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Hello Riana, thank you for adjusting it. she likes most of it now.

There are couple things I would

need your help to adjust.

1) The 3 scene from 0:01 - 0:16 look amazing but the sky is a bit over exposed and washed
out. ( It’s definitely my fault). If it’s possible , could you please make it blue so It could
match up with the rest of the clip. Thank you Riana.

2)​ Please extend this scene a bit longer until she looks like the next picture.

3)​ she doesn’t like this scene because her long hair messed up. ( please remove, thank you)

4)​ After this scene

Please remove the following scene

And replace it by this scene ( 19:43 in the provided raw footage)

( She likes this better )

5)​ Please replace this footage

(0:45 in your edited video)

Raplace with

Start with this and then she run along the beach.

6)​ Please cut this scene out because of the double chin ( 0:53 on the edited clip). Thank you
7)​ Please strart this running scene a bit later like at this moment (0:59 on your edited clip)

Instead of the current one

She is not a fan of mouth
wide open and the double chin. Lol

8)​ Please replace this scene

( 1:06 on your edited clip)

And replace it with the below scene on the raw footage ( 47:07 - 47:17)
Because the previous scene you edited , she looks
amazing with glasses , so I think the next scene with she also touching her glasses will look
more connected. Thank you!