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Begin this lessonby examiningcareftrlly,as a whole and in

detail,Key 1, the Magician. Reviewthe meaningsof the
numberl, given in Lesson2.

Everythingrepresentedin the symbolismof this I(ey is a

developmentof ideasassociatedwith this number. 'fhe
Magician typifies the beginningor inceptionof the process
wherebythe limitless possibilitiesof the Lifb-power are brought
into expressionas manifestedactualities.The Key represents
the initiation of the creativeprocesson all planes.

ln humanpersonalitythe creativeprocessis begunby self-

consciousness, sometimescalledobjectivemind. Self-
consciousness is the ciistinctivelyhumanaspectof mental
activity. Objectivernind is the waking mind you are using to

initiatesthe creativeprocessby formulatingpremisesor seed-ideas.
Subconsciousness acceptstheseas suggestions,which it elaboratesby the processof
deduction,and carriesout in modificationsof mental and emotionalattitudes.and in definite
changesof bodily function and structure.

The two sentencesyou havejust readoutline a processof utmost importance. You use it
continually, whetheror not you know you do, becauseit is tlie basisof your intellectual
knowledge,and the determinantof tlie stateof your physicalhealth.

All your physical and mental statesare resultsof your mental imagery. When you thoroughly
understandwhat is implied by the statementthat any mental irnagetendsto materializeitself
as an actual condition or event,you have the clue to successin occult practice.

Geometrically,the number 1 is a point, particularlythe central point. In The Patternon the

Trestleboard,the statementattributedto I is: "l am a center of expressionfor the Primal
Will-to-good which eternallycreatesand sustainsthe universe." 'Ihe beginningof the
creativeprocessis the concentrationof the Lif-e-powerat a center,and its expressionthrough
that center.

R O T t t L lN D A A , II I N 7 ' AL S : 5

The sun of our solar systemis sucha center. It transmitsthe Lif-e-poweras radiantenergy
which man may utilize in ways innumerable.

ideais shownin two ways by the letterBeth (5), printedon Key 1. Ancientforms of
this characterrepresentedan arrow-head,and in Greekthe name lbr this implementwas
kentron, whencecomethe English words center and concentration. The letter-nameBeth
nteans"house,"whioh is a definitelocationusedas an abode. In the senseusedhere,it refers
to whateverform may be termeda dwelling-placefor Spirit, and the form particularlyreferred
to in this lessonis humanpersonality.

Personalityis a centerthror,rghwhich the Spirit or real Self of man expressesitself. Do not be

abstractabout1his. Think of your personalityas a centerof expression1bryour own inner
Self. Try to realizethat this was what Jesusmeantwhen he said: "The Fatherwho dwelleth
in me, he doeththe works."

title of this Key, the Magician,identifiesthe picturewith Hermesor Mercury who
presidedover magic. You will rememberthat Mercurywas messenger of the godsand in this
capacityservedto transmit or expresstheir wisdom andpower.

This correspondence to Hermesis connectedalso with anothermeaningof 1, which, as

reprcsentingsinglcncss,ai-idtherefbreisolation,standsalso fbr privacy and concealnrent,and
thusfor occult or hiddenknowledge.Magic is the art of transformation and it is closelyallied
to the Hermeticart, alchemy.

In humanpersonality,self-consciousness is the transformer.11,and it only, is ableto set in

motion lbrces which bring about change,variation,etc. The fundamentalmagicalpracticeis
concentration-one-pointedattentionto someselectedareaof one'senvironment.

For example,two peoplewake up to find that it is raining. The first persongives attentionto
unhappyassociationsand expectationsconnectedwith rain. I{e will think how drearythe sky
looks. F{ewill cringe from gettingwet. He will stimulatesubconsciousprocessesassociated
with depressionand hopelessness.It will have a deleteriouseft-ecton his bodily condition as
well as emanatingforceswhich nrakefor poor relationshipwith his environment, The second
persongives attentionto happy associationsand expectationsconnectedwith rain. He sees
the rain washing the lacesof the llowers and trees. He rejoicesthat the plants are drinking
from the water of Life and that the conditionsfor the sustenanceof all creaturesis herein
provided. As he goesout of doors,his heartis lifted in gratitudeto the Lord of Lif-e. The rain
clropletscaresshis cheeks. He is stirnulatingsubconsciousprocessesassociatedwith richness
andjoy. It will have a healingeffect on his bodily condition. He is emanatinga fbrce-the
samefbrce. But in this caseit bringsharmoniousand fulfilling relationshipwith his
environment. He is living the Magician.


The practiceof concentrationenablesone to perceivethe inner natureof the object of his

attention. leadsto the discoveryof naturalprinciples. By applying these,one is able to
changehis conditions. Henoeconcentrationhelpsus solve our problems. Thus we may
understandwhy alchemistswrote: "Our Mercury enablesus to preparethe universalsolvent."

