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Multi-service provisioning

Highlights at a glance
The SURPASS hiT 70xx series enables true multi-service provisioning and
Your customers meets the needs of tomorrow’s converged networks. It is a cost-effective
get customized bandwidth platform that covers the whole range of network applications required for
on demand, tailored service the regional and metro core. SURPASS hiT 7070 has been optimized for
level agreements and bene- both packet and traditional TDM traffic.
fit from fast and flexible
provisioning or upgrading Key features
of bandwidth and services. • Non-blocking 160G@VC-4 and nx10G@VC-12 switching granularity
• Integrated packet fabrics (Ethernet, RPR)
Your business • Multi-service platform: 2M, 34/45M, 155M, STM-1/4/16/64, 40G,
can now cover new market 10/100BT, GbE, 10 GbE
segments (data as well as • GFP (Generic Framing Procedure) mapping, LCAS and support of virtual
voice), profit from new concatenation for optimal scalability of Ethernet services
applications and services like • Support of concatenated services (VC-4-4c, VC-4-16c, VC-4-64c)
bandwidth on demand, real- • A variety of STM-64 interfaces, including WDM variants
ize flexible enterprise Virtual • Extensive protection mechanisms (SNCP, MSP, BSHR, hardware) including
Private Networks, and benefit RPR traffic steering
from customized service level

Your network
will be enhanced, gaining
in functionality due to the
convergence of voice and
data. It makes optimal use of
available bandwidth capacity
and is much simpler to oper-
ate. As less equipment is
needed, you save investment
and operational cost.
SURPASS hiT 7070 improves
your market competitiveness
through higher service flexi-
bility and faster service provi-
sioning, reduces OPEX/
CAPEX compared to legacy
SDH solutions, and protects
investments too.

SURPASS hiT 7070 /surpass
Major benefits for carriers carriers need in today’s telecommunication • Multipoint-to-multipoint connections
• Increased revenue from new services market. It prepares the operator’s networks and aggregation via an integrated
• Significant OPEX and CAPEX reductions for future requirements, allows business- Layer 2 switch to build VLAN’s
• Seamless integration into the existing driven growth and assures early time-to- • RPR for metro access where ring
network infrastructure market. topologies dominate
• Full integration into Siemens’ best-in- • Cost-efficient Metro WDM and DWDM
class network management system Seamless integration into the existing backbone feeding
(TNMS) network infrastructure • Carrier services such as TDM leased
SURPASS hiT 7070 protects the installed lines, VLAN, VPN application, SAN and
Increased revenues from new services SDH investment and maintains the oper- clear channels
SURPASS hiT 7070 gives carriers a unique ator’s TDM services and revenue.
competitive advantage by transporting Designed with the future in mind
flexible Ethernet services using reliable Full integration into Siemens TNMS SURPASS hiT 7070 allows carriers to scale
SDH technology. Ethernet services can be SURPASS hiT 7070 is fully integrated into into the future by upgrading their switch-
offered with carrier-grade quality as well Siemens’ best-in-class TNMS network ing matrix capacity and line rates.
as best effort service. SURPASS hiT 7070, management system, which provides Moreover, it features trend technologies
maximizes the revenue to be gained from end-to-end administration, performance like Ethernet Layer 2, RPR and ASON.
existing capacity and opens new revenue monitoring for the converged next gen-
streams, while keeping investments low. eration SDH network, improving operating Abbreviations
efficiency and simplifying network oper- ASON Automatic Switched Optical
Significant operational and investment ations. Network
cost reductions LCAS Link Capacity Adjustment
SURPASS hiT 7070 is highly scalable: It Technological advantages Scheme
allows the operator to start with a basic SURPASS hiT 7070 can be deployed as an MSP Multiplex Section Protection
configuration at lowest price and cost- UHC feeder, a terminal or add-drop multi- MS-SPRing Multi-Section Protection
efficiently upgrade the system in-service plexer, a local cross-connect or a multi-ring. Ring
step by step. Not only is the bandwidth It also offers: RPR Resilient Packet Ring
scalable, but also the number and type of • Flexible and scalable links through use SNCP Sub-Network Connection
services, bringing all the flexibility the of GFP and LCAS Protection

SURPASS hiT 7070 helps carriers signif-

icantly cut costs, increase revenue
Metro Core through more efficient and new service
delivery, and quickly adapt to customers’
ro W demands. This makes SURPASS hiT 7070
a key investment for profitable and
SURPASS future-proof metropolitan networks.
hiT 7060 / hiT 7060 HC
hiT 7070

hiT 7025 / hiT 7030
hiT 7035 / hiT 7050
hiT 7060 NGN Switching


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