happy en. 8 serious 4 modern 9) pretty 5 important 10 crowded Write the opposite. 1 younger older. 4 better 2 colder 5. nearer 3 cheaper 6 easier Complete the sentences. Use a comparative. 1. Helen's car isn’t very big. She wants a bigger. one. . . 2. My job isn’t very interesting. T want to do something.mere. interesting 3 You're not very tall. Your brother is 4 David doesn’t work very hard. | work 5 My chair isn't very comfortable, Yours is 6 Your plan isn’t very good. My plan is 7. These flowers aren't very nice. The blue ones are 8 My bag isn't very heavy. Your bag is 9 I'm not very interested in art. 'm ov in history. 10 [isn't woey warns today. Fewas ‘yesterday 11. These tomatoes don’t taste very good. The other ones tasted = 2 13, 4 15 Britain isn't very big. France is London isn't very beautifll. Patis 18 een = This knife isn’t very sharp. Have you got a a one? People today aren’t very polite. In the past they were uN [1st] Pil ty = olderthan... more expensive than ... She’ taller than him. ‘The Europa Hotel is more expensive than the Grand, ‘We use than afier comparatives (older than ... / more expensive than ... cf): © Athens is older than Rome @ Are oranges more expensive than bananas? ¢@ Irs easier to phone than to write a letter @ ‘How are you today?” ‘Not bad, Better than yesterday” © The restaurant is more crowded than usual B Wesay: than mo / than him / than her / than us / than them, You can say: f Lean run fster than fhim. or Lean run faster than he cam, f You are a better singer than me. or You area better singer ¢han T atm fT goc up earlier than her. or I got up earlier than she did © more/less than . (© A; How imuch did your shoes cost? £302 — B: No, more than that. (= more than £30) fe The fil yas very short fess than an hour @ They've got more money than hey need. 30. @ You go out more than me. ess man 30 2s D abit older /much older cx J () cl w A D D Box A isa bit bigger than Box B. Box C is much bigger than Box D. = ec much bigger than France, _, | lier @ jill isa bit older than Gary — she's 25 and he’s a bit | otter than 26h much | ore difficult © The hotel was much more expensive than I more expensive expected You go outmuch more than me. [IBA la Sareapeatoe sass acesirase notes (os OED 5814 > 87.2 5 873 EXERCISES Write sentences about Liz and Ben. Use than. 1 I'm 26, 2 Pm nota very good swimmer. 3 Tent metre 68 tall, 4 Tstarework at 8 o'clock. 5 I don'r work very hard haven't got much money. V’ma very good driver. 8. I'm not very patient. I'm nota very good dancer, I'm very intelligent. I speak Frerich very well. I don’t go to the cinema very much. 1 lizis older than Ben. 7 2 Ben is a better swimmer than liz, 8 3 Lizis mm . 9 4 Liz starts sesmsBed 10 5 Ben uu 6 Ben has got 12 Complete the sentences. Use than, unr 87 T'm 24, 4 T'ma very good swimmer T'm | metre 63 tall, Tstart work at 8.30, T work very hed. Te gora lor of money. Lm nota very good driver, V'm very patient. I'ma good dancer I'm not very intelligent. I don't speak French very well. 1 go to the cinema a lot. Lizisa Ben Ben Tiginsccaeeeess Liz Ben Heisn’t very tall. You ‘re,taller than him... (OR, .., than he is.) 1 2 She isn't very old. You're meee 3 don't work very hard. You work 4 He doesn't watch TV very much. You 5 I'mnota very good cook. You 6 Wedon't know many people. You 7 They haven't got much money, You 8 Tean'trun very fast. You can 9 She hasn't been here very long. You 10 They didn't get up very early. You 11 He wasn't very surprised, You... Complete the sentences with a bit or much +a comparative (older/better etc.) 1 Jillis 25, Gary is 24% il is a bik older ‘than Gary, 2. Jack’s mother is 54. His father is 69 Jack’s mother 3 My camera cost £100, Yours cost £96. My camera 4 Yesterday I felt terrible. Today I feel OK. Tel 5. Today the temperature is 12 degrees. Yesterday it was ten degrees. Tes i 6 Ann isan excellent tennis player. I’m not very good. Ann [183] Ort Ch) [184] not as ... as not as ... as She’ old but she’s not as old as he is. Box A isn’t as big as Box B. © Rome is not as old as Athens. (= Athens is older) © The Grand Horel isn’t as expensive as the Europa, (= the Europa is more expensive} Idon't play tennis as often as you. (= you play more often) © The weather is better than it was yesterday. It isn’t as cold. (= as cold as it was yesterday) not as much as... / mot as many as ... © I haven't got as much money as you. (= you've got more money) © I con't know as many people as you. (= you know more people) © [don't go ouras much as you. (= you go out more) mpare not as ... as and than: © Rome isnot as old as Athens. Athens is older than Boome, (wot ‘older ae Pome’) © ‘Tennis isn’t as popular as football Football is more popular than tennis, © don’t go out as much as you, You go out more than me. asme / as him / as her ef, You can say: wes notas old as him. or She's not as old as he is. © You don’t work as hard as me. or You don’t work as hard as I do. ‘We say the same as The weather today is the same as yesterday. © My hair is the same colour as yours. © arrived at the same time as Tim. much/many > [TE older than ... / more expensive than ...-> [TIER y =p 88.2 4 unr EXERCISES 88 Look at the pictures and write sentences about A, B and C. 1 Ais 2 Ais B burnot a Ps 3 Cis A but s 4 Ais but as 5 Bhas got 6 Cworks Write sentences with as... as ... 