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Zuleyca Ventura

Professor Rodrick

English 115

14 September 2019


After reading the various articles in class, I realized that having social media/technology

has taken over many individuals in the world. For example, in the article “To Siri, with Love”

shows based on the little boy who is diagnosed with autism who got an IPhone and within that

phone he realizes about Siri who thinks is a friend to him and starts to become more than

friends which is a lover to him. I feel like social media/technology is getting addicted to people

as in having to realize that there is more important things out in the real world than it is just on a

phone. People just need to know that having a phone is not as important than family, friends,

etc. I feel that many individuals need to know that even being addicted to social

media/technology who are spending most of their time on won’t get them anywhere in life unless

you strive to get what you want for your future.