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EF oe" | Educational Tours IMMERSIVE MIDDLE SCHOOL TOURS Panama: From Pirates Ironohtengroarg enter tear can to the Present nis tor tone of he mast cvs counts nto worl, avo lunch with indigenous people, snorkel long the courtry’s Carbaan ‘coast, and explore busting Panama City. Youll also discover how, tong before tho canal was built, Panam central locaton atracted ates lke Si Francis Drake and Henry Morgen, IMMERSIVE MIDDLE SCHOOL TOURS Help middle school students find their place in the world “rave tues ourlosty, offers fresh perspectives, and gives students the opportunity to discover Ife beyond their backyards. Cur middle schoo! tours are special designed, wth hands-on activites in exoting ‘destinations that are popula with students aged 11-1. And with our 80+ years of experience, we kow just how to koap students excted to leer more about the werld themeolves, ane thar place in the wot, What to expect on our middle school tours HANDS-ON ACTIVITIES (Our tours ater the perfect balance of cuturl ‘exploration and exneriential activites. [AMAZING DESTINATIONS. ‘Take your students just about anywhere, Many middle school teachers especially love traveling to England, aly, Span, France, and Panam 24/7 TOUR DIRECTOR ‘Your expert Taur Director not only knows thine ‘and outs of each location you visit, but also how to keep students tis age active and engaged, Thay are with your group 24/7, and ae trained to respond to every typeof situation. ‘YOUR EXPERIENCE INCLUDES Fulsime Tour Director, sigitsesing tours; entrance fees for Panama Vio ruins and museum, Biomuseo, pineapsie farm, E] Valle de Ann hiking als, fore danco show, Metropolitan Netual Park, Gatun Lake boat ride, Miralores Locks Vstor Genter, snorkeling; round:-tip fights; 7 ‘ouerightstaysin hotels breakfast end dinner daly secretes: C0.CN GAL “Middle schoolers achieve more because of these trips. They take what they learn with them and that impacts them the rest of their lives.” ‘Gone F, Seventh Grade Teacher and Group Leacer andor tho Sparich city of Ponamé Vio which dates back 01510 * “ \ Portobelo it Gatun take oN b IMMERSIVE MIDDLE SCHOOL TOURS Day 1 Fly to Panama Day 3: Panama City |E Valle de Anton ‘Mest your Tour Orecto atte aport in Journey west on the Pan-éiercan High Panama Cty, then checkio your ote. at local pineapole fam, where yout toute ste wih loca farmers and sample Day 2: Panama City pineapple snacks. Hk nature talain Ella Vis he Panama Vije rine, romans of the {9 Anton anes amo thepx0: Columbian fist Spanish city funded onthe Pacic Coast stone carvings at La Pleda Prada rock wal cof tha Americas. Tha ety was destroyed by Toright, experience some ofthe county's ‘ates f 167, Toke a walking tow of Panama local culture at afokiore dance show City’s colrtl ister quartsr and UNESCO iors Hetage St, Casco Visjo. Admire Day 4: Panama City | Gatun Lake the rasidence of Panama’ president before [AL Metropolitan Natival Park, Kae an oye out rowing an arts and cats market. Expkre fortovcans ths, and other ext anima the Biomuseo, a Frenk Gehry. designed as younavigats he wilde reserves many Dlng, Ewe her deh into ho 03's tral, Enjoy a boat ride on Gatun Lak the unique boast, caused by tecton pate tgistenng, man-made hear of the Panama ‘movement that pushed Cental ard South Canal and around Monkey ilar, home to 8 “Amercatogather. Than spit into smaller varity of monkay species ‘groupe to explore the Amador Cousens and eroy the Parara Ciy syne. Day 6: Panama City Partspatain a cultural exchange fr aloo into me day-to-day ves a ocal stucents. Explore the famed Panama Cana, one of tho most infuental engrerina projets ever Undertaken and one ofthe eeven wanders ofthe medeen wars. Competes ty he United States 1914, he St-mile canal revolutenzed interational race and ‘sgnaied Americas emergence as @ gobal sunerpower Day 6: Panama city In Ro Chagres Natonal Pak, enjoy a canoe ride onthe Rio Chagres, the primary source of water forthe Panama Canal. mmers0 yoursein he culture and customs ofthe nave people during your vst to an Ember Inclgerous Vilage onthe banks of Lake Ajo. Day 7 Panama ity | Portobeio ‘swim alongside color sea creatures curing 2a snorkeling adventure in Portcboo, a city ‘9n Panama's Carbbean coast, Hess back ‘on land to explere the Prtobelo Fin, Tonifeations where expats of gold and ster ‘passed through cates ago, Day 8: Depart for home Enjoys guided to trough Panama Cty’ luth Metopottan Nakual Pak Loar avout ical customs a the Embora Indigenous Vilage. IMMERSIVE MIDDLE SCHOOL TOURS The world leader in international education For over 80 yoars, EF has boon working toward one global mission: Opening the World Through Education. Your teacher has partnered wath EF because of our unmstched werldwide presence, our focus on affordably, and our commitment ta proving experiences that teach trteal hiking, problem soving, coloration, and global competence. SAFETY Were committe to your satay, With 500 schools and offices in over 50 counts, EF staff can reset quickty and in person wherever you travel AFFORDABILITY ‘We always offer the guarantee lowest pris so more students have the ‘opportunity to travel and experience the wor. INSIGHT We belive in experiential learning atthe most important ses. Your Tour Directors with you at every stop, roving their wn perepactive and Socal tips. ‘THE EASIEST WAYS TO ENROLL TODAY Enroll otine Enroll by phone 800-665-5364 Mail your enrolment form EF Educational Tous Two Education Grote Cambridge, Ma o21at storraw2