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Zuleyca Ventura

Professor Rodrick

English 115

27 September 2019

Blog Post #3

After having looked at the two Wings examples of Project Web essays, in a 100 words or more,

please describe any rhetorical strategies that you may model to include in your own essay. Why

do you think that you will use this strategy?

After doing the two readings of Wings, I noticed some rhetorical strategies that I would be able

to model it to include in my own essay. For example, in the first reading I notice that I would be

able to use personification. Personification would be based on the many young children who are

in with addiction to phones meaning it would come alive to one’s kid and would then they

wouldn’t have the ability to do nothing else and won’t help them. Another rhetorical device that I

would use would be a metaphor. A metaphor used in my essay would be the fact that when

parents would get the courage in taking their child’s phone and after it would be like a river

flowing down the kid’s cheek because of the fact that the addiction they have on the phone is no

good especially when they act like that.