1 Athens is older than Rome, Rome ..ish't. as. old as, Athens, 2 My room is bigger than yours. Your room isn’t ae 3 You got up earlier than me. Ididu'e 4 We played better than them. They 5 T've been here longer than you. YOU seven 5 6 She’ more nervous than him, He oe cee Put in as or than, 1 Athens1s older #4”. ome, >Jim isn’t as clever he thinks. 2 Tdon'e watch TV as much .n-enYOU. 6 Belgium is smaller Switzerland 3 You eat more evens Me 7 Brazil isn’t as big Canada. 4 I feel better | felt yesterday. 8 Lean't wait longer... an hour, Use the intormation to complete the sentences about Julia, Andrew and Caroline. Use the same age /the same street etc Street. | got up at 7.15. (havent got a car | gotup ab 7.15. Sori8 dark Bae, wee Andrem isthe, same age. as Caroline, (street) Julia lives 1 2 3 (time) Julia gor up 4 (colour) “Andrew's [185] rd ii the oldest the most expensive A ‘ HOTEL PRICE IM KINTON (perpen erg) EuopaHetd — £95 Grosenor Grand Hetel £2550 Bomnetts Royal 25 Carlton Belorin 10 Stor Palace 165 _ Station Box A is bigger than Box B. ‘The Europa Hotel is more expensive than the Grand Box A is bigger than all the other boxes. ‘The Buropa Hotel is more expensive than all the other hotels in the town, Box A is the biggest box. The Europa Hotel is the most expensive hotel in the town, Bigger / older / more expensive ete. are comparative forms (= Unit 86). Biggest / oldest / most expensive ete. are superlarive forms, B_ The superiacive form is ~est (oldest) ormost ... (most expensive): Short words (old/cheap /nice cic.) ~+ the -est: old — the oldest cheap — the cheapest nice — the nicest fut good —> the best bad ~> the worst 1g (=> Appendix 5): big — the biggest hot + the hottest Spell Words ending in -y (easy/heavy etc) the t easy > the easiest heavy > the heaviest preity + the prettiest Long words (carefuul/expensive/interesting cic) — the most carefil > the most carcfil] interesting — the most interesting C Wesay: the oldest ... / dhe most expensive ... es. (with the): © The chureh is very old. Its the oldest building is, the town. (it is older than all the other buildings) © What is the longest river in the world? © Money is important but it isn't the most important thing in life. © Excuse me, where is the nearest bank? D You can use the oldest / the best / the most expensive ete. withoul a noun: ‘© Ken is a good player but he isn’t the best in the team. (the best ~ the best player) E superlative + P've ever ... / you've ever ... ete ©The film was very bad. I think its the worst film Pve ever seen. © What is the most unusual thing you've ever done? [186] preset perfect + ever = older / more expensive > EE 89.1 29.3 EXERCISES Write sentences with comparatives (older ete.) and superlatives (the oldest etc.) 1 Al @lGie >| RESTAURANT A excellent RESTAURANT B not bad RESTAURANT € — good. but nat wonderful RESTAURANT D. ul unr (big/small) (asd) Alls digger than D. (A) Als the biggest. (B) Bis the smallest, (ong/short) (C/A) Cis A ©) Dis ® B 7 7 (young/old) (rey D ®) © (expensive/cheap) ya) © a @ 7 7 7 (good/bad) wo oO Complete the sentences. Use a superlative (the oldest etc). 1 This building is very old. Irs the, oldest building... in che town, 2 Tt wasa very happy day. Te was of my life. 3 cry good film, Tes Tye ever secu 4 Shea very popularsinger. She’s in the country. 5 I've ever made. 6 [tsa very pretty villag ve everseen. 7 Te wasa very cold day. It was of the year, 8. He’ a very boring person. He's Pve ever met ‘Write sentences with a superlative (the longest ate.) Sydney Brazil large | [country planet the USA the solar system Everest Jupiter long | | city state Africa South America Alaska ‘the Nile | high | river mountain | | the world Australia 1 Sydney is. the largest, city in, Australia. 2. Everest = a 3 - ~ 4 ~ ~~ ~ 5 187] rr Ti §=6enough wh She can’t buy a sandwich. He can't reach the shelf She hasn't gor enough money. He isn’t tall enough, B enough + noun (enough money / enough people et) © ‘Is there enough sugar in your coffee?” “Yes, hank you! {© We wanted to play foocball but we didn’t have enough players © Why don’t you buy a ear? You've got enough money. (ro! ‘money enough’) enough withowt a now: © ve got some money but not enough to buy a car. ( [need more money to buy a ear) © “Would you like some more to eat? ‘No, thanks. I've had enough? © You're alwaysat home, You don't go ont enough. © aaj + enough (good enough / tall enough cic) hall we sit outside?” ‘No, it isn't warm enough: (vot ‘enough warm’) © Can you hear the radio? Is it loud enough for you? © Don’t buy that coat. IeS nice boric isn't long enough. (= ics too short) Remember: ‘enough + now bit adjective + enough enough money tall enough enough time good enough enough people old enough D wes: ‘© This pullover isn’t big enough for me. enough for (omebody/something) | $ rhveitgot enough money for a car © I haven't got enough money to buy a car. (aor for buy a car’) © Isyour English good enough to have a conversation? (not ‘for have’) enough to (do something) enough for (somebody/something) | @ ‘There aren't enough chairs for everybody to (do something) to sit down, [188] to and for... IE oo