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o Uchofen Sampi Maryori

o Bustamante Chavez Kerlin

o Contreras Ruiz Lesly

o Echevarria Solis Luis


Rodriguez Gonzàles Nora

o Luis and lesly talk about their trip……….

Lesly : I feel excited about the trip ,that we are going to make.
Luis: going to go Chiclayo? , will be a good adventure go to Chiclayo- Perù .
Lesly: will I pick you up or see you at the airport?
Luis: see you there , at the airport

o Lesly and Luis arrived in Chiclayo and met a stewardess

Lesly: we finally arrieved!

Luis : the trip was very long
Kerlin : welcome to Perù
Luis and lesly: thanks
Kerli:I hope you enjoyed your height. Miss, can you deliver your Passport and arrived
card please?
Lesly: here you are
Kerlin: what is the purpose of your visit?
Luis : tourism, we are on a vacation trip
Kerlin : how long do you plan to stay?
Lesly: we can only stay for 3 weeks
Luis : Where do I have to pick up my bags?
Kerlin: slavon three, downstairs
Lesly : where is the taxi?
Kerlin: In front of door for, turning right!
Luis y lesly: ok, thanks
o Lesly and Luis leave the airport and meet a guide
Maryori : Welcome to Chiclayo, do you need a tour guide?
Luis: Yes, it is the first time we visited this country
Maryori : Chiclayo, "City of Friendship" offers our visitors and tourists a wide variety
of tourist destinations; archaeological remains, museums, relics, the main park, the
muses and much more ...
Lesly: we would like to visit the central park of Chiclayo
Maryori : Excellent, it is a fairly cozy park, a meeting point for all visiting Chiclayan.
Luis: Could you give me directions?
Maryori: of course!! , head west on Jorge Chavez street , go straight , go past onto
Hipolito Unanue. Turn left onto Francisco Cabrera and take the 3 st Eugenio Maya.
Turn right and turn around the oval to San Josè and finally continue straight ahead and
you arrive at the main park of Chiclayo.
Lesly: well, thanks for your help you. Were very kind
Maryori: ok, your welcome, my pleasure!

o Lesly and Luis arrive at the main park and ask a young lady about the address
of a restaurant
Lesly : Excuse me , miss. Is there a place where I can buy some dinner?
Maryori: Yes !, they pass the Colón street, after a block you arrive at the Boom
restaurant, it is a place where they sell delicious food and the atmosphere is
Luis y lesly : thanks

o Lesly and Luis arrived at the restaurant

Kerlin: are you ready to order?

Luis : yes, I!d like a club sandiwich, please.
Kerlin : and what would you like to drink?
Lesly: a lemonade, please.
Kerlin: I! m afraid we don’t have any lemonade
Lesly: ok, a bottle of mineral wáter, please
Kerlin: sure, anything else?
Luis: no, that’s all

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