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NOVEMBER 16, 2019

10:00 am – 3:00 pm


Promote Multilingualism & Literacy

Motivate children to read & write

Increase access to multilingual books in our


Promote Dual Language programs in the

• Drawing & coloring relevant pictures from Haiti (i.e. tropical flowers)
• Table games: Domino, Puzzles about Haiti, popular card games
• Haitian Kreyòl songs
• Accommodations for parents and their children
Activities for
• Attendants: Group leader and 4 youth, trained staff for
Children accommodations and safety

• Short stories on haitian history an culture

• Historical pictures, places, and monuments
• Games on Haiti's geography (manipulatives)
Activities for • Mental and kinesthetic games (osselets & kay)
children 8-13 • Haitian Kreyòl National Anthem

• Writing products display

• Delve into Haiti history and historical sites through games
Activities for • Writing strategies in Haitian Creole
teens 13-18 • Haitian Kreyòl National Anthem

• Q&A on Haitian Heroes of Independence

• Q&A of Haitian authors
Other • Workshop on Haitian Kreyòl reading & writing

JEBCA Editions
JEBCA, founded on December 11, 1983 as a faith-based, cultural and charitable organization is focusing,
through JEBCA Editions, on educational reform, Haitian Creole literacy, and the publication of quality and
affordable books.

JEBCA Massachusetts is located in Randolph and has already completed publications of over 100 titles. The
books are published in 3 different languages: Haitian Creole, French and English. Information about book titles
and authors can be seen in the website:

As part of its mission, JEBCA is organizing the first book fair in the Haitian community of Boston in
collaboration with other organizations and various members of the community. The date is strategically
chosen (November 16) to be close to the remembrance day of “The Battle of Vertières/ La
Bataille de Vertières” (November 18), which was the last major battle won by the slaves of
Haiti, before they declared their independence from colonization on January 1st, 1804.
Therefore, the theme of the book fair will be:


Like all book fairs, this cultural and educational event will bring writers, publishers,
educators, readers, students and fans across Massachusetts and beyond, all in one place for
networking and learning.

The objectives of Vertières book fair are:

- To present a wide selection of books to the public; most of them are written by Haitians
authors and they celebrate and inform about the Haitian experience and culture.
- To increase interest in reading. There will be special promotion of books written in
Haitian language.
- To create a yearly event to promote literacy, writing and reading in Haitian Kreyòl: a model for youth
- To stimulate interest in reading and writing among individuals with undiscovered talents, and
acknowledge the efforts of writers, as their skills contribute greatly to societal growth, and preserve the
national heritage.

Promotion: JEBCA will conduct a day-long radio interview on open line, with all participating authors who
desire to talk about their books and respond to questions from the public, before the event.

We will have a special session for children and youth, presented by Youth and Family Enrichment Services
(YOFES). The objective for this session is to increase readership among children. To that end we will hold a
session for parents and share tips about instilling love for reading in children (Raising a Reader), and create a
path for children and youth writers. We will also distribute children’s books in 3 languages.

JEBCA is expecting over 150 individuals at the event.


Executive Committee of Vertieres, Book Fair

Roosevelt Desronvilles (Chair)
Dr. Lunine Pierre Jérôme
Dr. Nicole Prudent
Rose Archange Mathieu
Edson Lafortune
Danielle Volmar
Junior Buissereth
Lionel Bissereth

Committee working on children activities:

Nicole St Victor (Chair)

Dr. Nicole Prudent Coordinator
Maxence Metayer (Support staff)
Yolande Champagne (Children games)
Additional staff: sitters or chaperones

Event is organized by JEBCA, in collaboration with the Haitian Language & Culture Center (HLCC),
members of the Haitian Creole Institute and other active community members.

1-JEBCA Publisher, convener of meeting- Has edited and published over 100 books, 30 of them are Haitian
Kreyòl. Will gather over 20 Haitian authors to display their books, give information about the genesis of their
literary work, attract readers to buy and share. Will conduct interview of individual authors on radio about one
week before the event. Will sent invitation to all Public Schools, and other community Centers.

2- Haitian Language and Culture Center (HLCC) - Will encourage adolescents 14-18 years of age to
submit samples of their writing to HLCC email. The documents will be reviewed by HLCC members who will
give feedback to each individual young author. All youth writer's work will be acknowledged and posted around
the room, during the event, if logistic permits.
HLCC will also present a workshop for youth: Learn to write in Kreyòl in one hour with concurrent sessions for

3-Nehemiah Project for Hope: Presentation of Pageantry: Les Heros de l'Independence (The heroes of
Haiti’s Independence) - Children will participate in Q&A

4- Haitian Health Institute (HHI): Organize age-appropriate, literacy-based activities for children and
youth on topics related to Haiti.