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Hello partners. Welcome to my ideal home.

My house that is in a cold and cool

climate, near the countryside. I live in a big house with my dad and my grandparents. There

are three bedrooms. There is a living room, a large kitchen and three bathrooms. My house

has a large garden. In the house of my dreams there is a large pool in my backyard. I would

like to swim every night in the pool. My favorite place in the house is the bedroom. I love it !.

There is a large television, a comfortable bed and a large window. When I wake up I like to

open the window so that the fresh air and the sun of the day enter. In my room there are a lot

of programming books, there are books from my career. My favorite book is the Bible, it is

the book I will read forever. There is a small table with my mobile phone on it.