The higher phasesof the art which beginswith concentrationare thosewhich have to do with
the underlyingprinciplesof humanexistence.Thus one reasonyou are using Tarot Keys as
objectsfor concentrationis that they representbasicmodesof humanconsciousness.

Learnthe following definition: Concentrationis the collection,at a center or focus,of

units of power. Theseare alr.vaysunits of the Life-power becauseevery unit of force in the
universe,regardlessof what form it takes,is a manifestationof that One Force.

Understandthat you do not concentrateattention. Attention is only the meansthat enables

you to concentrateunits of mentalfbrce. The result is that you intensify this energyso that
you may direct it usefully.

When you intensify the rays of the sun by meansof a convex lens,they will burn your hand if
you direct them upon it. If you placeyour hand in the sunshinepassingthrough a paneof
window-glass,the result is merely a slight sensationof warmth. Never forget that when you
practiceconcentratiollyoLlare working with a real fbrcc.

Note the postureof the Magician. With his right handhe draws down power from above.
Witli his left hand he makesa gestureof concentration.He is directingpower clrawnfrom
higher levelsto planesbelowthat of his self-consciousexistence.

He doesthis for a specificreason. This picture showsclearly the magicalprocessinvolved in

an understandingof the correctpracticeof concentration.

plane below the Magician is representedas a gardenwhich is a symbol of
subconsciousness. When you concentrateyou seekalwaysto impresssomedefinite image on
subconsciousnessto the end that yoll may bring aboutsomeparticularmodification of
subconsciousactivity, one selectedin advance.

One important point to observeis that the Magician himself is not active. He standsperfectly
still. He is a channelfor a power which comesfrom abovehis level, and after passingthrough
hirn, that power setsup a reactionat a lower level than his.

As in the illustration of the convexlens,the lens,though it is the agencywhich intensifiesthe

rays of the sun, doesnothing of itself. Self-consciousness in concentrationis not itself active.
In this connection,it is interestingto note that the old Hebrewnamefor the mode of
consciousness representedby the Magician is Intelligenceof Transparency,clearly intimating
that self-consciousness effbctstransformationsbecausesomethingworks through it.
T ' I R O T F I ] N D A f uE
T N 7 - AL S

Again, the digit 1, as the beginningof the numeralseries,is the sign of a thing standingin
relation to other things. What standsin relationto otherthings is connectedwith them by
variouslinks or bonds. Magic is the scienceof hiddenrelationships.The practiceof magic is
basedon the law of correspondence expressedin the Hermetic axiom: "That which is above
is as that which is below, and that which is below is as that which is above."

bond betweenthings is fundamentallytheir co-existenceas nranif-estations of the Lif'e-
power. All things are governedby one greatLaw. All things are masksof appearancefor a
single Reality. All things are partsof one great Whole from which nothing can be detached.

Whateveris done to a part affbctsthe whole. In humanrelationshipsthis is unalterablytrue.

Thereforewas it said: "Inasmuchas ye have done it unto the leastof these,my brethren,ye
lravedoneit unto me."

Magic is the art whioh produceseffectsby masteryof the secretforcesof nature. It is the
scienceof Zoroasterand of Hermes-the scienceof which all othersciencesare but branches,
the sciencewhich sentits representatives
to pay homageto the Child of Bethlehern.

Magic is the scienceof initiation. An initiatol is one who hasmasteredthis hiddenscienceof

causes.FIe knows how to direct the universalcreativeforce so as to bring about,by methods
which seemmiracitlousto thoser,vhodo not ltnor,vthe secret,the full realizationanclphysical
embodimentof the aimsand purposesexpressed by his mentalimagery.

A perfbctedmagicianuseshis objectivemind, or self-consciousness, in the mannerdepicted

by this Tarot I(ey. Endeavor,therefore,as yoll color the picture,to impressall its detailson
your memory. In the next lessonyou will find their significanceexplained.For the coming
week, concernyourself only with the coloring and with getting the picture,as a whole and in
detail,into your mind.




Yellow: Background,spearheadon table,lily stamens.

Green: Foliase.

Blue-green: The serpentgirdle.

Brown: Table.

white: Inner garment,headband,spearshaft,uplifted wand, lily flowers.

Gold: Pentacleor coin on table, sword hilt, circle at end of spearshaft.

Silver: Cup.

Steel: Swordblade. (Mix a little blue with gray.)

Red: Outer garment.roses.

Readthis lessononcedaily during your practiceperiod. Be sureto look at the Key fbr five
minutes iu beginningthe period. In this lessonthereis enoughmaterialfor a greatdeal of
careful study. Do not slight it after one or two readingsbecauseyou think you understandit.