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hello dear classmates.

Today I want to talk about three manias that I have:

the first is that I hate that the rice is wet with stew sauces, I do not like to eat
rice like that, it's annoying, when this happens I feel exasperated

another thing that bothers me; it infuriates me is when I find traffic jams in the
tracks, people get annoying and play the vocina desperately and that noise is
annoying. I feel stressed when the noise happens, the people stress everything
and I end up in a very bad mood

And finally it bothers me to die find the messy house, the dirty kitchen and the
bathroom, it infuriates me I am very careful and clean with my things, I make
tantrums and argue with my husband, when that happens I get very bad mood
all day and I talk a lot every time.

a few months ago I had a dog, a pet that cares for a favor that they asked me
was a very nice and educated chihuahua never got dirty inside the house, I
felt,good and happy with her, she annoyed me when she barked a lot was
exasperating, rest he loved her.