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Building A Shared Vision animal behavior.

In the academic and

professional worlds, a discipline is a
This collective discipline teaches to
specific branch of knowledge,
nurture a sense of group commitment,
learning or practice. Discipline can be
developing shared images of the
a set of expectations that are required
future you want to create and the
by any governing entity including the
principles and guidelines with which
self, groups, classes, fields, industries,
you hope to achieve it. A shared
or societies.
vision is genuine commitment rather
than mere compliance. It is Mental Models
counterproductive to try to impose a
Explanation of someone has thought
process about how something works
Collective Aspiration in the real world. It is a representation
of the surrounding world, the
The key to achieving a vision that
relationships between its various parts
becomes a source of inspiration and
and a person's intuitive perception
productivity for the company is that all
about his or her own acts and their
members of the organization learn to
discover in themselves the ability to
create a personal vision that makes Organization
sense of their life and their work that
An entrepreneur organizes various
supports the central vision proposed
factors of production like land, labor,
by the leader. All personal visions are
capital, machinery, etc. for
feeding the great vision of the
channelizing them into productive
organization, and each one feels in it
activities. The product finally reaches
an intimate connection that drives him
consumers through various agencies.
to give everything of himself to make
Business activities are divided into
it a reality.
various functions; these functions are
Discipline assigned to different individuals.
Is action or inaction that is regulated Personal Domain
to be in accordance (or to achieve
People with high personal mastery
accord) with a particular system of
reach the goals set.
governance. Discipline is commonly
applied to regulating human and
Where people express their thoughts, in its functioning. Systems are the
to expose them to the influence of subjects of study of systems theory.
others, because they have reached
the moment in which through mature
behavior, we can take the comments Following a set method, arrangement,
of others to expand our model, or pattern. The act of planning a
representation of the world. system for something, or of organizing
something in a system.
Systemic Thought -The Fifth
Something that happens or exists
because of something else.
Conceptual framework that helps
Smart Organization
identify total patterns or trends.
The term "smart organization", is used Integrates the other disciplines,
for organizations that are knowledge- merging them into a coherent body of
driven, internetworked, dynamically theory and practice. It is a way of
adaptive to new organizational forms analyzing - and a language to
and practices, learning as well as describe and understand - the forces
agile in their ability to create and and interrelations that model the
exploit the opportunities offered by behavior of systems. This discipline
the new economy. A Smart allows us to change systems more
Organization is an organization that is effectively and act more in
safe, principle driven and value accordance with the processes of the
focused. Smart Organizations foster natural and economic world.
and facilitate aligned engagement
Team Learning
from its members and receives,
embraces and acts upon proven tools Collaborative effort to achieve a
wherever they are found. Smart common goal within the group. The
Organizations have developed an aim of team learning is to attain the
internal competency to self-develop objective through dialogue and
or acquire actionable methods and discussion, conflicts and defensive
tools. routines, and practice within the
group. In the same way, indigenous
communities of the Americas exhibit a
Is a group of interacting or process of collaborative learning.
interrelated entities that form a unified
whole.[1] A system is delineated by its
spatial and temporal boundaries, The combined action of a group of
surrounded and influenced by its people, especially when effective and
environment, described by its efficient.
structure and purpose and expressed